Andrew’s (Admittedly Late) Week 3 Start’em Sit’em

OK. I’ve decided that I’m a bit of a beast at start’em sit’em. I’m shooting like .800 due to the being awesome. Sure, when i’m wrong I’m way wrong (sit Randy Moss, Week 2/Start Massaquoi Week 1) but for the most part, I’m legit. Perhaps too legit, even. And we all know what that means.

Just to add a little more clarity to start’em sit’em i’m going to add a Sleeper list, to show those with upside, if youre in a deep league or really need the help.


  • Brandon Marshall – Going up against the Revis-less Jets Defense. Even more good news, Cromartie got burned by Marshall a few years ago for 18 receptions 166 yards and a TD. Henne isnt exactly the weapon that Cutler is.. but still, he should put up some numbers.
  • Jason Witten – He’s been remarkably quiet this year, causing fury-induced migraines for his owners. But Houston is miserable against TEs this year. Clark had 11 rec/80 yds/1 TD in Week 1. Cooley had 3/64/1 last week. I’d expect Witten to put up numbers similar to last year in the 7/100/1 range. (Consider this the same with the majority of Dallas Cowboys this week. Romo, Austin, Bryant, and even F. Jones are must starts against a very defensively challenged Texans team)
  • Clinton Portis – There seems to be quite a bit of talk about the new back-up in Washington. Portis will feel pressured to perform well today, and it will work against St. Louis. Expect a big day on a defense already torched by Hightower and McFadden this year. A 20+ fantasy performance is not out of the question.
  • Jeremy Maclin – 2 scores in the red zone in the first 2 weeks. Playing a horrid Jacksonville D. Should see even more work as he starts getting better with Vick under center.
  • Carson Palmer – Considering his first 2 starts were against New England and Baltimore, I don’t think he’s looking that bad. This week he is facing the Carolina Defense, that gave up 178 yards passing yards, 2 TDs, and no sacks against Josh Freeman and the Bucs.
  • Sleepers – Mike Tolbert, Fred Taylor, Louis Murphy, Mike Wallace, Sam Bradford


  • Tampa Bay Offense – Freeman (like you’d do that anyways), Cadillac Williams, Mike Williams, Kellen Winslow. The looks decent in the first 2 games, but both were against awful teams. This week they are facing what looks like the best Defense in the NFL. The Steelers are 2 and 0 only because of their defense. Dont expect much out of the Bucs offense, if anything. Consider this essentially the same for Cleveland and Buffalo.
  • Brandon Jackson – We were all admittedly a little high on Jackson last week. Especially against the lowly Bills, where he ran 11 times for 29 yards. Not to mention he is going against Chicago this week, a team giving up less than 30 yards rushing a game. Definitely not starter material. I’m sure you have 2 better RBs on your roster.
  • Kyle Orton – I’m usually a fan, but not so much this week. The running game has issues, his OL is banged up and probably missing starters. And Indy learned to buckle down a bit against New York last week. Orton wont be the worst QB, but you probably have a better one.
  • Dwayne Bowe, Lee Evans, Jericho Cotchery, Braylon Edwards – Four receivers with respectable pasts. All look like crap this year. Blame the QB play. Blame communication issues or misbehavior. Don’t let them see your starting line up.
  • Dallas, Indy, Denver DEF – Just tough matchups. Use them if you have to, but I think there will be some high scoring affairs here.
  • Do not start “sleepers” – Aromashodu, Mike Williams (SEA), Brandon Lloyd, Gaffney, Beanie Wells, David Garrard, Meachem.


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30 responses to “Andrew’s (Admittedly Late) Week 3 Start’em Sit’em

  1. Marc

    In a PPR/flex leauge with advanced scoring, who should start in the flex spot: Ladainian or Demaryius?

  2. Mike

    Of these Wrs Who would you start?
    A. Boldin, S. Smith (NYG), D. Bryant, Mark Clayton, Nate Washington. I need to start 3, as of now i have A. Boldin, Mark Clayton an Bryant starting. Would you change any of that?

    Also Which 2 of these 3 Hbs would you start? D. Williams, C. Benson, M. Tolbert

    • I’d go Boldin, Smith and Bryant. Smith should get more looks than Clayton. I trust his QB more.

      I like D Williams and Benson. Both have good matchups. Panthers should hand off a lot. And Cincy should go up early and run the clock out.
      Tolbert has a good chance at a red zone score, but I still like the other 2

  3. Clay

    nonPPR league, standard scoring

    Is Dez Bryant a solid start even with his injury? My only other solid option would be Mark Clayton.

    Also: Brady or Vick? Would sort of hate to bench someone like Brady but Vick has been smoking his first two games.

    Thanks in advance!

    • Bryant is still a good start. Cowboys are going to the air a lot against the league’s worst pass defense. Expect big numbers.
      I’d take Vick over Brady. Vick looks great and is going up against a bad defense.

      Youre welcome. Bookmark us and come on back.

  4. Sara

    Which 2 RB’s and 2 WR’s would you start this week?

