Who to Start: Fantasy Matchups

Welcome new a new weekly post. I like the idea of it. You will love the idea of it. Each week, we’ll match up 2 players and tell you who to start. If you’ve got a conundrum of your own, post it in the comments and get an answer. Shameless plug: add us on Facebook (God Hates Losers) or Twitter (@godhateslosers) and ask us for our opinion there. So, if you are having an internal break down about your Flex positions, these 2 breakthrough gurus got your back.

  • Pick Two: Ray Rice, Rashard Mendenhall, or Arian Foster

Andrew: Rice didnt have a great stat line last week, but that was against the NYJ front. This week he’s facing a less impressive Bengals D. Also, he was a top 5 pick for a reason. Mendenhall picked up 120 last week with a score, but needed overtime and a big run to do so. And he’s up against a Titans D that is full of holes, giving up 135 rush yards to the lowly Raiders. Arian Foster broke onto the national spotlight with a 230 yd 3 TD performance. This week he faces Washington and had high upside in number of carries as Houston should go up early. I like Rice and Foster.

Jordan: I couldn’t agree with my companion more. Rice is a stud in a stud’s game. Foster, aka Mister Breakout, is a fantastic talent on an almost high-powered offense; he truly has the chance to be one of the few backs that can truly be deemed a “workhorse”, given that he seems to be emerging as an everydown back. Rice, on the other hand, already has this established position, but is far more polished in his play, so look for him to explode through an incredibly pourous Bengles front seven.

  • Derrick Mason or Brandon Marshall

Andrew: Neither really showed up as expected in Week 1.  Mason just 2 receptions for 21 yards (however he was pretty much avoided due to Revis) Brandon Marshall had a healthy 8 receptions, but for only 53 yards and doesnt look to have the QB support with Henne that he’s had in past seasons. Ravens visit the Bengals, Dolphins travel to the Vikings. I like the upside of Brandon Marshall this week.

Jordan: Brandon Marshall is overrated, but he’s not old as fuck. Even though Marshall has the insatiably awful Henne as his QB, look for him to accidentally put up good numbers this week. Start him. Seriously.

  • Matt Schaub or Michael Vick

Andrew: Schaub against Washington. Vick against Detroit. Barring any major developments, Vick should start. Schaub had a disappointing fantasy week as the Texans really had no reason to go to the air. I can’t see Houston struggling with Washington, but I think the passing game will open up, Schaub getting over 300 yds and a couple scores. Vick again has a good chance to top 250 passing and 50 rushing, earning at least 2 TDs. While Schaub is the higher pick, i’m going to take Michael Vick on this one against a super-vulnerable Detriot Lions Defense.

Jordan: This is dumb. I look dumb, but only because Andrew beat me to the post. Clearly, I love Vick for fantasy football purposes; he can get you points at least 4 ways, and is riding on the crest of an emotional wave. While that wave is still rolling over lowly opponents like the Lions, you should start him. There is nothing that Vick loves more than the chance to “do his thing”, so, you should look for him to play his usual style of sandlot football against DET- only, this time, he’ll be good.

  • Flex Pick: Pick One: Steve Breaston, Knowshon Moreno, Santana Moss

Andrew: Breaston looks like a go-to guy for Anderson in Arizona, but that was against St Louis, and they won barely. I dont know how he’ll adjust against the Atlanta Falcons. Knowshon Moreno had a mediocre weekend, just 60 yards, against a middle of the road defense in Jacksonville. He’ll be up against Seattle who held the 49ers to under 50 yards on 19 carries. With the addition of Maroney to compete for carries, he might be losing value. Santana Moss gets by pick as the starter. He’ll be going up against the Texans who gave up an incredible 419 yards through the air. McNabb is no Manning, but Santana Moss is easily the favorite on the Redskins, and if they can get even a little offense going, Moss could surprise people this week.

Jordan: What Andrew said, goddammit. *sigh*

Got a problem on your fantasy team? Wondering who to start? Shoot us a comment, use our answer, and look like a damn savant in Week 2.



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74 responses to “Who to Start: Fantasy Matchups

  1. Ed

    Who do I start at WR3 in an 8 team PPR

    Jeremy Maclin, Johnny Knox, Dwayne Bowe, and Mark Clayton.

    Which RB do I start as my RB2: Jamaal Charles, Ahmad Bradshaw, or Brandon Jackson.

