Pick Up: Jason Snelling

After his performance this weekend, it kind of goes without saying. If you are in a deep league or short at  running back. Snelling is a good grab this week. It looks as though Turner’s injury is minor enough to start again in Week 3. But Norwood is on crutches with a bum knee and is most likely be out out for the season, making Snelling a must-own backup.




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2 responses to “Pick Up: Jason Snelling

  1. jonathan

    I need some help!
    My 4 Wr are andre Johnson, Mike william, Larry Fitzgerald and Lee Evans for back-up (12 teams)
    I want to know if i must drop evans for manningham(NYG)
    the bills struggle this year…

    • Admittedly, I’m not an Evans fan, but that’s because I bought into the pre-draft hype last year and over-drafted the hell out of him; that aside, he still doesn’t look like a better pick than Manningham. Evans looks awful this year, so grab someone else, even if it isn’t MM.


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