Jordan’s “Told you so”…

Everyone seems to have doubted my choice of the Bears over the Cowboys, but, low-and-behold, the Bears won today. Hmm…

Sorry, Andrew, but I need this feather in my cap.




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3 responses to “Jordan’s “Told you so”…

  1. Brian

    got to give you props for that call. I was one of the ones who thought you were crazy. I live in Chicago and am a huge Bears fan, but I thought they had no chance. I can’t decide if the Cowboys are that bad or the Bears are a lot better then I thought. We’ll see about the Bears next week against Green Bay.

  2. bears are definitely a team to look out for. but i really cant say that the cowboys are bad. they are missing 2 offensive linemen and for romo to be effective he has to have at least a little time to throw the ball. garrett is calling short passes in order to protect him. that is not cowboy football. so its not working for them.

    also they have shit for a secondary. and their running game blows.


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