Advice Time

We’ll have our normal weekly updates later. But for now. Its advice time.

Post your comments here about trades,  pick’em, FA issues, who to start and who to sit, or anything else fantasy related.

We’ll get back to you as soon as we possibly can, and guarantee an answer before gameday. Our only question to you is that you tell a friend about our site to help get this off the ground so we can do the whole take over the world thing. But i’m being patient, so just telling a few friends is all I need for now.

Ask Away!



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375 responses to “Advice Time

  1. dan e

    who would you rather have for the rest of the year, mike williams (tb) or demaryius thomas? non keeper ppr league. i have williams now, but am considering dropping him for thomas due to his higher upside. what do you think? my other receivers are fitzgerald, carolina steve smith, donald driver, s. holmes, and vjax. or should i drop jackson and then hold both williams and thomas? kind of wanted to see if jackson would be traded by today before parting ways with him. thank you!

    • thanks for the visit. please tell your friends.

      now. down to business.

      I’d rather have williams. he is a starter, and the bucs dont look like the pile of crap I imagined they would be. Thomas is a great weapon, but he is among about 5 great weapons and has no guarantee at all.

      i like your line up at WR and think that after week 5, either of these players will be on your bench anyways. i’d stick with williams.


  2. E

    I need a QB. Kolb screwed me. What do you think I should do? I am trying to trade for McFadden and Cooley for Vick and Crabtree. Which RB would you trade? If no trade goes through which QB should I start? Should I pick up Stafford and just drop Kolb? I am 0-2 right now thanks to negative points from my QB both weeks. Need to bounce back. My team below.

    QB – Hill, Young, Freeman, Kolb
    RB – Mendenhall, Matthews, McFadden, Tolbert, D. Brown
    WR – Maclin, S. Moss, Gates, Cooley, M. Willams (TB),

    • Kolb looks to be back this week. but probably not the starter.

      I’d stay away from the entire Eagles QB issues. there has to be someone on the FA market better than what you have right now. let me know.

      Mendenhall, McFadden, and Mathews are good RB starters.
      Maclin, Moss, and Williams are a decent WR group. And Gates is a great TE.

      Find someone who is having a TE issues and deal Cooley for their backup QB. because i’m sure anyones backup are better than yours.
      Also, i have no idea why you have 4 QBs on your roster. you need 1. 1 QB. thats it.


      • Steven

        my team
        maurice jones drew, mendenhall, jahvid best, cadillac williams

        desean jackson(thank god for micheal vick)ochocinco,eddie royal

        i was offered calvin johnson for jahvid best i think i have depth at running back and this would give me solid reicevers would this work

      • You do need a little help at WR. its not a bad line up but its time to start thinking support for bye weeks. If you get rid of best, however, C. Williams is your bye week safety net at the RB position, which isnt that great.

        Its hard to make a point against getting Calvin Johnson. But Best looks damn good.

        I’m torn. I know you are looking for support here. My best advice is go with your gut. It seems to me that you want to make the trade. If the gut says yes.. go with it.


  3. flip

    ok, I am weak at WR, I am gonna start Brandon marshall, as he should be alright against cromartie, also Dez Bryant vs. Houston should be a good bet. however, I need advice on whether to start Pierre Garcon, Mike Wallace, or Kevin walter with my last WR slot, any advice???

    • garcon is alright, but collie is favored over him. also, the broncos starting CBs are injured and might not play.
      wallace is an intriguing play. he is definitely capable of a long score and pulling in a lot of catches. Tampa has given up a 40+ yard score in both games.
      Walter is an alright play against dallas, but i prefer the other 2.

      Wallace is a gamble with the whole QB mess in Pittsburgh, so I take Garcon.

      thanks for coming. make sure to check back in for more fantasy info


  4. David

    Should I offer Finley and MSW for Dez Bryant?

    • depends on how desperate you are at WR. I think finley will be a top 3 TE this year. SimsWalker had a rough start, but is bouncing back nicely. I dont like 2 for 1 trades, and this doesnt seem even to me.


  5. Greg

    Who should I start at TE? Brandon Pettigrew or Tony Gonzalez?

    • absolutely gonzalez. i dont think this should be questioned at all. just because of one decent game, you shouldnt dump a great TE. i’m sure ryan will spread the ball around more than in previous weeks.
      pettigrew is a definite sleeper, but i dont like it.


  6. mike

    alright pick 3 rbs: arian foster, brandon jackson, cris johnson, matt forte and knoshawn moreno. And 3 wrs steve smith giants, michael crabtree, dez bryant, and calvin johnson…oh and jets d or bengals d??

    • aaron

      foster, chris, and forte!! smith bryant and johnson! Jets D

    • Thanks for coming by, man.

      Foster is a tough play against the cowboys, i think they will stick to the air mostly. Jackson is facing a D that is averaging giving up 28 yards rushing a game. For those reasons, CJ, Forte, and Moreno are my starters.
      CJ for the obvious reasons, Forte is against GB, but hasnt been stopped so far, and Moreno is up against a Indy defense that has been run on. a lot.

      Smith vs. Tennessee is a good play. Crabtree is starting to click and has an ok matchup. Bryant should be thrown to all day against Houston, and C. Johnson might have a rough time vs Minn.
      I say either Crabtree, Bryant and Smith, or Crabtree Bryant and Johnson. probably the latter, Hill can get the ball to Johnson. But Eli seems to be favoring his other receivers.

      Bengals D. The Jets are banged up and CIN is playing a team that just got beat by Tampa


  7. tom

    i need to figure out to start in flex … welker, LT, brandon jackson?

  8. David

    I meant earleir B Jackson and MSW for Bryant

  9. aaron

    Who should i start Favre vs. Detroit or Orton vs. Indy??? HELP!!!!!

    • look at you, sniping my comments. jerk.

      anyways. thanks for the visit. and i guess for starting conversation.

      This is maybe the only week i’d consider starting favre. he looks awful.
      Orton on the other hand has tons of weapons and will be great this year despite all the criticism and not having marshall.

      Ortons my choice.

  10. hawkdoc

    need 3 WRs for week 3: r.moss, jennings, collie, walter, royal.

    2 RBs: gore, forte, portis, hightower

    • hawkdoc

      10-team, non-PPR league

    • Moss, Jennings, Collie.

      Gore, Hightower.

      Never bench Moss, Jennings is a great player, Collie looks like Peytons #2 favorite.

      Gore is a must start, looked like a beast last week like his old self.
      Forte has a tough matchup. Portis and Hightower have it easy. But i like the trust the ARI has put into hightower and his matchup against Oakland is a great one.


  11. 10 man league h2h
    do i trade rashard mendenhall and ahmad bradshaw and rob bironas and i receive steven jackson, jabar gaffney kevin walter and david buehler
    do i trade rashard mendenhall, jahvid best and rob bironas for steven jackson, anquan boldin and david buehler
    QB – Matt Schaub (HOU)
    RB – Adrian Peterson (MIN)
    RB – Rashard Mendenhall (PIT)
    WR – Santana Moss (WAS)
    WR – Roddy White (ATL)
    WR – Mike Wallace (PIT)
    TE – Visanthe Shiancoe (MIN)
    K – Rob Bironas (TEN)
    DEF – Dallas Defense (DAL)
    BN – Knowshon Moreno (DEN)
    BN – Jahvid Best (DET)
    BN – Ahmad Bradshaw (NYG)
    BN – Darren McFadden (OAK)
    BN – Louis Murphy (OAK)
    BN – Mark Clayton (BAL)

    • hmmmm… i agree that you need a WR. but i dont really see why your trade needs that many bells and whistles.
      Try to deal either Mendenhall, Best, or Bradshaw for a higher receiver. Boldin is high enough. But i wouldnt make a single trade for gaffney or walter.

      Find someone who needs a RB (because you are beyond stacked) and get a WR2 from them. nothing lower


  12. MG

    I just picked up Tolbert as a handcuff for Ryan Mathews due to his week 2 ankle…

    Do you see Tolbert’s role picking up in light of his performance last Sunday? Also, what do you suggest I do about my team–Mathews is the weak link and I’ve already lost 2 games in a row (Despite scoring 100+ points both games in a ten team league). Anyway, help me out and I’ll try my best to advise you on any question you might have.

    Phillip Rivers
    Miles Austin
    Roddy White
    Frank Gore
    Ryan Mathews
    Jermichael Finley
    Brandon Jackson
    Robbie Gould
    Patrick Willis

    Mark Clayton
    Jerome Harrison
    Mike Tolbert
    Demariyus Thomas
    Mike Williams
    Michael Vick

    • I dont really believe in handcuffs. I dont see a point to it. If you have a good bench, you dont need to go out and get a back up for 1 week. But Tolbert is a good play. he will be the redzone threat. but look for Sproles to have a better day, receiving out of the backfield and getting some big breaks.
      Dont fret too much about your losses, you’ll win with 100 points usually, just bad luck with opponents.

      For this week, i’d throw Mike Williams into your Flex spot. RB #2 is interesting. Mathews could play, but SEA run D is not terrible. Tolbert might see redzone as mentioned if Mathews is out. and B. Jackson is up against the best run D in the NFL. Dont even think about touching harrison against the Ravens.
      I guess stick with Mathews for now.. if he starts, play him. if he doesnt gamble with tolbert.

      as far as advice, i’m all set.. but i’d love for you to introduce some friends to the site, and come back and see us.


  13. Biddle

    RB2 and Flex help…PPR
    Pick 2
    JCharles vs SF
    Bjackson @CHI
    KMoreno vs Indy?

  14. Christine

    3 WR out of Desean Jackson, Dez Bryant, Jacoby Jones, and Calvin Johnson (obviously I am not starting B Edwards)
    2 RB out of A Bradshaw, Darren Sproles, Knowshon Moreno, and Donald Brown. I am pretty set on Sproles but not sure which other one to play.
    Also, Pitt ot SD Defense.
    Thanks for any advice!

    • Jackson, Bryant, Johnson.
      All should see lots of receptions and good yardage.

      Mathews might not be out, so be careful with Sproles. If you dont go with sproles, i’d take Bradshaw and Moreno. Brown is unproven. Bradshaw and Moreno look good with decent matchups.

      I like PIT vs Tampa over SD

      youre welcome, come on back.

  15. Howard

    First off great site!!!

    I can start 2 hbs, 2 wrs , and a flex hb/wr

    If healthy I’m starting Turner and Mendenhall as hbs. But my question is should I go the three wr route with Welker, Jennings, and D Jackson. Or should I go two and start a questionable Ryan Mathews?

    • Thanks man. We work hard on it. Glad you like. Tell your friends, of course.

      I’d go with 3 WRs in this instance. Usually I like starting a WR in my flex spot anyways. Especially since i’m in PPR leagues. The NFL is definitely a passing game now, and while RBs get more points per yard than receivers, I like them with a higher scoring opportunity and PPR.

      Youve got 3 great WRs, so I say play all of them. Mathews cant be relied upon too heavily this week.


  16. MoronMormon

    Okay so ive got two “who should i start” questions, the first is, Jason Snelling to DeAngelo Williams. And second, Jermicheal Finley or Marcedes Lewis.
    Im leaning towards Snelling and Finley, but they all have decent match-ups this week so its making the choice tuff.

    • I agree with your choices. Snelling will be splitting time, but if Turner re-aggravates his injury, Snelling will see all the touches now that Norwood is out.
      Finley is a top 3 TE. Lewis got 2 receptions in week one, they just both happened to be for scores. Lewis is definitely targeted in the red zone, but has virtually no guarantee of points from week to week. Finley does.


  17. David

    I wanted to clear up a mistake I made in an earlier question I asked. I want to know if I win getting Dez Bryant for MSW and B Jackson. I have MJD, Pierre and Bradshaw already so Jackson not to valuable to me. Since I have MJD, I don’t like having MSW as well. Knowing this, would you offer this trade? BTW, he also had Maclin if you think he is better option over Bryant. Thanks!

  18. should i trade jahvid best for anquan boldin. i have the rb’s and a weak at receiver

  19. David

    Thanks Andrew on the help above. One more question and sorry it’s somewhat vague but I have Finley and Daniels and Winslow are available in FA. Can or should I go for a 1 for 1 to get Colston, D Jackson or Fitzgerald? Thanks again. Great site!!

    • Thanks for the compliment.
      Finley is a great TE. stick with him.

      If you can get Colston in a 1 on 1 that is fantastic, both other options are great as well. Like I said, if you are stacked at RB, then pick up the best WR you can for him.

  20. David

    What do you think about trading Finley for Welker straight up? Again, Winslow and Daniels are in FA.

    • dang. thats tough.

      i say do it.
      pick up winslow. daniels is a good player, but just isnt showing up as expected. winslow should see a lot of passes from a young qb who trusts him.

      its a little risky, because finley will be great. but you cant argue with having welker on your team. especially if it is PPR.

      if you are PPR, definitely yes.
      if not… mehh…. still yes.

  21. Sergio

    Hey man, here’s my team
    QB D. Macnabb
    Josh Freeman

    WR DeShaun Jackson
    Percy Harvin
    Eddie Royal
    Jacoby Jones
    Mark Clayton

    Rb Ryan Mathews
    J. Charles
    D. Sproles
    T. hightower

    Te Jermichael Finley
    Greg Olsen

    Def Baltimore

    Im in a 14 team PPR and points for return league… as you can see i dont have a decent QB or RB’s so far (which was surprising really) and i have been offered a trade…. Desaun jackson for michael turner and d. henderson, mason or berrian (just one of the three)… truth is this guy just made a hell of a f-up trade with an idiot who gave him turner, henderson and owens for maclin, b. jackson and f. jackson, which i totally think is f-up.. but any ways should i do it?… it would make this guy a monster with B. Marshal, DeShaun and t. owens at receivers and forte and MJD at rbs… but maybe i really need the trade….


    • tough call, as jackson is really your only impressive receiver. d henderson would be the WR i pick up in that trade with turner. its definitely possible.

      i’d think about it for a while. pros and cons, your rb game is good, just having a slow start. but turner would be helpful.

      its not a bad trade, but it wouldnt be bad to stay the way you are.

  22. David

    What are your thoughts on a B Jackson for Bowe trade? Surely KC will get their passing game on track, right?

    • yes. they have to. b jackson is nowhere right now and no one knows where he is going. he is sharing time, but could arise as a feature back. but he didnt look good at all last week against a lazy defense.
      bowe and cassel will start hooking up eventually. they have to. so i think its a good idea. and again, you have a ton of great RBs, so i like it.

  23. David

    I have the afternoon off and trying to get as many trades out as I can so thanks for the help. One last thing. You’re thoughts on Floyd. You go for him or Bowe first? Great vertical game in SD.

    • sorry, i had to go to work myself.

      I’d go for Floyd over Bowe. Floyd has a better qb and will get more looks. Bowe will definitely get better, but i like Floyds matchups the entire year more than Bowe’s.

