Andrew.. Week 2 Start’em Sit’em

We’ve been dishing out heaps of fantasy info, answering your questions, and come Tuesday, we’ll see just how well you listened.

So keep those comments coming. Tell your friends. And keep coming back for daily info from your new favorite geniuses.

Lets do this.


  • Ahmad Bradshaw – Indy can be run on. Its been said for years. Arian Foster proved the hell out of it last week. While I think that this game will be a full on aerial assault, Bradshaw and the Giants will exploit Indy’s ground game. Look for a big week here.
  • Santana Moss – Houston can be thrown on. Peyton Manning proved the hell out of it last week. McNabb looked shaky, and Moss is his only real weapon, but they managed to hook up a few times last week. Expect Moss to find his rhythm with McNabb against the Texans.
  • Dallas DEF – Against Cutler and Martz. Expect turnovers and sacks galore.
  • Jay Cutler – “But Andrew,” you say, “You just announced that the Cowboys DEF is a must start, how on earth can you choose the opposing QB?” Easy. The Cowboys have their starting O Line back. Meaning they will score. Meaning the Bears will have to catch up. and the Cowboys can be thrown upon if done correctly. Cutler will have multiple INTs, and even more sacks.. but, chances are, he will throw the ball on 70% of his plays.
  • Dez Bryant – If you couldn’t tell, I’m all about this Cowboys/Bears game. Bryant got a lot of looks last week. But the Cowboys were pretty timid due to OL issues. Their starters are back, so Romo and the ‘Boys should be back to their game. Look for Bryant to have 10 catches and multiple upfield looks.


  • Shonn Greene – 5 carries last week with a fumble? Hope you weren’t the unlucky schmuck to draft him in the 1st round. Don’t expect a turnaround this week against the Pats.
  • Dolphins Running backs – Not against the Vikings. Not much more to say. I don’t really see either of them getting anywhere.
  • Mike Williams/Mark Clayton/Randy Moss – Reason: Champ Bailey, Nnamdi Asomugha, Darrell Revis. Not worth the start this week unless you’ve got no one else.
  • I thought about listing all the QBs who are injured (Delhomme, Stafford, Moore, Kolb), then about the ones who have a small percentage of people starting them, but still suck as starters (Smith, Bradford, Sanchez, Hill), but i’m going to go for the gamble on this one. I’m picking a FF darling and one of the top 5 yardage QBs from last week. Flacco and Anderson. Flacco didn’t look super impressive to me last week with a number of errant throws. Look for Cincy to exploit this. Anderson is facing a much harder D this week and is shaky at best, if you picked him up hoping for a miracle, dont count on it this week.
  • Brent Celek – Lots of people like him this year. And for good reason. Look at the last few games last season, he had great stats. And Kolb loved him when he played. But, Kolb is out. Vick is in. Vick will throw it long or run it. Celek is a non factor as long as Vick is under center. (and the way Kolb looked in his quarter of play, Celek may be a bust for the year.)

As usual, leave a comment for an answer to any fantasy football related question, tell your friends, brag about us on Twitter, Facebook, text message, billboards, milk cartons, whatever. Get the word out that is your favorite part about the internet.. well.. second favorite.



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30 responses to “Andrew.. Week 2 Start’em Sit’em

  1. Mark

    So I’m going to be trading Desean Jackson, Kevin Kolb, and Chris Cooley for Mike-Sims Walker, Brett Favre, and Deangelo Williams.

    My team:
    QB: Tom Brady
    RB: Michael Turner
    RB: Rashard Mendenhall
    WR: Desean Jackson
    WR: Dwayne Bowe
    WR: Jeremy Macklin
    WR: Malcolm Floyd
    TE: Chris Cooley
    TE: Tony Gonzalez

    Please help me! 😀

  2. Kenny

    Question for you??
    I’m in a 12 man h2h .5 ppr
    In my flex do I start
    Tony Gonzales
    Jerome Harrison

    My other RB’s I’m starting are
    Chris Johnson
    Matt forte
    I just can’t decide if I should go with a third RB or start a TE in my flex.
    Please help. Thx

  3. I’m just curious as to who your other TE is that you have Gonzalez potentially on your bench?

    anyways. Gonzo has a good matchup, no doubt. and the Falcons could put up a lot.
    But remember that one time Jerrome Harrison ran for 286 yards and 3 TDs in a game? Yeah, that was against the KC Chiefs.