    B. Jackson

    R. White
    H. Ward
    J. Knox

    Also, would you drop B. Jackson and pick up Tolbert for this week?

    Please help.


    • Forte and Benson.
      White and Colston.

      You could make the drop, but even if you had Tolbert, i wouldnt play him.

      Forte has a tough matchup, but is a better option than your others. Benson should help Cincy run the clock out vs. Carolina.
      White and Colston are the obvious WR choices this week. Ward has a 4th string QB. Knox is a good play, but against the GB defense.


  5. alex

    Out of these recievers: Mario Manningham, Louis Murphy, Nate Washington

    1. Who is most talented

    2. Who will get most receptions

    3. Who has best matchup

    • Most talented. Mario Manningham. This is based on career stats for me. I love watching him. He gets open all the time, but that could be because he is a #3 and covered by a nickel corner or safety.

      Most receptions: Louis Murphy. He’s the #1 and playing against Arizona.

      Best matchup: Louis Murphy. Against AZ, he should be good.


      I’d give murphy the start

  6. Luke

    should i play hightower or McCoy this week?

    Do you think Beanie Wells will play in week 3?

  7. TJ

    Who should I start? PPR Leaugue
    RB: Benson, Turner, D. Williams, Hillis,
    WR: Collie, Smith (Car), D. Thomas, Bowe, or Tony Gonzalez?
    I need 2 rbs, 2 wrs, and two flex.

    • Benson and Turner at RB.
      Collie and Smith at WR.
      Williams and Gonzalez at Flex.

      If you cant do a TE at flex, I’d go with Williams and Bowe I suppose.

      I really wouldnt expect a great deal of points this week. Collie should do well. Turner and Benson have a chance too. I dont see Steve Smith doing much with Clausen under center. Bowe is falling apart. Williams will be targeted with the CAR lack of passing game.


  8. Justin

    ok this is for one of my fantasy teams.

    i can start 2.

    kevin walter
    a. bradshaw
    shonn greene
    d bowe

    • I’d go with Knox and Bradshaw.
      Knox is definitely the go to. Its a tough matchup, but could have a decent score.
      Bradshaw will get almost all the carries after what Jacobs pulled last week.

      Walter has upside against the Cowboys, but i’d avoid the other 4 you listed.


      • Justin

        thanks.. one more question this is for my other league. pick 1:

        kevin walter
        steve breaston
        mike williams (tb)
        jeremy maclin

        staters right now.

        matt schaub
        desean jackson
        hakeem nicks
        ray rice
        jermichael finley
        pierre thomas
        plus the one guy u pick

      • I think Maclin could do some terrible things against the Jaguars today. He is consistently targeted in the redzone and Vick likes going to him. He’s the WR3 in 2 of my leagues.


  9. RiskyBiz

    Tom Brady usually bounces back well.. Mike Vick has a chance to make another difference..

    Who should I start? Tom Terrific or Mike Marvelous..

    • I’ve gotten this question a few times. Brady has something to prove, and a good matchup.
      Vick though has a fantastic matchup. The Jags are bad against the pass and the run. And we all know Vick can do both.

      I take Vick this week. I think he’ll put up some fantastic numbers.


  10. MIke


    D.Thomas, Fred Taylor or Buckhalter????

    NE doesnt run much compared to thru the air
    THomas competeing with Gaffney
    BUckhalter taking morenos place

  11. shaun

    Got a couple for you-
    Need 2 please:
    Pierre Thomas
    LeSean McCoy
    Rashard Mendenhall
    Clinton Portis
    Need a WR 3:
    Michael Crabtree
    Mark Clayton
    Legedu Naanee
    Demaryius Thomas
    Thank in advance for the help!

  12. shaun

    Oh almost forgot-
    Dustin Keller
    Brent Celek?
    Thanks again!

  13. MIke

    SHould I pick up any of these for future? and who sud i drop?

    Get? Danny Amendola, Aaron Hernandez, Buckhalter

    Drop? meachem, gaffney, mike william(tb)

    • I only like Amendola if you are in a league that gets return yards.
      Aaron Hernandez is my favorite on this list, but it depends on who your TEs are.
      Buckhalter will be splitting time this week, but could have a decent showing. Moreno could possibly be out for 3 or 4 weeks depending on the severity.

      If you are desperate for a change at TE, I’d trade Gaffney for Hernandez.
      If you think that you will add him to your starting lineup and he wont just waste away on your bench, pick up Buckhalter and drop Meachem.


  14. RiskyBiz

    I need 2 RB’s to start for Week 5.. Tomlinson, Addai, Tolbert or Torain?

    And who should I keep for the long haul:
    Shockey or Shiancoe?

    Thanks for your insight..

    • Id take Torain and Addai. Addai has a good matchup, LT is the starter, but MIN is tough to run on. Tolbert is a solid backup in SD and will see production, but I think it will decline, he is a definite sleeper all year, but a risk. Torain is going up against GB, who is surprisingly soft against the run. He should see most of the action. He is punishing runner and GB is giving up something like 5 yards per carry.


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