Week 2 Recap

Eventually we will be providing a recap and partake in a fun conversation that includes making fun of each other for our mistakes, and rubbing it in when our predictions came true.

Until then, loyal reader, we want to know how you did. What moves did you make to put you over the top. This requires hitting the little comment button and writing us words. Let the gloating/berating begin!

Youre welcome in advance.



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26 responses to “Week 2 Recap

  1. Ed

    Got burned by Brandon Jackson’s timeshare (but alternatives were Bradshaw and Charles – all bad), and Dwayne Bowe’s inactivity.
    Luckily I started the Oakland defense over New England (against the advice here). New England got toasted. Oakland at least came out with a few points.
    Not a good start.

    I’ve got to stay away from Todd Haley as well as the GB running back situation until it settles. Who knows? Still won my match – just need to solidify my WR3 and RB2 positions for a good season.

    • Congrats on the win. NE was not a good play for me either, I benched Cincinnati, but still came out on top. I’m confident that Jackson will emerge into the role left by Grant, but it could take time.

      Let us know if youve got any more questions. And thanks for checking back in.


  2. Brian

    got smoked this week largely because Chris Johnson and Mendenhal scored me a total combined 10.5 points. I really need help finding a flex rb. I have Brandon Jacobs at that spot now, but since he is demanding trades and throwing helmets in to the stands, I need to get rid of that joker.

    • agreed. yeah, johnson and mendenhall got shut down something fierce, but that is definitely not a trend. let me know who is on your bench and if there are any names floating in the FA section. we’ll find you someone because jacobs is not a good pick for that spot.

  3. Brian

    Thanks for the help. Our league has two flex positions so rb’s are definitely at a premium. I have austin collie starting in one of the flex positions. The wr’s and rb’s I have on my bench are:

    Lee Evans, Marshawn Lynch, Steve Breaston, Roy Williams, Javon Ringer.

    I put waiver claims on Mike Tolbert and Jason Snelling, so I may have them as a possibility.

    Also, who would you start Cutler or Flacco? Cutler has looked really good so far but Flacco might have the better matchup.

    • Snelling had a big week, but Turner will likely be back, but groin injuries tend to linger. He’s a good pick up. Breaston looked great in week 1, so he’ll probably be up and down all year depending on matchups.

      Cutler has looked great so far. Flacco has the weapons around him, but need to step it up. Green Bay is definitely a tougher match than Cleveland though, so i’d say give Flacco the start.

  4. Ed

    Which two of the following WRs have the best prospects as a WR3:

    Malcom Floyd, Mike Williams (TB), Kevin Walter, Johnny Knox, Demaryius Thomas?

    • from this list I see three standouts. Malcom Floyd, Mike Williams, and Johnny Knox.

      Floyd is the #1 receiver (not counting Gates) for a system that loves to pass the football. His QB can be trusted to put up big numbers and he is guaranteed his catches and yardage each game. However, he also has competition with Naanee
      Mike Williams is the #1 on a team that is surprising people. Do I think it will last for a while? No. They have played 2 very crappy teams. But, as the #1 option for Josh Freeman (who looks almost decent) he is a good option.
      Johnny Knox has surprised me. I thought that Aromashodu would be the big name for the Bears. But Cutler has an arm, and Martz making the calls, so he looks like he’ll be a pretty big playmaker this season.

      I think Tampa will inevitably skid, so of the 5, your two best options are Floyd and Knox.

  5. Sox

    Well practically my whole team was a bust…Brady, my one sure thing, proved not to be. Arian Foster was my best performer and he only had an average day.

    I doubt I’ll get out of my tight spot regarding TE weakness but here’s some changes I’m considering. I’m currently eyeing:
    -Jason Snelling (RB)(drop Fred Taylor)
    -Louis Murphy (WR)
    -Rob Meachem (WR)
    -Jordan Shipley (WR)
    -Tony Moeaki (TE)
    -CIN (DEF)
    I posted this elsewhere but here’s my WR/TE list:
    -Steve Smith (NYG) (WR1)
    -Pierre Garcon (WR2)
    -Jabar Gaffney (WR3)
    -Tony Scheffler (TE)
    -Brandon Tate (BN WR)
    -Mohamed Massaquoi (BN WR)
    -Mike Thomas (BN WR)
    -Bo Scaife (BN TE)
    -Jeremy Shockey (BN TE)
    None of my receivers got any looks, because a) Eli sucks b)Indy actually ran the ball and c)Orton had love-fest with the rookie Thomas. Pettigrew got more action than Scheffler and Hill sucks anyway. Shockey got targeted quite a few times but was well-covered.