    Which defense: New England or Oakland

    • Clayton is facing a tough corner. I am not on the Knox bandwagon yet. Bowe is a nice pick against Cleveland, and Maclin was targeted a lot. I’ll take Bowe in a PPR

      The Colts got lit up last week on the ground, so Bradshaw is a good choice. Brandon Jackson is my pick though. He will have no trouble filling in for Grant.

      NE defense all the way.

  2. tlbpsycho

    please help me decide on a 3rd receiver this week.

    if Boldin can’t start should i start:

    Floyd vs. Jac.

    Mason vs. Cincy

    Gaffney vs. Sea.

    thanks so much

  3. Justin

    Pick One: Mike williams (tb), Jeremy Maclin, Steve Breaston

  4. bmoney


    I’ve got some weak-looking early busts and shallow at receiver


    The following are NOT available on waivers: Collie, Gaffney, Royal, Clayton, N Wash, either M Williams, K Walter, any Saints, L Murphy, L Evans… you get the picture

    (**)=high pick that’s got me nervous

    QB — BREES
    RB — GORE**
    RB — GREENE**
    WR — S SMITH (car)**
    WR — BOWE**
    BN — R BUSH

    • sounds like a tough league. there are still probably some options deeper for you in the WR slot, check out brandon lloyd, or devone bess.

      Dont worry too much about your team. Gore will be good. the 49ers just need to sync up. Greene might be trouble, too early to tell.

      I actually like your starters the way they are. Cadillac might take the place of Greene though, at least this week.

  5. Frumundaman

    I posted this on your yahoo thread but thought I would post here too.

    I am so tortured. 8 team $100 league with friends, I THOUGHT I had a great team and after 1 week I am in last place with top spot more than doubling my score. Here is my wholes roster, I need to know who to start at WR and RB:

    QB- Tom Brady / Donovan McNabb
    WR- Randy Moss
    WR- Andre Johnson
    WR- Marquez Colston
    WR- Wes Welker
    WR- Austin Collie
    RB- Adrian Peterson
    RB- DeAngelo Williams
    RB- Brandon Jackson
    RB- Joseph Addai
    TE- Brent Celek
    DEF- S.F. / N.E.

    With Welker and Moss and Brady vs. Jets D I am afraid I’m looking at another loss. Help!

    I can’t start 0-2. Help me get out of the cellar!

    • Think i got you already. but i’ll repeat.

      This is a great team.
      Johnson and Welker at WR, Collie if you need a third.
      Peterson and Jackson at RB
      Addai makes a good flex.

      Don’t be too scared of the Jets. Revis is a trouble, but Cromartie gave up tons of yards last week covering boldin, so brady and welker should both be fine.

      N.E. defense is also a great start vs the Jets

  6. Brian

    should I start Fred Jackson over Tim Hightower this week?

    Also what is the best option for a third receiver: Austin Collie, Steve Breaston, or Lee Evans


    • i am not impressed by the bills running game so far. and hightower will lose some carries to wells. i’d take the risk with hightower though, Jackson will do nothing against GB.

      3rd receiver has got to be Collie

  7. Mike

    I’m in a TD only league where I play 2 out of 3 RB’s. Which 2 would you play?

    AP, Pierre Thomas, & Arian Foster

  8. joe

    i have a QB/RB/WE/TE flex who should i start?

    Matt Ryan or Jahvid Best

    • RYAN. All the way. No doubt in my mind that he will be a top-5 fantasy QB before the year is done. He just keeps getting better, and the progression will show this year on a game-by-game basis.

      • Andrew: I agree here that you definitely need to start Ryan. If you have a flex spot that includes a QB, always start the QB.
        I disagree, however, that Ryan is going to be a top 5 QB. Not this year, not next year.

        Start Ryan. But don’t get false hopes that he is going to be your golden boy.

  9. MIke

    Plz Help me…

    Both of my QB got hurt (kolb and stafford)
    I have derek anderson or i can pick up hasselback or cassel?

    RB- D.williams, Matt forte, Chester Taylor, Micheal Bush, fred Taylor
    Who to start for Week 2?

    WR- Andre Jhonson, Wes Welker, Robert mEachem, Mike WIlliams(TB), Jabar Gaffeny
    Who DO I START?


    I have JEts Def as well..


    • MIke

      COuld Plz help me? I have been waiting thanks

    • Pick up Cassel; he only has to play the *gulp* Browns. Intimidating? Hardly.

      RB- Go with Forte and Taylor. Forte is the solid number one in CHI and Taylor could emerge as a killer for that sonuvabitch Belichick.

      WR- Andre Johnson and Wes Welker. Both are back to their old, wily ways, which means BIG numbers.

