Advice Time! Week Four

Alright, the last one got insanely full, so we’re starting it up again.

You know how it works.

Ask us anything fantasy football related, and get an answer before game day. Guaranteed.

In return all I ask is that you tell a couple friends about us. The more hits we get, the higher our morale. The higher the morale, the more likely we’ll stick around and be awesome at this. Also, the fame and fortune thing. We need your help, people. Spread the word that is the greatest thing to happen to the internet since Google StreetView. We are the fantasy football equivalent of limitless, entirely free pornography.



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237 responses to “Advice Time! Week Four

  1. Diddy

    Start 3 WR. I’ve got Marshall, Megatron, Bowe, M.Wallace, M.Williams (TB), D.Thomas.

    I kinda want L.Murphy for a week or 2. Who SHOULD I drop? And who COULD I drop and might stay on the FA list for a little while?

    • Bowe and Williams both have byes.
      Marshall, Johnson and Wallace are the best 3 on your team. I think thomas would be the least likely to be picked up. I think murphy is an upgrade over thomas.


      • Diddy

        Thanks. Should I play Murphy this week over Marshall, Johnson, Wallace? I read somewhere Murphy didn’t practice wednesday. Thomas did practice and I guess is healthy. That play he got hurt looked nasty for his arm though. It’s tough to trust Wallace without Big Ben, especially vs Baltimore. I’m thinking out loud. =)

        Nice site. I’m a fan. I like Razzball alot too. I want humor with my fantasy coverage. Keep it up.

      • I’d throw Murphy in over Wallace this week. Much better matchup.

        Glad you like us. Tell your friends. Good luck this week.

  2. Jesse14

    Who to start:
    Darren Sproles or Joshua Cribbs?
    Miami D or Baltomore D?


    • I’m really hoping this is a points per return league or something. Or else i’m going to make fun of you for having them on your bench. I guess cribbs?

      Baltimore should be good about shutting down the PIT offense. Miami should struggle with NE if they allowed the Jets to score as much as they did.


  3. phillip

    wutsup guys. been telling a lot of people in my league about the site (although it could be damaging to me since they are getting the same great advice ha) well anyway i got two questions for you guys.

    romo is on bye this week and my only two DECENT choices are bradford or gradkowski who do i start?

    second, do you think andre johnson will be able to produce this week with that bad ankle? if not, should i sub jabbar gaffney or louis murphy in his place?

    i am in a head to head ppr league. THANKS BROS!

    • Thanks for spreading the word. Of course we recommend telling those outside your league, because we want you to win.

      1) Bradford has a better stat line than Gradkowski. The good news is that Bradford is facing SEA and Gradkowski is facing HOU, the Seahawks and Texans are both in the top three is passing yards against.
      Bradford looked solid last week, but I think I’ll go with Gradkowski on this one. Should be playing from behind all day, and the HOU defense is embarrassing against the pass.

      2) I hate recommending anyone over Johnson. Its a sin really. But looking at the stats: AJ left last weeks game, he is playing OAK, and will be match with Osamugha, one of the best CBs in the game. Last year AJ caught only 2 passes against them for 66 yards and no TD. Its hard to say bench him. If he practices and claims to be healthy before Sunday, go with Johnson. If not, I’d replace with Murphy over Gaffney.


  4. Sox

    Man I wish I’d followed my gut and started shockey last week. Moeaki got decent enough numbers though.

    Starters for week 4:
    WR1 Steve Smith (NYG)
    WR2 Louis Murphy
    WR3 ?
    RB1 foster
    RB2 BJGE
    TE Shockey or Hernandez
    Def Sea

    WR3 is either Gaffney, Shipley, Bess, or Garcon. Mainly deciding between bess and Garcon (if he even plays). Picked up bess this morning as a potential spot start since NE secondary blows and slot wrs are deadly against them.

    I’ve directed my friends here, great advice!

    • You win some, you lose some. I had Orton (476 yds, 1 TD) on my bench in favor of Eli. Mhmm

      I definitely like where you are coming from with your Bess comment. And, as Al Michaels pointed out about 45 times on Sunday Night, the Dolphins love going to Bess on 3rd down. He should have a good game against NE. If the bills can do it, anyone can.
      The way Shockey played last week, and the lame matchup, make me say that you have to keep him as your starter this week.

      Thanks for spreading the word.


      • Sox

        Good deal. I dropped another one of my backup WRs to pickup LeGarrette Blount. Thinking about switching him or yet another WR for Torain. With the following in mind:

        – If Portis loses his starting spot, could be huge for Torain.
        – Blout getting goal line carries?
        – League’s hurting bad for RBs, if one of these guys has a big week, I can trade them for better WR options.

        Currently for RBs I have Foster, BJGE, Charles, Blout, and like I said I may get Torain.

        For WRs I have Smith (NYG), Murphy, Gaffney, Bess, Garcon.

        For TEs I’ve got Hernandez, Shockey, Moeaki. I’m actually pretty happy with my options here, and I’m not sure if I’ll part with any of them unless I can get a stud receiver as part of a deal.

      • sounds good. i agree with your points. I personally dont like playing goal line backs, because of the risk factor. I like to have the guarantee of yardage over the possibility of scoring.

  5. Howard

    Is it time to cut my loses with Brandon Jackson? He does have Detroit this week but he just doesnt seem to be a great runner. And if so would someone like Lynch be a good pickup? The Bills are definetly showcasing him and there’s a good chance that GB could be in the mix for his services.

    I don’t need either of these guys to play but just looking to stash someone for later on down the road.

    • He got 29 yards against the Bills. He doesnt exactly look like we all thought he would be. It makes sense though that a team as good as the Packers would have to establish the run at some point. But its a big gamble.
      If there is little chance that either will see the field, I have to say that Jackson still has more upside. Lynch has looked good over the past few weeks, but Fred Jackson and Spiller are obviously the future in Buffalo, and the Bills will do what they can to make sure they get their playing time so they can grow and be good in a few years, when the Bills have a shot to be contenders. Lynch will look good for the first half of the season, but when Buffalo’s playoff chances are blown, look for more out of Spiller.


  6. Jack

    i give shone greene

    i get driver and benjarvus

    wad u think? and is benjarvus a start for this week??

    • Greene hasnt been performing at all. You are giving up someone who was likely your first draft pick. but I like this trade.
      I think BenJarvis will be sharing time with F. Taylor more than he did last week. But he is the only back producing on the NE offense.
      I think its a good trade, hopefully we arent jumping to too big a conclusion about Greene.


  7. Ryan A.

    yep, 3-0 so far due to this blog. BOOM!

    Defense Question:
    i picked up the atlanta D this morning, hoping the niners will once again show a lack of offense (case in point week 1-3) but will they bounce back this week?

    my other choice is Seattle (SLEEPER ALERT!)

    who do you think would make a better defense for week 4?

    • thats what i like to hear!

      The 49ers just fired their Offensive Coordinator and bumped the QB coach to the position. Playcalling will change, but there should be a lot of disarray for a while.

      I personally have picked up Indy in one league and Seattle in another. I think Seattle is a great play against STL this week.


  8. Clay

    Starting Vick over Brady was the right call last week, unfortunately my opponent had a monster day and trounced me anyway.

    I’m leaning towards sticking with him this week too after seeing what the Rams did to Washington. Agree/disagree?

    • such is life. you’ll get back in there.

      I agree with the call. I think there will be a lot of heat on Vick with McNabb coming into town. Vick has a lot to prove and against Washington, a team terrible against the pass, Vick should put up tons of points for you.


  9. Anthony

    2 trade offers for Phillip rivers, 12 team league.
    Offer 1: Cutler + D.Bryant + J. Forsett

    Offer 2: Big Ben + L.Mccoy + S.Smith(car.)

    I like offer 2, thoughts? (note:ppr league

    • Offer 1 has the better QB I think. Ben could go back to his old self, but i think it will take some time.
      Bryant gets the edge over Smith, just because of the QB situation in carolina. Smith gets more catches, but Bryant more yards and TDs, I think.
      McCoy is a much better pickup than Forsett.

      I think I like trade 2 as well. Dealing Rivers is a huge loss, but if both McCoy and Smith will start for you, I think its a good deal.


  10. Brendan

    Who to start for second RB this week:

    Beanie Wells vs SD
    Justin Forsett vs STL
    Brandon Jackson vs DET

    • Beanie Wells and Forsett are the two I’m choosing between. Wells looked good in his first game back, getting 17 carries and 75 yards. SD is a tough defense though.
      Forsett has taken the #1 spot in SEA, and they are playing the STL defense that is giving up 40 more rushing ypg than SD.

      I’d take Forsett in this matchup. Wells should probably end up taking over later on in the year though.