    Murphy (WR) might be a good choice because he looks like he’ll at least get some balls thrown his way. I’m probably going to drop Scheffler and pick up CIN’s DEF in his place (I have NO’s right now), and I’ll consider dropping either Shockey or Scaife for Moeaki.

    In addition to dropping Tate to get Murphy, I’m considering dropping Gaffney or Massaquoi to get Shipley. I just don’t see Gaffney getting the ball that much.

    What do you guys think? Do you think Snelling would be a good sub for Taylor as a backup RB? Jamaal Charles is my other starter and he got shafted on carries this past week. I may keep Taylor just in case he has a big game against the bills.

    Thanks for the tips, as always.

    • Goodness, youve got a lot going. I have no idea what the hell kind of league you are in that you have so many bench spots and the roster goes this deep that you have roughly 45 tight ends.

      Anyways, my opinion is dont get all ruffled because you had a bad week.
      As I stated in a previous post, Snelling will see action some action, but in now way will he post similar numbers to last week. Turner will be back on the field Sunday, but Norwood is out for the long haul. He’s a good pickup, but not a long time solution as a #2 back. Taylor is the Pats #1 back, but NE’s running game is always iffy. Your point about Taylor vs. the Bills is a good one, but if you dont pick up Snelling now, someone else will.

      I think that Shockey is your best TE option. I’d drop Scaife to get Moeaki.

      Murphy is a hell of a gamble, remember that he put up good numbers against the Rams. Tate would be a good drop though, as Murphy has a lot of upside. Jordan Shipley is a #3 receiver, so there is danger in that. But he has been putting up 5 receptions a game and decent yardage, Gaffney just isnt getting the ball.

      My advice boils down to this. Dont get too hasty just because of one bad week. Think about your moves, thin about what they will do in week 3 and the rest of the season. you dont want to have revolving door at a very important WR position. Playing week to week ball is very dangerous, because with #2 receivers, nothing is guaranteed.

      Moeaki is a good pickup. I’d drop Tate to get Shipley. And putting a little bit of thought into the idea of dropping Gaffney for Shipley. Massaquoi has had a bad start, but will pick up and is a good play against mediocre defenses.

      • Sox

        Haha, yea..7 bench spots in our league.

        I dropped Tate for Murphy, Scaife for Moeki, Scheffler to pick up CIN defense. Someone else in my league swiped up Snelling. I’m looking for a backup RB anyway, I have Foster and Charles as my #1 and #2, Iso I think Taylor will do for now.

        So no to Meachem? Last move might be Gaffney for Shipley, but I haven’t completely decided yet.

        I agree as far as patience goes, I just want to make the best of the mediocre options I’ve got.

      • if you picked up CIN Defense, then you should get rid of your old Defense for Shipley. That way, in case Gaffney does have a turn around, you’ll still have it, at least for bragging rights sake.

        Meachem is a great player, but, personally, i cant handle having any saints receiver on my roster besides colston. colston is the only one who is really guaranteed anything, and then there are about 5 other receivers that can either have tremendous weeks or pull less than 5 points. I hate the inconsistency, so i try to avoid them.
        I think its a better call only having 1 DEF and an extra WR than having 2 DEFs and dropping a potentially good player.
        What is your QB situation?

      • Sox

        Yea I actually think I agree regarding Meachem. I’m a little on the fence about who’ll have the better defense- NO or CIN. I think NO looked pretty terrible against the run last week and most of my fantasy points on defense came from SF’s terrible play.

        QB1 is Brady, QB2 is Alex Smith.

        My proposed starters for Wk3:
        QB Brady
        WR1 Smith (NYG)
        WR2 Garcon
        WR3 Murphy/Gaffney/Shipley*
        RB1 Foster
        RB2 Charles or Taylor*
        TE Shockey
        DEF CIN
        K Tynes

        *Murphy only if Gradkowksi starts, Gaffney and Shipley are question marks.
        *Taylor should get more playtime now that Faulk’s done for the season. Charles COULD do well if he does what Bush did to SF last week…although he’s sharing carries a little too much for my liking.

        I’m thinking Shockey’s a solid option vs ATL. He got targeted a lot last week despite constant coverage.

      • Looks good to me. I think CIN is a good play at Def. All your WR3 and RB2 options have good upside for the reasons previous listed.
        I have no problem with Shockey, especially with Bush down with injury. The Saints offense will be affected by this, and will have to adjust. Brees needs a new dumpoff guy, and Shockey might be that man.

      • Sox

        Johnny Knox just went on the waiver wire…think I should drop Massaquoi for ’em?

