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69 responses to “Got QUESTIONS? We have ANSWERS!

  1. Rob Champagne

    Standard scoring

    Ronnie Brown vs. minn or J. Stewart vs. Tampa Bay ???

    J. Maclin vs Detroit or A. Collie vs. NYG???

    NYJ d vs New England or Cinci d vs. Baltimore???

    Thanx in advance

  2. I’m not a fan of Ronnie Brown this week against a Vikings front that held Reggie Bush and Pierre Thomas to less than 80 yards. However, Stewart is losing carries to D. Williams more and more every season. He only had 5 last week.
    I’d take Ronnie Brown, because you never know what will come out of their Wildcat.

    Maclin is surrounded by WR talent in Philly, and the Detroit D isnt so hot against the pass. Collie had a great year and definitely has Manning’s trust, but the Giants’ secondary is pretty competent. Both are gambles, and i’m not yet sold on Collie. I’ll take Maclin with the better matchup.

    Your defensive choices are intriguing. The Jets performed well against the Ravens last week. The Bengals looked something awful against the Patriots, and now they have flipped. I think the Jets have the D to go with, despite their injury trouble. Moss should be silenced, and they’ll have extra help on Welker. Also, with a Defense as strong as the Jets, I dont think its worth it to even have Cincy on your roster. Use them as trade bait or drop them for a running back, which is the position you seem weakest in.


  3. Brad Allan

    Michael Turner vs. Arizona or Darren McFadden vs. St. Louis?
    Matt Ryan or Kyle Orton?

    And now that I have an open spot on my roster left by Ryan Grant, who should I be looking for to replace that roster spot? I don’t necessarily need another RB (I have Mendenhall, Turner, McFadden and Hightower) but definitely need to replace a player on the IR.

    Thanks guys

  4. McFadden actually looked impressive and has a good matchup at home.. but looking at the Turner game, it seems like it was made specially for him. He will return to old Turner form.. at least for this week.

    I think the Falcons will run a bunch, but AZ can be thrown on. I like Orton this week though. He’s got a good matchup and a lot of decent options. I dont expect Seattle to play like they did vs. SF.

    I’m assuming that you are starting Mendenhall and Turner. If that is the case and there is still an open spot, i’d go with McFadden. Michael Bush is back and could take carries, but Hightower will not be trusted after 2 fumbles and Wells on the way back from injury.

    Hope we help.
    Tell your friends. And do us a favor by mentioning us in a FB/Twitter status. Thanks.

  5. I have problems at a few positions.

    I can start 2 QBs. I have Eli Manning, Farve and Matt Ryan.

    I can start 2 WRs.Desean Jackson, Boldin, T.O. or Jacoby Jones. (I get points for return yards)

    And 2 RB. Peterson, Ahmad Bradshaw, and Pierre Thomas.

    The matchups are making it real hard to choose.

    • Hey pooping.

      I dont like Favre. not this week, not at all this season. My picks are Manning, who is going to have a shootout with big brother. and Ryan, against a questionable secondary in ARI.

      Does Desean Jackson still return? If so, go for him and Boldin. If not, I’d still go with the 2 of them.

      AP and Bradshaw. All three are good picks. Its win win win for you. I just think sitting AP is a crime and Bradshaw will edge out Thomas because the Colts proved last week that they can definitely be run on.

      I think with any combo you win this week. But the ones i’ve provided are golden.

      Remember to check us out in the future for all your fantasy needs.
      Tell your friends on facebook/twitter if you would. mention

      Thanks for the question.


  6. Adam

    With S. Jackson potentially injured for tomorrow’s game against Oakland..should I start Jhavid Best, or K. Moreno?
    Also, Terrel Owens or Austin Collie for WR3?


    • Check on the Status of Jackson tomorrow before sitting him, but if you have to, I like Moreno’s matchup better than Best.
      Best is going up against the Eagles who are already tough. Also, they have a backup corner, so the D will be zoning in on Best all day long.