    This one is tough. Very tough. I wish the Browns didnt suck, so i could give harrison the respect he deserves. Statistically, i really want to pick Tony Gonzalez.
    But i’m going with Harrison. There is just something about him this week that has my gut going.

    I say go with your gut.
    I’d appreciate Jordan’s imput on this question as well.


    • Kenny

      I don’t have another TE on the bench. My flex position allows WR/TE/RB
      I carry 5 RB’s and 5 WR’s 1TE
      My gut says go with Harrison because of the numbers he laid on the Chiefs in Dec last year, but the projections say use Tony G. Thx for your input.

  4. I would agree with Andrew on this one. Harrison, while not going to have as meteoric a day as he did last time he played KC, will still have a good one. I like Gonzales a lot, but the ARI Def had 3 INTs last week against STL. Yeah, STL sucks, but still, 3 INTs is hard to argue against.

    Harrison should get more touches this week considering he had 5.8 ypc last week.

    Go with your gut; Yahoo only makes guesses anyway.


  5. Sox

    Any thoughts on whether I should play Scheffler or Scaife at TE tomorrow? This is my first season…

    My team:
    QB Tom Brady
    WR Steve Smith (NYG)
    WR Pierre Garcon
    WR Jabar Gaffney
    TE Bo Scaife or Tony Scheffler
    RB Arian Foster
    RB Jamaal Charles

    BN WR Mohamed Massaquoi
    BN WR Mike Thomas
    BN WR Brandon Tate
    BN TE Jeremy Shockey
    BN RB Fred Taylor
    BN QB Alex Smith

    I had Rob Meachem but I dropped him, also been keeping my eye on Moeaki, Patrick Crayton, and Greg Camarillo. Thoughts?

    Thanks in advance!

    • I’m not gonna lie: You’re TE outlook is a little bleak at the moment. That said, I would go with Scheffler. His newly anointed QB will look for big, easy-to-see targets, which makes him a gimme in the redzone. Plus, your other option, Scaife, is going up against the Steelers. Watch the waiver wire, though, because neither are long-term solutions.


  6. MIke

    QB- Matt Cassel, Derek ANderson, or Hasselback

    Flex- Jabar Gaffney, MIke william(tb), Robert Meachem, Fred Taylor vs NE, micheal bush

    Def- Jets, Cheifs, Atlanta or Carolina

    • not a very sexy line up at qb youve got there. i think that anderson is your best bet here. Cassel threw a phenomenal 62 yards against the Chargers. And Hasselbeck is playing Denver (aka Champ Bailey)

      Taylor is an interesting option at flex. Especially if its PPR, Brady loves throwing to his RBs. But running on the Jets is not easy.
      Gaffney and Williams have favorable matchups, but Gaffney is not a feature receiver, and Mike Williams is only as good as his QB.. not good. Meachum is lost in a talented group of roughly 43 receivers. and michael bush isnt going to see a ton of carries, if any.
      I’ll take Mike Williams in this one. Carolina can be thrown on, and Tampa will have to do a lot of that.

      I’ll take the chiefs defense in this one. while they may be the least talented group you have on paper.. the browns are not a very talented offensive bunch.

  7. shaun

    Hello Jordan and Andrew,
    I need 2 RB’s for week 2 please
    Rashard Mendenhall
    Pierre Thomas
    LeSean McCoy
    Brandon Jackson
    My head tells me to go with my best (RM and PT), but my gut says LeSean and Brandon because of the matchups.
    Your opinion?
    Thanks in advance for your reply!

  8. For week 2, I take Mendenhall and Jackson.

    Jackson has a lot to prove, but Buffalo is a great team to do it against. and Mendenhall will be doing a lot of running against Tenn.


  9. shaun

    Thanks Andrew!
    Have another one for you.
    Which WR 3? (please pick 1)
    Mike Williams (seattle)
    Legedu Naanee
    Michael Crabtree
    Again thanks in advance for your reply!