  11. Vlad

    I have a trade offer that I may need help with. Greg Jennings has been mediocre at best in the past 3 weeks, allowing Donald Driver to overtake him in stats and TDs. Should I trade Jennings for beast of a RB Darren McFadden? This would be my roster post-trade, after picking up a few FAs of course:
    QB:Aaron Rodgers
    WR:DeSean Jackson
    WR:Donald Driver
    WR:Louis Murphy
    RB:Joseph Addai
    RB:Darren McFadden
    TE:Jermichael Finley
    K:Neil Rackers
    BN:Mark Sanchez-QB
    BN:DeAngelo Williams-RB
    BN:Chris Cooley-TE
    BN:Pierre Garcon-WR
    BN:Brandon Lloyd-WR
    BN:Devin Hester-WR

    Also if I go through with the trade, I’ll need to cut a WR to make room for a backup DEF. Out of the 5 WR (Jacksons out of the question) which one should I cut?

    Thanks in advance

    • Vlad

      Sorry, I misread when I said Driver was trumping Jennings in stats; having only 7 more yards than Driver is still a long way from where he should be, however.

    • I’m going to address the last part first.. you do NOT need a back up defense. when it comes to PITs bye week, have 2 DEFs on your roster, other than that. Do not have 2.

      McFadden has become a great RB, no doubt, but for Greg Jennings, you can get an even better one. I’d aim higher. Jennings hasnt shown off all he can do so far, but he will come around. He is definitely a top 5 fantasy WR. McFadden is a top 12 RB.


      • Vlad

        Well Pitt has a bye next week (week 5). I’m questioning who to drop to make room for a backup D for that week. I’m thinking of Hester as the least productive of the group and probably the least likely to be picked up as a FA. Any suggestions on a player I can drop who probably won’t get picked up, or perhaps a player better off cutting and replacing after I drop the DST after week 5?

        Also I have the choice between the Colts or Falcons defense for week 5. Which one would be best at replacing the Pitts Defense for that week? I’m leaning towards Atlanta but I’d rather get an outside opinion of course.

        Appreciate the help.

      • I agree with ATL vs. Cleveland in week 5. Delhomme is probably back and he’s usually good for a pick or two.

        Hester would be the smartest drop on your roster. Even if someone picks him up, youve got a lot of good players on your bench to trade, and i’m sure there will be a few gems in FA.

        good luck this week.


  12. scott

    Start Hillis vs. Cleveland or Forte vs. the Giants?

    • Hillis definitely impressed last week against Baltimore. Cincinnati is more porous than the Ravens, so Hillis should do pretty good against them.
      Forte is also a great play, because NYG are giving up almost 140 yards per game on the ground and Forte is a threat out of the backfield. For that reason, I pick Forte.


  13. Brian

    Cutler or Vick this week? Also for wr3 I have to pick from Mike Williams(Seattle), Jabar Gaffney, and Robert Meachem.

    • Vick vs. Washington. The Skins give up huge yardage against the pass, and Vick is out to prove that he is better than McNabb.

      All three WR3 options are mediocre at best. I dont trust Gaffney or Meachem really just because they have so much competition on their teams at the position.

      Williams is having shoulder problems, but should still see a good amount of work against STL this week.


  14. Cody Stauffer

    Here’s what I got going on.

    I have at WR Miles Austin, Hakeem Nicks, Louis Murphy. (I also have Dez Bryant, but I picked him up later in the draft not expecting to start him but potentially use for trade material).

    At RB, I have Adrian Peterson, Arian Foster, Knowshon Moreno, and Mike Tolbert (who I only recently picked up because of Moreno’s injury, as I was going to rely on Moreno as my bye week fill in when necessary).

    Our league starts 2 WR’s, 1 RB, and one flex position (either WR or RB). Obviously Austin, Bryant, and Peterson are out because of bye weeks, and more than likely Moreno is out this week. Tolbert won’t be an option at all if Matthews is okay.

    Here is me true dilemma. As I sit right now, I am starting Nicks and Murphy at WR, with Foster and Tolbert filling my RB and flex spot. However, Braylon Edwards is available to pick up, free and clear off of FA. Should I pick him up? If so, who do I drop? I could drop TOlbert and pick him up, going with 3 WR’s and 1 RB (Nicks, Murphy, Edwards, and Foster at RB). OR, I could drop Murphy and get Edwards, going with 2 WRs and 2 RBs (Nicks, Edwards, Foster and Tolbert). OR, I could just drop Dez Bryant, since he is unlikely to start ever for me since I have Austin and get Edwards. In that case, I would have to decide to whether to start all 3 WRs with one taking the flex spot, or still go with 2 WRs (and which ones between Nicks, Murphy, and Edwards) and the 2 RBs (Foster and Tolbert). I know that’s long and probably took longer to say then it should have, but I wanted to make sure all the contingencies were listed. Thanks!

    • Cody Stauffer

      I should also tell you that Brandon Lloyd is available, free and clear as well. That has been one I have been considering, too!

    • I definitely think you need to pick up Edwards for Tolbert. Your lineup would be much stronger. Nicks will have a good week against a Bears D that can be thrown on. Murphy looks good vs HOU (the worst passing D in the leauge) Foster is a beast, and Edwards is an obvious upgrade over Tolbert.

      Keep Dez. Keep Murphy. They might be good for a trade later if you ever run into trouble. They also make good bye week fillers.


  15. tomt

    good day just found your site,very good!so ppr 14 team league need 1rb 2flex spots choices are shoone greene,brandon jackson,lance moore,jabar gafney,demaryius thomas. who sits ?

    • Thank you sir. We try. Tell your friends.

      I’d make Greene your RB over Jackson. Thomas and Gaffney are pretty even to me. Lance Moore seems to have had a lucky week, and I dont know how great he’ll be with all the talent in New Orleans.
      I’d play Greene, Thomas, and Moore. Sit Gaffney and Jackson.

      Also, i’ve been waiting for someone in a super deep league to make this prediction. If you are feeling bold enough.. I recommend Golden Tate. I dont know why. I just have a feeling. My leagues are only 10 teams, so its crazy. But in a 14 team league, where the rosters are deeper, i just want to see what he does. I’m not saying to pick him up and start him. Just maybe get him on your bench to impress your opponents if he does well.


  16. Lonnie

    Need to start 1 RB from the following:

    Mendenhall vs Baltimore
    Matthews vs Arizona
    Hillis vs Cincinnati

  17. tomt

    have both dustin keller and brent celek ppr league is it time to cut celek yet i do have a te/wr flex spot avaliable with no true #2 wr !! roddy white and a bunch of 3wr l moore,j gafney,l murphy,demaruis thomas!

  18. Fish Filet

    Who to start in wk4 (need 2)…Ronnie Brown (v NE), Peyton Hillis (v. Cin), Pierre Thomas (v. Car), J. Stewart (v. NO).

  19. Don

    I have RB2 position and can choose between Buckhalter Denver, Donald Brown, or John Kuhn. thank you

    • Buckhalter is a sit for me against TENN, Donald Brown probably wont be as effective as Addai against JAX. I think Addai will get most of the work this week. Kuhn is seeing more carries than B Jackson, and is a pretty solid sleeper against detroit. I like him this week. I’d consider trying to trade a WR or something for a RB2 upgrade, you need it pretty bad.

  20. Okay God, here is my question. Here are my WRs for my team…

    Chad Ochocinco
    Donald Driver
    Santanna Moss
    Louis Murphy

    As much as I love Ochocinco, Carson Palmer has been ineffective these last few weeks. Should I bench Ochco for week 4 and hope Palmer improves or do I cut my losses and try to shop Ocho around?

    • please, just call me andrew.

      You can shop him around, your other three guys are pretty solid. But things will pick up in Cincy, so I wouldnt worry too much. Ochocinco will show up against Cleveland this week.


  21. Raj

    Hey guys,

    Thanks for the advice in week 3, I ended up winning in both leagues. This week my main concern is my PPR league with flex. My team is as follows:

    QB Drew Brees
    WR1 Roddy White
    WR2 Greg Jennings
    RB1 Arian Foster
    RB2 Ryan Mathews
    TE Vernon Davis
    Flex Austin Collie
    K Stephen Gostowski
    Def Jets

    BN BenJarvus Green Ellis
    BN Clinton Portis
    BN Brandon Lloyd
    BN Jason Snelling
    BN Matt Ryan
    BN Jeremey Shockey

    My main concern here is Ryan Mathews and whether I should start BenJarvus over him. I think I am done with Clinton Portis especially after the Ram’s fiasco. Sorry about the long post, let me know what you think of my starting lineup. Thanks!

    • Congrats on the wins. Keep us around and we’ll get you to the Championship.

