Jordan’s Start ‘Em & Sit ‘Em: Week 2

Admittedly, start ’em & sit ’em was not the highlight of my fanasy shamanism last week. I’ve got my hands on better tea leaves, though, so this week I’m going to give you the best I have. Consider me your angelic bartender– the one that gives you what you pay for, which is obviously top-shelf stuff, not merely that piss water that the satanic bartender passes off as premium (in this case, I’m the GOOD bartender, not the EVIL bartender. get it? good.).

Start ‘Em:

Malcom Floyd: He’s Philip Rivers’ new darling. Vincent Jackson has become VERY expendable of late, and Floyd will once again prove his metal. He is going to have another great week this week, especially considering that his opposition has the 20th ranked passing defense. Yes, he will be covered, but that still won’t keep him out of the endzone.

Zach Miller: If you drafted him, he was quite the catch. He’s got the surest hands on the team and is going up against a pretty shaky D. He’s gonna play angry.

Marcedes Lewis: An oddly spelled name for an oddly talented player. Nabbed 2 TDs last week and going up against SD, which has given up a TD to a TE already this season.

Michael Vick: He’s back, but not in the Wildcat kinda way. I’m high on this guy.

Darren McFadden: Strong runner on a strong running team. He’s going up against a tough team, but his smashmouth style will play well. In deeper leagues especially, I would start him.

Sit ‘Em:

Laurence Maroney: Never been a huge fan of him, primarily because he has always been a great-potential type and never a great player type. DEN has a history of making shitty RBs look great, but this is his first game with them and they changed blocking patterns in the off-season. Everything is new for everyone.

PIT Defense: One of those legendary franchises with a not-so-legendary present-day team. Chris Johnson and Vince Young are going to rip them a new one.

LeSean McCoy: Michael Vick just became the number one QB & RB. Hurts McCoy’s value tremendously, and, let’s all be honest about this one, the spelling of his name to include two of those capital letter thingamabobs is annoying as hell.

T.J. Houshmandzadeh: He’s old. He’s the 4th receiving option. His name was good for years, but names don’t win games or fantasy football matchups. If you’re desperate enough to start him, then you might check out your waiver wire.

Clinton Portis: He’s going up against the 2nd ranked running D in the nation. Plus, with his off-the-field distractions being a bit much this last week, I don’t expect him to be sharp. I still love him though, just not for this matchup.

Andrew: I have to say, i think these picks will play out much better than the debacle last week. (Fun fact, I spelled debacle correctly on the first try.) My only comments would be the while Lewis scored twice.. he also only caught 2 balls. Yeah, he is a red zone threat, but I think a questionable fluke week 1 performance should be considered. McFadden could make you look like a genius or a dud this week, no middle ground. And watch out, because word on the street is that Michael Bush is back and is probable to play.

No complaints about your Sit’em choices.. other than the phrase “two of those capital letter thingamabobs.’  Really?



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4 responses to “Jordan’s Start ‘Em & Sit ‘Em: Week 2

  1. MIt P

    Hey Jordan,

    I got Cassel as you suggested by dropping Hasselback.
    Should I keep kolb on my roster or drop?

    Rb- D. Williams, Matt Forte, Fred Taylor, Chester Taylor, Micheal BUsh

    FLex- Previously you suggested Chester Taylor then you changed to Fred taylor.
    Options for flex- Fred Taylor, Chester, Mike williams(TB), jabar Gaffney, or MIcheal Bush.

    Also on Def- You suggested Carolina- Cheifs are available as well?

    If I need to get a Def, which Player is ok to be dropped?

    Sorry About all these questions, first time.
    Thanks alot

  2. Andrew here, i’m sure jordan will get to you if he hasnt already.

    I’d keep kolb. He’ll start again, and hopefully sync up with his offense.
    RB i’d play D. Williams and Matt Forte. Williams is going up against Tampa, and they will run a lot with their QB issues, Forte is against my beloved Cowboys, but is their only offensive weapon besides Cutler that has been on the radar before this season.
    Flex would be Mike Williams who looks good against Carolina in my opinion, Tampa should have to throw quite a bit.
    I believe in only having 1 defense on your roster at a time. The chiefs have a fantastic matchup this week, as for their other weeks.. meh.

    Good luck. Let us know how you do.

  3. shaun

    Hello andrew.
    I’m would like your input on which 2 running backs to start for week 3 if you would be so kind. Options are:
    Rashard Mendenhall
    Pierre Thomas
    LeSean McCoy
    Brandon Jackson
    I know you usually start your best (RM and PT), but I like the matchups for the other 2 (LC and BJ) better.
    Thanks in advance for your reply!

  4. Week 3 you say…

    Mendenhall vs Tampa
    Thomas vs Atl
    McCoy vs. Jax
    Jackson vs. Chi

    I agree with your comment, that it is hard to sit Mendenhall or Thomas. First of all, I think that it is important to see what happens in week 2 before deciding anything. 2 weeks of stats is far easier to go on than just a single week. Based on week 1 numbers, I say go with Mendenhall and Thomas. McCoy vs Jax is a decent matchup, but I’d like to see how Jax handles SD, and how many times McCoy touches the ball. Chicago only gave up 20 rushing yards in week 1, and Jackson has a lot of talk behind him, but has yet to show his stuff.

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