      I like Collie this week. TO will start clicking soon. But the Indy/NYG game will be a shootout. Lots of receiving yards to go around.

  7. Thank you good sir. Those are all the decisions I had already made but, you definitely just confirmed that I’m doing the right thing. Ill be back week after week I believe. Good site. Good advice.

  8. Adam

    Thank you for the speedy response!

  9. scott r

    who should i start in my flex position? McCoy or Eddie Royal?

    • I would go with Royal. McCoy is going to have a rough day of things, considering that its Vick’s first game as a starter since 2006. He won’t be bad, but he’s not going to be great either.


  10. Wayne

    Hey, I have quite the RB problem. Standard scoring start 2
    Armad Bradshaw (I know you said start)
    Brandon Jackson (HUGE Hype)
    Michael Turner (Week 1 dud, week 2 stud?)

    Thanks, I’ll take my answer off the air.

    • Start Turner. He’s healthy and good– very good. Go with Bradshaw too. I really like Jackson, but no one knows exactly how he is going to do; yes, he has upside for days and I think he’s a stud, but Bradshaw has been around for a bit and is comfortable with his new role.


  11. MIke

    QB- Matt Cassel, Derek ANderson, or Hasselback

    Flex- Jabar Gaffney, MIke william(tb), Robert Meachem, Fred Taylor vs NE, micheal bush

    Def- Jets, Cheifs, Atlanta or Carolina

  12. I am maxed out on Projected Remaining Games Fantasy Points, at Yahoo Fantasy Football. I am looking for a web page that has different Projected player values than Yahoo FF. I need to look at some High Risk Reward players. Who, among all other Fantasy Football analysts is superior? Can you help?

  13. juice

    i benched cutler for anderson which may be a dumb move but fuck it.

    who do i use to fill beanie’s spot for week 2: Brandon Jacobs or Thomas Jones

    • juice

      to clarify jacobs and jones would usually be a flex option but have to fill my rb2 spot in Beanies absence

      • the qb spots a tough one, and i think they both could do well. i will not argue with it because you have come to a gut decision and i think that is the most important thing.
        I dont like Jacobs. He is vastly inconsistent and its pretty clear the Bradshaw has taken over in NY. Jones didn’t do much last week and fantasy owners are falling more in love with Charles.
        If those 2 are your only options, i got with Jones. I just dont see Jacobs getting many touches, while Jones might see some time in the second half to run out the clock on Cleveland.


  14. Ken

    – Tony Romo
    – Greg Jennings
    – Hakeem Nicks
    – Ray Rice
    – Ahmad Bradshaw
    – Chris Cooley
    – David Akers
    – Giants

    – Todd Heap
    – Robert Meachem
    – Felix Jones
    – Donovan McNabb
    – Steve Slaton
    – Jerricho Cotchery

    Week 1 Performance: 97 points

    Looking for thoughts on the bench. I had Dustin Keller for week 1 and dropped him for Cooley and Heap. I think Cooley will have a better week 2, especially with the lingering injury for Heap. Not sure I want to drop Heap though due to potential – but its hard to justify a second TE. Not sure on how i feel about the FAs on the market, but am welcoming everyone’s thoughts. One concern I have is my Bye week setup in week 10 – Hakeem Nicks / Jerricho Cotchery.

    Some open WRs:

    – Nate Washington
    – Mario Manningham
    – Devery Henderson
    – Mohamed Massaquoi

    Some open RBs:

    – Michael Bush
    – Dexter McCluster
    – Fred Taylor
    – Peyton Hillis

    • I agree that you dont need 2 TEs. Cooley will do fine for you until his bye, then pick someone up. Theres usually a few good ones at the TE position floating around in waivers.

      I like your starting line up this week. I think that all will do well, except for NYG, i think Indy will put up a lot of points.

      I agree that your bench is week in both RB and WR spots. Nate Washington looks to be the go to guy in Tenn, and Massaquoi could surprise if his QB gets his head out of his ass. they both have potential.
      Bush, once healthy is a good pick up. McCluster is only a decent choice if you get points for return yards. I like Fred Taylor out of this bunch because he is the featured back now and likes catching the ball.