      If Mathews is back this week, I think you have to go with him. For the next month SD has great matchups for RBs. GreenEllis did see a lot of yardage, but that was against BUF, Miami is a different story. He should get most of the work though.
      Portis is a no-go for me this week. So if Mathews is healthy and starting, play him. If not get GreenEllis in there. The rest of your lineup is golden.


  22. Matt

    2 flex positions:

    Who gets the nod in your opinion? D. Thomas (DEN), Green-Ellis (NE), Moore (NO), Kuhn (GB), or M. Lynch (BUF).

    P.S. This is a 1 QB, 4 WR, 3 RB, 2 TE, 2 WR/RB 8-team league. It’s deep.

    • Quite the deep league there. I’m iffy about pretty much everyone you listed. Green Ellis has upside and should see most of the work for NE. So he would be one of them.

      Its always questionable with Denver about who will see most of the receptions, so there is a yellow light on Thomas. I’d give the start to Moore, he had a break out week and will look to continue that.


  23. Adam

    Hello again! I’ve been spreading the news…with the exception of my buddies who are competing against me πŸ™‚
    My current roster for week 4:
    A. Johnson WR1 (high ankle sprain)
    A. Collie WR2 (yay)
    M. Colston WR3 (wtf)
    R. Mendenhall RB1
    M. Jones-Drew RB2
    D. Keller TE
    Jeff Reaed K
    NO- DEF

    Peyton Hillis
    Jahvid Best
    Steven Jackson
    Lous Murphy
    Johnny Knox
    Lance Moore (avaliable as FA)

    So obviously, i’m looking for the best lineup here. I’m concerned about starting Johnson and Colston even though they usually are “must start” players. AJ had trouble last year against the Oak CB, and Colston has made me want to cry. I’m (1-2) going in to week 4 and really need this win.

    • Colston is definitely falling. Its confusing to me too. AJ has a tough matchup and his status needs to be checked in on later this week. Colston is losing ground, but is still the #1 and has potential to score a ton.
      Being 1-2, you want the win, but I wouldnt be afraid to mix things up a bit. Johnny Knox and Louis Murphy are great plays this week. Definitely worth considering.


  24. joe esposito

    i need two to start outa three…..
    hakeem nicks,
    kevin walter,
    mark clayton;

    thanks 4 the advice

    GO BEARS!!

  25. daniel

    Found your site through yahoo’s FFB comments, looks very helpful so far!

    I’m in a 12 team ppr (.5/catch) and I need help ranking some WRs for the rest of the year.

    Which two of these would you want for the remainder of the year: Crabtree, Bowe, or Jacoby Jones.

    And specifically, would you trade
    Bowe/Jacoby + Jason Witten to get Crabtree and Zach Miller (Oak)? If so, I’m assuming Jacoby goes instead of Bowe?

    thanks much!

    • good to hear. tell your friends for us!

      Crabtree is questionable with the O Coordinator change at SF, but he turned it on at the end of last year and could do the same this season.
      Bowe is getting better each week with Cassel.
      Jones is my least favorite of the bunch, but could see a good week because of the issues A Johnson is facing.

      Yeah, I’d get rid of Jacoby and Witten for Crabtree and Miller, I think thats a good move.

      Youre welcome. Hope to see you back.


  26. jayhawk4life

    need some help with WR and Flex:

    WR – (need 2) driver, smith(car), MSW, Murphy, Gaffney

    Flex – Any of the receivers not used and Lynch/green-ellis

    Oh and about to get marshall for msw in a staight up trade…awesome i know.

  27. Yishicinco

    Should I trade MJD for Fitzgerald? (not a PPR league)

    Here is my team:

    QB Carson Palmer

    WR Randy Moss

    WR Malcom Floyd

    WR Austin Collie

    RB Maurice Jones-Drew

    RB Jahvid Best

    TE Greg Olsen

    BN Kellen Winslow

    BN Dwayne Bowe

    BN Jamaal Charles

    BN Darren Sproles

    BN LaDainian Tomlinson

    BN Mark Clayton

    K Robbie Gould

    DEF Tennessee

  28. Sonburn

    I am weak in the RB dept, too many WR. Should I drop Knox or Moore to pick up Green-Ellis?

    • Sonburn

      I also have Thomas Jones who is of course on a bye this week… unsure if Green-Ellis is an upgrade and I should just swap. Rice and Addai are my mains.

    • I’d drop Moore. Knox is a favorite target of Cutler and should see consistent work all season. Moore is moving up in the NO depth chart, but there is too much talent for him to be a week-to-week player that Knox is. If you need to pick up GreenEllis, then drop Moore to do so.

  29. James

    Ricky Williams WAS NOT who I thought he was. I’m seriously considering using him as trading fodder, if I could get anything for him. Too soon?

    That being said, I’m looking at proposing a 2-for-1 trade involving Williams. It would be Mark Clayton + Williams for Austin Collie. Good/bad idea, fair/unfair?

    Love your website by the way! Great stuff!

    • Ronnie brown has become the man in Miami, I doubt you could get much for him. You could try to wait it out, but I havent been impressed by him at all.

      I think that could be a good trade, you are getting guaranteed value at WR. I dont really like 2 for 1 trades, but this one could work.

      Thanks for loving us. We’re pretty great, we know. Make sure you spread the word for us.


  30. tomt

    great site! I have both brent celek and dustin keller,and roddy white,jabar gafney,demarius thomas,louis murphy and lance moore i feel i have no true no2 reciever,i can satrt 2 wrs 1 wr/te and 1 wr/rb should i cut celek and look for another wr maybe golden tate and wait for him to develop or use celek in the wr/te spot in ppr ?thanks

    • Thanks Tomt.

      I love golden tate. i really do. and he keeps getting better. but he is not worth the risk unless you are in a 14+ team league or an incredibly deep one.

      Keller has to be your TE.
      WR1 is White
      WR2 is Murphy (playing Houston so he should get a lot of work.

      I’d try to deal Celek. He is looking better, but not really living up to hype. I have a WR/TE spot in one of my league and I would only ever use a TE there if i had two top 3 TEs like a Finley, Gates combo. I’d throw him on the trading block, maybe with an RB or lower WR and see what you can get.

      Gaffney and Thomas are both good, but playing in a system with a lot of WR talent. I think most of the work goes to Royal and Lloyd. Moore might have been a fluke, but is worth keeping an eye on. If you cant get the trade before the week. I’d put thomas in at WR/TE.


  31. Zach

    Here is my starting lineup:

    Aaron Rodgers
    Andre Johnson
    Joseph Addai
    Aaron Hernandez
    Brandon Lloyd
    Mike Wallace

    Bench is:

    Mike Sims-Walker
    Jamaal Charles(bye)
    Brent Celek
    Reggie Bush
    Ben Roethlisberger
    Benjarvus Green-Ellis

    Question: I feel as if Sims-Walker, Celek, maybe Roethlisberger and maybe Bush are taking up roster spots. Any ideas if I should keep all, trade a couple?

    • Sims Walker hasnt looked great this year, but has potential if Garrard gets his head in the game. Celek has been disappointing for all the hype coming into the season. Big Ben has yet to play, but they way PIT is looking, he could be good and would make for excellent trade bait in week 6 or 7. Bush is out for a while. I’d dump him.

      See what kind of trade offers you can get for MSW and Celek. Wait on trading Roethlisberger til he proves he is back to being a legit NFL QB. and I’d throw Bush back into Free Agency.


  32. Robert

    I just started reading this post and like what I see so far.. Will share with my friends!

    Need help this week I’m 1-2 in a 12 team ppr. league. Time to make a statement, hope you can help!

    Week 4 Lineup

    QB – Matt Ryan
    QB – Matt Hasselbeck
    WR – Andre Johnson (High ankle sprain)
    WR – Mark Clayton
    WR – Jabar Gaffney
    RB – Jason Snelling
    RB – BenJarvus Green-Ellis
    TE – Antonio Gates
    W/T – Joshua Cribbs
    W/R – C.J. Spiller
    K – Neil Rackers
    DEF – Arizona
    D – Earl Thomas

    Jordy Nelson
    Percy Harvin (bye)
    Ricky Williams
    Vince Young
    Kenneth Darby
    Sidney Rice (holding for later)
    LaRon Laundry

    As you can see this is a Deep League!! and no one else is available to take in the waiver wire.


    • Awesome. We definitely welcome new faces here. Thanks for spreading the word.

      Jesus this is a deep league. I’d swap Spiller with Williams. Both are playing tough defenses, but NYJ is tougher, and spiller isnt seeing much action. I dont really know who is in FA that would be good. Maybe Kuhn or Golden Tate are still there. Both could have good weeks. Torain might already be taken, but he is scheduled to steal some work from Portis and has breakout potential.


    • Robert

      Thanks for the feedback!

      I’ll look around for those guys, one thing I forgot to tell you is in this league I get points for KO returns.. Spiller has been a beast on the kickoffs thus far. Do you think this will continue against NYJ??