  24. Baller

    8 team league ppr:

    I’ve been proposed a trade: I would get Arian Foster and Greg Jennings for trading away Chris Johnson and Anquan Boldin. Since Aaron Rodgers is my qb I would get double points each time jennings scores a touchdown but i dont know if i should give up chris johnson. your thoughts?

    My team:
    Aaron Rodgers

    Calvin Johnson
    Anquan Boldin
    Malcom Flloyd
    Mike Sims-Walker

    Chris Johnson
    Joseph Addai
    Darren McFadden

    Jermichael Finley

    Joe Flacco
    Mike Wallace
    Mike Williams (TB)
    Demayrius Thomas
    Louis Murphy
    Jason Snelling
    Brandon Jackson
    Todd Heap

    • i dont think you should get rid of chris johnson for anything. unless you are in desperate need of a WR. i dont think that is really the case here. so i’d stay with the guys you have. maybe make the trade if you change the WR you give away from boldin to simswalker. otherwise, its not an even trade.


  25. Mike

    im havin trouble deciding what WR’s to pick this week. Calvin Johnson, Brandon Marshall, Larry Fitzgerald, Dez Bryant, Austin Collie. Who should i start for week 3??

    • brandon marshall does not have to deal with revis. hes a good play.
      calvin johnson has looked surprisingly productive with hill, plus he is calvin johnson, so he’s always a good pick.
      finally, i think dez bryant will have a great week against the texans who give up far and away the most passing yardage in the nfl.

      assuming you start 3 wrs, those are my picks.

  26. Ryan

    Need to start 2 RBs this week out of

    Darren Mcfadden
    Beanie wells
    shonne green
    peyton hillis ?

    10 team PPR league

    • bleh. you have no one else?
      mcfadden looks good this year, so i’d play him.
      wells is optimistic about returning, but the way the hightower has been playing, he might see little carries.
      greene was presumably your first round pick, so it is hard to not start him. the jets are playing miami who is pretty mediocre, but he is still splitting pretty heavily with LT.
      tolbert is a stretch. he’ll see the redzone carries, but if mathews plays, his time will be limited. and if mathews doesnt, sproles will seem most of the work.
      hillis is not a good play at all vs the ravens.

      i guess mcfadden and greene are your best plays. keep checking in on wells though to see how the cards plan to use him.


  27. paul

    I have Marques Colston(vs. Atl) starting at WR and Tim Hightower(vs. Oak) at flex in a ppr league. I currently have Austin Collie riding the bench but i think he could have a big game vs. Denver. Any suggestions on who to start?

    • its looks like collie could see a lot of play as both denver’s CBs are questionable to play this week. ppr looks good to use him as flex.

      hightower might have to deal with a timeshare will wells. but will still see most of the work.

      i’d go with collie as he has become quite a go-to for manning.

      • paul

        Thanks for the advice. My league is match up based and my opponent for this week has an absolutely sick roster so i’m taking a gamble and going with this setup:
        QB: Phillip rivers
        WR1: Roddy White
        WR2: Austin Collie
        RB1: Rashard Mendenhall
        RB2: Michael Turner
        TE: Marcedes Lewis
        Flex: Tim Hightower

        Benched are: Marques Colston,Steve Breaston, Dustin Keller, Jason Snelling, Louis Murphy, Mike Tolbert and Ben Roethlisberger. I still might take Hightower out and reinsert Colston but i’m gambling on big days and with Drew spreading it around so much Colston just hasn’t performed well as a number two so far this year. Thanks again.

      • Perfectly understandable. I like the set up you have. I definitely had a quizzical look when i saw colston on your bench. but your argument works and I think its worth the risk.

        best of luck


      • paul

        Worked great. Collie had a 41 pt game for me but New England on d was less than stellar. Beat this weeks matchup by 30pts. Thanks again for the advice though in hindsight i should’ve started keller at te. Live and learn.

      • glad to be of service. collie was definitely a good play.
        i’d keep youre eyes on keller, sanchez seems very comfortable with him. once edwards got in, he stole a lot of keller’s looks. but he should have a good future as long as sanchez goes his way 5+ times a game.

  28. Li Sing

    Hi, I’m in a 10 team performance league. 1 point per 10 rushing/receiving yards, 6 points per TD. I’m struggling with my RBs. I have Arian Foster, Jahvid Best, Tim Hightower, Ahmad Bradshaw & Mike Tolbert. Need to play 2 RBs, I’m playin Foster for sure; just not sure who to play, Best or Hightower or Bradshaw ?

    • best is against minnesota who has been tough against the run. but so was philly before he ran all over them.
      hightower might see a timeshare with wells this week, but is playing oakland, a team that practically doesnt play defense.
      bradshaw will see almost all the work for the giants against tennesse who is giving up plenty of rush yards.

      all are good plays. i like bradshaw’s matchup and situation the best though. jahvid best is my pick for rookie of the year, and could do terrible things to minnesota though.
      i would personally consider resting foster. dallas has given up only 60 yards per game rushing.


  29. Megan

    Currently I have McNabb as QB with M Ryan as back-up. Vick is being offered to me in return for a good RB or WR. I have Rice, Foster, Bradshaw, Tomlinson, Fitzgerald, Ward, Boldin and M Floyd. Kinda want to hang on to Ward until Ben gets back but wonder about Fitzgerald. Possible straight-up trade or should I just sit tight?

    • i’d sit tight. you have 2 good qbs. mcnabb is a great starter every week. vick might not even start each game this year since kolb is back, especially since andy reid trusts him so much.
      no trade.


  30. should i trade Jahvid Best for either Anquan Boldin or Chad Ocho- Cinco, which do u pick? and if i could should i try for Desean Jackson instead?
    QB – Matt Schaub (HOU)
    RB – Adrian Peterson (MIN)
    RB – Rashard Mendenhall (PIT)
    WR – Santana Moss (WAS)
    WR – Roddy White (ATL)
    WR – Mike Wallace (PIT)
    TE – Visanthe Shiancoe (MIN)
    K – Rob Bironas (TEN)
    DEF – Dallas Defense (DAL)
    BN – Knowshon Moreno (DEN)
    BN – Jahvid Best (DET)
    BN – Ahmad Bradshaw (NYG)
    BN – Darren McFadden (OAK)
    BN – Louis Murphy (OAK)
    BN – Mark Clayton (BAL)

  31. Zach

    Stick with Celek? He has been worthless

    • Zach

      BTW, I added Aaron Hernandez since I had the room. Who should start Sunday??

      • when did i say start celek? also, i’m going to need your roster to tell you who to start

      • Zach

        You never said start him, I was asking you if I should. I only need TE help because Celek has been terrible.

      • ah. gotcha. in my head i read ‘start with celek?’ as a confused, irritated accusation that i at one point told you that he was a good idea.

        alright. i dont like celek. i never have really. and i’ve said it before. with vick. i dont think he’s a good option.
        you will read that aaron hernandez is a mystery. no one really know if its legit. he had 101 yards vs the jets, but 2 of them were on long plays.
        i say go for it and start hernandez. NE’s greatest receiver out of the backfield, Faulk, is now out with injury, who will they logically turn to? hernandez. i think he’s got huge upside and will be a great play until celek proves that he wasnt a late season fluke last year.


      • Zach

        Sorry for the confusion. Thanks for the advice. I’m pretty desperate at TE right now but Hernandez seems like the best bet. Thanks again.

      • no problem. and good luck. let me know how it all turns out.

  32. Nick

    Hey fellas — OCHOCINCO @ Carolina or B-Marshall @ Jets…B-Marsh hsa a history of lighting up Cromartie, but Carolina D looking terrible.

    • Nick

      forgot to mention it’s a PPR league — any advice would be awesome on who I should start, Ochocinco or Brandon Marshall

    • both are great plays. very great plays. i think it comes down to the qb in this matchup. i trust palmer more than henne.

      both picks will see great points. brandon will probably get more catches. both should score and have the potential to have a 100+ game.

      either way you decide, be confident that your team will put up great numbers.


  33. tom

    at running back i have ap, ronnie brown starting and bench portis and LT …. would it be smart to start portis or LT over brown? also other league …i have jamaal charles, mccoy, bench LT, and brandon jackson… i would like to start bjax over charles what do you think? thanks

    • this week i like portis more than brown. its definitely going to be a weekly issue about who to start, but for week 3. go with portis vs the rams. he’ll run all over them in the shanahan offense.


    • in your second league, i would not start jackson over charles. jackson is going against a bears defense that is giving up less than 30 yards rushing per game. charles is splitting carries, but still a better pick than jackson this week. wait for jackson to prove himself a little as a true #1 RB for the packers before trusting him into your line up


  34. Wayne

    Hey It’s time to set my lineup. You guys give great advice so i would like to hear what you have to say.
    QB – Schaub or Vick (I like them both)
    WR – Colston, D. Thomas, T.O., MAclin (pick 2)
    RB – R.Matthews, D.Williams, Hightower, B.Jackson, C.Williams (pick 2)

    • thanks man. its what we do. tell your friends, as long as they arent in your league.

      the eagles have flipflopped all week long about their qb. so i dont know how much of a guarantee vick is. but the matchup is great. i hate saying the schaub is a good start because he is playing to cowboys. but its true. he should be good. if vick is a guarantee, i say go with him vs Jax. if not, take schaub.

      at WR i like colston and t.o. maclin has potential and he is starting in one of my leagues, but t.o. is going to be great against carolina, and colston is always a great play. i think that thomas might be a little bit of a fluke since there are so many weapons on that offense, nothing for him is guaranteed.

      at RB. i’d go with either mathews and hightower or d. williams and hightower. make sure you check on mathews’ status before you start him. if he is anything lower than probable, i say go with d. williams and hightower.


  35. MG

    I’m panicking already–I told you already how I’m coming off two weeks of losses despite 100 points scored in both games. Now I’m reading that Ryan Mathews injury might be significant. Is it a good time to start thinking about Tolbert for the weekend?

    Phillip Rivers
    Miles Austin
    Roddy White
    Frank Gore
    Ryan Mathews
    Jermichael Finley
    Brandon Jackson
    Robbie Gould
    Patrick Willis

    Mark Clayton
    Jerome Harrison
    Mike Tolbert
    Demariyus Thomas
    Mike Williams
    Michael Vick

    • i agree. the only RBs on your bench are harrison and tolbert. tolbert will see action with mathews out, so go for it.
      harrison will be a bust against baltimore.

      • MG

        BJackson is at the flex spot as fo now–but I liked your advice about starting Williams or maybe even Clayton over him this weekend (Not just because I’m from Chicago–but because 54 and 55 have really been stuffing the 2gap. Do you think this lineup is more efficient?

        Phillip Rivers
        Miles Austin
        Roddy White
        Frank Gore
        M. Tolbert (replace Ryan Mathews)
        Jermichael Finley
        Williams/Clayton (replace B.Jackson)
        Robbie Gould
        Patrick Willis

      • yes, i do.
        i will admit that my single greatest fantasy flaw is that i refuse to start anyone who is playing against the cowboys. which is why arian foster is sitting on my bench in 3 leagues. but that is just how i play. i refuse to cheer for a player playing against my team.

        in your case, brandon jackson will not have a good day. no rb has a good day against the bears.
        starting williams or clayton in your flex spot is the best option. i dont remember if you have tampa or seattle williams, but i think that in either case, clayton is a better starting option over the other 2.

      • MG

        I can’t watch MNF this week and have TWO PACKERS on my lineup… so I will most likely start Clayton at w/r and Tolber at RB2. I have the Tampa Mike Williams–even though one of my rules (for the past 3 years) has been NEVER START ANYONE ON THE BUCS

      • tampa williams is not a good play against the steelers. i agree that i try to stay away from the bucs as much as possible. williams is on a few of my teams though. rides my bench, but i liked him in the preseason a lot and he hasnt disappointed so far.

  36. matth

    hey you guys seem to know your shit pretty well. having trouble with my lineup this week as alot of people are banged up/playing like shit. Here’s my lineup I would appreciate any help you can give. I really need a win this week after starting 0-2..

    Tom Brady
    Greg Jennings
    Mike Sims-Walker
    Steve Smith (NYG)
    Ray Rice
    Knowshon Moreno
    Aaron Hernandez
    Demaryius Thomas

    Louis Murphy
    Mike Williams (TB)
    Thomas Jones
    Heath Miller
    Jerome Harrison
    Eli Manning

    I’m not sure who to go with between Thomas,Williams and Murphy(depending on if Gradkowski starts)

    • its not a bad line up. probably just some unlucky matchups for you.

      hernandez was a good pickup. when rothlesberger gets back think about heath miller again. for this week, i wouldnt even consider williams. murphy is a good play. and thomas may just have been the product of a lucky week. i’d go murphy personally.


  37. Francisco Rodriguez

    Hello my name is Taquito and I would like some advise to improve my fantasy performance… actually I have the following roster and I´m loosing every week, could you please give me some advise to improve my next weeks?

    QB Tony Romo
    WR Mike Williams
    WR Devin Hester
    WR Demaryius Thomas
    RB DeAngelo Williams
    RB Cedric Benson
    TE Dallas Clark
    BN Derrick Mason
    BN Jacoby Jones
    BN Hines Ward
    BN Devery Henderson
    BN Joseph Addai
    BN Matt Hasselbeck
    BN Peyton Hillis
    K Mason Crosby
    DEF New York

    • hi taquito. lets see what we can do.

      well. your problem absolutely lies in your receivers.
      mike williams has a miserable matchup this week. hester is unpredictable and cutler much prefers knox. and demaryius thomas is one receiver out of 4 who have a chance to get points.

      unfortunately, your bench is not much better. i would replace williams with ward. maybe hester with mason as well. your team is less than average, but all have decent matchups this week.


  38. Ryan

    I’m not sure who to start. SF Defense or Miami Defense. Also, trying to deal Romo for a quality back as I have Orton on the bench. Good move?

    • i made the mistake last week of picking up the NE defense because they were playing the jets. bad move. also, KC hasnt been able to do anything on offense so far, so i’d play San Fran.

      Romo would be a starter over Orton most weeks, but Orton is solid and going to have a career season. I’d do it. Dont settle for a RB2 though. get a solid player.
      let me know how it turns out, or if you need another POV for the trade.


  39. Anthony

    Philips or McNab?

  40. ezekiel

    So I need three of these (2 WR spots + one flex) which ones would you start in which order?

    Hines Ward@Tampa
    Jacoby Jones@Dallas

    My RB’s are C. Johnson, J. Best, and M. Tolbert @Sea. I know I’ll start Johnson and Best, but would Tolbert be better than any of these receivers in the flex spot? Thanks!

    • I know that there is a high chance of this biting me in the ass, because he could get a redzone score. but i dont really like tolbert, especially if mathews is going to play.

      For the 2 WR spots, i’d go ochocinco and royal.

      i would say to put ward at flex, but i think pittsburgh is playing like an 8th stringer at qb. breaston is playing oakland, a team that is somehow very good against the pass.

      if mathews plays, sit tolbert and start breaston, i just have a feeling. if mathews is still out, get tolbert his shot.


