So Much New Crap

First off, a shout out to all our new visitors. We are getting this baby of the ground. Bookmark, keep visiting and tell your friends, so in a year you can say that you helped us get famous. Go ahead, take a look around, comment on what you like, ask us for your info, and check back everyday for new material including pick’em, who to start and sit, trade and pick-up advice. and random banter back and forth fighting for ultimate fantasy supremacy.

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4 responses to “So Much New Crap

  1. Todd

    I have the following backs (ranked in order of how stable they will be and how much they will score this year):

    – A. Peterson
    – A. Foster
    – R. Mattews
    – M. Forte
    – B. Jackson
    – J. Best

    I need far more WR help than RB help (R. Moss, D. Jackson, T. Owens, D. Aromashodu). Should I drop Best and pick-up Mark Clayton? I think he’s due for a good year.

    • Clayton may seem like a darling pick, but that was just week one. on one hand, he is the best WR on the St Louis rams. on the other hand, he is the best WR on the St Louis Rams. yeah, exactly.

      My advice, dont do a regular drop and grab. You have 6 fantastic RBs, meaning that there must be someone in your league who is lacking. I’d ship out Best, Mathews or Forte and seek a trade for a #1 or #2 receiver.

  2. Ben

    Hi andrew,

    I have what many would consider a “good” problem.

    I can start any 4 of the following 5 players… who do I bench?

    Amhad Bradshaw vs. IND
    Arian Foster vs. WAS
    Miles Austin vs. CHI
    Roddy White vs. ARI
    Marques Colston vs. SF

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