      • Yeah, if you get return yards then he is a good play. I expect the Jets to win this one. They’ll score 4 or 5 times (TDs or FGs) so Spiller should have a lot of chances to break a good return.

  33. Amy

    You guys are my secret weapon in the all boys league I play in. I need some serious help this week! Here are my RBs:

    MJD, Jahvid, Clinton Portis, and Brandon Jackson.

    I need to start two RBs, and with Jahvid and Portis’ respective injuries and Jackson’s underwhelming performances, I don’t know what to do. Do you think MJD will finally have a good week this week?

    I need your sage advice!

    • Amy

      Okay, I decided to take on my WRs this week too:

      Out of these four, who would you start:
      Santana Moss, Anquan Boldin, Brandon Lloyd, Donald Driver.

      I have to start two.

      • Starting Moss is a give, due to the fact that McNabb is going to want to crush Philly and SM is his go-to guy. Boldin had a great week last week, exploding on to the Baltimore scene in a way that he had yet to do: He’s your man. Yes, the Steelers are a good defensive team, but they rank 17th in the league for overall passing defense, and that’s after facing middling passing teams like Tampa Bay and Tennessee.

    • Start Best and Jackson.

      Here’s why: The Lions have the worst rushing defense in the NFL, so, realistically, ANYONE is going to run over them. It’s going to be a high-powered day for Green Bay, and, in all fairness to Jackson, he’s only been a starter for 2.5 weeks. If I were you, I would probably bow to reason and start MJD, though I loathe him overall and think that his talent is overblown. Fact is, JAX has faced 2 of the top 10 rushing defenses this year, but he’s still manage to do fairly well. Yes, JAX is goddamn awful; sorry, but it’s the truth. That said, MJD is your best, most proven bet here.


      PS: LOVE the secret weapon comment. Post back to our site on your FB and Twitter, if you don’t mind.

      • Amy

        I will definitely give you guys some good advertisement–I don’t see many girls on here, so I will get you in with my friends who also play. We are always looking for an edge πŸ™‚

        That said, I am a bit confused–it seems like you guys are making cases for Best, Jackson, and MJD here?

        Best because he’s proven he can be amazing? MJD because he’s playing Indy? Jackson because he is playing the worst defense in the league?

      • Glad to help, I’d love to get you ladies into your championships and really turn some heads. And let us know if there is anything you would like to see on this site that we arent already doing. We’re looking for some kind of weekly post to help set us apart. Any advice from you or your friends is greatly appreciated.

        I cant really speak for Jordan on this one, but I’ll chime in on my analysis of your players.
        Indy give us 141 yards per game rushing. This makes MJD a must start in my mind. He has had a rough schedule, and any RB struggles with poor QB performance, but this will be Jones Drews breakout week.
        Jahvid Best will play, but he hasnt been very successful against tough Defenses. With the exception of his Philly game, he hasnt impressed much. He always does have to opportunity to explode though, but a week off a toe injury might not be this time. Especially against Green Bay.
        Portis is losing carries fast. But Philly can be run on. I expect Torain to see increased work this week.
        Brandon Jackson has been a disappointment. Sure, he is playing the Lions, but last week he played the Bills and did nothing. His backup Kuhn could very well take over the starting spot after this week. Kuhn will see more carries and get more YPC than Jackson.

        I would go with MJD and Best. Best is a bit of a gamble, but worth it because he is a big factor in the Lions’ passing game as well.


    • MJD always has that break out potential. So you have to go with him. Best is the other starter for me. He’ll be back from a mild toe injury and should see plenty of tries against the Packers. They are a tough defense, but Best has performed well against Philly, another tough D.

      good luck, we’re happy to help.

  34. Ken

    Would appreciate any thoughts you guys may have.

    – Donovan McNbb (Normally Romo, swapped for the bye)
    – Greg Jennings (love the matchup against Det)
    – Hakeem Nicks (Mario is hurt, smith is the only other option…Jennings dropped the long pass Mon night against Chicago…i think there is some real upside potential this week, again. But, i am considering my bench…thoughts?)
    – Ahmad Bradshaw
    – Peyton Hillis (Dropped Fred taylor for him, swapper out RR due to the Pitt def and the injury)
    – Chris Cooley
    – David Akers
    – Giants (Swapped out the Pats)

    – Ray Rice (As much of the Rutgers guy that I am, I cant in god conscience play him with an injury against the Pitt defense)
    – Tony Romo (bye)
    – Felix Jones (starting to think about swapping him out for a more productive player, may use your advice to leverage mcnabb for another RB after this week)
    – Nate Washington
    – Kevin Walter (start potential?)
    – Brandon Loyd (picked up this week after dropping the Pats. Loving the matchup, though still inconsistent. For a team that throws as much as Den does…im considering starting over Chicago. As much of a Giants fan as i am, i am having trouble justifying 3 blue players startng on my roster this week…especially since i worry a bit about the D).

    I feel like i picked up 2 solid players off waivers this week (lloyd / hillis). I am open to any thoughts about my strengths/weaknesses this week.

    • Youve got a handful of gambles, but they all make sense to me. Nicks definitely has potential with the NYG injuries. But I think Bradshaw would have to see the bench. the Bears are great against the run. Eli will go to the air a lot. Unfortunately your other starting option is Rice against PIT. I have to agree with you though on bradshaw over rice.
      Lloyd and Hillis were great pickups. Hillis is an instant starter for you.
      I’d pay attention to AJ’s injury. With a bad ankle and a matchup against Asomugha, dare I say that he might ride the pine this week? He’s a huge gamble, but it is worth considering. Walter will see the Raiders second CB and get a lot of looks. Lloyd, like you said, is inconsistent, and I dont really like the matchup this week against TEN, they are surprisingly stout against the pass (175 ypg)

      I say stick with what you have, but for this week only, maybe consider Walter a better WR option than AJ.


      • Ken

        Slightly confused on the WR commentary – I agree that Walter is better than AJ this week…but i dont have AJ πŸ˜‰

        I have Greg Jennings who is playing a weak defensive secondary in Detroit. Still unsure of what I will do at the WR option. I really like my WR options…and agree that my big weakness is the running back spot, but there really isnt anything in the FA market other than Hillis (Benjarvus and Donald Brown are available, but i dont consider them starters over bradshaw)

        FYI, i turned down a trade offer this week:

        Ray Rice and Kevin Walter


        Miles Austin and Joseph Addai

        It may have been a stupid decline due to RR’s injury and potentially bad fantasy week…but i couldnt part with my rutgers brethren. Thoughts?

      • Sorry, I dont know why the hell i Thought you had him too. Oh well. Also, no more wink faces. Not on this blog. No.

        NIcks and Jennings are good plays at WR.

        Since you only have 2 wr spots and no flex, it was smart to turn that trade down. You could have taken it and traded Jennings, Nicks or Austin for a star RB. But thats about all you could have done. No use having a great WR rot on your bench every week. Addai would have been a downgrade from Rice.

  35. Cody Stauffer

    Just checking to see if my comments got through. Could use the help- thanks!

  36. Ryan

    do i trade beanie wells and snelling for donald driver and portis ?

    1 point per reception league.

    I need a good WR

  37. I’m really torn between starting Brandon Tate and Boldin. Boldin went off last week but, can he do it again against the Steelers? (I get return yards which is why I’m considering Tate). Besides that, I have T.O., Breaston (injured) or Mark Clayton. All of which haven’t produced worth a poop yet. Desean Jackson isnt even a question. I’m starting him definitely.

    QB M.Vick
    RB A.Bradshaw
    RB P.Thomas
    WR B.Tate
    WR Desean Jackson
    TE Tony Gonzalez
    DEF N.O.
    Q/W/R/T Eli Manning
    Bench =
    Matt Ryan
    A.Peterson (BYE)
    Farve (BYE)
    S. Breaston (injured)

    • If you are doing return yards, I would consider sproles over bradshaw. Bradshaw is playing the best run defense in the nation. The bears have given up 105 yards over 3 games.

      Your WR position is interesting. Tate does get the returns, but thats it. Boldin has great upside but an awful matchup. Clayton is playing against SEA, the third worst Passing Defense in the NFL. TO is going up against Cleveland, but as you said, isnt performing well.

      If you think he’s got good potential for returns and he has been getting you a lot of points in past weeks, I say go with Tate. But I think Clayton has huge upside this week.