  41. TCP

    Hi, found your blog on the yahoo boards.

    I have a couple of questions, 2nd is super quick.

    First question:

    In one league I have Cutler and McNabb at QB. I know McNabb is at stl, but I’m thinking of picking up Vick (dropping Barber), starting him this week, and then seeing if I can trade him for a minor upgrade somewhere (te I hope). Would this be smart or dumb? My team: 12 teams, 1 qb, 3 wr, 2 rb

    QB: Cutler, McNabb
    WR: AJohnson, Wayne, Welker, Clayton, Manningham
    RB: Peterson, Foster, McCoy, Barber, Tolbert.

    2nd question: Same league. CJ Spiller was dropped. I know he’s been terrible, but if I don’t drop Barber for Vick, would it be worth it to drop Barber for Spiller, stash him on the bench and see what happens? Malcolm Floyd is also available. Not much else.

    • thanks for stopping by. if you like us, tell your friends. do it.

      1) its an interesting strategy. i do like vick this week more than both your qbs. the fact that he is still a FA in your league is beyond me. i dont know how long he’ll be the starter there, but i think its a good idea.
      it hurts my soul to say it, but barber is a good drop. he’s done nothing. he could see redzone scores here and there, but little else for fantasy value. you could definitely deal trade for a top 10 TE.
      for a 12 team league, your roster is fantastic. i cant really imagine you losing this week either way.

      2) i’d avoid the spiller idea. he could get better. but he is on a terrible offense with no passing game. and he has 2 other RBs to contend with. Floyd is good, even if its just to keep him off of other teams’ rosters. he should have an impressive year. i’d get floyd over spiller.

      there you have it. come back and see us.


  42. Tyler Suter

    I have Michael Vick and Kevin Kolb. I would like to drop Kevin Kolb so that I may pick up Matt Hasselbach… is it too soon to drop Kolb, or should I jump on Hasselbach before he’s gone (he was just dropped)?

    • Can you start 2 quarterbacks in your league? I’m not a fan of carrying two of anything that you can only use one of at a time. That said, I don’t think the Kolb ship is going to right itself anytime soon. If you need a security blanket, Hasselbach isn’t a bad option. Wait the Vick situation out though, just in case. Make sure he’s actually named THE starter and not just for another game…


    • Andrew: to add to this.. when did hasselbeck become a good option? how insanely deep is your league? hell, i’d rather have alex smith. or garrard. or shaun hill.

      it is not a smart move to have 2 qbs from the same team, but philly is a unique scenario. i agree with jordan and see which qb get the long term job before doing anything too hasty.

  43. Jay


    I am having trouble chosing which RBs to start this week. I have two slots to put it Pierre Thomas, Michael Turner, or Jhavid Best.

    Best has been spectacular but minnesota isnt giving up many points, however Best has been good in the passing game primarily.

    Turner has always played well against the Saints but I’m just not convinced hes healthy enough to take the bulk of the carries. Watching Gore against NO last week also sways me to think Turner will atleast get a score.

    Thomas has been fairly solid so far recieving and running the ball and with bush out he should get a lot of looks.

    Im kind of going back and forth between Best and Turner here but would be interested in another view.


    • Go ahead with Thomas; he’s a good start there. With your other picks, it’s kinda the lesser of two evils. Last week showed that the Falcons backups are VERY capable of carrying the load without Turner, so, if he’s even the least nicked up, I don’t think he’ll see the field much. Best is the best thing the that’s happened to the Lions since they fired Matt Millen (and yes, that was obviously an intentional pun).


  44. jonathan

    I need some help!
    My 4 WR are andre Johnson, Mike william, Larry Fitzgerald and Lee Evans for back-up (12 teams, 3 WR each week/team)
    I want to know if i must drop evans for manningham(NYG)
    the bills struggle this year…

    • OK! i can do that.

      the bills are garbage. i used to be a fantasy fan of evans, but now its not worth it. manningham gets a good amount of looks from eli, so i say do it.
      as far as your starters, i’d throw manningham right into the mix ahead of mike williams (either of them.)


  45. Chris

    Snelling looked so good last week, so how could he not get 15 touches this week? that is my dilemma.

    I can only start one but I need a solid performance. Any advice would help that would make me sit Snelling.

    • well..

      hillis has a terrible matchup. so he’s out.

      stewart is playing cincy, a team that is pretty middle of the road against the run. but he is splitting time.

      crabtree is against a KC defense who can give up some yardage in the air, but he still hasnt clicked in this offense.

      now to snelling… snelling is the new backup in atlanta with norwood out. BUT turner is starting again. turner is coming off an injury, that has the chance to linger. but still, hes a good back and should resume most of the carries.
      also, i predict that atlanta will be playing from behind, and they will have to pass the ball more.
      snelling had 5 catches last week.

      do i think its a toss up between stewart and snelling? yes.
      do i see the upside of snelling, though? yes.

      your gut is saying snelling. go with it.


  46. Smokin' Joe

    Nice job on the site. I like fantasy football and have been playing for 5 years. The only problem I have is that I suck and never make playoffs. This year I have taken more time to get a full team. I am asking a couple of things, I am in a 10 man non PPR and am looking for advice to make the team I have better each week. I tend to look for players each week that has good games but the following week stinks. I have a hard time deciding who to sit and when to play. Right now I am 1-1. My team has 260 points. I think I have a good team but if you can look at it and tell me what you think? I start out good. The last fews years I had injury problems. Last year started 4-1 and finished 5-9. Something is wrong! Let me know what you think. Here is my team. Let me know who I should get rid of for something better. Thanks for your time.

    Clayton (just picked up)
    Wastington (just picked up)
    Lewis – TE
    Baltimore D

    D. Williams – Hard to sit but no points
    Wells – Waiting
    Tolbert – (just picked up)
    Manningham – (just picked up)
    I keep the bench for BYE weeks, is that a good idea?

    I am playing against:
    S. Jackson
    B. Marshall
    Minnesota D

    I will post my match up and players I am thinking to get each week. If you could give me some ideas each week to pick up would be great. Next time this won’t be so long.

    • haha. thanks for the comment. i like to think we have a good thing going here.

      right away, your problem sounds like you are overthinking things a lot. i see from your roster that you just picked up 4 people. this is ok if you have a crap team, but if you have scored 260 in a non ppr in 2 weeks, your roster is pretty legit.
      my advice from the start is to stop hanging out on waivers and be confident with who you have. each week, pick your starters from who you have. if there is an obvious hole, then it is ok to shop around.

      here we go.

      the only place where you need work is WR2, and FLEX (at least i’m assuming it is flex, based on your opponents roster)
      Clayton would be your best WR2 play this week, The Skins can definitely be thrown on. Nate Washington is a bit of a reach for a Flex(?) spot. I’d fill it with D. Williams who is playing Cincy.
      Finally, I think Lewis is a good play at TE. I’m guessing that “Gregham” is Gresham from CIN. If so, i’d get rid of him. and Pick up another WR, or try to find a better TE (perhaps Keller or Moeaki is still available)

      I look forward to talking to you each week and trying to get you on the right track. you’re making the playoffs this year. its going to happen. even if we have to do it with Free Agents.


      • Smokin' Joe

        Thanks for the words. To start with, I do look at the waiver list too much. If I lose or that player scores no points, I tend to look for someone to replace him. I will stay with my team until by weeks start for me. That doesn’t happen until 6-10. I should be good until then.

        I am playing with a flex. I scored 260 points bc Foster had 50 in the first game. I a still think he is the real deal. I did change D.Williams for Washington, I hope he can find some green this week. If no points again, I think we need to find something else to start and bench him.

        I do have Gresham and I am looking for another WR. Choose one that I have available: Royal, Jacoby Jones, Cotchery? I like Royal but Orton is questionable.

        I like playoffs this year. I do have 2 other teams that I will be working on as well.

      • Of the three, Royal is my favorite. Gresham for Royal is a great pickup.

        We’ll get you there. Hell, lets go in all three.


      • Smokin' Joe

        I was just reading some other post. Since L.Johnson is gone, I did pick up Keiland Williams for A.Smith. I wanted to use him for my back up on week 10 bc they are playing STL but I can find some one better at that point.

      • I’d wait on K Williams right now. He has potential to see some time, but remember that he still has Portis to contend with. Portis will not give up his job so easy. Williams might see 10ish carries this week. And if Portis performs well, it will be the same for weeks to come. If Portis ends up playing poorly though, or gets dinged up. Get K Williams as quick as you can.


  47. Ryan

    now that matthews has ankle sprain, is it smart to start Tolbert?

    • mathews missed practice again on thursday, so its looking less and less like he will play. Tolbert will see red zone action. sproles will probably pick up some of the other work though. I say that if you need him, tolbert is a good play.


  48. Smokin' Joe

    Trying to find players to put in.

    How do you feel about these:

    Portis over B.Jackson
    Lewis over Witten
    Tolbert over Jones-Drew

    Pick one: D.Jackson, Naanee, Manningham

    • portis over jackson – yes.
      lewis over witten – no.
      tolbert over MJD – WAY no.

      definitely D. Jackson.


      • Smokin' Joe

        Thanks for this update. I do like Portis but I don’t think he will get alot points. Witten is coming off a concession so, I think he will get a little of playing time, but lewis is more of a blocker. Which means MJD has to have a break out game sometime. Jackson is what I was thinking but I kind of wanted to stay away from the Phily QB problem but Vick needs to throw to someone. I will post one more team next week. I am 2-0 and 1-1.

      • Smokin' Joe

        I was also reading up on Portis, how will hie wrist injury effect him carring the ball? He did do a full work out this week but is Probable. Will this change things?

      • Its something to watch. But I know that Shanahan wouldnt play him if he didnt think Portis could perform. Sure, there is a bit of a fumble risk. But you cant argue with that matchup.
        I think Portis will have a great week. There has been a lot of buzz about his backup Williams taking some carries away from him, so Portis has something to prove. He’s playing for his starting spot and I think he’ll show up this week.


  49. Zach

    Alright, let me start off by saying that this is the first time I really don’t like a team of mine. My RBs are unreliable, TEs unreliable, some WRs unreliable. Obviously, first 7 are starters. Anything you would change? Any type of trade I should consider? I am 1-1 in close matches both weeks. My defense is NO.

    Aaron Rodgers
    (GB – QB)
    Andre Johnson
    (Hou – WR)
    Jamaal Charles
    (KC – RB)
    Joseph Addai
    (Ind – RB)
    Aaron Hernandez
    (NE – TE)
    Mike Sims-Walker
    (Jac – WR)
    LaDainian Tomlinson
    (NYJ – RB)
    Brent Celek
    (Phi – TE)
    Mike Wallace
    (Pit – WR)
    Reggie Bush
    (NO – RB)
    Robert Meachem
    (NO – WR)
    Ben Roethlisberger
    (Pit – QB)NA
    Keiland Williams
    (Was – RB)

    • it looks like a good team. but they have disappointed a bit so far. johnson will have his scores, and charles will get better. addai looks good, not great. hernandez was a good pickup. and simswalker should get better as the year progresses, so dont get too down on yourself.

      your bench is sloppy though. you arent going to use celek, so i’d go shopping with him. and i find it hard to believe that there is no one available better than williams at running back.

      starters look good. i dont disagree with any of them for week 3. but the only bright spot on your bench is wallace and that is only when roeth gets back. (roeth could make a decent trade around week 6 or 7)

      good luck.


      • i know that the chances of the keiland williams comment biting me in the ass are pretty high, but i’m confident in portis.
        its actually an impressive pickup on your part, i think.

  50. MoronMormon

    Im back. its a different league though so its a different question haha.
    Ok so, this is a small league, it started late, 6 teams. and WRs and RBs get .1 point per yard. My WRs are;
    Calvin Johnson, Mark Clayton, Larry Fitzgerald, Randy Moss, and Brandon Tate(points for return yds). Start, Fitzgerald, Moss, and Tate??

    RBs ive got MJD, Best, and McFadden. Who do i start there. Start 2.

    Thanks man. Im hoping i can use you for the first couple of weeks. at least untill i can get the idea of what teams can do vs RBs, WRs, etc. hahaha

    • oh good, i missed you. how many leagues are you working?

      WR – i like calvin johnson over fitzgerald. fitz has a tough matchup, and hill seems to click well with johnson. moss and tate are fine.

      RB – MJD is a definite. I’m struggling with the other 2. mostly because Best made me look like a fool last week against a great defense. Now he is playing MIN, another good defense against the run, but has the potential to light them up again.
      McFadden is playing an awful Arizona Cardinal defense, but Michael Bush practiced and could steal some carries.
      I say go with MJD and Best.

      I’m more than happy to help. but the “first couple of weeks” part hurt a little. make sure you keep godhateslosers on your radar and check us out from time to time. and tell your friends. its the least you could do.


      • MoronMormon

        😀 im glad haha. 3 it gets boring with just one hahaha. i think 2 have the same commish tho haha they have the exact same scoring. The other has weird scores, its like only receptions, completions, and rushing attempts. and TDs of course haha. its really weird.

        Awesome, thanks for the help. lets hope i win hahaha.

        Well of course, i only meant that because i dont want to come here for every little question i have. Its nice to make educated decisions every so often hahah

      • that is a crazy scoring system.

        we’re happy to help anyone with their decisions. i like to think of it more as backing up people hunches though. i’m just providing them with another point of view and some stats to back it up.

        best of luck again.

  51. David S

    I have a RB conundrum. Do I bench Jamaal Charles (KC) who isn’t getting many touches or LeSean McCoy? Thanks.

  52. TCP

    Which te should I use going forward?

    Gresham (current)

    The only real dead weight on my roster in Barber.


    • hernandez looks like he could do some great things in NE, especially since they dont really have a RB as a receiving threat anymore.
      Daniels has been good for a few years now, but a season out of injury he has yet to do much. The more comfortable Schaub gets with his WRs though, the less he might check down.
      Moeaki came out of nowhere and is the chiefs leading receiver. (though that isnt saying much.)

      i say hernandez. im on his bandwagon right now.


  53. TCP

    I appreciate the advice. Told a few friends who aren’t in the league I’m going to ask one last question about.

    Which 2 WR for my bench, Clayton (bench), Manningham (bench) or Floyd (FA)? Should I grab Floyd and drop someone else, or sit tight?

    From your earlier advice, I dropped Barber for Vick (I was thinking I should anyways) and dropped Gresham for Hernandez.

    Have a good night. Thanks!

    • thank for telling your friends. the more people the better. for the whole global domination thing.

      personally, i think your roster looks a lot stronger now with vick and hernandez.

      i think floyd would be a great pickup. clayton has great upside as a #1 option, but eli and the giants are a lot more reliable. i think clayton will see more work this year than manningham.

  54. cgi

    Hightower or Tolbert?

  55. tom

    i have indys de smart to pick up arizona against pit? or pick up tennessee de or just stick it out with indys de?

    • Arizona is against OAK, so they could be a decent play. They can be run on though, so i’d expect a few scores that way with Oakland’s surprisingly talented run game.