      I suggest dropping Slaton for Taylor. Then Heap for Massaquoi. Then think really hard about whether you will ever use McNabb over Romo this year. If yes, dont cut him. If no, drop him for Washington… better yet, McNabb is good enough to use as potential trade, so see if any of the other teams are having trouble at QB and try to make a move that way.

      Hope it helped. Let us know how you week went on Tuesday.


      • Ken

        What are your thoughts on dropping Cotchery for the week to pick up the Pats defense? Swap out the Giants for the week?

        Some of my thoughts for / against:
        – While Peyton has a ton of receivers, I think the Gmen will get tons of pressure on him.
        – Perry Fewel’s scheme looks to be rock solid with the rotation of the DEs and putting Kiwanuka in at the LB spot to maximize potential.
        – Kenny Phillips / Antrel Rolle / Deion Grant / Michael Boley (covering Dallas Clark)? Dont know a much better backfield that could cover Peyton’s targets.
        – Pats looked solid last week and they will be facing a less-potent offense this week.

        Other defenses available:
        – Tennessee (might be solid against Dixon)
        – Washington (might be solid against houston – 8 in the box and Hall covering Andre)

      • You make a lot of arguments for the Giants defense, and its true, they have some names.. I just dont really see it playing out too well. Peyton can get sacked but is rarely intercepted. Which is how you get fantasy points. Also, I think this is a passing battle, Peyton could rack up on points this week.
        New England is facing the Jets who looked awful last week.
        I’ve had someone ask about this matchup before and i’m going to give the same response. Would you rather start a Defense that is playing Manning (433 yds, 3 tds, 0 int) or one that is playing Sanchez (74, 0, 0)

      • Ken

        In addition, I took your advice on picking up Taylor over Slaton. Instead of going Massoquoi, I went with Washington as a backup. I just dont feel confident with Massoquoi and would prefer to see continued performance there.

      • Ken

        Good point. One concern i have with dropping Cotchery for the Pats is losing him on waivers. Should i ignore this worry and pick up the next best WR on the board next week?

      • Cotchery hasnt really been a gem so far.. and come week 5 when Holmes is in the line up, it seems like his production would go down.
        Washington is a good pick, not a good play this week vs. Pittsburgh, but I like him.
        Based on what youve told me, there are some good WRs on waivers in case someone picks up cotchery. if not, youve still got the potential trade with mcnabb, or a sleeper.

      • Ken

        Thank you. Will let you know how i make out. Hopefully i win the week and dominate the league again this week. 12-man league, 97 points last week, with only 5 points from Rice last week (though admittedly 25 from Nicks unlikely again), im hoping for a little bump this week.

  15. Benny

    Please help! pick 3 WR and 3 RB


    Colston @ SF
    Collie v.s. NYG
    Driver v.s. BUF
    Manningham @ IND
    T.O. v.s. BAL


    Rice @ CIN
    Stewart v.s. TB
    Bradshaw @ IND
    Forsett @ Den
    F. Jackson @ GB


    • Colston, Collie, Owens at WR. Collie is also a good play and I think Indy will go to the air a lot, but I like the other three options more. Colston should see his usual looks, and T.O. is starting to click.

      Ray Rice, Bradshaw and J. Stewart. All are pretty easy picks for me. Rice is facing an awful Bills D and should run out the game clock. Bradshaw will exploit the Indy front after Foster (HOU) proved that they can be torn up on the ground. Stewart and the other 2 are gambles, but Steward has potential for a big game vs. Tampa


  16. Merle

    Who do i start this week at running back?? 2 out of these 3.. CJ, matthews, deangelo.. and what do u think of my trade of peyton manning, pierre thomas, and mccoy for romo and CJ.. 8 team league.. QB scoring is 6 pt td and 1 pt every 40 yards

  17. Game Over

    I need to play 2 out of the 3 in a deep league.

