Games start in a minute or so.

Keep us updated on how youre doing this week and how our advice worked out for you.

Good luck to everyone.

Jordan: I’m taking a break from writing my dear diary writing and Yo Yo Ma listening to let you know something very very very very very important: Every decision I recommend you make, I’ve made myself. That’s not so much wit as it is truth; I never recommend you do something that I am not doing myself. What kind of commentator would I be then? A shitty one. It’s like when a chef is noted for their unbelievably tasty cooking, but is skinny as hell. Consider me your fat chef. I eat what I make, even if it tastes like shit. I ride on stats and my own gut, as you should too, i.e., you should ride on my gut too. My gut is good. And fat. And wise, like the Buddha, except that no one has me bronzed and in Chinese restaurants throughout America. Oh, and I’m not very good at Eastern philosophy. Football is not very conducive to zen, if you know what I mean.



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2 responses to “KICKOFF!

  1. Daniel

    Who’s on the take with this trade?

    Welker/Clark vs White/Gates

    • Thanks for stopping in. Hope to make a frequent customer out of you. And everyone you tell of course. Because you will be bragging about godhateslosers for sure.

      After much deliberation, I’ve decided that White and Gates wins.

      Welker is seeing the endzone but not the receptions and yards we’re all used to. I blame his lack of confidence with his knee. If the Pats keep getting in shootouts with every team though, he could see an increase as the year goes on. But White is a #1 receiver on a solid offense. He is splitting catches with his TE, but he is a beast that you can expect a lot of points from consistently each week.

      At the beginning of the year I said it, and I’ll say it again. Gates the going to have a monster season. The best of any TE. Ever. Its true. Clark is great, but losing looks to Wayne and Collie has emerged as Peytons favorite white guy.


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