      Denver could put up points against Indy, but their OL is injured. The way that Indy played last week makes me confident that they will have a handful of sacks and perhaps a pick or 2.

      I’d stay with Indy. Avoid Tennessee.


  56. Adam

    Trade talk,
    WR..I have:
    A. Johnson WR1
    M. Colston WR2
    A. Collie WR3
    T. Owens BN
    Demaryius Thomas BN
    TE..I have:
    B. Celek
    D. Keller

    I’ve been extremely weak with Celek playing TE in the first 2 weeks. I have an option to trade A. Collie for Vernan Davis. Should I take the trade? I’m worried that it could make me really weak at WR3, but D. thomas might step up. What do you think?

    • D Thomas could step up, but has a lot of competition. I think that TO could step up into the WR3 slot very nicely.

      I’d make the trade, Davis is definitely an upgrade at TE. If you do it though, I’d get rid of both your other TEs though. the 49ers have a week 9 bye, so there is no reason to have one on your bench for so long.

      Maybe see if you could trade Collie and Keller (or Celek), for Davis and a WR3 or BN WR.


  57. dabad

    Always lookin for a 2nd opinion apart from the supposed experts out there, so here goes…

    I’m in many leagues, but only one money league – so won’t bother you with questions for the rest.

    .5 pt ppr league:

    RBs – R.Rice, J.Charles, T.Jones, F.Jones, D. Brown, J.Snelling

    WRs – W.Welker, D.Bryant, P.Harvin, H.Ward, M.Williams(TB)

    Barring injury, pretty set at other positions until Bye weeks. QB-P.Manning, TE-J.Finley, DEF-GB, K-best available.

    I can roster 2RBs, 2WRs, 1FLX-RB/WR/TE. Unless I have A.Gates and D.Clark, I wouldn’t think to start 2TEs

    For RBs – Im starting Rice and Charles, WRs – Welker and ?, Flex – ?

    I’m thinking Dez as my WR2 this week so hopefully he is good to go, I would also start P.Harvin since he seems better now, but man – MIN pass game is frustrating right now. Can’t go with Ward (Batch), cant go with Williams (PIT).

    I’m leaning on one of my other RBs as FLEX. In order I like F.Jones – he’s better than he’s shown so far, and for some reason I think DAL will try to run a little bit more to keep Schaub off the field. They’ll throw yeah, why i still like Dez in there, but I also think they’ll commit to the run more too (hopefully less Barber). D.Brown looks good too with Addai a little dinged up, also a plus if they switch out every series like they did last week against NYG. Snelling was a monster last week, but with Turner back – just not sure what the share will be.

    Let me know what you think overall, but mostly with your opinion on WR2 and FLEX.


    • thats what i’m here for. just trying to back up your gut.

      i read your roster and made my decisions before reading the rest of your post by the way. and i have to say i agree. even with all your reasoning. if you have the time to read through the billion comments on this page, i’ve said the same thing.

      your starting RBs are good.
      Bryant is definitely a good option at WR2 because the cowboys will be passing all the time on Houston (giving up 411 per game passing). The cowboys have their OL back and should be going deep to bryant a few times.
      Harvin would be next in line, as you have a lot of tough matchups this week. He’s against the Lions, so has a good chance to see some points.

      you seem to know your stuff, but if you ever need someone to double check, bookmark us.


      • dabad

        Hey Andrew Thanks! I’ll make sure to tout this site in my other leagues, and I’ve got a few, the FF junkie that I am.

        Anyway, Cool – Dez at WR2, but to clarify, were you thinking Harvin as my Flex or one of my other RBs?

      • harvin will get his looks. which is good in your PPR. He’s a stronger play than any of your RB options in my opinion.

  58. Jon

    Who to start for week 3? I can play two of the following four WRs; who should I start and why: Steve Smith(Giants), Mario Manningham, Steve Breaston, T.O.? They are all projected to score around 8-9 points.

    • Smith is the Giants #2. Manningham is the #3. Smith should see more action.
      Breaston is facing a stingy Oakland Defense. T.O. Should see his fair share of looks against Carolina.

      I dont really know how smart it would be to start 2 WRs from the same NFL team, i’ve never really seen it. I’d go with Smith and T.O. this week.


  59. C.B.

    Which 3 to start:

    Ryan Matthews, Jamaal Charles, LeSean Mccoy, Mike Tolbert, Donald Brown, or Correll Buckhalter

    • Charles and McCoy are definite starters.

      For the third spot i’d go with Tolbert. Mathews has missed another practice, so even if he plays, there is no guarantee to his effectiveness. Brown is still a backup. Buckhalter will start, but probably split carries with Maroney and A. Brown.


      • C.B.

        Thanks, that’s what I was thinking.

        For my recievers, I have Colston, Eddie Royal, and Malcom Floyd starting with Danny Amendola(1pt per 10 ret yard) and Mike Wallace on the bench. What ya think?

        And at TE, I have Chris Cooley, Jermaine Gresham, and Aaron Hernandez. You think I should try and trade one? Who to start?

        Thanks in advance

      • Colston Royal and Floyd are who i would go with in my leagues. But i dont use return yards. I would expect Amendola to get maybe 3 or 4 punt returns, same number if not more on Kick returns. So he might be a good play in place of Royal.

        There is no reason to have 3 TEs on your roster. Cooley is good. Hernandez is good. I’d dump Gresham. I dont even know if he is worth a trade. I’d start Cooley this week.
        If hernandez plays well and you are confident with him, Cooley could be used to trade up at one of your positions.


  60. Writersbloc

    Week 3 Flex Starter, Standard Scoring (.5ppr League)

    Malcolm Floyd or Austin Collie? Leaning toward Collie because Hawks scare me at home, and Denver looking a little banged up.

  61. joe

    h2h 10 team league
    who to start??
    pick 3 wrs
    ohcocinco, mark clayton, eddie royal, johnny knox, derrick mason

    pick 2 rbs
    portis, fred taylor, donald brown, buckhalter, thomas jones, harrison

    and 1 wr/rb from the list above

    • Ochocinco and Knox for sure. Its a toss up for me between Clayton and Royal. Both could see extremely productive weeks. I’d favor Clayton.

      RBs would be Portis and Taylor. You are running pretty weak in this position I think. D. Brown could see a little more work than usual, but i wouldnt expect much. Buckhalter will share carries, but is vs. a Indy D, he’s a big risk, but has a great reward. Jones splits, nothing interesting there. Harrison has a killer matchup, dont touch him.

      Taylor, I think will have a good week. Portis too because he has something to prove.
      I’d throw Royal into your Flex spot, unless your gut is screaming at you about Buckhalter.


  62. jo23ph

    i have 2 more spots to fill who do i start out of legedu, mark clayton, louis murphy, kenny britt, jason snelling, and cj spiller THANKS!!!!!!!!!!

  63. David

    I am considering trading MJD. Another team has Turner and Gore and thinking Gore better RB to own this year. You think I should go for it? Also curious if you think I need to package a WR with MJD. Thaks!

    • Gore should be a pretty even trade with MJD. I personally wouldnt take that trade though if you offered it to me.
      Try packaging MJD with a decent receiver, then ask for Gore and a receiver who might have a worse year than the one you offered. This will even things out a bit and make it look more promising.
      Personally, I think MJD will pick it up. He’s always been very consistent. But if you want gore instead, do whatever you can to get him. I think the 2 for 2 should work if you play your cards right.


  64. David

    Regarding MJD trade, I am also curious about packaging MJD with S Smith(NY) for Turner and Fitzgerald. I have Marshall and besides him don’t like my WRs. MSW, S Smith Demaryius Thomas and Clayton. Need WR upgrade. I would rather have Gore I think over Turner but doubt he would go for it.

    • Try your first one. see how that works. If you couple MJD with D. Thomas, you could probably get Gore and a good WR3.

      If that doesnt go through, the trade you mentioned in this post sounds doable. Its really all up to the other guy. Consider their counter offers. And get what you need. I’d focus on getting a WR before upgrading your RBs


  65. Chris

    Whou would you start out of these recievers…pick 3 of them. It’s a ppr league also:
    Reggie Wayne, Brandon Marshall, Hakeem Knicks, Eddie Royal

    • Wayne and Marshall definitely. Wayne because hes Reggie Wayne. Marshall will not be facing Revis, so hes a great play. I’d go with Nicks for the 3rd. He has a good matchup this week against Tennessee.


  66. jo23ph

    snelling or jammal charles

    • A little tricky. Snelling is playing NO, who can give up rushing yards. But Turner is back and should shoulder most of the load. Charles is splitting a lot with Jones, but should see most of the work against SF, a tougher run D.

      I’d play Charles, just because you are guaranteed that he’ll get carries, not as much so with Snelling.


  67. doZer

    need 3 wr’s: nicks,jennings,clayton,demaryius,boldin,s.moss

    need 2 rb’s:

    I picked up tolbert and buckhalter for insurance on matthews and moreno respectively.

    Also out of those wrs and rbs i need a flex


    • WR. Jennings, Boldin and Moss. Jennings is going to be a killer this week, i can feel it. Boldin is playing Cleveland, a great matchup. and Moss is up against the rams.

      RB. Moreno is out. Mathews is probable, game time decision most likely. Portis has a lot to prove and could be facing some RB competition from his backup.
      I’d go with CJ of course, and then probably Portis. The Rams give up a lot of yards to RBs, and Portis is definitely defending his position on the team.

      Nicks is a good play for your flex.
      tolbert and buckhalter were good pickups. but Tolbert will split with Sproles and maybe Mathews. Most of his work will be red zone, but then you have Gates to worry about. Buckhalter was another good handcuff, but he should split with Maroney and A. Brown. He’s facing a porous Indy DEF, but still, Nicks is your man.


  68. David

    As you can probably tell, I am trying to get creative. What about this. MJD and Smith for Rice and Welker?

    • if someone proposed that to me, i would turn it down. MJD and Rice are close to even, but Welkers year is a hell of a lot better than Smith’s so far. Its worth a shot again, because your competition might not have the same views as mine.

  69. dez bryant or mike sims walker as wr3?

  70. Raj Pillai

    Hey Guys,

    I have two leagues in which I need some start advice. In one I am in a PPR league with flex and I need to pick two of the following 3 to start – Clinton Portis, Austin Collie, and Jason Snelling. Who would you start?

    In the other league I need 2 of these four receivers: Demaryius Thomas, Kevin Walter, Devin Hester, and Terrel Owens.
    Thanks for the advice!

    • Hi there.

      League 1) I’d play portis and collie. The Rams can be run on, and Portis is fighting for his job. Collie is facing a banged up Denver defense and should see a lot of action.

      League 2) T.O. and Walker. Both are #2s, but your other options are riskier. Hester is playing a tough DEF, and Thomas needs to prove to me that he is legit before i give him any credit.

      Hope this helped, let us know how you did on Tuesday morning.


  71. Sergio

    hi im in 14 team ppr and points for return league, for WR’s i have DeShaun Jackson, eddie royal, percy harvin (who is now probable) mark clayton and jacobe jones (i can probably pick up luis murphy) and rbs, J. Charles, Tim hightower, Ryan Mathews, darren sproles and recently picked up marooney and buckhalter since moreno is out.
    Who should i start in week 3?

    thanks a lot man youve been a lot of help!

    • Assuming you have 3 WR slots and 2 RB slots.

      WR – Jackson, Harvin, Royal
      RB – Charles and Hightower.

      Your RB pickups were a good move, but i dont think they are worth playing. I’m not too familiar with points per return, so if you think Sproles will get a lot, perhaps start him over Charles, because i think Hightower will have a better time vs Oakland than Charles vs. San Fran.


  72. TCP

    Hey again, I’m just a FF junkie.

    I’m trying to look around for a TE upgrade (I picked up Hernandez via your suggestions). Aside from trying to pry Davis from the guy who had Kolb (offering Vick), one team picked up his 3rd te this past week, so I’m wondering if you think either would be worth an offer, and what a decent offer would be. 12 team league, 1 qb, 3 wr, 2 rb

    His team:
    QB: Peyton, Ryan
    WR: White, Bowe, N Washington, R Williams
    RB: PThomas, Hightower, Cadillac, LT
    TE: Gonzo, Heap, Lewis

    My team:
    QB: Cutler, McNabb, Vick
    WR: AJohnson, Wayne, Welker, Clayton, Floyd
    RB: Peterson, Foster, McCoy, Tolbert
    TE: Hernandez

    I presume that he’s down on Gonzo, so maybe I can swap Clayton or Tolbert for him. Is that worth it? Something else? Sit tight?


    • This is a good problem to have. Jacksonville’s defense is worse. And Vick can throw and run. Brady has to prove he doesnt suck after his inspired performance against the Jets. Both will get a lot of points.
      Vick will get more.


  73. jayhawk4life




    • jesus, you dont have to yell.

      just replied to this. MSW is my pick for your flex. I thought about Taylor a little bit, because he could have a breakout week. But in the end, it came down to PPR.

      Getting some WRs is definitely a good call. I agree that getting rid of Ryan is a better bet than Orton. But you would get more for trading Orton.
      I’d say Ryan is worth a WR3. Orton maybe a WR2
      Ryan could get you someone like TO, Crabtree, Murphy, Garcon or maybe Harvin.
      Orton could get you Malcom Floyd, Dez Bryant, Knox or Driver.
      If you are looking for a trade, definitely start high and then go low, so I’d aim for better WRs than the list I gave you. Settle with the WRs I mentioned. Try to trade with someone desperate for a QB, or someone whose QB has a week 4 or 5 bye and has a lousy bench option.

      good luck with it.


  74. MIke

    QB- Smith or Sanchez or Hasselback?

    Def- Bengals or Jets

    Flex- Robert MEachem, Fred Taylor, Jabbar Gaffney, D.Thomas, mike William(TB)

    Sud I get Buckhalter? If so Who sud I drop? Thomas or Buckhalter?


    • QB – None of your options are exactly sexy picks. But Smith is the best out of them.

      DEF – Bengals vs. Carolina definitely.

      Flex – I’d say meachem is your best WR on this list. but i dont really suggest starting any NO receivers besides Colston because of there are so many options. I think Fred Taylor is going to have a hell of a week to be honest. NE is playing the Bills, who are giving up a decent amt of yardage on the ground. I think he is worth the risk since the NE RBs are so depleted.

      I say no to buckhalter. he’s splitting time. and i dont know how fantastic he’ll be. he has had injuries, and i dont think he’ll get more than 15 carries. not worth giving up a spot.


  75. jayhawk4life

    i work nights so i have nothing else to do alot so i hope you stay uop late to to answer all me questions. Harvin is a FA in my league, personlally i dont like the guy as a player, and have never had much confidence in starting him, but hes playing the lions…you think hes worth a pick up and play?

    • Sorry. Went to sleep. I’m with you on not being sold on Harvin. Points per return league.. sure start him. Otherwise i stay away. If you need him though, this would be the week to do it. He is the #1 receiver in Minn, and there is really no one challenging that besides his TE. But Favre looks awful. And Harvin gets hurt like three times a game it seems.

