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Now if the damn NFL would get its act together. So click this glorious link and experience the new and improved GHL.


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2011 NFL Draft: Predicting Tampa Bay’s first round selection

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have a few holes to fill in the 2011 NFL draft. With a good draft position and a GM with an impressive drafting history, their 2011 NFL draft class could prove to be very impressive.

The Bucs finished impressively last season, there is no doubt about that. But, outside of their conference, the teams they beat had a combined record of 40-72. The Buccaneers will have to set a goal in 2011 to prove that a weak schedule isn’t the only reason they got to 10-6.

The list of positions that need help is a pretty sizeable one. And most of those problems lie on the defensive side of the ball. Tampa Bay, especially toward the end of the year, had a very hard time stopping the ball, with over 130 yards per game given up on the ground.

Tampa Bay’s 2011 NFL draft will center around their defense. Holes at both inside and outside linebacker will need to be filled. A couple defensive ends wouldn’t hurt either. And addressing the less-than-stellar strong safety play is high on the list.

The offense is stronger, likely only needing a running back to help LeGarrette Blount shoulder the load, and an interior offensive lineman.

The following are my predictions for all of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ 2011 NFL draft picks.

To view the rest of this article, visit:

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NFL Draft Coverage!

Hey everyone, I’m back with NFL draft coverage.

I know you missed me.

Follow the link to see my first round predictions, and make sure you forward it to your friends to help spread the word about GHL.

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NFL Playoff Predictions

The postseason is set and here is a quick look at how its all going to go down.


Wild Card Games:

New Orleans Saints over Seattle Seahawks

Indianapolis Colts over New York Jets

Baltimore Ravens over Kansas City Chiefs

Green Bay Packers over Philadelphia Eagles


Divisional Week:

Atlanta Falcons over Green Bay Packers

New Orleans Saints over Chicago Bears

New England Patriots over Baltimore Ravens

Pittsburgh Steelers over Indianapolis Colts


Conference Championships:

New Orleans Saints over Atlanta Falcons

New England Patriots over Pittsburgh Steelers


Super Bowl:

New Orleans Saints over New England Patriots

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Dear Friends,

Between all of the work and hustle this week, i’m going to be unable to do really any updates for this site. And since it is Championship Week, it seems almost right that I leave you to your lineups yourselves.

you all know the matchups and who has star power.

I will be back here on Sunday most likely, to maybe make a final startem sitem post. But besides that. There will be no answers this week from me. You are more than welcome to comment on other people’s questions and use the message board as a sort of q&a forum.

Congrats to all who made it and are fighting for the first spot. And thank you all again for enjoying my site.

Best of luck, and happy holidays.



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Week 15 Wrap Up, Week 16 Advice Time.

I’m assuming that this is the last week of the fantasy season for most of you. I dont know what the hell i’m going to do with myself for the rest of the year now. Ideas are welcome. You all should totally keep checking in though. Just in case I have some sort of breakthrough. I’d hate for you to miss it.

So… my best team lost last week in the playoffs. Went into the game with just one loss. Up against a team that was 8-6. He had Ray Rice and Michael Vick… I had Dwayne Wade and Arian Foster. Sigh.

I did get my revenge on Jordan by over 40 points, and my other team 2 won pretty soundly as well. I suppose thats not too bad, fighting for third in one league, and going for the championship in 3 others. I’m allowed to brag about this.

Go ahead and post all your final questions. Give your final GHL advice, and remember to bookmark us for next year. And keep checking in. Do it. Unless any of you bastards went against my word and threw in Joe Webb. Consider this your disownment.


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10 Bold Predictions for Week 15

Link Here


Season is wrapping up. And teams are gunning hard to make the playoff spots. Coaches and players are pulling out all the stops in the most parity-filled year in recent memory. Pregame, fans are praying that analysts will stop with the inane chatter and awkward laughter to give us our injury reports. Fantasy owners are sitting in front of the TV with laptop in hand clicking refresh every 45 seconds trying to get the latest updates. We are all cursing at FOX broadcasters to finally “send it over to Curt in the studio” for an update. It’s crunch time. And this is how its going to go down.