    Felix Jones, Portis, L.T.

    Apparently Dallas wants to give the ball to Jones more. Portis is past his prime, but he’ll get the ball the most out of all 3. Sounds like L.T. is supposed to get around 15 carries this week.

    This has been a tough call for me. Thanks.

    • Portis has lots of potential in this restructured Shanahan offense, so dont get too down on him. Jones could get a decent amount of touches this week. LT showed that he is definitely not out of the NFL last week. I’d go LT and Portis on this one. Jones has huge potential to break for big yards, but Chicago gave up 20 yards rushing last week. I’d hold off on unleashing him for now.


  18. Michael T

    I have three good match ups this week. Pick the the three you would start (2 rb, 1 flex). Bradshaw vs. Colts, S. Jackson vs. Raiders, L. McCoy vs. Lions, and R. Mendenhall vs. Titans.

    • Bradshaw, Jackson, Mendenhall.
      Bradshaw can definitely run on Indy, seeing as how Foster ripped them last week. Jackson is just a great play all the time. Mendenhall had a decent showing last week and is their only real running threat, should have big numbers. I dont really like McCoy that much with Vick. I actually think that Vick steals carries from him.


  19. Poo Poo Platter

    (PPR League)Hey man wanted to see who you thought I should trade, I dont have a QB that is going to put up numbers. My friend offered me Carson Palmer but he said he wants a WR. I know he will give up carson for either Austin Collie, Mike Sims Walker or Robert Meachem.

    This is what my D squad team looks like
    QB- David Gerrard
    WR- Calvin Johnson,Dwayne Bowe,Austin Collie
    RB-Michael Turner,Jahvid Best
    TE- Brent Celek

    BN- Thomas Jones(RB), Mike Sims Walker , Greg Camarillo, Jordan Shipley, Robert Meachem, Laurence Maroney.

    Some QBs i could pick up on FA are Stafford, Jason Cambell, Josh Freeman. ryan fitzpatrick and jimmy clausen.

    So what do you think about this trade should i try to get rid of shipley or bowe first or just pick up a free agent qb or out of the 3 WR he wants the one to give up would be Robert Meachem?

    • hey poo poo,

      Youve already got a pretty impressive starting 3 receivers. I think the further into the season they go, KC and Bowe will look a lot better. Collie is also a great player that Manning trusts. So you’ve got 2 WRs on your bench that you really have no good use for. I say take the trade for Palmer, he’s far better than anything youll get on the FA waivers.

      Meachum is a good receiver, but lost on a Saints team with 7 legit receiving threats, so his numbers are very inconsistent. SimsWalker is not having an impressive year so far. As the #1 on the team, i’m sure he’ll improve as time goes on. But as I said earlier, you are really only going to use either of them on a bye week. Either one is worth giving up for Palmer. I’d dump Meachem. He’s more proven than SimsWalker, but doesnt have the upside.


  20. Poo Poo Platter

    Thanks a lot for the quick advice ill be back next week.

    • youre more than welcome.

      we update daily with some great advice for trades, pick’em, and who to start, sit or pick up. so make sure to check back in. and tell your friends. we’re excited to get this site off the ground.

  21. Poo Poo Platter

    Hey who do you think has a better up side this week?

    David Gerrard vs.Phi
    Matt Cassell Vs SF
    Ryan Fitzpatrick Vs NE
    Bruce Gradkowski Vs Ari
    Charlie Batch Vs TB

  22. dang.
    i think these are all huge reaches.
    on this list, i’d say gerrard.

    alex smith could have a decent week as he keeps getting better. and shaun hill could surprise. but we are definitely talking about low low stats here. like of the 32 starting qbs in the league.. these guys are all in the bottom 12.


    • Poo Poo Platter

      hahah i know man i think bruce and Gerrard are gonna be the only ones that have a decent week of these 5. this week sucks for me.

  23. Iceman

    I have both Matt Ryan and Kyle Orton, they have both played great but I’m not sure who I should start this weekend. I guess it depends on the defenses.