      This week, if you need him. I’d pick him up and go for it. But dont consider him a better option than someone like Dez Bryant, Steve Smith (either), Johnny Knox, Terrell Owens, MSW, or Clayton.

  76. JonAwsum

    Fred taylor or tolbert for my flex this week?

  77. MIke

    I want to get buckhalter for future to se how he does…

    WHo is worth dropping and not regreting..

    jabar gaffney, robert meachem, mike william(tb), fred taylor or d.thomas or micheal bush

  78. David

    Based on strengh of schedule, seemd like Rice has roughest schedule compared to MJD, Turner and Gore. You agree? And as for O-lines, San Fran probably has the best run blocking of the 4 right? Thanks

  79. matt

    Hey.. I have brandon jackson,jonathon stewart,a. foster and greene as my rb’s.I am going to start jackson (I know how you feel, but have no choice)and foster. Should I start stewart or greene this week? As of right now im leaning towards Stewart. Im using him as my flex. My wr’s for this week are a.johnson,steve smith (gmen) and eddie roal. Garcon is sitting and so is henderson. Would you suggest dropping henderson for mike williams on the jags? ALso should I start zach miller or lewis on the jags as te? Thanks!

    • i’d personally start Foster and Stewart at RB and Garcon at Flex.

      To answer your question, i’d start stewart over greene this week.

      I would not drop henderson. And I’d start miller over lewis.

      Good luck


  80. TCP

    In a different league than one I’ve asked about, injuries are hurting me at RB (and wr if AJ is out). We have waivers and I got B Jax in week 1, and missed out on everyone I wanted last week.

    I traded Forte and Jennings for AJohnson after week 1 (tried to trade Moreno or B Jackson instead, but the other owner was too smart). I’ll be starting AJ and Welker at WR (or Walter if AJ is out) and S Jackson at RB. Who should I start at RB (1 more) and Flex (1 wr/rb)

    RB: Buckhalter (yuck), Cadillac (yuck), K Williams (yuck), Moreno (out), B Jackson (yuck)
    WR: K Walter, D Thomas

    There’s nothing out there as far as RB (why I got Buckhalter and Williams). Not much for WR out there (L Murphey, Chambers, M Wallace, Gaffney)

    • Not a very exciting lineup at RB. I’d say buckhalter. It hurts a bit to say it. But he should see 15+ carries and is playing indy, a team that has a few holes. Caddy has a terrible matchup. Williams is nothing. and Jackson has a tough matchup and didnt look good at all last week against the bills.

      Flex spot definitely has to go to a WR. If AJ starts, take Walter. If not. Walter to WR1 and Thomas as your Flex.

      Murphy could be a good pickup. at least the best from the list you gave. And he has a decent matchup this week.


  81. TCP

    More and more questions. I got turned down trying to pry V Davis for Vick.

    Thinking about offering Tolbert, Clayton and Hernandez for Finley.
    The person with Finley has Matthews, Gore and McFadden as her only RB, and D Jackson, Maclin, Aromashodu, G Tate and Lafell as her WRs.

    This is the league where I have AJ, Wayne, Welker, Clayton, Floyd at WR (3) and AP, Foster, McCoy, Tolbert at RB (2).

    Is this good looking enough for her? I figure she needs a better #3 wr, Hernandez is a decent starting te, and Tolbert gives her a handcuff. Am I giving up too much of my depth?

    I’d probably go after Spiller and Barber on waivers to refill my roster. McGahee, Lynch, Sproles also out there.

    • I dont know how it works in your league, but in mine, if I make a trade and get 2 players for 1 player, i’m forced to drop someone. So i think a bit harder about multiplayer trades and am more likely to take a trade, personally, if it is 1 player for 1 player or 2 for 2.

      I dont think its worth it. Finley and Davis are better TEs than Hernandez, yes. But Hernandez will get you points. Its not like you have a TE who will not produce or who is inconsistent. I say you lose too much if you make that trade. I’d stick to where I am right now. See how week 3 plays out, and go from there.


  82. MIke


    Fred Taylor(NE doenst run much compared thru the air)

    D.THomas (compete with jabar Gaffney)

    BUckhalter( replacing moreno)

    PLz Help me

    • I like the sleeper quality of Taylor. Sure they dont run too much, but Taylor could catch out of the backfield. Also, he is basically their only RB.

      Thomas is competing for catches and has to prove to me that he can beat Gaffney, Royal and Lloyd.

      Buckhalter will be likely be splitting carries with 2 other backs, but against a porous Indy Defense, he could be alright.

      I like Taylor this week.


  83. Fowler

    Quick question I’m in an IDP league and I tend to shuffle my defence arround to suite better matchups so whatcha think….
    Washington d @ saint Louis
    Miami d @ jets

    both look to be a good play….
    Also this week I’m starting Steven Jackson @ was and Cedric benson over Ahmad Bradshaw because tenesse is ranked 6th against he run. Goodplay????

    • I use that strategy for a couple of my teams. I’d rather play matchups than have a set defensive team.

      Both have good matchups. Based on Sanchez last week though, I have Washington edging them out.

      I like your picks at RB. My only point would be that Bradshaw is essentially working as the only NYG back because i dont think that Jacobs will see anything.
      I’d still go with Jackson and Benson.


  84. shaun

    Got a couple for you-
    Please pick 2 please:
    Clinton Portis
    Rashard Mendenhall
    Pierre Thomas
    LeSean McCoy
    Need a WR 3:
    Demaryius Thomas
    Legedu Naanee
    Mark Clayton
    Michael Crabtree
    Thanks in advance for you reply!

  85. David

    I have MN defense and of course they have a nice matchup with Detroit today . However, Cincy has looked good and have Carolina today and Cleveland next week and MN has a bye next week. Only issue for Cincy is that both games on the road. Should I hold steady with MN and wait until their secondary gets healthy?

    • Bengals are playing Carolina. A team starting a rookie QB, making the only truly legit threat D. Williams and Stewart.
      I think they will be the second best D this week behind Pittsburgh.
      Both matchups are great, but Cincy is better.
      I wouldnt worry too much about road games when they are against teams on the same tier as the Panthers and Browns.


  86. David

    Cincy D was snagged up. So what about MN D against NE D today?

  87. wat do u think of jahvid best for frank gore
    who should i start,pick 1: mike wallace, mark clayton or Louis Murphy
    QB – Matt Schaub (HOU)
    RB – Adrian Peterson (MIN)
    RB – Rashard Mendenhall (PIT)
    WR – Santana Moss (WAS)
    WR – Roddy White (ATL)
    WR – Mike Wallace (PIT)
    TE – Visanthe Shiancoe (MIN)
    K – Rob Bironas (TEN)
    DEF – Dallas Defense (DAL)
    BN – Knowshon Moreno (DEN)
    BN – Jahvid Best (DET)
    BN – Ahmad Bradshaw (NYG)
    BN – Darren McFadden (OAK)
    BN – Louis Murphy (OAK)
    BN – Mark Clayton (STL)

  88. David

    Dearyius Thomas oe MSW? And final note on MN D, didn’t see at first, but Tampa D available. Still go with MN? Thanks

    • yeah. stick with min. they have high chances to create turnovers and will keep the score under 14.
      tampa is a good play too, so is NE. i dont think you’ll be under 6 Fantasy points with any of them.

      and MSW at WR over thomas

  89. Zach

    Any news on Addai? Only other rb I really have available is Keiland Williams.

    • i’m in the same boat. except i dont have anyone to cover for him.

      addai said he is good to go. i havent heard anything from the colts about it. he is listed as questionable but has been practicing since wednesday. he should be good to go. d. brown should see more work than usual. i dont expect much from him.


  90. David

    After today, I have a few questions.

    1. Should I drop MSW? It’s not him as much as Gerrard I can’t trust. Doubt I can trade him.

    2. Should I drop Demaryius Thomas for Lloyd? Lloyd has never done anything close to this but man, he looked good.

    3. I have MN D and next week is their bye. I don’t want to drop them but if I have to, I have to. You think it would be smarter of me to drop Thomas or MSW?

    4. What D should I pick up? NO vs CAr, Indy vs Jax or SD vs AZ?

    Thanks! You’re help has been great this week.


    • 1) MSW might be trade worthy, because he is the Jags #1 receiver and will have a little production if Gerrard ever shapes up. Try to get a trade first, you wont get much though

      2) I like Lloyd better. So does Orton apparently. I think Royal will have a better season. But Lloyd will have a better year than Gaffney and Thomas. Of course, this is all a toss up, as each week seems to bring forward a different Bronco receiver.

      3) I would drop Thomas over MSW. strategize with the info that I gave you in 1 and 2. see if you can come up with something. If you drop Thomas for Lloyd, you might have to drop MSW for a new D.

      4) If NO is still on the board, i’d get them in a heartbeat. It will be a parade of turnovers against Carolina. Next would be Indy vs. Jax. SD is not worth it to me.

      Youre more than welcome. I was pretty impressed with myself this week, fielded about 200 questions and from what i can see, i didnt do half bad. Make sure you spread the word about godhateslosers to every single person you know (that isnt in your league, of course)


  91. MoronMormon

    I said I would come back, but I dont know man….. hahaha.
    Best did nothing and neither did MJD. hahaha. Youre 0 for 2. Wait, snelling didnt do much either… 0 for 3 then hahaha. Your WR advice was good tho. so i cant complain there.
    Nahh, im just messing aroung, ill comeback and ask for advice again. Ill definitely need it.

    • Yeah, Monday morning definitely makes my decisions look like bad ones. In my defense, I agreed with everything you had sent. I was really hoping best would get more than 7 carries. and it is crazy to sit MJD when he was the third person drafted in like 85% of leagues this year. Such is life though. Did you win at least?

      Good to hear you’ll check back in. Week 4 next week, so we’re all starting to get a feel for how players will produce.


  92. Jayhawk4life

    Well i did not play MSW out of a gut feeling but i did play steve smith, against a huge gut feeling telling me not to, because like you said, it is steve smith. Picked up murphy, didnt play him. Played tolbert in my flex over taylor thank god. Overall had a fairly productive day, almost 90 points in just your standard h2h league, but unfortunatley the guy i played had rivers, bowe, desean jackson, and collie…fml. thanks for the advice this week even if i went against most of it…i changed my roster like 15 times early sunday morning. oh and you think i should drop taylor for green-ellis cause he looks like he is the man now for that backfield?

  93. David

    I have Brandon Jackson but not confident in him. I have MJD, Pierre and Bradshaw so looking pretty good at RB. Shouuld I drop Jackson and pick up Lynch or Hillis

    • its a tough call. a lot of people were excited about brandon jackson. and i think it was for a reason. see how he does tonight and make your decision tomorrow. i dont really see much upside with lynch or hillis. i have no idea what is happening in buffalo with their RBs. lynch got most of the work last week, but he’s still going to be splitting with f. jackson and spiller, who will probably see more action by the end of the season. hillis on the other hand is looking like a pretty good pickup.


  94. is Mcfadden for real? i need to start someone now that AP has a bye. should i start Mcfadden, BEst is injured and should i trade best for jamal charles?
    QB – Matt Schaub (HOU)
    RB – Adrian Peterson (MIN)
    RB – Rashard Mendenhall (PIT)
    WR – Santana Moss (WAS)
    WR – Roddy White (ATL)
    WR – Mike Wallace (PIT)
    TE – Visanthe Shiancoe (MIN)
    K – Rob Bironas (TEN)
    DEF – Dallas Defense (DAL)
    BN – Knowshon Moreno (DEN)
    BN – Jahvid Best (DET)
    BN – Ahmad Bradshaw (NYG)
    BN – Darren McFadden (OAK)
    BN – Louis Murphy (OAK)
    BN – Mark Clayton (STL)

    • wat do u think of roddy white for drew brees? i can easily trade brees for a receiver like andre johnson or brandon marshall should i click accept?

      • oh i have boldin and addai and i traded away moreno and bradshaw

      • this will require a bit of research. you are definitely not in need of brees, but he does have the upside of being a great trade. check out the other teams in your league. look for a team with a starting QB that is not performing well that also has a great WR1. If you find that mix and you think that their WR is better than White.. make the trade.

    • During week 1 and 2 i questioned mcfadden. he’s played iffy teams this year, but his numbers are pretty legit. with bush back he might miss some carries, but I like him so far and he should keep performing well.
      Best is listed as day-to-day. and will probably see the field next week. he seems to be a favorite target in detroit and is looked very good in week 2 and last week before he had to leave the game. Charles is going 50/50 with t. jones right now. but he has been putting up numbers, as the KC passing game looks awful.

  95. TCP

    I offer McCoy and Vick for Mendenhall and Stafford. My other QBs are Cutler and McNabb. My RBs are AP, McCoy, Foster, Tolbert, Green-Ellis.

    Good offer? Too little offered? Too much offered?

    • you are offering too much. its definitely a trade that i would accept if i were the other guy. i think McCoy and Mendenhall are pretty evenly matched, but Vick is WAY ahead of Stafford. Aim higher.* or get something you might actually need. Try trading McCoy and Vick for a great RB and WR instead of a great RB and mediocre QB.


      *I say this assuming that you are not playing in the year 2015, I imagine this would be a spectacular trade in 5 years.

  96. Ryan

    Thanks for the advice on the SF defense rather than Miami. SF got me 1 point but Miami would have got me -1!!! Looks like i need a new defense. Most good ones are taken. Do you think KC is worth hanging on to?

    Also, too late for advice but I have Hester and Knox and sitting Hester. Tried to deal him a while ago but no takers. Is that what you’d do?

    • I guess 1 is better than negative. check out my most recent post. you’ll like it. i’ll coach you through any questions.

      yeah, i’d definitely start knox over hester. this week has been a crazy one. but cutler trusts knox more. good luck.

      • Ryan

        Good call on Knox, i won that week’s matchup. I like your defense strategy. I’m actually trying to pick up Indy off waivers to start them against Jacksonville. My other option seems to be Seattle against the Rams. Who do you like?

      • Thank you, I aim to please.
        I have both Indy and Seattle in FA for both of my leagues. I’m picking up Indy. Should see an INT or 2 and a handful of sacks vs. Jax. Definitely giving up less than 17.
        Seattle pretty much matches the Indy D statistically, and is playing a rough offense. But my personal edge goes to the Colts.


  97. MG

    Hello. I went with Vick this week and DOMINATED for the first time. I’m now situated in the middle of my league in terms of overall record. But I’m #1 in points…gotta get more wins this BYE week. And that’s kind of my question.

    Who should I start week 4?

    Vick vs Skins
    Rivers vs Arizona

    And to step in for Miles Austin, should I moved BJackson into the w/r and Mark Clayton into WR–or get Demariyus Thomas into the mix?