      Jets D is fantastic.

      Flex- D. Williams. I almost said start him, so I obviously think he’s a stud. I don’t like that he shares so damn much, but it’s not my coaching decision.

      • Ed

        I’ve got Welker and Jets D as well. What’s your take on starting the both of them? As I indicated above, I picked up New England so that I wouldn’t have to start the Jets D (even though they are at home and I prefer to start them). What’s your take on this? (the issue comes up all year on starting players against your own defense).

  10. cgi

    Pick 2: using Moss as my #1
    Dez Bryant
    Legegu Naanee
    B. Berrian

    • I would go with T.O. and Naanee. T.O. will only improve as the season progresses and as more DBs are keen to #85. Naanee is looking good, so far, and I think that he will continue to ride the beastmode arm of Rivers.

  11. Jim

    I need some help this week!

    Pick two: Arian Foster, Steven Jackson, Ahmad Bradshaw.

    Thanks in advance for you opinion!

  12. Ryan

    Pick 3 WRs for Week 2…Yahoo! standard pts:

    Hines Ward @Ten
    Donald Driver vs. Buf
    Dez Bryant vs. Chi
    Legadu Naanee vs. Jac
    Devin Aromashadu @Dal


    • Ward, Driver, and Aromashadu. Ward is producing at a good level, as always, and appears to be the early favorite for Dixon. Driver plays in the number #1 offense and he’s going up against the Bills. Aromashadu could be a reeach, but he feels like the safest of your remaining three.

  13. Conundrum


    I can get Peterson for Foster and Forte.. Worth the price.

    • Not worth it. Foster will be a beast this year for the Texans. Forte will be Marshall Faulk Lite. The only way I would make this trade is if you have an incredibly deep RB core or you absolutely LOVE Peterson.

  14. Justin

    pierre thomas or shonn greene

  15. Brian

    should I take this trade, I get Frank Gore, Pierre Thomas, Mike Sims Walker, and Carson Palmer for Reggie Wayne, Antonio Gates, Rashard Mendenhal, and Jay Cutler.

    I have Brent Celek on my bench and I’ll be able to replace my flex player Brandon Jacobs with Thomas. I can replace Wayne with Austin Collie for my receivers.

    • I enjoy a good trade. A lot of the time, but it takes a lot of thought. Advice #1. Go with your gut, envision the season, visualize the statline.
      Advice #2. I say do not take this trade.. Here’s why..
      You will be giving up someone who is the top 10 in their position with each player. Wayne, of course. Gates will be #1. Mendenhall will just get better with Roth back. Cutler will throw an asston of picks, but still put up stellar yards and TDs.
      And you will be getting a great RB, a hit-or-miss RB, a middle of the road WR, and a strong QB.

      Perhaps with a little restructuring this trade could be viable. But as it stands, I say its not worth it.

  16. Buzz

    I’m in a 14 team PPR league that gives points for returns, my RBs’ are Ryan Mathews and Jamal Charles, Bnch Darren Sproles and Tim Hightower; WR’s DeSean Jackson, P. Harvin and E. Royal Bnch Jacobe Jones and Mark Clayton. but my QB’s suck! I have McNabb as my starter and D. Anderson as my backup, Im being offered a trade, Kevin Kolb and Brandon Jackson for eddie royal and D. Anderson, should i go for it?

    I feel eddie royal is a good wr3 (specialy in my league) but brandon jackson has a real chance of being a top RB wich would help me since charles and mathews are not putting such big numbers.

    so should i do it?

    • The inclusion of B. Jackson in the trade makes it interesting. He will definitely help you.

      you dont have fantastic QBs, but they arent miserable, promise. McNabb is going up against a defense that gave up over 400 yds passing last week. and Anderson is rated in the top 5 from last week. Also, I dont think that Kolb is better than either of them. You saw him in that game before he got concussed, it wasnt pretty.

      I say that this trade is good because of the upside with Jackson. however, I would still start McNabb over him. Also, it might be possible to set up another trade after accepting this one. Deal Kolb and someone, to try and get another weekly starter back at your WR slot.

  17. Buzz

    and who should I start in week 2?

    • hope i cleared up who i think should start. I like the lineup that you have. If the trade goes through, start McNabb and Jackson in place of Mathews.
      I’d fill the empty WR spot with Jones and not Clayton, since he is going up against a tough D.

  18. Buzz

    thank you very much for your help!