  24. Richard Cadena

    Here are my questions…

    WR to start Colston or Walter

    Def to start. Min D or Indy D

    RB to start. Portis or McFadden

    the big one QB to start. Romo or Vick

    • Colston over Walter. is a #1 against a #2. both are good matchups. but Colston as a first look is a better play.

      Indy looked great last week. And the right side of Denver’s OL is banged up and possibly backups. I’d go with Indy, i see more turnovers and sack potential.

      Both will have big days. Portis has something to prove after last week. McFadden is playing a miserable run defense and has looked great, but might have to fight a returning Bush for carries. I like Portis defending his honor.

      Dang. Both will have big games. The stat that i’m going to point out is that Houston has allowed 411 passing yards per game this year. And there is almost no way this game wont be a complete shootout.
      Vick is playing JAX, a team that is bad at both passing and rush defense.
      Both will put up monster points.
      i go with Romo.


  25. cindy

    Hey there not sure if this is correct blog but I need advice for WEEK 3!

    Start with RB’s

    I have 4 pretty good RB’s
    I was in a toss up for

    Darren McFadden or Knowshon Moreno?

    I also have AP (starting) and Addai

    Tight End now..

    I have Kellen Winslow (pit) vs Aaron Hernandez

    My gut tells me to role with Aaron bc of Pitsburgh defense.. but Kelen might be a big target if they shut the running game down.. What do you think ???

    • In the name of everything holy, start McFadden.

      Go with your gut on the Hernandez deal. I think that Winslow is and always has been more talk than toughness; he simply isn’t as good as he tells everyone he is.


  26. jayhawk4life

    who should i start for my flex this week? i have tolbert/lynch/fred taylor/MSW for my other options?

    • Taylor is a bit of a sleeper.
      Lynch is a stretch being part of a (terrible) 3 back system.

      Tolbert could have a decent outing, but that matters mostly on if mathews plays, and if they hand the ball off in the redzone. thats a lot of intangibles.
      I’d go with MSW. Philly can be thrown on. and he is progressing nicely. he’s an especially good play if you are in a PPR league.

      let us know how it goes for you.


  27. joe esposito

    should i pick up mario manningham and drop pierre garcon?

  28. jayhawk4life

    another question….knowshon is injured, hust found out, should i play buckhalter

    • on second thought, buckhalter is probably be in a multiple back system with maroney and.. others.

      have you got anyone else? i wouldnt want to replace a great starter with someone who has no guarantee to pick up the majority of his carries.

  29. where did you find this out? its the first i’m hearing of it.

  30. steven sanchez

    my running backs
    maurice jones drew,mendenhall, jahvid best,cadillac
    desean jackson, ochocinco, eddie royal
    i was offered calvin johnson for jahvid best i can only start 2 backs and 3 reicevers is this a good trade for me i think it will give me one of the best revieving cores in my league

  31. jayhawk4life

    Im worried about steve smith this week since clausen is starting…need some advice on who to play all together here is what i have, where should i put them. Non PPR, head to head
    QB – brady/orton/ryan
    RB -gore/benson/tolbert/taylor/buckhalter
    WR – driver/Smith/msw/ Murphy,Jacoby jones, housh, washington, mike williams are all still free agents.
    TE – Davis
    Defense – N.O.
    Would you drop anyone of my guys for any of these receivers? How would you work this team. thanks.

    • jayhawk4life

      also, would you drop one of these players and pick up Pats D against the Bills

    • definitely a valid point with steve smith. but on the other hand, he is steve smith.

      QB- Brady
      RB – Gore, Benson
      WR – MSW, Smith, Murphy

      I would drop buckhalter or tolbert to get mike williams (TB or SEA) I dont think there is much of a reason to have more backup RBs than WRs.

      New England definitely has a better defensive matchup than the Saints. I have them starting for 2 of my teams, and would recommend dropping buckhalter or tolbert for the NE defense before dumping one of them for Williams.


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