      • probably a good pick up. actually a great one. why in gods name would someone drop him. make sure he didnt like die in practice or something. then go for it.

    • Sox

      Yea they dropped him for Manningham…interesting.

  6. Adam

    1) I should have listened to your B. Celek “Sit’em” advice last week. Vick ignores him.
    -I picked up Dustin Keller(TE) as a FA..do you think I should start him this week? Keller seems to be a favorite target for Sanchez.

    2) I have S. Jackson and R. Mendenhall as my starting RBs. I have J. Best and K. Moreno on the bench. I feel like Medenhall will keep putting up small numbers until Rothesburger returns. What would you do for week 3?

    • Hi there,

      Philly is flipping like crazy. First Kolb is the starter, now Vick is the starter, so who knows, they might even pull a timeshare QB thing. So I think your pick up is great. Keller is looking good. He seems to be the only person for the Jets getting anything. A great pickup on your part.

      I’m in a similar situation, I have Mendenhall, Foster, and Gore, and have no clue who to bench. Both situations seems to have upside as I think that your entire RB squad is put up crazy points. S. Jackson vs. Washington, an average D. Mendenhall vs. Tampa is a fantastic play. Best looks to be a permanent starter, but is up against a tough Minn D. Moreno is running on the Colts who are full of holes in the running game.
      My vote would be to either keep your line up the same, or bench Jackson for Moreno. I dont like Best’s matchup this week (although i said the same thing last week). But Mendenhall is a definite starter against tampa in week 3.


  7. bmoney

    So, my team is made up of Brees, Gore, and 5pt per game puddles of disappointing mediocrity. Who to start this week?


    • Haha, thats no good.

      I think you have to keep your RBs the same. They are up against an ok defense, but Harrison and Hillis are going to Baltimore, and F. Jackson out of the question.

      WR – Murphy is a definite gamble, so is J Jones, a 3rd stringer. Steve Smith is likely on the losing end of Klausen at QB. Naanee would replace Jones in my opinion.

      Flex – I’d definitely sit Caddy this weekend. The steelers just held Chris Johnson to 37 yards. but anybody there, Jones, Bowe, Naanee, Harrison, doesnt matter.

      I would go shopping if I were you. Find yourself a team that is having qb trouble or has a good one on their bench (Orton or Ryan would be my favorites) and send out Brees to try and get 2 or 3 people. I know it is a devastating trade to make, and probably makes me a little out of my mind, but you are not going to win with the lineup you have. you need definite RB/WR help, and fast.


  8. Ken

    I got smoked in week 2 with Jennings and the New England D sucking wind. Was helped by the garbage time 39 yd TD pass to Hakeem. My team below as well as some adjustments I made:

    – Tony Romo
    – Greg Jennings
    – Hakeem Nicks
    – Ray Rice
    – Ahmad Bradhsaw
    – Chris Cooley
    – David Akers
    – New England (picked up on advice here last week due to the Giant / Indy matchup. Will drop after this week, but i love the matchup against the worst O in the NFL)

    – Kevin Walter (picked up in FA this week, dropped Meachem)
    – Felix Jones
    – Donovan McNabb
    – Nate Washington
    – Fred Taylor
    – New York Giants (Will use going forward per the above, will likely swap out Patriots for another WR – may pick Meachem up again or go for Cotchery. May look for a RB, but the waivers / FAs have been really weak here)

    • Yeah, my bad about the NE advice. I dropped CIN defense for them. 5 interceptions later i knew i made a bad call. However, I’m doing the same thing as you in keeping the Pats D for another week because its the best matchup you can ask for.

      I like your team a lot actually. You are in a position where you can do as much moving around as you want in FA, but it will really only affect your bench. solid week to week starters is a good thing.


  9. Christian

    Sorry Andrew, Jordan is the moron. Sit McCoy and Pit defense last week huh? Geniuuuussss. Thank God I know better than to listen to you. PS telling someone to sit Laurence Maroney last week is about as helpful as telling them you shouldn’t start Marino..way to go out on a limb there

    • According to Yahoo. Maroney was still being started in 8% of leagues. Perhaps some people dont have the infinite wisdom of yourself.

      Also, a question.. why are you even on a fantasy football advice site? you are obviously here because you were looking for information. perhaps you found us on a message board because you were looking for help from complete strangers. you should know that this is just a statistical guessing game.

      So, my advice to you, learn to insult like a man, stop being the douchebag that plays monday morning quarterback, and get the hell off my website.

  10. Christian

    pssst…by the way…it was meee that crapped in yo mouth

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