  19. fuzz

    Hey guys, just stumbled across your website and figured id throw a few questions out at you. I am in 2 leagues – both are 12 team leagues with $75 buy ins. Got some questiosn regarding QBs and RBs.

    league #1 who to start?
    Palmer or flacco?
    RB#1 i AM starting Mo jones
    RB#2 Ronnie brown or Clinton portis?
    Ronnie is goin aginast the vikes which has me nervous

    League #2
    who to start?
    Tom terrific or Mike Vick?
    WR#2 and #3 i have breaston, Santana Moss, or Dez Bryant.

    I am leaning towards tom terrific and sitting Dez bryant. I have afeelign about dez tho. If jerry Jones likes you Jerry Jones makes sure u get the ROCK ( ala felix jones) and dez is playing Chicago.

    Any help is appreciated

  20. League 1: Palmer is going up against a Ravens D that allowed 60 yards passing. Palmer is far better than Sanchez, and his receivers are better than the Jets, but i dont expect huge numbers. Flacco however managed to throw on the Jets, and the Bengals gave up 3 TDs last week.
    MJD of course.
    Portis vs Houston is better than Brown vs. Minn.

    League 2:
    Dont like Brady’s matchup. Vick is going to be something special this week. As i’ve warned others though, make sure you watch the injury reports for the Eagles. Make sure that Kolb is definitely out of the game before making this move.
    I agree with your feeling about Dez. and i know the kind of feeling youre talking about. Always go with that feeling. I’ll take him and Moss, who is going up against a Houston D that gave up 400+ passing yards last week.

    Hope you liked us. and thanks for the visit. Make sure you tell your friends and stop in again for all your fantasy sports needs.

  21. grinder

    So Im in an 8-team league so we all have pretty stacked teams…

    Starting positions are QB,WR,WR,WR,RB,RB,TE,K,DEF

    QB:(25yds/pt, 4pts/td)
    RB,WR,TE:(10yds/pt, 6pts/td)

    And my RB situation is awesome for it includes Chris Johnson, Steven Jackson, Arian Foster, Jonathan Stewart, and LT.
    However, my WR core isn’t as hot but still includes Calvin Johnson, Anquan Boldin and Steve Smith (NYG) plus some terrible back-ups.

    The trade proposed to me is my Chris Johnson for opponent’s DeSean Jackson, Hines Ward, and TO.
    A 3 WR for 1 RB.

    ****Is it worth it for me?****

    Chris is a hard guy to give up for he is the only 100% reliable RB i have from week to week, yet my options to replace him are pretty deep.

    My other thought is to see if I can also do a QB switch along with the 3-for-1 trade deal for I have Jay Cutler and my opponent has Tom Brady. Think he will take it?

    • is there a limit to how many players on a team? in my league, a trade like that would require me to drop 2 of my players, and that is just not kosher. do NOT make this trade. your starting WRs are good. If you are hunting for a better backup than the ones you have, try to deal stewart or LT, you can get a decent #2 back for them, probably a TO, Dez Bryant, Driver, or Garcon.

      Cutler will have a great year statistically, but that will be evenly matched by INTs and Sacks. Brady should have a better year for fantasy. Straight up trade, probably wont happen though.

      Just please. Do Not Trade the #1 pick of the draft.

      • grinder

        the two guys that I would drop would be Braylon Edwards and either Michael Bush or Derrick Mason.
        So even if the QB switch comes as a packaged deal with the initial trade, you would still say no?

      • The first 3wr for CJ is not ok. you are the loser in that trade, hands down.

        Even if the QBs are added, i think your team will be losing value. Dont underrate cutler. Teamed with CJ, your team will be more than ok.

  22. JIMMY

    who do i start in my WR3 slot: Floyd (SD), Wallace (PIT), Knox (CHI), Clayton (STL), Breaston (AR)

    • Personally, I think your strongest bet is with Floyd (SD). He has a lot going for him: Rivers, talent, and the 27th ranked passing defense in JAX. They gave up almost 300 yds to Orton last week. Yeah, I said “Orton”.


  23. MIt P

    I have a QB Problem.
    I did post earlier and you picked Cassel over Derek Anderson(has best recievers) and Hasselback.

    Would you still pick Cassel if the choices were Cassel, hasselback, dixon and derek anderson?

    Also on the Flex- MIke WIlliams, Jabar Gaffney, Fred Taylor, Robert MEachem, Chester Taylor?

    For the Defense- I have JEts but its said that they will ahve a hard time in NE- Should I pick up ATL or Carolina?

    Thanks again.

    • Mit,

      Go with Cassel still.