  38. Baller

    Hey I just want to mention you have a great site here, good job. Okay here’s my dilemma, I’m currently 2-1 in my ppr league and I feel that I have a solid team but I think I can improve on it. Here’s my team:

    QB Aaron Rodgers
    WR Calvin Johnson
    WR Anquan Boldin
    WR Malcom Floyd
    WR Louis Murphy
    RB Chris Johnson
    RB Darren McFadden
    RB Joseph Addai
    TE Jermichael Finley

    BN Mike Sims-Walker
    BN Mike Wallace
    BN Mike Williams (TB)
    BN Mike Tolbert
    BN Joe Flacco
    BN Demaryius Thomas
    BN Todd Heap
    BN Benjarvus Green-Ellis

    I feel that Calvin Johnson has been a disappointment so I was thinking of offering Calvin and Joseph Addai for Brandon Marshall, do you think I should do it. Also do you think I can get Beanie Wells for Louis Murphy straight up?

    • Thanks a lot. We work pretty hard on it. Send some people our way if you dont mind.

      I have to think about what Johnson will do when Stafford gets back. But as of right now, that is probably a trade I’d make. Especially with Marshall facing the Patriots sorry passing defense.
      Depending on how good your opponent is, I think you could snag wells for someone less than Murphy.

      If both trades go through you, I think that your team will be improved. If its only one of them, it might not work out that well.


  39. Ryan

    just bumping this up, didnt know if you misssed it.

    do i trade beanie wells and snelling for donald driver and portis ?

    1 point per reception league.

    I need a good WR and my RBs right now are Mcfadden and Hillis with Greene on the bench

  40. TCP

    3 questions about this week over two leagues.

    Team 1:
    Q1: Should I pick up Darby and drop Stewart? My RBs are: S jax, P Thomas, R Brown, Stewart, R Williams, B Jax.

    Q2: Also, should I drop MSW (or extra RB) for another WR? And who? Manningham, Murphey, Moore, Jones (Hou) are out there.

    Team 2: This is my great team, but I’d like to move Vick before his schedule gets too tough. (I have Cutler and McNabb) There are 3 teams with crappy QBs. One never checks the league,

    another has S Jax, Mendenhall, T Jones at RB and TO, D Bryant, Crabtree, S Rice at WR, and Winslow at TE.

    the third (she has orton) has Austin, knox, floyd, d thomas at wr and b jax, f jax (buf) and j charles at rb. She has Dallas Clark, but I doubt Vick could steal him away. She has Seattle D, eh? meh.

    Q3: See any trades there? I have AJ, Wayne, Welker, Clayton at wr and AP, Foster, McCoy, Tolbert, Green-Ellis at RB.

    Q3.2:Should I just drop McNabb and run with Cutler and Vick?

    Thanks dude.

    • 1) I think you have enough depth that it is an unnecessary trade. Darby will get carries for maybe a week or so, Stewart is part of a 3 RB game. You really wont play either of them with the depth you have.
      2) Murphy is the best of the 4 you listed. I think he is worth picking up. Especially if you can do it before this week when he faces Houston. You might be able to get him straight up with MSW, but it might be a better idea to couple him with a back up RB.

      3) I think you could deal vick for anyone depending on how much these teams are hurting at QB. You are crazy stacked and dont need much help at either WR or RB though.
      3.2) Im guessing that your weak spot is TE. I think she will take Vick for Clark, but you are on the losing end of that deal. You have no need for 3 QBs, so what I would do is just write a message and post it in the league page. Say that you are willing to deal Vick or McNabb and tell them what you want. Let them make the deals and you pick the best one.


  41. Matt

    Long-term, who would be the best FA pickup out of these players: Bess (MIA), Blount (TB), McCluster (KC), Tate (NE), and Shipley (CIN). Blount looks like he could be the #1 soon, McCluster will make plays once Haley and Weis let go of the reins, and Bess, Tate, and Shipley look solid early on.

    Also…just curious, in a really deep league, having TEs Gates and Clark in the lineup and Heap on the bench, would it be worth it to swap Heap for Moeaki, who looks to be Matt Cassel’s best friend so far?

    Your sage-like wisdom is greatly appreciated!

    • Bess or McCluster.
      Blount could step it up. But he plays on Tampa, and I dont think RBs are the problem there, its the entire offense. Bess will see most of the work that doesnt go Marshalls way. And McCluster has been very impressive in special teams and as a receiver. I’d say Bess, then McCluster. I trust MIA offense more than KC.

      Heap is getting targeted less and less. Moeaki is a favorite. Either way, its going to be the TE that rides your bench and only play on bye weeks. Look at their matchups on the weeks that Gates and Clark have their byes. If Moeaki has favorable ones, make the switch.


  42. Smokin' Joe

    OK here we go again. Big week. Record 1-2. Lost 2nd striaght by 45+, had 90 in each. I have a couple of concerns for my team. One is D.Williams, Car. is that bad. There line sucks where no RB can run behind them. I really want to sit him this week. I have Foster, Tolbert, Williams, Hightower, and Wells. I do have a flex. I am looking to put Foster, Hightower and use Wells as a Flex. What are your thoughts?

    My WR are at a hurt this week. I have Austin which really hurt me last week. I have Clayton, Manningham to start. On my beanch I have Royal. Do I look for an other WR? The waiver list is very low. Mason is about the best. Thoughts?
    I was thinking about a trade to get a WR and trade Hightower or Wells. What do you think here? I Hightower but if Wells goes in play, don’t need both.

    My TE has issues as well. Lewis is not producing like I would like to. On the waivers, there Shockey, Scheffler, Carlson. I am leaning at Carlson. Thoughts here?

    One more concern, I have Baltimore D. Not getting any points. Available are Tenn., Indy., or SD. Should I get one of these here or wait for one more week for KC? I am leaning SD. Thoughts?

    Wells – Flex
    Lewis – Need different one
    Balt D – looking

    Last week I put D.Williams in but I didn’t have any better on bench. Looking for a win!

    • Wells will steal carries from Hightower and will be their #1 back. Try to deal Hightower before he falls to much.

      More bad news. Manningham is out this week with a concussion. So you have Clayton and Royal to start. Meaning that your RBs are as good as it gets. I’d think twice about D. Williams though this week. Sure his O Line sucks, but he could make things happen this week against NO, their run defense is not very impressive. Shockey looks great too, but has a lot of competition in NO, his workload has definitely increased though since Bush is not taking all the short passes. Carlson has impressed this year, but for the next few weeks at least, I like Shockey.

      My lineup would look like this:
      Williams – Flex


      • Smokin' Joe

        Thanks for the comments. I will pick up Shockey and hope he does better for now. I will also try to trade Hightower, what position should I look for? I am thinking WR. I will let you know who is available.

        No comment on Baltimore D. They only have 13 in 3 games. Last 2 games were 2,3. I am thinking about the long haul and going with SD.

      • Yeah, Baltimore is a great defense but has only 1 turnover and 5 sacks. Great on the field, not so much for FF this season. SD is a good play. I picked up Indy for one of my leagues. Should see plenty of action against JAX.

        I’d look for a WR or RB. Both could use solid backups with bye week season coming up. With Mathews back, Tolbert’s stock will drop off the map. See which position has the strongest option in FA and drop Tolbert for that player. Trade for the position you dont pick up from that move.


  43. Matt

    Would you make a play for Collie if you already start Wayne and Clark? That breaks some kind of cardinal rule of avoiding getting team-heavy on your roster (bye weeks aside), but the Colts passing attack seems too good to pass up, no pun intended.

    • Matt

      At WR, I have Wayne, Smith (NYG), Driver, Clayton, Thomas (DEN), Mason, and Moore (NO), to give you a better idea of what I’m working with. We start four WR with 2 flex positions in our league.

      • That is quite a few WRs. Wayne is a good start. So is Smith against CHI, should see more looks since Manningham is out. Clayton has a great matchup this week against SEA. Spot 4, i’d go with Driver, he’s always reliable and they are playing DET. Your flex spots really depend on who your RBs are. Thomas or Moore could make it to a flex spot, I’d keep Mason out.

        I misread your previous post and thought you already had Collie. It really depends on who you would trade for him. He would be an upgrade for anyone at WR other than Wayne and Smith I think.


    • If youve already got them and they are the best options on your roster, you have to play them. Sure, it loses a bit of the randomnimity of fantasy football. But it works. If you think you are committing some sort of unspoken FF crime, go for a trade. Collie or Clark. You can get someone of equal value at WR or TE. Or upgrade at RB if you need it. (I’d only trade Clark if you have a top 10 TE on your roster at backup, because the free agent market for TE is usually bust)

      Hope this helped


  44. Christine

    I have been telling all my friends about you guys!!! This is a great site.
    I am having a big dilemma this week, I don’t know if I should start A. Gates or A Hernandez. Gates has consistently given me great numbers but NE is playng Miami this week and they are weak against the TE. However, I think they consistently rattle Tom Brady, what to do??? Ugh!
    Also, which two would you start…Jacoby Jones, Brandon Lloyd, or Braylon Edwards??? I am already starting Desean Jackson( no brainer in my opinion)
    Thanks so much!!!

