Andrew’s Top Five at Everything

1) Aaron Rodgers – When it comes to fantasy QBs, no one puts up stats like him. With Jenning and Driver returning, and a breakout year scheduled for TE Finley, he is the all around fantasy player’s dream.
2) Drew Brees- Amazing depth at WR and a couple amazing receiving RBs make him a powerful option, especially when your team lines up with 4+ receivers practically every play.
3) Peyton Manning- Because he’s Peyton Manning.
4) Matt Schaub- Most yardage last year, and half the year without one of the best TEs in the game. I read somewhere that Andre Johnson might turn into something special, too.
5) Carson Palmer- OK, I’m reaching on this one. But Brady is overrated and I feel silly typing Romo. His stats last year were pedestrian, but he was coming off an injury. Now he has two of the most dynamic receivers of the last 10 years, and hopefully the confidence to step into his passes.

1) Adrian Peterson- Going to be the workhorse again with Favre (theoretically) retired. Led the league in TDs last season, and was no slouch in rushing or receiving yards.
2) Chris Johnson- Probably the popular pick for number one. He was a monster last year. I just don’t like the odds of a repeat performance now that every defender in the country wants to stop him in his tracks.
3) Maurice Jones Drew- Never a disappointment, hugely consistent. And has no passing game to contend with.
4) Ray Rice- Its time for him to break out. Which is going to be pretty big considering he led RBs in receiving yards, and was second in total yards last year. Needs more TD production though to be higher on the list.
5) Frank Gore- He’ll be back this year, making a run for the top of the RB charts. The 49ers are making a comeback, and Gore is going to be the player leading the way.

1) Andre Johnson – Always phenomenal. Always consistent. And its going to be Matt Schaub’s season.
2) Randy Moss – Verdict is still out on Welker, and Moss is hugely productive with or without him. Tons of TDs.
3) Roddy White – The Falcons keep getting better and better. Yardage should stay consistent and TDs should go up.
4) Miles Austin – All of a sudden, the Cowboys have some depth at WR. Defenses will be gunning for him, but will also have to contend with Bryant, Witten, and the Cowboys running attack. Romo to Austin was the best QB-WR relationship in the last half of 2009.
5) Reggie Wayne – Should push 100 receptions, and I can’t imagine him going for less than 1200 yards and 8 TDs

1) Antonio Gates – Seems to be the best TE in the game year after year. Most receiving yards of any tight end last year. And the Chargers lost their favorite wide receiver. Gates will set records this season.
2) Vernon Davis – Should close in on 1000 yards. Was a great threat toward the end of last season. The 49er offense is starting to round out.
3) Dallas Clark – Huge TD potential. Peyton Manning will be excited to have one of his favorite targets back.
4) Jason Witten – I can’t talk about Witten without replaying the MNF game against the Eagles getting a 53-yard reception after getting his helmet taken off. Hardcore player, great numbers, TDs may drop however.
5) Owen Daniels – Underrated in my opinion. I had a toss up at #5 between him and Greg Olsen. Both will have great numbers. Daniels’ will be better.

1) Nate Kaeding – In most every season, the top ten fantasy kickers will range about 20-25 points. And kickers are hugely unpredictable. That being said, Kaeding had the best season last year. Very accurate, and playing for a high power offense.
2) Mason Crosby – High power offense, so he’ll get a lot of chances. However, later in the year weather might be a factor.
3) Garrett Hartley – When your offense gives you about 60 XP tries, you know that you’ll have a good points year. Reliable kickers, playing in a dome. I like it.
4) Steven Gostkowski – Offense should put him in field goal range consistently, and should have a fair amout of extra point tries.
5) Rob Bironas – Will forever be the kicker who made 8 in one game. Impressive enough to be in my top 5.

1) Green Bay Packers – Unlikely to repeat 30 interception season from last year. Second most defensive TDs last season and best against the run.
2) New York Jets – Least points per game last season. Have an all star secondary. I wish everyone luck throwing the ball on them this season.
3) Baltimore Ravens – Always one of the best Ds in the league. Not huge in any single stat, but they are in the top 25% in all of them.
4) San Francisco 49ers – Don’t laugh. 44 sacks last season. 21 forced fumbles. And, surprisingly, 4th lowest points per game. Plus, Patrick Willis.
5) Dallas Cowboys – I wouldn’t be surprised if they challenged for the most sacks this season. They have a knack for giving up yardage, but not a lot of points. And as the secondary matures, turnovers should be on the up.