    Here’s my team:

    Phillip Rivers
    Mark Clayton
    Roddy White
    Frank Gore
    Mike Tolbert
    Jermichael Finley
    Brandon Jackson
    Robbie Gould
    Minnesota (Will get SEA on waivers)
    Patrick Willis

    Miles Austin
    Jerome Harrison (Dropped for SEA)

    Demariyus Thomas
    Mike Williams
    Ryan Mathews
    Michael Vick

    • Congrats man. Vick tore it up. Hope this means youre going to stay tuned, and recommend us to some friends. Friends you arent playing against of course.

      I have to love Vick vs. the Skins. Just because there will be so much drama in that game. You know it will be intense, and you know that everyone will be out for blood. Rivers has been putting up astronomical numbers this year. Decent TDs, a lot of picks, but huge yardage. Overall though, I’d go with Vick. The Redskins Defense has been getting tore up by the pass this year, and like I said, Vick is going to perform to show up McNabb in his return to Philly.

      Part 2: I’d stay away from Jackson. 18 carries in his last 2 games, 41 yards. Not good. They are going against the Lions, but still, he only got 29 yards against the Bills.
      Personally, I’d go with Clayton and White at WR, then throw Mike Williams (if he is SEA Williams). If he’s not, go with Thomas at Flex. Thomas still has to prove to me that he is a go-to guy in the system, but playing against the TEN defense, he’s got great upside.

      Also, Mathews is healthy again and should be good to go. Greatly dropping the value of Tolbert. Keep an eye on that. You might want to throw Mathews back in.


      • MG

        Mathews and Tolbert–either way I hope both of those guys get over their fumble-itis. Thanks for the tips. I’ve sent a few dudes your way. Good luck week 4!

        BEAR DOWN

  98. 10 man league h2h
    shiancoe has a bye this week so i need help with picking a TE and starting him this week.
    1, kellen winslow
    2, rob gronkowski
    3, owen daniels
    4, jermaine gresham
    5, kevin boss
    pick 1 thanks oh and should i drop clayton or murphy?
    QB – Matt Schaub (HOU)
    RB – Adrian Peterson (MIN)
    RB – Rashard Mendenhall (PIT)
    WR – Santana Moss (WAS)
    WR – Roddy White (ATL)
    WR – Anquan Boldin (BAL)
    TE – Visanthe Shiancoe (MIN)
    K – Rob Bironas (TEN)
    DEF – San Diego Defense (SD)
    BN – Jahvid Best (DET)
    BN – Joseph Addai (IND)
    BN – Darren McFadden (OAK)
    BN – Mike Wallace (PIT)
    BN – Louis Murphy (OAK)
    BN – Mark Clayton (STL)

    • Tampa’s got a bye too.. so i’d vote against winslow.
      Gronkowski is losing ground fast to Hernandez, but Gron is still getting the redzone looks.
      Owen Daniels isnt pulling much weight at TE. But that can change any week. But for now its the Johnson and Walter show. Daniels has a decent matchup against OAK though.
      Gresham hasnt done anything to impress me. Neither have the Bengals for that matter.
      Kevin Boss is on the most dysfunctional team in the NFL.

      Because of matchups i’d go with Gresham or Daniels. Its a toss up really. Gresham is playing Cleveland and has been getting a good amount of looks. Daniels is improving a season after injury, and A. Johnson has a nagging injury, so he could see increased work.

      I really hate dropping either Murphy or Clayton, both guys are showing to be great sleepers and its impressive that you have both. With AP, Mendenhall, Best and McFadden in your lineup. I’d say your safest drop is actually Addai.


  99. tom

    who to start week 4 QB.. Joe Flacco @ Pit or Mark Sanchez @ Buffalo?

    • Pitts defense is rediculous. Flacco seems to have a hard time against good defenses (see Week 1 and 2 outings against NYJ and Cincy). He turned it on last week, but I think with Boldin as a receiver, even I could light up the Browns.
      As much as it pains me to say it, Sanchez actually looked decent. In back to back weeks. And Miami’s defense isn’t half bad. The Bills dont give up great passing yardage (mostly because they are always losing) but they have 0 picks this season.

      Sanchez actually looks better than Flacco on paper this week.


  100. TD

    Workfriend of MG.

    REad your comment about Vick–don’t think I would start him over Rivers, but I don’t have Rivers I got Cutler
    and I’m starting him this week instead of vick. i want to trade vick badly cuz I dont have a good RB2.


    I give Vick I get Forte

    My RBs are Tolbert/Mathews/MJD/Bjackson

    Who wins, who loses in this trade?

    Like or Dislike?

    • Awesome. I love referrals. Hope you stick around. And lets get a pyramid scheme going. You tell friends, they tell friends. I like the sound of it.

      Fair enough. Rivers would be my pick most weeks, but this week I have to go with Vick again for the reasons i mentioned. Cutler is a good QB and reliable enough to deal Vick.

      But DO NOT make this trade. Forte is not impressive on the ground. At all. Receiving, yeah he’s good, but not an elite RB. The way vick is performing, and because QBs put up higher weekly numbers than RBs, you can get a far better RB than Forte for Vick.
      Aim higher. Let Forte be a last resort. At the very least, I think Vick is worth Thomas, McCoy or Best.


  101. Ryan


    Andre johnson
    sims walker
    louis murphy
    demaryius thomas

    also would you trade shonne greene for steve smith(carolina) ?

  102. should i trade jahvid best for greg olsen and knowshon moreno, i would drop addai. i need a TE bc of shiancoes bye and injury best has a bad injury and he may be injured long should i do this trade?
    QB – Matt Schaub (HOU)
    RB – Adrian Peterson (MIN)
    RB – Rashard Mendenhall (PIT)
    WR – Santana Moss (WAS)
    WR – Roddy White (ATL)
    WR – Anquan Boldin (BAL)
    TE – Visanthe Shiancoe (MIN)
    K – Rob Bironas (TEN)
    DEF – San Diego Defense (SD)
    BN – Jahvid Best (DET)
    BN – Joseph Addai (IND)
    BN – Darren McFadden (OAK)
    BN – Mike Wallace (PIT)
    BN – Louis Murphy (OAK)
    BN – Mark Clayton (STL)

    • unless you read an update today, i dont think Best will be out at all with his injury.
      Plus, you could get a lot more for Best. Check out FA for a decent TE option. there has to be someone floating around.

  103. Sergio

    Hi, PPR league with Points for return… here is my team

    QB – D. Mcnabb
    RB – Ryan Mathews
    RB – Tim Hightower
    WR – DeSean Jackson
    WR – Eddie Royal
    WR – Mark Clayton
    TE – J. Finley
    K – N. Rackers (HOU)
    DEF – Baltimore Defense
    BN – Jamal Charles
    BN – Darren sproles
    BN – K. Darby (picked him up in case S. Jackson is out this week)
    BN – P. Harvin
    BN – Jacobe Jones
    BN – Greg Olsen

    I was wondering who to start on week 4, i’m 0 – 3 and kind of desperate. Also I could pick up Ricky williams, Chris Ivory, John Khun, Lawrence Maroney, Brandon Jacobs and Buckhalter. Should i pick one of these guys up for this week?


    • This week I like your lineup. But I would replace Hightower with Sproles. Sproles just because he is the kick returner. Hightower is looking ground to Wells. Other than that I’m not really sure what I can say. Jackson should have a great week. Royal and Clayton are iffy, but still your best options. Finley is a great TE. and the K and DEF are good too.

      With a little luck, you could pull this one out. Your WR and RB need some upgrades though. I’d consider trying to get on the trading block and see what you can get for Olsen. Probably not a ton, but every little bit helps. Scan the FA market for kick returners too. Kuhn is the only one you mentioned who might be worth a shot, but its a big gamble and probably not worth it.


  104. dabad

    Hey Andrew, back again this week for more lineup advice. Gotta start by saying thanks! I was hesitant to start Harvin last week, but rolled with him based on your advice. He had a nice game, I won my matchup with the high-points leader in my league who was also undefeated, and now the only one in my league 3-0. I’ve been toutin your site on my other free leagues since. Of course the celebration can only last so long as it is much too early in the season, and I’m headed into a bye week 4 thats left me with only enough to fill my week 4 roster with a warm body.

    .5pt ppr league

    QB – P.Manning

    RBs – R.Rice, J.Stewart, J.Snelling, D.Brown, J.Charles(bye), F.Jones(bye)

    WRs – W.Welker, H.Ward, JacobyJones, P.Harvin(bye), D.Bryant(bye)

    TE – Finley

    DEF – GB

    K – best available

    I had T.Jones(KC) and M.Williams(TB), but since both were on their bye week also, along with the fear that R.Rice might be hurt, I pulled a trade to help with my depth this week.

    I got J.Stewart and J.Jones. Let me know what you think of this trade.

    Im starting:

    RBs – R.Rice, and ? – Rice is looking good to roll with afterall, but D.Brown is now injured (have yet to see how severe). Leaving me with Stewart or Snelling. I’m thinking Snelling over Stewart because its only a 2RBBC in ATL as opposed to a 3RBBC in CAR. Stewart is getting less touches than Goodson, and off to a slow start.

    WRs – W.Welker, and H.Ward

    FLEX – J.Jones – A.Johnson may not play, so thinking he will get more looks.

    QB, TE, DEF, K – Im set!

    Let me know what you think – Thanks!

    • Congrats on the win. There is nothing better than beating the favorite. Although I’ve only heard about what this feels like from people that play in different leagues, because I’m always the favorite and don’t lose.

      Week 4 is definitely not good for you. Rice has a hell of a matchup. then youve got byes and injuries. I’d go Rice and Snelling. Both are gambles, but Snelling could see more work.
      WR and Flex makes sense.

      Best of luck to you, but i’ll be honest, dont get your hopes too high. You’ll be good to go once week 5 rolls around.
      I think you could have gotten a better trade, but under the circumstances, I guess its alright. I think you lost value at both spots though.


  105. Ryan

    Big trade offered to me –

    i give – snelling and beanie wells

    I get – donald driver and portis

    10 team, 1 point per reception.

    I need a good WR and my running backs are good

  106. Ryan

    Couldn’t pick up Indy for defenese. I have Seattle but not feeling real great about it. Houston is available vs Oakland. Seattle or Houston?

    Also, play Peyton Hills or Justin Forsett?

  107. TD

    What’s your take on Bjackson this week. Kuhn was moving the piles and I would assume he gets any goal-line carries after they throw to Finley or Jennings twice…

    I am unsure if I should start RMathews/Bjackson

    • Kuhn will take over the #1 role. Thats my prediction this week. Jackson has had ample time to show what he can do, and he showed everyone nothing.
      Mathews had his second full practice, he’ll be good to go this week. I’d just let Jackson go if there is any decent RB or WR to pad your bench.


  108. Chris

    Who to start?

    RB Matthews, Tolbert, Addai, Deangelo Williams
    WR – Floyd, Sims-Walker, Royal, Shipley, Mike Wallace
    TE – Hernandez, Cooley

    My team is soo bad, I have no idea where to begin

    • Chris

      Just to clarify, I’m sorry I forgot this:

      RB Matthews
      RB D. Williams
      WR Royal
      WR Sims-Walker
      WR Floyd
      TE Hernandez
      Flex – Addai
      BN M. Wallace
      BN J. Charles
      BN J. Shipley
      BN Cooley
      BN D. Brown
      BN M. Tolbert
      BN D. Mccluster
      BN E. Manning

    • Yeah. This is definitely rough.
      RB- Mathews will see the field this week, he’s fully participated in practice for the 2nd day in a row. Addai looks like a good start against JAX
      WR- Floyd is decent here. Royal looks like he could have a good week as well. MSW would be your next best play here, dont expect much though.
      TE- I’d use Cooley over Hernandez. Either player looks great this week. Cooley is a must start in my mind against Philly. But Hernandez is playing MIA, a team that is terrible vs. the TE. Just look at what Keller and Shiancoe did to them earlier this season. Both make great starters, if your gut says Hernandez, i’d go with that.
      Flex- D. Williams could have his first good week of the season. NO is not a good team against the run. I like Williams, but I hate his offensive line. If you are able to start TEs at flex, you could throw them here as well. I think Williams sees the endzone this week though.


  109. TD

    in light of your pessimism surrounding Bjacksons role in the GB offense, is it a good idea to get proactive and drop him for kuhn?

    • After his sorry showing against Buffalo, yes I’d say Kuhn is a better play. I think he sees the end zone against the Lions this week. Kuhn should take over most of the carries at GB. Their RB position is still up in the air, so keep a close eye on what they go with. But I think Kuhn will become the big man in Green Bay


  110. doZer

    Who to start?
    3 WR’s : Nicks,Jennings,Clayton,Boldin,S. Moss,Lloyd

    2 RB’s : CJ, Tolbert, Portis,Matthews,Maroney

    And I need one flex…

    Not doing too hot the past two weeks, leaving guys on my bench with quality points

    Any help Please?

    • Nicks will have a great week. Jennings has a great matchup. Clayton would be my number three against a weak STL defense.

      CJ and Mathews have to be your RBs.

      Flex would go to Lloyd for me. Boldin would be my flex. It was close between him and moss. Boldin does have the tougher matchup, but i think he sees the endzone this week vs PIT.

      hope this gets you back on track. Let us know how it turns out. And if you like us, tell your friends. We crave attention here at godhateslosers.


  111. tom

    i know i asked this already but i just want to know if you changed your mind… QB start Joe Flacco or Mark Sanchez ?

  112. ezekiel

    hey so I need some help setting my roster…

    QB- Starting Brady over Sanchez
    RBs – J. Best, C. Johnson, M. Tolbert -pick 2

    WR – Ochocinco, H. Ward, Eddie Royal, Jacoby Jones, Demaryius Thomas, M. Manningham – pick two

    TE – Aaron Hernandez, Jermaine Gresham – pick one

    I also need one flex player between W/R.

    I want to say Johnson, Best, Ocho, Ward, Jones since AJ is out this week most likely, and Hernandez. Also, I’m in the process of getting M. Clayton for Vick in a trade. If this happens, how should that change my lineup?

    • QB-Brady
      RBs-Best, Johnson
      WR-Ochocinco, Ward
      Flex- Jones
      TE- Hernandez.

      I guess i’m just backing you up here. I like your line up and the reasons that you mentioned. I think J. Jones could have a fantastic week and is a smart start. I think you could get someone higher for Vick, especially with his stock rising as much as it is. Clayton should upgrade your WR2 position.


  113. tom

    s jax is questionable do you think he will play? safe to put in lynch?

  114. which to start? boldin, wallace or clayton pick one
    QB – Matt Schaub (HOU)
    RB – Adrian Peterson (MIN)
    RB – Rashard Mendenhall (PIT)
    WR – Santana Moss (WAS)
    WR – Roddy White (ATL)
    WR – Anquan Boldin (BAL)
    TE – Visanthe Shiancoe (MIN)
    K – Rob Bironas (TEN)
    DEF – San Diego Defense (SD)
    BN – Jahvid Best (DET)
    BN – Joseph Addai (IND)
    BN – Darren McFadden (OAK)
    BN – Mike Wallace (PIT)
    BN – Rob Gronkowski (NE)
    BN – Mark Clayton (STL)

  115. tom

    ok.. im in a little QB need here .. someone put on trade block tony romo and kyle orton.. i have joe flacco and mark sanchez at QB.. here is the rest of my team…
    Roddy White
    Desean Jackson
    Malcom Floyd
    Mike Williams (TB)
    Jacoby Jones
    Lance Moore
    Ronnie Brown
    Clinton Portis
    Ryan Torain

    He wants a WR do you think i need or should make a trade offer and get QB depth?