    • Thank you. Its like Lombardi said, “If youre good at something, brag about it on the Internet.” Unfortunately, no one knew what he was talking about in 1969 when he gave his famous speech in Washington. He then mysteriously quit coaching football and passed a year later. (Though conspiracy theorists say he was committed to a Mental Institution in Colorado, where he still lives to this day at the age of 97, often giving advice to Dick Vermeil. Many credit the Rams’ Super Bowl XXXIV victory to Lombardi, tying him at 2nd for most Super Bowl victories by a head coach.

      On to your dilemma..
      You have to stick with Gates. If you start Hernandez and Gates puts up higher numbers, you will hate yourself for benching the best TE in the league. If Hernandez happens to outscore Gates, it will only be a few points, and you’ll be able to shake it off. Gates is a must start, every week.
      I’d start Lloyd and Edwards. Lloyd might see a bit of a struggle vs TEN, but Denver always throws it a ton. Edwards is matching up against the NE secondary, which has looked rough all year, giving up 250 pass yards to Fitzgerald from Buffalo. Yeah, i’d play him.

      Good luck. Thanks for spreading the word. Keep it up for us.


    • Thank you. Its like Lombardi said, “If youre good at something, brag about it on the Internet.” Unfortunately, no one knew what he was talking about in 1969 when he gave his famous speech in Washington. He then mysteriously quit coaching football and passed a year later. (Though conspiracy theorists say he was committed to a Mental Institution in Colorado, where he still lives to this day at the age of 97, often giving advice to Dick Vermeil. Many credit the Rams’ Super Bowl XXXIV victory to Lombardi, tying him at 2nd for most Super Bowl victories by a head coach.)

      On to your dilemma..
      You have to stick with Gates. If you start Hernandez and Gates puts up higher numbers, you will hate yourself for benching the best TE in the league. If Hernandez happens to outscore Gates, it will only be a few points, and you’ll be able to shake it off. Gates is a must start, every week.
      I’d start Lloyd and Edwards. Lloyd might see a bit of a struggle vs TEN, but Denver always throws it a ton. Edwards is matching up against the NE secondary, which has looked rough all year, giving up 250 pass yards to Fitzgerald from Buffalo. Yeah, i’d play him.

      Good luck. Thanks for spreading the word. Keep it up for us.


  45. Smokin' Joe

    Team #2
    12 – Teams
    No Flex – 3 WR
    No Trades
    Did not pick team – random computer picks
    247 PF – 306PA – Record 1-2

    Looking for advice with this team. Let me know what looks good and what to change.

    QB – Culter, Hasselback

    WR – Welker, Moss, Clayton, Smith-Car

    RB – Portis, B.Jackson, Buckhalter, Moreno

    TE – Witten, Moeaki – Both on BYE – Waiver looks, Gronkowski, Shockey, Watson, Scaife – Shockey looks good

    K – Rackers

    D – Minn – BYE – Looking at SD, Indy, Atl, Ari

    Not a bad team but Moss and Welker are had to have on the same team. Thoughts?

    • Assuming its a standard setup.. I’d play:
      QB- Cutler
      WR- Welker Moss, Clayton
      RB- Portis, B. Jackson (this position needs a ton of work0
      TE- Shockey
      K- Rackers
      DEF- IND

      Moss and Welker are the least of your worries on this team. If one doesnt produce, the other will. Between them you are practically guaranteed 2 TDs every week. Bye week is going to suck though.
      RB is where you need work. BJax is losing carries to Kuhn, and he’s looked miserable since getting the starting role. Buckhalter is splitting time with Maroney, and that is just until Moreno gets back from injury and it looks like that wont happen in Week 4. Both Jackson and Buckhalter are good to swap for some free agency pickup. There might be some sleepers left, hopefully.


  46. Smokin' Joe

    Team #3
    12 – Teams – Record 2-1 – 228PF – 222PA
    Non PPR
    No Trades
    No Flex
    Did not pick team, random computer – girlfriends team

    QB – McNabb, E.Manning

    WR – Ochocino, Collie, D.Jackson, Naanee, Manningham

    RB – McFadden, Jones-Drew, Tolbert, Forsett

    TE – Scheffler, Shiancoe

    K – Prater

    D – NO

    This team is pretty good. I wounldn’t change anything. Thoughts on starters?

    • Looks pretty good to me. Again, Tolbert will lose a lot of action with Mathews scheduled return.
      NO defense leaves something to be desired too. I recommend the strategy I mapped out in my earlier post. You know who the good pickups are.


  47. TCP

    Who would you rather have long term (for this year), Welker or Maclin?

    • Welker. He always get a lot of looks because NE is pretty strictly a passing team. He always puts up huge points for PPR, good yardage, decent TDs. He’ll get better as the year goes on and he gets more confidence with his knee.
      Maclin is off to a hot start. Im lucky to have him in one of my leagues. But Philly balances pass and run better. Especially since Vick can run on passing plays. In my mind he is a bit less consistent.


  48. Brian

    How would you recommend I deal with my qb situation? Currently I have Vick, Cutler, and Flacco. I don’t like carrying 3 qbs on my team, but I don’t really want to drop one of them and get nothing. I’m trying to offer either Cutler or Flacco as trade bait, but so far the only offer I’ve got is Eddie Royal for Cutler which is a slight upgrade over my bench wr’s. I think my competitors that may be weak at the qb position think I will just drop one of mine. Is it dumb to keep all 3 and just play the best matchups week to week if I don’t get any better offers? Thanks for the advice.

    • It is dumb to keep all three of them. I only like to have one on my team and just hope for a good matchup when bye week comes. You will get the most value for Vick, no doubt. Then Cutler then Flacco. Cutler could have a good season and see some great numbers since he is performing a lot better than last year. So if you are really desperate at WR, i’d get rid of Vick, probably get a top 15 receiver for him from a team that is really struggling. Flacco will get you maybe a WR3. I think Flacco for Royal would be fair. Not Cutler for Royal though.

      Just hold out a bit longer. And start making offers. Dont put them on the FA wire, that is a waste.


  49. dino87

    whats up fellas, great site. I have a quick question for you. If Stephen Jackson won’t be able to go this Sunday who should I go to on my bench, Marshawn Lynch or Lawrence Maroney. Both matchups scare me because Lynch is up against the Jets D and because my other option is Larry Maroney. Thanks guys.

    • Thanks a lot, Dino.

      That is a tough choice, for your sake I hope Jackson can play, but its not looking to bright. Of the 2, i’d put Maroney in the lineup. I’m guessing there is no one left on the FA block that draws your eye. Tennessee is giving up about 115 on the ground per game, so Maroney could be an interesting option.


  50. James

    Is it worth going after Kenneth Darby if he is still an FA? He should put up decent numbers against Seattle at least this week if Jackson doesn’t start (as it looks like he might), but is he just a one-trick pony? Should I look elsewhere for a pickup (Bess, DHB, McCluster, Brandon and Golden Tate are a few available notables)?

    Keep in mind that I’m not looking for just a Week 4 spot starter, but a long-term payoff.

    By the way, I’m screaming the praises of this website to all my FF friends. It’s perfect for hacks like us.

    • Wayne

      I know it’s not my job, but I just wanted to say that McCluster is going to be beastly this year, and with a WR and RB rating, he fits lots of positions. I say invest in him and drop Jackson if you have a couple of other RB’s to support you. Sorry for stealing your thunder guys.

      • James

        Thanks for the impromptu advice, Wayne. You seem real big on McCluster so I’ll keep my eye on him. I don’t actually have Jackson on my roster, so I was only pursuing Darby as another RB roster add, not as a handcuff.

      • No problem man. I’ll make sure to pass the info along in my start’em sit’em. I’ll give you a shoutout for it. I agree. He seems to be the go to guy and has jumped ahead of Bowe. And if you are in a league with return yards, he’s golden.

    • Long term, I like Devone Bess. He gets a lot of looks. and is almost taking a Welker-esque role because he is the go-to target when Marshall is covered.

      Darby will maybe see action this week. only if Jackson doesnt play. I dont think he is worth it in the long run. Plus the Seahawks are only giving up 67 yards on the ground per game.

      Thanks for spreading the word about us. If there is anything you or your buddies would like to see from us that you cant find anywhere else, let us know. Trying to find some new angles for weekly posts and input is much appreciated.


      • James

        I took your advice and went with Bess. I’ll let you know down the line how the pickup works for my fantasy team.

        Thanks again for the help! I’ll let my buddies know if they have any ideas for some new stuff to give you a shout and I’ll do the same.

      • Sounds great. Let me know how it works for you on Monday. Good luck this weekend, and i look forward to your feedback.

  51. Wayne

    Hey Guys, Thanks for the advice last week. Here is a new one!