1) The St Louis Rams lose to the Kansas City Chiefs, the Seattle Seahawks lose to the Atlanta Falcons, guaranteeing that there will be a team with at best a .500 record making it into the NFL playoffs, prompting major discussions for a format change allowing the 6 best teams in each conference a post-season bid.

2) Joe Webb is picked up and started in almost 20% of Fantasy Football leagues, because he is a quarterback that you can play in the wide receiver position. Every single team that does this ends up disappointed with his 140 yard, 1 TD, 2 INT performance. Major points are left on the bench after they waste their flex spot on a 3rd string, 6th round rookie making his first start in the NFL on a 9 degree day, playing outdoors in Minnesota.

3) The Jacksonville Jaguars defeat the Indianapolis Colts in the Lucas Oil Stadium, clinching their first place spot in the division, something that hasn’t happened since 1999. Peyton Manning and the rest of the Colts are forced to watch a division rival celebrate on their home turf. There are no jokes in Manning’s postgame interview.

4) It is the week of the forgotten running back in the NFL. Darren McFadden, Jonathan Stewart, Ronnie Brown, and Ricky Williams put up opponent crushing numbers. Unfortunately it is too late for each of their teams, but who cares, the fantasy owners are ecstatic with their sleeper victory.

5) NBC’s Sunday Night game between the New England Patriots and Green Bay Packers is another laughable performance for NE’s opposing defense. With Aaron Rodger’s out with a concussion, back-up quarterback Matt Flynn fails to get anything going against the increasingly stingy Patriot secondary. Outscoring opponents 81-10 in their last 2 games, New England continues the trend, crushing Green Bay by over 28. The Packers’ playoff hopes are dashed as all Rodgers can do is look on shiveringly from the sideline.

6) The Washington Redskins are opting to start Rex Grossman over Donovan McNabb, which will send the team into even more of a nosedive. The Redskins are unorganized and confused, and the game in Dallas turns into a mess. The Dallas Cowboys win just their second home game this season, but do it in style, getting revenge for the Week 1 debacle in Washington. Expect helmets, fists and yellow flags to fly in this one, as the Cowboys take it to the battered Redskins.

7) Matt Schaub, Arian Foster and Andre Johnson start right where they left off on Monday night by putting up huge offensive numbers in the highest scoring game of the week. Kerry Collins and Kenny Britt arise as underused sleepers in a game that turns into a major shootout. Both quarterbacks eclipse 300 yards, both running backs go for over 100, and the top receivers haul in 2 TDs each. Expect fantasy fireworks from this one.

8 ) The Denver Broncos further embarrass themselves this week against the Oakland Raiders. Talks of Tim Tebow starting come true and Gator Nation has one great big collective orgasm felt as far as Atlanta. The Denver run game is able to show up, and Tebow sneaks one in from a few yards out, but his passing numbers are less than stellar, as Tebow throws his first, second, and third NFL career interceptions.

9) The New York Jets travel to face the Pittsburgh Steelers in perhaps the ugliest game this week. Neither team puts up a very impressive stat line, but the league makes about 150,000 dollars in fines. The Steelers take the game based solely on their defense, as Polamalu, Harrison, Farrior and Hampton have a field day with digressing Mark Sanchez and the rest of the Jets offense.

10) The Fox NFL Sunday crew talks for roughly 45 about Michael Vick wanting to someday own a dog again. Jimmy Johnson and Michael Strahan make terrible “Top Dog” jokes. Terry Bradshaw and Howie Long scream incomprehensibly at each other about the issue. Curt Menafee is caught by camera 2 for a few brief seconds hanging his head in shame wondering how his life got to this. Rules analyst, Mike Pereira decides that they can find a replacement for next year. Guys at FOX, feel free to send me a rulebook, I’m looking for a job.

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