Jordan’s Playoff Philosophy

When I think about fantasy sports, I always think about it as though it is really two seasons rolled into one: First, you have the regular season, then, if you have done a good enough job during that part, you make it to the second season, the playoffs. During the regular season –and this holds true only for sports that have LOTS of games, i.e. baseball and basketball– a team should be built for the long-haul. I don’t like making incredible amounts of changes, unless they obviously need to be made, because, like as not, you have a team that is going to have ups and downs. Not so, however, with the second season, or, as it is known to everyone else, the playoffs. In the playoffs, I like to employ a different strategy altogether: This could be my very last matchup of the season, so I don’t have room on my squad for slumpers. Have a bad game or two or four? DROP. Have a hot streak of three games? ADD.

The playoffs are not the time to be in love with your favourite teams or players: they are the time to make radical adjustments to fit your opponent and your matchup with them. If they’re killing you in one stat category, give it up. It’s only one stat. Focus on winnable/competitive categories, forgetting the stuff that your team will most likely never be good at. It’s about stats and odds at this point, not about names or greatness; a rookie is often more deserving of a roster spot on your fantasy sports team than a hall of famer. Keep that in mind.

Oh, and no matter what, don’t pay for saves. That’s such a bullshit stat both in the MLB and in fantasy baseball.


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