Jordan and Andrew – College Pick’em

Favorites Spread Underdogs Andrew Jordan
@N. Carolina 1.5 Georgia Tech NC NC
@W Virginia (21) 10 Maryland MARY WV
@Kansas St. 3.5 Iowa St. K St. K. State
@Georgia 2.5 (12) Arkansas ARK ARK
@Virginia Tech 19.5 East Carolina E. CAR E. CAR
@Florida St. 10 BYU BYU Mormons
@Oklahoma (7) 17 Air Force OKLA OKLA
USC (18) 11.5 @ Minnesota USC USC
@Wisconsin (11) 14 Arizona St. WIS WISC
Nebraska (8) 3 @Washington NEBR WAS
Florida (10) 14 @Tennessee TENN FL
@TCU (4) 21.5 Baylor TCU TCU
@Oregon St. (25) 2o Louisville OR St. OR St.
@ Oklahoma St. 7 Tulsa OKLA St. OKLA St.
@Auburn (16) 7 Clemson AUB AUB
@LSU (15) 7.5 Mississippi St. LSU LSU
@Michigan St 3.5 Notre Dame ND ND
Texas (6) 3 @Texas Tech TEXAS Longhorns
Iowa  (9) 1.5 @ (24) Arizona IOWA IOWA
Houston (23) 3 @UCLA HOU HOU

Andrew: I don’t have a massive amount of upsets this week, as most of the teams cover their spread.

Jordan: For me, I only have one really notable upset, the Nebraska/Washington game. My reasoning, which, as of this moment, sounds ridiculous even to me, is this: Washington is beautiful this time of year. Nebraska is a sprawling cornfield, which, oddly enough, is the number one thing excreted by Americans. Can you excrete beauty? No. Washington wins this one, because the ‘Huskers are precipitously overrated and because I hate corn. Unless it’s creamed, which still proves my point.

Notable games….. Notre Dame gets itself together and QB Crist is playing at 100% again and defeat a solid Trojan team…. Tennessee not only covers the spread against Florida, but scares them a little in the process. Florida turns out to not be a stellar road team, and vs. Tennessee, their turnovers finally catch up to them…. Fla. St. continues a downward spiral, losing to BYU….. East Carolina give VT a fight, but the Hokies rebound from this seasons most embarrassing game….. And Arkansas beats Georgia soundly, proving they should never be underdogs again.



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3 responses to “Jordan and Andrew – College Pick’em

  1. rory

    mcnabb or derek anderson? choose two from spiller ronnie brown cadillac in a ppr please?

  2. Go with Anderson. He’s got more talent around him. Between your RBs, I like Spiller A L O T, but am not so keen on the others. On talent alone, I think that you should start Brown.

    • I am forced to disagree with jordan on this one. I have to stand up for it since our picks are way not the same. Time for you to choose between advice I guess. Go with the gut.

      McNabb is facing a Texans team that gave up 425+ through the air last week. Moss and Portis both look good, and he seems to like Cooley. Also, playing from behind, they will have to air it out.
      Spiller did not impress last week, and they are facing GB, one of the top 3 DEFs against the run. Brown is facing MIN, also very good up front. While Caddy in Tampa is running vs. the Panthers front, which is doable.
      C. Williams gets my pic.


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