Andrew Week 1 Pick’em

Let me start by saying that I will win pick’em. If you take my advice and think hard about my upset picks, you will win pick’em. I play with friends, I play against the Yahoo! community, and most of all against that Yahoo! expert douche Michael Silver. So heres a bold prediction for you… I beat him by 20 games this year.

Anyways, here we go.

MIN @ NO: Minnesota is not in nearly as good of shape as they were last season. While the Saints D has a few injuries, the high octane offense is still intact and will easily win the game, and the spread. Saints by 14.

DET @ CHI: I shouldn’t pick the Lions. On paper, the Bears win this game. Cutler can’t have repeat a season that miserable, can he? But I like the direction that the Lions are going. And their receiving/running game is superior to Chicago. Detroit Wins!

OAK @ TENN: No one cares. Tennessee wins. Chris Johnson has more rushing yards that the Titans have passing yards.

IND @ HOU: I’m taking the upset. I like the way Houston looks this year, and the Colts always come off as cocky in the first weeks of a season. Its a shootout. But owners of Schaub, Johnson, J. Jones, and Foster will be happy.

MIA @ BUF: Miami wins. Not because they are good, just because Buffalo is that bad. Spiller has a good game though, if that counts for anything.

CIN @ NE: New England wins. Barely. Cincinnati just hasnt had long enough to click yet. By week 5, they could be a monster.

CAR @ NYG: I hate picking the Giants. But they will start the year well, until they are ultimately figured out and destroyed by some God-Awful team and lose every game the the rest of the season. Poor decision makers that drafted Brandon Jacobs are upset to learn that he is getting less that 20% of the touches.

ATL @ PIT: Pittsburgh is an intriguing pick here. But not the correct one. Perhaps we will learn why Michael Turner is going so high in every draft. Unlikely. Roddy White tears shit up though.

CLE @ TAM: Boring. Cleveland. 3-0

DEN @ JAX: I feel sorry for Orton. Remember that time he won the first 7 games last season? After replacing Jay Cutler. And remember how everyone is in love with Marshall getting 100+ receptions? You know who threw them? And now there is all this talk about Tebow coming in, even though he shouldnt see the field til late 2019. Broncos win, Moreno scores, and people start hating that they passed up on Eddie Royal in the late rounds.

SF @ SEA: SF will win the division. And they will do it by winning all 6 games in the West.

ARI @ STL: Too much happening in Arizona for this team to be cohesive. Somehow, someway, the Rams are able to pull this off.

GB @ PHI: God, I hate the Eagles. Kolb will not live up to the completely unrealistic expectations. Green Bay continues a monster preseason by putting up 40+

DAL @ WAS: I’m going to pick the Cowboys. I can’t not pick them. Every week. Get used to it. Also, McNabb shatters his entire left side, and none of the Redskins 32 running backs do any damage.

BAL @ NYJ: Too much drama in the Jets locker room. Baltimore shows off their newly acquired receivers, and Ray Rice struts his stuff as a long-overdue feature back. Sanchez starts a historic sophomore slump.

SD @ KC: Chargers win easily. Antonio Gates starts his 1500 yard campaign.


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  1. My Beef:

    1. Lions: You picked the Lions to win, which is insane on so many different levels. Basically, what you’re saying is that they are going to outscore the Bears in this game, winning the first of their four total victories for the season. I hate Cutler too, but let’s be reasonable: Cutler is playing for Martz. Advantage Cutler.

    2. Giants: You actually picked a rival of the Cowboys– so wrong so many ways. Disloyal even.

    3. Rams: Who’s throwing the ball and to whom is he throwing it to? Exactly. Anderson is a big-armed former pro bowl talent, and has the HOF receiver in Fitzgerald to get the job done in lights out fashion.

    4. Ravens: Revis. Receivers. Running backs. Rex Ryan. Enough “R’s” for you? It’s certainly enough to get the Jets the victory over a meandering Ravens offense.

    5. Chargers: I pulled the upset card on this one, so I can’t necessarily blame you for being a pussy. Gates is a SLOWWWWWW starter and Rivers is going to do what he always does: Get confused, throw interceptions, get angry, and then blame someone else for his mistakes.

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