    Qb – Schaub or Vick (I say Vick)
    RB (2) – D. Williams, R. Matthews, Hightower, McGahee
    WR (2) – T.O., Colston, L. Moore, Maclin, D. Thomas (Colston or Moore, or both)
    Flex (1) – Any of the above guys, no QBs

    I think for Receivers i use T.O. and Maclin, and then Moore or Colston in the flex, I just don’t know which one to use. Colston ahs more targets and yrds, but Moore has more TD’s and points. Thanks for the help!

    • Anytime.

      QB- Both are good plays, but Vick will have the better week
      RB – Williams and Mathews. Both have been underwhelming, but good matchups should give them some decent points this week.
      WR – Maclin and Colston would be my picks. TO has a good matchup, but I like these 2 more. Maclin should see another score and a ton of yards against the weak Skins secondary. Colston is always a bit of a gamble, but will improve from a rough performance last week. Moore looked good, but I need him to show some consistency before I let him start for me. Thomas needs to do the same
      Flex – I like TOs matchup. Hopefully Palmer steps his game up this week against CLE.


    • James

      Since you handed out some advice to me, I felt like returning the favor.

      (I hope you don’t mind, Andrew….you’re the expert here, not me.)

      QB – I would give the nod to Vick, Schaub has a dinged-up AJ and a tough Oak secondary to contend with.

      RB – Williams is a must start. McGahee is a must bench, Rice injured or not…that Pit defense kills the run. Between Mathews and Hightower, I would choose Hightower since he is the one not returning from injury. Both are tough calls because they share carries.

      WR – I’m ok with your receiver choice, but only because Thomas, Moore and Colston play for teams that couldn’t give two cents about throwing to one particular receiver. I’m not so high on T.O. underproduction so far either.

      Flex – I would say Moore given that his production is up after Bush’s injury, but he still plays for the Saints, so it’s impossible to predict. I would actually be ok with Mathews in the flex as well if you felt like it.

      QB: Vick
      RB: Williams, Hightower
      WR: T.O., Maclin
      Flex: Moore, with considerations to Mathews

      Hope that helps, even though I’m not the person you’re expecting advice from. Good luck!

  52. Jammy

    2 questions… big giants vs bears matchup- I have nicks or johnny knox, nicks seems to be the obvious choice but knox could have a breakout game. what do you think?
    I also have ryan matthews or mcfadden….
    matthews has the better matchup vs arizona, but mcfadden has been much more solid and getting a lot of touches. thanks for your advice!

    • Sucks that you cant start both of them. I have to think that Nicks will be the better WR this week. Bears give up more passing yards than the Giants. And with Manningham out of the game, Nicks only competition for catches is really Steve Smith.
      I like Mathews this week over McFadden. Mathews matchup is good. He’ll see fewer carries a week off injury, but ATL is a good team to play against your first week back. McFadden is going up against a Solid HOU running defense. He’ll see his lowest stats of the year as OAK will have to go through the air playing from behind against the Texans.


      • Jammy

        great, that was my instinct on the RBs. i could start knox and nicks but i also have colston and austin collie which i opted to start collie. if i could play wr1 wr2 and a wr3/TE what would you go btw those guys? i have knox, nicks, colston, collie, dallas clark and finley. thanks again for the advice!

      • i’d stick with what youve got.

        Nicks and Collie at WR.
        Finley at TE.

  53. Jack

    traded shone greene and vernon davis

    for gresham and austin collie

    howd i do?

    my team now:
    qb-eli and big ben
    wr-colston, ward, collie, jacoby jones, nanee
    rb-ray rice, pierre thomas, snelling, mike bush, darby
    te- gresham

    • I think at TE you lost a ton of value, maybe 5 points a week average. Greene was doing nothing though, and you have the backup at RB to get rid of him. Collie is a big upgrade to Jones and Naanee. So you upgraded that position quite a bit.

      I think you will average a higher score each week because of it. I would see whats cooking for TEs in your Free Agency though. Im not huge on Gresham. Carlson and Hernandez might be available. And Heath Miller will see a big value increase once Roethlisberger is back in the lineup. Keep an eye on him in weeks 5-7.

      overall a smart trade on your part. congrats. and good luck this week.


  54. Zach

    I’m 3-0 in my money league, but not really content with the rest of the season. Right now my team looks like this (12 team, standard scoring):

    QB – Eli Manning
    RB – Arian Foster, Darren McFadden
    WR – Andre Johnson, Steve Smith (CAR), Wes Welker
    TE – Zach Miller
    K – Mike Nugent
    D/ST – Chargers

    Deangelo Williams
    LeSean McCoy
    Legedu Naanee
    Clinton Portis
    Ben Roethlisberger
    Sidney Rice

    I have alot of depth at RB, and I was wondering who you think is the best option to trade (basically do you think Run DMC will keep up this production, or does D-Will have any value left). I’m pretty content with Eli and Roethlisberger (Eli will put up stats, and even more if his receivers could catch the ball & Ben has a chip on his shoulder I think). But I’d like to bolster my WR & TE. Any thoughts?


    • I think your RBs stack up in this order: Foster, McCoy, McFadden, Portis, Williams. (I’d start Foster and McCoy this week. McFadden has a difficult matchup against HOU and wont be as productive as past weeks)
      Portis could lose ground to Torain this week and for the rest of the season, because he hasnt looked very good in past weeks. Williams is a fantastic RB, but the offense around him is terrible and he is splitting carries with 2 guys.
      Your QBs are set. I think Big Ben will have something to prove this year and be pretty impressive, rather than the downfall that many predict.
      I’d definitely look to improve at WR. When Rice gets back, you’ll get a little help, but with the way Favres been playing, you never know.

      The way McFadden has looked so far, you could get a good WR2 or 3 for him. If you hurry up and deal Portis you could get a 3 from someone desperate. I think Williams has big potential this week, if he performs well his value will go up and you could get someone good for him.

      Good luck


  55. Nick

    I’m lacking RB support with my two starters being Matt Forte and Justin Forsett, with Brandon Jackson as my third one.

    I have Mark Clayton, DeSean Jackson, Louis Murphy, and Johnny Knox as my receivers – the first two being the starters. I also have Aaron Hernandez and Chris Cooley as my TE’s, and Drew Brees as my QB.

    I’ve been offered a trade that gives me Ahmad Bradshaw for DeSean Jackson. I’m also giving up Forsett and Hernandez, and receiving Dez Bryant and Dustin Keller. I’m weary of giving up D. Jackson and Forsett seems like he could become the featured back soon in Seattle, what are your thoughts…is this a trade I should take?

    • Nick

      This is a PPR league, if that helps any.

    • The Bradshaw for Jackson trade is a bad idea. A very bad idea.

      And since you need a bump more at RB than WR, i wouldnt give up Forsett and not get a different RB for him.
      I think the first trade you mentioned is a joke. The second trade is a good one, but probably not for your team, since you would then be down to 2 RBs and be forced to start Jackson.

      Bradshaw might be a good trade if you gave up Clayton or Knox instead.

      i’d reformat these trades a lot. both of these would screw you over in the long run.


      • Nick

        Thanks Andrew, just to clarify though, that is all the same trade – I’m giving up an RB, WR, and TE and getting three in return.

        I think either way though, you’re saying it’s a bad idea and I’ve gotten other feedback along those same lines.

        I’m going to try to get a higher-value back for D. Jackson or give up a lower-value receiver for Bradshaw.

      • definitely a good call. you can get a much better trade.

  56. DM

    pick one:Calvin Johnson or Johnny Knox
    pick two: Ronnie Brown, Peyton Hillis, Hightower
    Indy D or Seattle D

    Great Website.

    • WR- Knox (its a tough pick to make, but he has a better chance vs NYG than johnson has vs. GB)
      RB – Brown and Hillis (Hightower is losing ground to Wells fast. Brown and Hillis both have good matchups)
      Both a great Ds. I own both in seperate leagues this week. I think the Colts create more turnovers vs JAX. I go Colts.

      Thanks for the compliment. Spread the word for us. and Good Luck


  57. Los

    Which 2RB to start Hillis or Gore

  58. Matt

    List of questions, don’t need explanations
    just reassurance.
    1. Traded Vick for AP giving me AP and MJD as my RB. Leaving me with Cutler as QB. Good trade?

    2. Is Hillis a good flex this week?

    3. Need three WR for this week. Pick three: Driver, Maclin, Clayton, Murphy, FLoyd

  59. Loser

    Hillis over Mendenhall this wk? Mendy vs. stacked ravens run D makes me sweat. What would you do?

    • I think the Ravens’ run defense is over rated. They are actually pretty middle-of-the-road when you look at YPG. They are giving up an embarrassing 120+ yards per game on the ground. I’d stick with Mendenhall.