  10. Williams is going to get shut down by Bailey. The entire game.
    Crabtree is going up against a tough Saints team that Minnesota had trouble with.
    I think Naanee is your choice here. Performed well last week and had another deent matchup.

    Good luck, and let us know how it goes.


  11. Booger

    I need some TE help for week 2…i have miller but heard the steelers had some O-line issues and miller would be held in to block…i can pick up shockey, moeaki, sheffler or evan moore, any thoughts???

    • I dont like any of the other choices. Best bet is to gamble with Miller. He might have to block a bit, but he’s a big guy. And the backup QBs like looking for the big guys. He wont be blocking every play.


  12. Harris

    How does this look?What should i change for starting lineup?

    QB-Aaron Rodgers
    WR-Wes Welker
    WR-Chad Ochocinco
    WR-Austin Collie
    RB-Pierre Thomas
    RB-Rashad Mendenhall
    TE-Dallas Clark

    BN-Donald driver
    BN-Owen Daniels
    BN-Arian Foster
    BN-Donovan McNabb
    BN-Nate Washington

  13. Football Diva

    Love your website!

    Knowshon Moreno vs SEA or
    Jahvid Best vs PHI?

    • Thanks a lot. Hope youre bragging about us and telling all your friends.

      I say youve got a pretty even match up. I’ll go with Moreno on this one. Best is working with a backup QB, so the already stout PHI defense is going to be looking for Best constantly as he is a major weapon til Stafford gets back.

      good luck. let us know how it goes.


  14. Football Diva

    Thanks Andrew!

    Another question…

    Knox or Aromashodu vs Dallas ?

    • This is a tough call and could really go either way. In my opinion, the Cowboys best cornerback is Mike Jenkins, he should be covering Knox. Aromashodu should be covered by Newman, which might be an easier matchup. Both could be good plays, because Cutler will have to throw the ball a ton. I think as the bigger receiver, he has a better matchup

  15. Football Diva

    Andrew….i like the way you think!

    Carson Palmer or Tony Romo?

  16. grinder

    I need help with my RB2:

    Steven Jackson @ Raiders
    Arian foster @ Washington

  17. both of them are slated to have big games. I’d go with jackson vs the raiders though, they gave up tons to CJ last week


  18. Christian

    Your week 2 start em or sit em was beyond laughable. You morons call yourselves experts? lol…ps someone mustve crapped in yo mouth cuz you been spitting out shiiiit

    • Bradshaw – 89 yds on just 17 touches, 5.2 yards per carry
      Moss – 10 rec, 89 yds
      Cutler – 277 yds, 3 TDs, 136 passer rating
      Bryant – 52 receiving yards, 1 punt return TD

      Greene – 15 carries, 52 yards
      Mike Williams – 1 rec, 7 yds
      QBs – all busts
      Flacco – 154 yards, 4 picks
      Celek – 3 rec, 27 yards

      You wanna tell me whats laugable that i shot an 80% on startem sitem?
      You dont like the site, you dont like my picks, get the hell out.

  19. Harris

    Hey dont worry about that guy he’s justa sore loser.and thanks for the advice for my team for week two.I blew out with a win by over 40 pts. How does this weeks line up look?

    QB-Aaron Rodgers
    WR-Wes Welker
    WR-Austin Collie
    RB-Rashard Mendenhall
    RB-Arian Foster
    TE-Dallas Clark
    K-Nate Kaeding
    DEF-New Orleans

    B-RB-Pierre Thomas
    B-WR-Donald Driver
    B-QB-Donovan Mcnabb
    B-WR-Nat Washington
    B-RB-LeSean McCoy
    B-DEF-NY Jets

    • i like it a lot. the only thing that i would look into a little harder is foster and thomas.

      thomas is going up against the dallas d, which has been good against the run. and if the cowboys o-line is really back and they look like the cowboys they should look like, this could be a big passing game for both teams. foster will be good, and probably find the endzone. thomas now has less competition and share time with bush out of the lineup. the saints will have to tweak their system a little bit, so thomas could see more receptions out of the backfield. he is also playing against atlanta that got burned by hightower last week.

      either line up will get you another win. i’m jealous of your whole team.

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