      Flex: Fred Taylor. Mike Williams is intriguing, but I think Freddy Boy will have another productive week, especially with a Jets team that will likely be coming from behind during the second half (pun intended).

      As far as your D goes, go with Carolina. They aren’t a great pick, but their matchup is a helluva lot better.


  24. Ryan

    Chiefs D @ CLE OR
    Jets D vs. NE?

  25. MIt P

    Hey Jordan,

    I got Cassel as you suggested by dropping Hasselback.
    Should I keep kolb on my roster or drop?

    Rb- D. Williams, Matt Forte, Fred Taylor, Chester Taylor, Micheal BUsh

    FLex- Previously you suggested Chester Taylor then you changed to Fred taylor.
    Options for flex- Fred Taylor, Chester, Mike williams(TB), jabar Gaffney, or MIcheal Bush.

    Also on Def- You suggested Carolina- Cheifs are available as well?

    If I need to get a Def, which Player is ok to be dropped?

    Sorry About all these questions, first time.
    Thanks alot

    • Keep Kolb.
      Start Forte and FRED Taylor (sorry for the previous typo)
      Go with Michael Bush
      and if the Chiefs are your team, then go for it.

      ONLY cary one Def at a time, so if you don’t want to drop CAR, don’t get another.

      Do me a favor? Post this on your FB or Twitter:

      Check out https://godhateslosers.wordpress.com/ for fantasy football GENIUS. They love questions and answer ’em too.

      Thanks for reading!


  26. Justin

    need one wr.

    4th wr

    starters right now at wr
    calvin johnson
    greg jennings
    marques colston

    also bradshaw or greene as 3rd rb.
    other 2 are mjd and ray rice starting

  27. Go with Naanee. Bradshaw is going to KILL it this week. He is only going to get more comfortable as the season progresses.

    Do me a favor? Post this on your FB or Twitter: Check out https://godhateslosers.wordpress.com/ for fantasy football GENIUS. They love questions and answer ‘em too.

    Thanks for reading!


  28. TB

    Non PPR league. I need to stick someone in my flex spot this week and can’t make the final decision. Tomlinson or Collie? I like LT with the fact that with greene looking like trash he could get a ton more carries, but I like NE run defense. And Collie had a moster game last week, but I don’t know if he’ll repeate, and I don’t see Peyton throwing 50 times again this week. Thoughts?

    • I agree with you about LT. the Pats run defense is strong. However, I think that Peyton will throw it a lot. And Collie will get his catches. Maybe not as many catches and yards as last week, but he’ll still get some.
      Collie is worth the shot.

  29. Ed

    Sorry…misposted this upstairs.

    I have Welker and the Jets D. I picked up New England (with your good advice) but am having second thoughts and want to start the Jets D because they are playing at home. My only concern…starting Welker too (I need him in my lineup).

    What advice would you give — this situations come up frequently (starting a RB/WR against your own defense). Thanks!

  30. I know the feeling. Welker is a good play. Just look at what Boldin (Baltimore’s #2) did to the Jets last week.
    I say stick with New England. Look at it this way.. would you rather play a defense that is going up against Brady (258 yds, 3 tds, 0 int) or Sanchez (74, 0, 0)


  31. BG

    Which defense this week? Saints or Bucs? Also Beanie or Buckhalter? Thanks!

    • Its awkward to say.. but i’d actually go with the Bucs. Theyve been getting more Picks, Fumble Recoveries, and Sacks than the Saints, while allowing fewer points and yards. Of course, they have had easier competition than the Saints, but should hold up well against Pittsburgh, a team that has only been winning because of their defense. Saints have a tougher matchup against ATL.

      Wells is back, but its impossible to say how much work he will see since he is coming off of injury and Hightower has been performing at a high level. Buckhalter is a good pickup on your part, but should split time with Maroney and Brown. Both are playing easy DEFs. I’d go with Buckhalter on this one, but dont expect fireworks from either.


  32. BG

    Need another bit of advice. Which WR should I start? J. Maclin or E. Royal?

  33. shaun

    Looking to add a little depth to WR, who would you go with: Legedu Naanee or Demaryius Thomas?
    Need a TE this Sunday:
    Dustin Keller or Brent Celek?
    Thanks in advance for the help?

    • Naanee is a #2. Thomas is basically a #4. Yes, he has a fantastic start, but i need him to prove to me that he will be a consistent threat before i say anything good about him.

      That being said.. i still like him better than Naanee this week.

      Keller at TE. Celek is a joke as long as Vick is under center.


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