College Football Picks

Alright, I’m testing the waters with this one. Time for some College Football Pick’em. Yeah. College. I know, right. Picking the top games each week, with the spread of course, because I’m a man. We’ll be updating these weekly, just in case you’ve been shopping around for a college football oracle. Jordan will add his picks next week apparently, because he’s sleepy-poo.

Favorites Spread


Andrew Jordan
@Wake Forest


Duke Wake

Georgia Tech


@Kansas GT
@ South Car. 3 Georgia Georgia
@Army 3 Hawaii Army
@Florida 15 USF USF
@Oklahoma 7 Florida St. Oklahoma
@Iowa 13.5 Iowa St. Iowa
@Ohio St. 8.5 Miami (FL) Ohio St.
@California 10 Colorado Colorado
@Notre Dame 4 Michigan Michigan
@Air Force 1 BYU BYU
@Washington 13.5 Syracuse Wash.
Oregon 12 @Tennessee Oregon
LSU 9.5 @Vanderbilt LSU
@Alabama 12 Penn St. Alabama
@Texas A&M 19.5 Louisiana T. Texas A&M
@UCF 3 NC State NC State
Mississippi 20.5 @Tulane Tulane
@USC 19.5 Virginia Virginia


6 @UCLA Stanford

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