You’re welcome.



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3 responses to “Andrew’s Top Five at Everything

  1. Golfadx2001

    I’m torn between liking your content and questioning what you are offering that isn’t already out in “cyberspace” already.

    OK, so you two 20 somethings have attitude and like to express that attitude. I’m cool with that, BUT, in the world of publishing content of any sort you need to use proper grammar and spelling to be taken seriously. Otherwise you look like DB’s just spouting off opinions with attitude. That’s the technical critique.

    As for the content critique, you guys toss out some fundemental dish, some wildhair “I have a hunch” “stuff” and very little insight as to any BASIS for what you are saying. This is where you are losing ME! Maybe not others but I know everything you guys have put out there. I’m not bragging, I’m just being straight up honest and objective. If you want to “be FAMOUS” and taken seriously in the already convoluted world of Fantasy sports information, then my suggestion is to spend more time on providing insight as to WHY you are making said prediction or recommendations. Yes occasionally you do but definitely more often not than do. Yes I have Foster on my #1 “money league” team! Yes I have Andre Johnson and Marques Colston on that same team, along with Michael Turner and yes I SAT Turner in the opener in lieu of CJ Spiller. Obviously those two were about even but my point is I understood the matchups and the upside in the option of selecting between the two players.

    I’ll throw you a bone, props to you on your college pics, especially from a self described not interested in college football fan.

    I could go on further about your season predictions and other aspects of your blog but I think my point has been made on what you guys can do to offer some UNIQUE content. If not UNIQUE, good luck in becoming “FAMOUS”!!! You will just be infamous like so many of the others out there! Besides, I like the attitude however I was hoping for something more UNIQUE!!!

    OK, so I’m going to come back on Saturday and then Tuesday to see if you guys have figured it out and taken any of my OBJECTIVE advice to heart. If not, cest le vie and have fun expressing all that pent up 20 something attitude you have combusting inside!!!

    • haha. i’ll take this one. it’s late. long day at work. i can use this.

      what the convoluted world of Fantasy sports information needs is less of the BS that is being dished out, and more SUBJECTIVITY. sure, you can go a long way looking at stats, but Fantasy Football is fickle. In a perfect, stat-driven, OBJECTIVE world, Forte would not have had 150 yards receiving. Little known Arian Foster would not have scored three times and had over 225 rushing, and Vince Young would not have the highest QB rating in the NFL. Take a look at the top 5 in any category as it stands right now. Did you have Derek Anderson in the top 5 in passing yards? How about Vick at #4 in rushing? Austin Collie and Steve Breaston leading the league in receiving? Objectivity did not predict this outcome.

      Yet, some teams started these players. Why? They had a wildhair hunch. They had a gut feeling, that maybe Collie should start over Brandon Marshall. I sure know that I started Arian Foster in each of my leagues over Moreno, Steven Jackson, Marion Barber, and Shonn Greene. Did i have stats to support it, hell no. But did I make the pick? And did I advertise that pick? Yes to both.

      If people ran their fantasy teams based purely on statistics, there would be no need at all for fantasy advice. There would be no blogs, there would be no Sunday morning fantasy pregame reports, there would be no reason to ask questions to friends or 20 somethings with attitude. People get gut feelings. They question them and ask for support from other people, hoping to defend their gut.

      Fantasy football needs more subjective reports. Less expert and more adventurer. Will we make incorrect predictions, yes. Will the statisticians at every other damn fantasy football network be wrong as well, hell yeah. Going by the book, and feeding stats and information that you can pick up anywhere would make us anything but unique.

      GodHatesLosers is the refreshing blast of reality that Fantasy Players are looking for. I’m not going to feed someone information that they can google themselves. They are asking my opinion. And i’m going to give it to them. Poor punctuation, run-on sentences, spelling errors and all.

      • so.. youre slated to come back today to check us out.
        tell us what you think. the site is young. i’ll take criticism.
        also, let me know if there is anything you want to see from us. what do you, as a reader, wish that you got more of from Fantasy analysts?
        give us something good, and we’ll put it in effect.

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