    • flacco and sanchez will both have good years. it seems obvious that sanchez will smash his number from last year, and with the new weapons around flacco, he is bound to put up a solid amount of points.
      however, as far as fantasy value. neither of them are close to romo or orton. orton might be worth more because of his performance so far this year, but either pick will give you a large increase each week.
      the first thing i would try is a straight up 1 on 1 trade using Jackson.
      if that fails, couple white or jackson with one of your QBs, and suggest a trade for Romo or Orton + one of his low WRs.
      Your receivers have good value, so it should work out for you with one of them. Be patient, I’ve been in trade talks with 2 teams in one of my leagues for about a week and a half because neither of us want to get screwed.


  116. tom

    just to let you know he made a counter with me giving roddy white for orton i did not accept the trade .. because of he made another to get brandon Marshall and gave away steve jax .. i guess ill have to stick with flacco and sanchez .. rrrrrrrrr

  117. Sergio

    Hi, its a 14 team PPR league that gives points for returns. This is my team:

    QB – D. Mcnabb
    RB – Ryan Mathews
    RB – Jamal Charles
    WR – DeSean Jackson
    WR – Eddie Royal
    WR – Percy Harvin
    TE – J. Finley
    K – N. Rackers (HOU)
    DEF – Baltimore Defense
    BN – Knowshon Moreno
    BN – Mark Clayton
    BN – Mike Bell (picked him up in case McCoy is out this week)
    BN – R. Fitzpatrick
    BN – Fred Jackson (recently picked up)
    BN – Jacobe Jones
    BN – Greg Olsen

    Someone proposed to trade Eli Maning for Eddie Royal (who by far has been my most consistent and succesful WR), now I can probably get M. Tolbert in on the trade if I give him a RB in return… should I do it? and do you have any more advice on my starting lineup?


    • Harvin’s points per game will go up with Moss in MIN now. Jackson will perform as long as Vick returns as a starter. Losing Royal will be tough, but you would have a serious upgrade at QB. I would say go for it. Manning is a good addition and Clayton is a solid enough sub for Royal. What I would suggest is partnering your trade. Give him Royal and McNabb (or Fitzpatrick, McNabb will get you more) for Manning and one of his WR3 or bench receivers. That way you arent losing any depth.

      If the trade doesnt go through for you, the only change I would make on your roster is Fitzpatrick for McNabb. The matchup is better for Fitz and McNabb looked awful last week.


      • Sergio

        i accepted the trade, he gave me Eli and J. Cotchery, and I made another trade giving away jacobe jones and fred jackson for Chad 85, who should i start in week 5 in WR and in RB with my new additions?

      • QB-Fitz
        WR-Harvin, Clayton, OchoCinco
        RB-Mathews, Charles
        DEF- get a new one. Cincy is a good play this week if available.


  118. tom

    help on who to start at running back .. L.T. or Ryan Torain?..

    • I like Torain’s matchup a hell of a lot better than LT against Minn. Just keep your fingers crossed that Washington can establish a passing game to get Torain some open looks.


  119. DMC and big Ben for ray rice would u do it? mark clayton or santana moss?
    QB – Matt Schaub (HOU)
    RB – Adrian Peterson (MIN)
    RB – Rashard Mendenhall (PIT)
    WR – Santana Moss (WAS)
    WR – Roddy White (ATL)
    WR – Anquan Boldin (BAL)
    TE – Visanthe Shiancoe (MIN)
    K – Rob Bironas (TEN)
    DEF – San Diego Defense (SD)
    BN – Jahvid Best (DET)
    BN – Mike Thomas (JAC)
    BN – Darren McFadden (OAK)
    BN – Mike Wallace (PIT)
    BN – Ben Rothlisberger(PIT)
    BN – Mark Clayton (STL)

    • I think you are strong enough at RB to not need to make this trade. Youve already got 2 every week starters, and Best/McFadden to back them up on byes. If you are going to trade either or both of them, i’d do it for a top notch receiver.

      I’d throw clayton in over moss this week. he has a better matchup and is the definite go-to guy in STL.

      good luck this week. let us know how you do on tuesday.


  120. Ryan

    I don’t like my 3rd WR option. Knox, Roy Williams, or Dexter McCluster. I have Williams in the starting lineup right now. What do you think? Also, I have Hillis as a tentative start at running back but my other back has a bye so my only other option at back is McCluster. You think Hillis is still worth starting?

    • sorry i couldnt get to you in time. had a wedding to go to.

      hopefully you stuck with williams this week.

      hope to see you back here next week for more advice. let me know on tuesday how your teams did.


  121. tom

    A lil WR help.. Start Malcom Floyd or Lance Moore?

    • sorry, i was out of town.
      hopefully you read jordan’s startem sitem and went with floyd, as he was pretty spot on this week.
      check back in next week for the advice you are looking for (preferably a little earlier than 12 hrs before kickoff) and let me know on tuesday how your teams did.


  122. unhappy right now. i lost this week, and have scored 42 points so far, (have AP and shiancoe) and i lost in my survival league.(picked the saints) so im sitting at 3-2 with like the 2nd most points in the league but i lose to teams that score 120 and 130 points. so im looking for receivers, after claytons injury and boldin’s no show. what type of trades should i make? im willing to trade best. what do u think of matt schaub? should i trade him? he hasnt been doing that well this week and has been hurting my team. oh what do u think of best for austin collie? and what do u think of wes welker?

    QB – Matt Schaub (HOU)
    RB – Adrian Peterson (MIN)
    RB – Rashard Mendenhall (PIT)
    WR – Santana Moss (WAS)
    WR – Roddy White (ATL)
    WR – Anquan Boldin (BAL)
    TE – Visanthe Shiancoe (MIN)
    K – Rob Bironas (TEN)
    DEF – San Diego Defense (SD)
    BN – Ben Roethlisberger (PIT)
    BN – Jahvid Best (DET)
    BN – Darren McFadden (OAK)
    BN – Mike Wallace (PIT)
    BN – Mike Thomas (JAC)
    BN – Mark Clayton (STL)

    • trading schaub would be relying a little too heavily on roethlisberger for my liking. but if youve got faith and want the help bad enough, go ahead and do it.

      i recently had a similar set up in one of my leagues at the RB position. I had 4 great RBs to play and ended up trading my number one RB for a great receiver. i wouldnt stress too much about boldin, and try to realize that bad breaks happen and that you really do have a fantastic team, just bad luck. My advice would be to trade AP for a WR1, or trade Best or McFadden for a WR2. Schaub will be back to regular form next week, just had one rough showing because he’s dealing with injuries at his skill positions. If Roeth does show up next week and proves to be the quality fantasy player he has been for the last few seasons, go ahead and trade him or Schaub for even more WR security.


  123. tom

    who to start in my flex!! ryan torain, lesean mccoy, wes welker, santana moss… thanks

  124. who to start matt schaub or ben rothisberger?

  125. MG

    Hello again!

    Here’s my team in our ten-team league. I’ve had to make moves to account for my loss of Clayton and Finley–so I picked up V Jackson on waivers for the playoffs as well as D Amendola. Any tips for this coming week?

    P Rivers (SD)
    R White (ATL)
    M Austin (DAL)
    Frank Gore (SF)
    R Mathews (SD)
    Brent Celek (PHI)
    B Lloyd (DEN)
    Chicago D
    P Willis (SF)
    Matt Bryant (ATL)

    M Williams (TB)
    M Vick (PHI)
    M Tolbert (SD)
    B Green-Ellis (NE)
    D Amendola (StL)
    V Jackson (*tentative SD)

    I don’t know if I should keep Amendola or go for Roy Williams (DAL) on waivers… Do I really want another WR from DAL when I already have Austin?

    • MG

      I’m also trying to trade for R Rice… any suggestions on a good offer I can make?

      • I’d recommend Vick. hopefully the owner who has Rice will be short at QB and will jump at the trade. Rivers has his bye during Week 10. Possible FA pick ups would be Garrard (vs. HOU) Henne (vs TEN) Freeman (vs CAR) Hasselbeck (vs ARI) Bradford (vs SF) or A. Smith (vs STL)

    • your starters are solid. you really shouldnt have a problem any week. i like amendola as your pickup. he will see most of STLs receptions, hell, he could see all of them. R. Williams is on a hot streak, but at the end of the day you have to remember that he is a #3 receiver that has been a huge disappointment for 2 years, its in his nature.


  126. tom

    two questions…
    i have desean jackson and it looks like kolb is starting. bench him? cause kolb seems to not see jackson at all and gives the ball to maclin, avant, and celek. anyways bench is…mike williams (TB) lance moore and jacoby jones.. and who to start at RB… Ronnie brown, LT or torain.. thanks man

    • I think it is reasonably safe to put Williams in over Jackson. Williams is trustworthy every week, and as you said Jackson is not a great option with Kolb. That being said, Jackson is a fantastic receiver and always has a chance to break on. But I expect a similar showing to last weeks numbers. Lets say.. 4 catches, 35 yards.

      I like Brown, then Torain, then LT.

      You are quite welcome


  127. john smith

    which to start? santana moss, mike wallace or kenny britt?
    QB – Matt Schaub (HOU)
    RB – Adrian Peterson (MIN)
    RB – Rashard Mendenhall (PIT)
    WR – Santana Moss (WAS)
    WR – Roddy White (ATL)
    WR – Anquan Boldin (BAL)
    TE – Visanthe Shiancoe (MIN)
    K – Rob Bironas (TEN)
    DEF – San Diego Defense (SD)
    BN – Ben Roethlisberger (PIT)
    BN – Jahvid Best (DET)
    BN – Darren McFadden (OAK)
    BN – Mike Wallace (PIT)
    BN – Mike Thomas (JAC)
    BN – Kenny Britt (TEN

  128. matt

    SOme advise please..My wr’s are mike williams (tb), steve smith(gmen), AJ, Royal and walter.

    rb’s: foster,brandon jackson,shonn greene and mike hart (for now)..

    Should I stick with williams,smith and aj as wr’s and jackson and foster as rbs with royal as my flex? Would you go with greene or Jackson? WOuld you keep royal as the flex or go to walter? I think royal will have a better day tomorrow..
    Also, would you trade mendenhall for roddy white?


    • advice*

      I think Smith and AJ are definite starters for WR. WR3 can be Williams, he is the only bright spot on their offense. Royal makes a good flex, I trust him more than walter.
      At RB, I would have to say Greene and Foster. B Jackson had a good game last week, but the weeks before that were terrible. I like greene more this week.

      If you have 2 other great RBs and desperately need a WR, it sounds pretty good. Mendenhall is going to have a hell of a season though, so only do it if you have to and you have a good fill-in for him at RB

  129. Sergio

    Hi man, who should i start in a PPR league Michael Bush or Javid Best?

    • Both have rough matchups, and McFadden might play and steal a little from Bush.

      Because it looks like Calvin Johnson is good to go, I would go with Best here. Especially because its PPR. Its a gamble, but I think he has a chance to catch a lot of balls.


  130. MG

    Mathews is killing me. I really thought SD was going to handle STL last week allowing Mathews to blow up. In desperation, I dropped BenJarvus Green-Ellis and picked up Chris Ivory. Should I start him this week over Mathews?

    • new englands defense is pretty mediocre against the run, but mathews has proven pretty mediocre against everyone. ivory has a good matchup and is a great start each week until pierre thomas gets back. i say go for it.


  131. Ryan

    Hey there, having trouble dealing one of my QBs. I have Romo and Orton. I like them both and both arguably top 6 of 7 QBs for fantasy. I’m light on another good RB or WR so i’ve been offering trades for the last 2 weeks. I’m in 3rd place so i’ve been trying to trade with teams that are in need of a QB. I recently offered Orton and Roy Williams for Cutler and Boldin. This is just one example but nobody seems to want to trade. I’ve exchanged Romo as well for other top tier WR or backs. Am i asking too much?

    • I dont think youre asking enough to be honest. QBs are fantasy gold, your problem is that people just dont want to trade.
      In this case, i would stop making individual offers and send out a league email or post a bulletin saying that you are willing to deal either of them and have them make the offer to you. make sure you are getting a WR or RB that you will absolutely start though, preferably one who has already had their bye.
      If you’ve got any questions along the way, feel free to ask.


  132. tom

    ok who should i put in the flex… lesean mccoy, wes welker, santana moss, or jabar gaffney ? thanks

    • Its between McCoy and Welker for me. McCoy will continue to see almost all the work in Philly. Welker will get catches, but is going to be heavily covered by a tough SD passing DEF. I’d put McCoy in there.


  133. my team is underneath wat do u think of trading rothlisberger and mendenhall for peyton manning and ryan mathews?
    QB – Matt Schaub (HOU)
    RB – Adrian Peterson (MIN)
    RB – Rashard Mendenhall (PIT)
    WR – Santana Moss (WAS)
    WR – Roddy White (ATL)
    WR – Anquan Boldin (BAL)
    TE – Visanthe Shiancoe (MIN)
    K – Rob Bironas (TEN)
    DEF – San Diego Defense (SD)
    BN – Ben Roethlisberger (PIT)
    BN – Jahvid Best (DET)
    BN – Danny Woodhead (NE)
    BN – Mike Wallace (PIT)
    BN – Kenny Britt (TEN)
    BN – Owen Daniels (HOU)

    • i wouldnt make that trade if I were you. you are strong enough at QB, and houston will be past their trade next week, so you have a starter from here on out.
      You can still trade Roeth and Mendenhall (though I’d suggest trading Best, Wallace, or White instead) But try to go for a big time RB/WR combo instead of picking up another QB. with bye weeks quickly going by, there is no reason to have a backup QB on your roster.


  134. mike wallace for dustin keller? wat do u think of this trade? yes or no?
    QB – Matt Schaub (HOU)
    RB – Adrian Peterson (MIN)
    RB – Rashard Mendenhall (PIT)
    WR – Mike Wallace (PIT)
    WR – Roddy White (ATL)
    WR – Anquan Boldin (BAL)
    TE – Benjamin Watson (NE)
    K – Rob Bironas (TEN)
    DEF – Seattle Defense (SEA)
    BN – Ben Roethlisberger (PIT)
    BN – Jahvid Best (DET)
    BN – Danny Woodhead (NE)
    BN – Santana Moss (WAS)
    BN – Kenny Britt (TEN)
    BN – Owen Daniels (HOU)

    • no need for it. you dont want to lose one of the best WRs in the league for a midrate TE. you can get a similar TE on waivers. or even stick with watson. i’d just dump owen daniels for someone that is on the market and dont lose a star on your team.


