Andrew’s Start’Em Sit’Em Week 1

As Jordan stated, I assume that since you know how to navigate the internet, you know that you should start Chris Johnson, Peyton Manning, etc. Unlike Jordan, I’m not whiny and will provide you with players outside of my own fantasy teams, because I’m sure none of you draft with the eccentric yet refined, prophetic swagger that I do.


  • Cedric Benson – A late 3rd, early 4th round pick. You might have a few RBs ahead of him. But facing a defense that is lacking against the run, and probably looking to pin Ochocinco and T.O., I like the way he moves
  • Brent Celek – I’m including him because I honestly don’t think he will live up to the hype this season. That said, he is the only Eagle that I would touch this week. They will be forced to go to the air a lot to keep up with the Packers offense, and in the games Kolb started last season, Celek was his favorite target.
  • NYG Defense – There is a good chance that they are still sitting undrafted in your league. If you drafted a good D playing a tough team (Cincy, Baltimore, NYJ, Philly), the Giants D looks great against a team that didn’t score a single TD in the preseason.
  • Arian Foster – Hands down my favorite mid round pick, averaging a draft in round 9. Look for him to be the workhorse for Houston all season long. Its a decent matchup this week, he will see the bulk of the carries, including ones taken from semi-injured Slaton. Colts will be looking for the pass all day.
  • Mohamed Massaquoi – Owned in just 49% of the leagues according to Yahoo! Fantasy, Massaquoi will be facing the dismal Tampa Bay Bucs, a team playing minus a starting CB.
  • Honorable Mentions: Jay Cutler, Malcom Floyd, Mike Sims-Walker, Jahvid Best, Joseph Addai,


  • Dez Bryant – A little too early to release him in my opinion. The Cowboys showed seemingly 3% of their playbook during the preseason. I expect them to jump on the Skins early and run down the clock for the 2nd half. Plus, coming off injury, he hasn’t had enough time with Romo or the offense.
  • Beanie Wells – I liked him coming into the season, but he has had a rough year so far and is looking pretty banged up.
  • Brandon Jacobs – Will not see the amount of touches as he has in past seasons, look for Bradshaw to take over the majority of the work, this week and the weeks to come.
  • LeSean McCoy – Playing against a Defense that gave up 5 rushing TDs last season. Five. … Five.
  • Donovan McNabb – Already coming off an injury, against a good defense, and the Cowboys always find a way to injure him.
  • Honorable Mention – Sam Bradford (duh), Wes Welker, Anquan Boldin, Any Patriot RB,

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One response to “Andrew’s Start’Em Sit’Em Week 1

  1. I actually agree with my compatriot here on ALMOST everything– save for his nonsensical insistence that Joseph Addai will be good this year. He won’t. Addai –once the stud that put The Edge out to pasture– is ineffective in the Colts’ offense. Sure, he can block, but unless you play in a bizarro league where you get points for blocking, he won’t do much for you. -Jordan

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