Who Impressed Us

The first Week of the season is done. A handful of upsets, a complete incomplete pass, and a hold heard round the world later, its time to look at who will have a definite impact this year and who you should just cut ties with right now.

Three players showed that they are ready to get back to their old selves. Chad Ochocinco was the only bright spot on the Bengals and will rightfully land in the top 10 WRs by the end of the year. Matt Forte admittedly got most of his yards on one play, but without it still managed 60 yards receiving and 50 on the ground. Sure, it was against the Lions, but the Bears might prove to be a team to watch come week 12. Finally, Clinton Portis. Against a tough run defense, Portis showed that he has the potential to go back to the form he was in Denver. Looking rejuvenated by Shanahan, Portis could post 1200+ yards after coming off an injury-plagued, fantasy value-destroying year. Also, Breaston made his presence felt as the new #2 in Arizona. and Austin Collie proved that he isn’t a one year fluke pulling in 131 yards with an impressive 10 receptions.

A couple players showed that they have what it takes to continue dominance and earn their top round picks. Chris Johnson and Mendenhall were the only 1st round tier RBs to find the end zone, MJD and Peterson both posted good numbers. Wes Welker silenced the doubters and showed why he should have gone in round 3, while Roddy White, Miles Austin, Reggie Wayne, and Greg Jennings proved their ground. Needless to say, if you managed to pick up any of these names, you better keep them in your line up because they are already starting their stellar year.

The most honourable mention, of course, goes to one Sir Michael Vick. Man–was he impressive. I’m not saying that he is a top-tier NFL quarterback, but for those of you unlucky in your fantasy draft, he is a stud worth taking. Yes, he will have ball control issues, but he is still a top flight athletic talent in the NFL, and sure to get you at least one fantasy touchdown per week. In my opinion, when someone is a threat to throw for 100 yds and TD and run for 100 yds and TD, he is worth picking up– especially if you’re in a league that doesn’t account too much for interceptions or completely disregards completion percentage. Vick is back, at least for the next 4 to 5 weeks, so pick him up, before some wiser, more desperate person does.
Finally, lets look at those worth dropping. Tampa Bay beat the Browns, but their running backs rushed 28 times for 85 yards. Not an impressive showing. Basically the entirety of the 49ers didnt show up for the game. I’m not saying you should drop Gore, Davis, Crabtree or their Defense, but maybe think a little in the coming weeks until Alex Smith learns how to walk again. It only took a quarter for the axle to break on the Kolb bandwagon (which makes Vick intriguing). Also proving vastly overrated – Miami’s passing game, and the Bills’ rushing game. Keep a close eye on them, and Henne’s not worth your time.


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