  135. team is at top, should i trade BIG BEN and kenny britt and receive Miles Austin and justin forsett?

    • after the injury to romo and splitting time with lynch, i would not go with this trade.
      with Big Ben performing high and Britt being on a huge hot streak, you can get a lot more for the 2 of them


  136. same team as on top but i have kellen winslow instead of danny woodhead. should i trade santana moss for dustin keller? or hold on to moss as WR depth and use the trio of daniels, winslow and watson, and just switch off every week. OR have a durable and productive TE every week.

  137. MG

    Alright this is a gamebreaking trade for me.

    I am leading the league in points by a fair margin, yet I’m in 7th place. I’m down RBs and need a big pickup since I lost Finley and Clayton a few weeks back.

    I get Ray Rice

    I give Miles Austin

    My team:

    P Rivers
    M Williams (TB)
    F Gore
    B Wells
    T Moeaki
    B Lloyd

    R White
    D Bryant
    M Vick
    D Branch
    R Mathews
    D Woodhead

    P Willis
    STL D
    A Viniateri

    • Heck yes. Go for it. Youve got White and Bryant still to back him up. And Rice is a great pickup for you.

      If you do this trade before the weekend. I’d put Bryant in at WR.

      good luck, this is definitely a game changer. Hopefully you can make a late run at the playoffs. Tough luck this year for you. Your team is very impressive and would be 1 2 or 3 in most other leagues.


      • MG

        Tough luck, I suppose–just grabbed J-Stew and dropped Woodhead–allowing me to bump Lloyd up to WR2, J-Stew into RB2, and Wells into the flex. Wish me luck. RAY RICE HERE I COME

      • Definitely. Good luck man. Let me know how it all pans out. Shitty luck that you are so low in your league. Hope you get a hot streak started.

  138. matt

    If you had to pick two, which would you pick between to start:
    shonn greene, mike hart , brandon jackson? I need one as a flex (hart)? and greene as my other rb? My top rb now is Foster. My’s wr’s are Williams (tb), AJ, and currently woodhead bc smith (gmen) is on a bye.Also what do you think about this trade, im giving flacco and avant and getting L.T. and Heinz Ward. He lost romo and I still have VIck and just picked up Fitzpatrick. It helps us both! Kind of..

    • first of all, i think that is a great trade. Go for it. Unfortunately that doesnt help you at all this week. Greene would be the RB pick.
      2 days ago I would have said Hart at flex, but it is looking more and more like Brown will play. And if he does, you can expect split carries and Brown to do most of the heavy lifting. And the Texans run DEF is pretty stout.. sometimes.

      I think it would be safer to go with Brandon Jackson and hope that he can get a little lucky against the Jets defense. Crazier things have happened.


  139. TD

    Hey, got some sit/start and waiver questions for ya

    1) Who do you like more of these TEs moving forward: Moeaki/B Watson/J Tamme

    2) With a few receivers out on Byes this week, who would you start: D Bryant/M Williams (TB)

    3) Can you rank these waiver pickups: Blount/Wells/Woodhead

    4) In another league I can’t decided between Fitz or M Williams (TB) for the coming week

    Thanks man!


    • 1) I like Moeaki, but if Tamme keeps playing the same role as Monday’s game, then Tamme will be the man for the rest of the year.
      2) Both are good starts. M Williams is the better one. Expect Bryant to perform well, even with Kitna at QB.
      3) Blount/Wells/Woodhead. If its ppr, put Woodhead ahead of Wells.
      4) I like Williams’s matchup this week. Fitz is a better player with Breaston in the lineup. Close call, but I have Williams a few spots higher.


  140. tom

    who to start at QB? Eli Manning, Mike Vick, or Ryan Fitzpatrick? thanks

    • I’m calling a great statline for Manning this week. I have him #3 on my rankings and think he will outperform both Vick and Fitz.
      Vick isnt so far behind though. My choice would be manning.


  141. matt

    Hey. As of right now my team is pretty decent.I feel I need some more depth in TE. I have Zach Miller(who’s goin to be out) and todd heap. You have any other sleepers for te?

    My team consists of vick and stafford at qb, rb’s are a.foster,L.T., B.jackson,shonn green and woodhead, My wr’s are hines ward,m.williams (tb),steve smith (giants) and A.J. Does it make a difference who my flex is and if so why? All but woodhead, green, jackson and stafford are starting. WOuld you suggest any of those bench players start over anyone that will be active for me? I appreciate yor advice.. Thanks!

    • TE is pretty straightforward. Sleepers could be Watson, Tamme, Pettigrew.. not much else. there are about 16 TEs that are putting up doable fantasy numbers. Heap should be a decent play this week, and hopefully by Week 10, Miller will be at full strength.

      I think that Foster and LT are good starting RBs. Ward Williams and AJ are great WRs, and Smith is a solid flex start this week. So its looking like you are good to go. I wouldnt recommend putting any of your bench players in for them this week. No real strategy for putting in a flex player, its just about finding the strongest of the guys on your bench and being able to make them play. Youve got a great team this week and I dont really see any reason why you shouldnt walk away with the W.


  142. john smith

    so im 5-3 and im down 103-47, any chance that ill win? back to my roster, my TE sucks and i want to get vernon davis and he needs a reciever. he wants a WR better than santana moss. i was thinking of offering him mike wallace, than trading Schuab for Miles Austin or Brandon Marshall. So wat do u think of these trades? yes or no? oh and should i drop Kenny Britt? will he have any value for my team?
    thank you
    QB – Matt Schaub (HOU)
    RB – Adrian Peterson (MIN)
    RB – Rashard Mendenhall (PIT)
    WR – Mike Wallace (PIT)
    WR – Roddy White (ATL)
    WR – Anquan Boldin (BAL)
    TE – Benjamin Watson (NE)
    K – Matt Bryant (TB)
    DEF – Atlanta Defense (ATL)
    BN – Ben Roethlisberger (PIT)
    BN – Jahvid Best (DET)
    BN – Danny Woodhead (NE)
    BN – Santana Moss (WAS)
    BN – Steve Breaston (ARI)
    BN – Kenny Britt (TEN)

    • britt is likely dropping like a brick with the pickup of moss. i’m thinking the chances of a W with only mendenhall and wallace is pretty slim. sorry man.
      sounds like a good trade strategy if everything goes as planned. You def need a TE upgrade and Davis will do just that for you. White and Boldin will be solid for you in Wallace’s absence, but a WR upgrade trading Schaub is a must. an Austin or Marshall caliber WR is a good call, dont be afraid to try for someone bigger first though. You never know.


  143. john smith

    team on top, wat do u think of me trading jahvid best and santana moss for jason witten?

  144. matt

    Need your opinion..Who should I start as my flex this week.. ? Shonne Greene, Danny Woodhead or Brandon Jackson??
    SHould I start Todd Heap of Zach Miller for tight end? TOugh Call with TE.. Miller should be healthy enought to do well but Heap is goin against Carolina..

    • Greene has a better matchup than Jackson, but Jackson had a pretty impressive game against them last time. I’d throw Jackson in and hope for some decent production out of him. I dont really think Woodhead will do much against Indy.

      Both TEs are good plays this week. Carolina and Pittsburgh give up a lot to TEs. I’d roll with Heap in this one though.

  145. john smith

    should i trade matt schaub roddy white and anquan boldin for michael vick mike sims walker and vernon davis?
    QB – Matt Schaub (HOU)
    RB – Adrian Peterson (MIN)
    RB – Rashard Mendenhall (PIT)
    WR – Mike Wallace (PIT)
    WR – Roddy White (ATL)
    WR – Anquan Boldin (BAL)
    TE – Brandon Pettigrew (DET)
    K – Matt Bryant (TB)
    DEF – Atlanta Defense (ATL)
    BN – Ben Roethlisberger (PIT)
    BN – Jahvid Best (DET)
    BN – Danny Woodhead (NE)
    BN – Santana Moss (WAS)
    BN – Steve Breaston (ARI)
    BN – Jacoby Ford (OAK)

  146. john smith

    who should i start big ben or matt schaub?

  147. dabad

    BIG WEEK! .5pt ppr – 2rb, 2wr, 1flex – who do I play?

    RB Ray Rice
    RB Darren McFadden
    RB Jamaal Charles
    WR Percy Harvin
    WR Dez Bryant
    WR Steve Johnson
    WR Vincent Jackson

    Im leaning on playing the 3 RBs along with Johnson and Jackson both being in what may be shootouts. I dont like Bryants matchup this week, and dont trust Minnesota and Favre who at least last week seemed locked on Rice already. Anyway, would appreciate any advice. Thanks!

    • fingers crossed you didnt go with bryant this week. assuming you didnt…

      I believe that you need to start your three RBs this week. All have good matchups and all could have great weeks. WR isnt as simple. S Johnson and V Jackson both have very rough matchups. V Jax has something to prove, so I think he is a strong play this week. S Johnson is no doubt the #1 in Buffalo, but its going to be a tough game for him. Harvin has the best matchup of the three, by a long shot. And will be acting as a #2 receiver again behind the returning Sydney Rice. He has potential if Favre is on his game against a 5th worst Redskin defense. I would go with Harvin and Jackson, I think. But your argument is definitely solid.

      • dabad

        I played my 3 RBs, S. Johnson and V-jax – Only Charles had a great day, Rice did a little bit better than projected, and DMc didnt. S.Johnson couldve had a nice day if he didnt drop so many passes, and v-jax is now dead to me – dropped him. I also have P. Manning and J. Tamme, and while Tamme has been a gift considering I lost Finley earlier this year, Manning is on and off lately. Overall, it ultimately didn’t matter as my matchup had me against Bowe and Cassell who just killed me.

        I can still make playoffs, but need to win last 2 outright, as my points total might not save me. So again – BIG!

        This week’s lineup – .5pt. ppr

        Again – most uncertain who to play mainly with 2RBs, 2WRs, and 1R/W-Flex

        RBs – J.Charles, R.Rice, D.McFadden
        WRs – Steve Johnson, P. Harvin, D. Bryant, Jacoby Ford

        @RB – J. Charles v.DEN is good to go, and I’m leaning on Rice v.PIT, over DMc v.@SD. Both have tough matchups, but I gotta play 1 of em, and Rice is at home, and OAK will be playing from behind is my guess.

        @WR – I still also like S. Johnson v.@MIN, along with Harvin v.BUF. Bryant v@IND kinda scares me mainly cause Kitna looks to be spreading it more now, plus Dallas may look to run more against IND

        @Flex – ??? DMc, D.Bryant, or maybe even a sneaky J.Ford v.@SD (big reach)? My league does RET YRDs (1pt/25yards), but still kinda leaning DMc over the WRs – he still has ppr value.

        Opinions/Advice much needed – Thanks!

      • First of all, please start posting in the Weekly Advice time from the current week. You are posting in one that has over 350 comments and it takes me forever to find it/for it to load.

        Now.. RB- Charles is a given. Rice has a tough matchup and was not impressive last week. McFadden’s matchup isnt much better. Backup QB is in for OAK and McFadden will have to get it done.

        WR- S Johnson, Harvin, and Bryant at Flex

        The points you made at RB are pretty good. OAK will definitely be playing from behind, you are right. Neither one is a very nice choice, and honestly I’m at a loss. Go with the gut and pick Rice at home.

        With return yardage factored in, i dont really know how to call it. Ford has been good in that regard, and I expect SD to put up some huge numbers and score a bunch.
        I changed my mind… Ford at flex over Bryant. Time to take a few risks. and this could be a good one for you.

  148. doZer

    QB: Kitna or Brandford?
    WR: Boldin or S. Moss?
    DEF: SF or OAK?

    Thanks for your help! I’m the commish of my league and have given this site to the other managers too…Great job!

    • Your QB pick has already been made, so I’ll just take the other two.

      Gotta go with Boldin over S Moss. Hes got a tougher matchup, but is the better option of the two, he is much more consistent than Moss.

      Both DEFs have a lot of potential this week. OAK is likely the best bet of the two.

      Thanks for spreading the word. Definitely love getting some new readers

  149. matt

    Hey.. Need some advice. I have some players Im thinking abt taking a chance on.
    qb vick

    wr. m. williams tb rb a. foster
    a.j. L.T.
    heinz ward shonne greene
    steve smith gmen a.dixon
    danny woodhead j. starks

    TE was heap but Picked up Celek .THinkin abt watson but chose celek.

    Do you think this is optimal: WR- ward-aj and williams
    rb foster and LT
    flex Dixon
    Thanks! I appreciate your advice.

    • I like the WR line up you have. And RB is probably best like that.
      I would use someone in place of Dixon at Flex though. Dixon is likely going to split carries, the matchup is pretty good, but splitting leaves a lot up in the air for 2 backups.
      Starks is likely splitting as well, but could have a major breakthrough this week. Woodhead has been pretty unstoppable running the ball and receiving it. So he is a good play as well. Smith is coming back this week, but I dont know how effective he will be immediately.
      Woodhead might be a good sub here in a game that is going to be a battle.

  150. TD

    Oh man, I need a win to clinch my playoff spot… it’s been a tough season. Despite leading my league in points, I am tied for fourth! I lost Finley, Gore, and D Bryant to injury as well.

    Please help me optimize my roster. Here is where it stands currently

    R White
    B Lloyd
    R Rice
    F Jackson
    J Tamme
    L Blount (flex)
    M Bryant (K)
    Atlanta (DEF)
    J Mayo (IDP)

    P Rivers
    C Ivory
    M Williams (TB)
    D Driver
    B Watson (in case Tamme is out Thursday)
    Chicago D

    Basically I need to know whether Blount/T Choice/Ivory is the way to go at flex this week… I suppose Williams and Driver are good flex plays too–but I would like an opinion as to which guy fits best there for week 14!

    Thank you,


    • I think your team is looking pretty legit. Its pretty baffling that you are in 4th. I can definitely understand the league leader in points though.

      I’d keep it the way it is. Blount has a good matchup this week. The only one I’d consider replacing him with is Mike Williams. Williams is going to be going against their best DB, who is the only bright spot on the Redskin defense. But Williams is the man this year and has beaten pretty much every corner he has faced. Blount though should be the workhorse, and the Skins are giving up 125ish on the ground.

  151. matt

    Hey.. need some advice.. Unfort. Steve SMith of the gmen is done.. who should i start as my flex..woodhead or nate washington.. My other positons are good,just need a flex,I was goin to make an attempt to get R jennings..if i get him,shld i start him over those two..If i dont get him..who shld i go with? I made it this far, just need that one more player. Also who would you go with tomorrow, phi def or miami d?

    I appreciate your advice..

    • I’m finally going to say it. Something I dont think i’ve said at all on this site.

      Go with Woodhead.

      He has been great every single week, but I never really believe in him, then always look like a chump. Washington has a nice matchup, but with Britt healthy and ahead of him, you have to go with Woodhead on this one. Even if you get Jennings.

      I’ve got Philly over Miami this week. Eli is always good for a handful of sacks and an INT or 2.

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