  60. TCP

    Interesting situation:

    With AJohnson a last minute decision, and him in an afternoon game, I might need another WR. I have AJ, Wayne, Welker, and Clayton.

    AJ and Wayne play in the afternoon games. Welker plays Mon night, and Clayton plays at noon.

    I figure I have 2 options, drop someone for a wr, or start AJ, Wayne and Clayton, keeping Welker on the bench in case of a last minute switch if AJ is injured.

    Should I drop an extra QB or RB for a WR?

    Interesting FA who play later games: D Bess, L Murphy.

    My 4th and 5th RB are Tolbert and Green-Ellis.

    • Any option here appears win-win to me. If AJ plays, you have Andre Johnson, how effective he’ll be with an injury and going up against the OAK defense, I dont know. Wayne always looks good. Welker always looks good. Clayton has a great matchup.
      Murphy and Bess are both good options this week, Murphy being the better of the two. Murphy is in the same game as AJ. Bess plays monday night.

      Tolbert is safe to drop. GreenEllis looks like he could be the best RB in new england for a while.

      I’d hold off and set your final roster around noon. Or just say ‘screw it’ and bench AJ just to be safe. Its hard to do, but I think you have the talent at WR this week to make it ok.


  61. TCP

    Who would you rather have? Tolbert or Thomas Jones?

    Is S Greene worth trying to steal from a frustrated owner?

    • I’d rather have Jones. Tolbert will see the same action he did in Week 1 now that Mathews is back (2 carries). He can still be used this week until Mathews is 100%. But TJ is more reliable in a 2 back system, I think he is better than charles.

      Greene looks like a joke so far. But might be worth the trade if you ship out Tolbert for him. Both players will likely ride your bench all year, so no harm no foul.


  62. gator0424

    Should I play Jahvid Best or LeSean McCoy this weekend

    @ WR should I bench Andre Johnson since he is nursing an ankle injury and playing against Asomugha?

    I can start 3 WR and have A. Johnson, C. Johnson, Ochocinco, M. Floyd, Colston

    • I like McCoy’s matchup more than Best’s. Also, Best will play, but its iffy how he will perform with his recent injury.

      Johnson plays a late game, i’d pay attention to his status before the game. They are saying game time decision, but check him out Sunday morning before making a final call.
      If you do choose to sit him, or he is not playing I’d go with Floyd, Ochocinco and Colston. I think Colston breaks out of his slump this week vs Carolina.


  63. tomt

    hey guys, i have two flex spots ppr league 1 r/wr 1 te/wr my choices are brandon jackson,lance moore ,demaryous thomas and jabar gaffney. yout thought please..

    • I’ve got Moore ranked higher than the other two RBs. I think its safe to get B Jax one more change this week against DET.

      Thomas and Gaffney have both have a pretty tough matchup and I think in a 4 WR system, the other two (Royal and Lloyd) are better.


  64. tomt

    Ryan Torrain and Tashard Choice are available should I waive Brandon Jackson and pick either up,I already have A foster,M Barber and Shoon Greene.But looking for more production or upside.I can start 2 rb and 1 r/wr.thanks

  65. joe

    ok 3-0 got 2 questions:
    1. should i drop derick mason and pick up davone bess? and should i pick up ivroy for this week?

    2. I got a awesome qb peyton mannning , but i’m week in the wrs and rbs. I need 3 wrs and 2 rbs plus one flex.
    wrs: ochocinco, clayton, knox, mason, and eddie royal.
    rbs: kuhn, portis, lynch, and kenneth darby
    and should i start finley or dustin keller for te

    • 1) Mason has been doing nothing, and Boldin is getting all the love in Baltimore. I say its a good gamble to pick up Bess. the Dolphins cant go to Marshall every play, and Bess will see most of the other looks.
      I think I like Ivory more than Darby this week. so I would make it. You arent going to use either one of them for more than just this week. Both are backups. Both are going to be splitting time. Darby has a worse matchup.

      2) Ochocinco, Clayton and Knox get the start for me.
      RBs are definitely hurting on your roster. Kuhn and Darby are both huge risks. But both also offer high reward. I think Kuhn sees the endzone this week and Darby will get most of the carries if S Jackson misses the game.(if you do make the pickup, go with Ivory) Portis is playing a tough game and losing ground to the backups. Lynch is a good goal line guy, but not much else.
      I have to go with Finley at TE, just because he is a monster.

      Remember to check on the statuses of both S. Jackson and Thomas before you make your moves at RB.


  66. BG

    Hey guys, your help in week 3 got me a solid ‘W’. Thanks! I need some help on my RB’s this week. Of the following, who should I start?

    I had planned to start the first three.
    – D. McFadden
    – B. Jackson
    – B. Wells
    – C. Portis

    DMC is obvious as I plan to start him, but I am really torn on BJ, CP, and BW. So torn that I can consider L. Moore for my flex this week. Please help a 1st timer. (12 team league)

    • DMC has a tough matchup. Wells is a good start. and Jackson and Portis are even in my book this week.
      I’d go with who you already have slated to start. L Moore might be a good flex option, especially if you are PPR since hes going up against CAR.


      • BG

        Thanks, Andrew. I think I’ll start DMC and Wells, and either Jackson or Moore as flex.

      • BG

        I got a chance to pick up Knox since I last posted. Now I’m revisiting my flex options. L. Moore, C. Portis, B. Jackson, or J. Knox? I plan to start the following RBs: DMC and Beanie (unless you tell me otherwise!) πŸ˜‰

      • I cant really argue with your RB picks. DMC will not have as great a week as he normally does, but should still put up some points. I’d throw Knox in at Flex right now. NYG is tough against the pass, but i like him more than your other options. B. Jackson is an interesting play too, but didnt impress against BUF last week, so I dont know if i’d trust him against Detroit. Also, Kuhn should see more looks than him.

        I’d trust Knox at Flex this week, cross your fingers he finds the endzone, because his yards will be down.


  67. Ralph

    Hi Andrew just found out about your site i think your are doing a great job have been reading past comments and wanna see if you can help me out need a W this week to stay in the 500. were playing a ppr format no return yardage.

    QB Drew Brees
    WR Wes Welker
    WR Austin Collie (heel)
    WR Donald Driver
    RB Piere Thomas (ankle game time)
    RB Cedric Benson (knee)but looks good
    TE Dallas Clark
    W/R Braylon Edwards (not sure if they are gonna use him a lot)
    Def Seatle using your strategy here or should i go atlanta or indy?

    On the bench
    Mario Manningham
    Marshawn Lynch
    Jason Snelling
    Ricky William

    Would you change any? Thanks for your time. im definitely gonna be telling all my friends who are not in this league about this site, don’t wanna lose the edge.

    • I like your lineup. You have a lot to worry about with injuries, so make those changes if necessary. Other than that I think youre fine. Benson will have a good week, and dont worry about Edwards, he’ll get you some points against BUF. SEA is a good defense to have. I have indy in 2 of mine, SEA in 2 of them, and PIT in the other.

      good luck. thanks for spreading the word about us. let us know how you do.


  68. joe esposito

    In an earlier post, i asked if you would start walter or clayton and you picked kevin walter. In your sit em, start em advice, you say to start clayton and sit walter! What gives??
    I also would like to know what def you would start….Baltimore or Philly?

    • nowhere in my startem sitem does it say anything about walter. I do think he is a good start as long as AJ plays. If AJ is out, Walter is covered by Asomugha, and that is no good. Either is a good start. With the HOU offense though, and the chance of stealing AJ’s catches. Walter is a great play

      Baltimore’s DEF has 1 turnover this season. that is not ok for a fantasy defense. Philly would be my pick.


  69. Scotty

    Hey. I heard some good things about this site so I figured I would check it out. My RBs seem to be getting hurt quite frequently. Who do you think I should start this week for RB2 and is Maclin a solid Flex starter for this week?

    10-team with standard scoring. Start 2 WR, 2 RB, and 1 flex.

    RB1 – DeAngelo Williams
    RB2 – ?
    WR1 – B. Marshall
    WR2 – C. Johnson
    Flex – Jeremy Maclin

    RB – Ray Rice (Q), Beanie Wells, Green-Ellise, K. Moreno (O), M. Baber (BYE)

    • Maclin is a great flex pick. I actually have him starting as my WR2 this week. I think that even if he plays, Rice is not a good play. Wells should have a good game against SD. Green-Ellis is a good play with all the NE injuries as he is looking like their number one. Either play is a good one. I think i’d go with Green-Ellis this week.

      Thanks for stopping in. Let us know how your week turns out.


  70. Smokin' Joe

    I am looking to trade Hightower, the offer I can get is Calvin Johnson. Is that a good trade?

  71. Zach

    If Andre Johnson can’t go tomorrow, who should I start?


    • Green Ellis is a good play against MIA. SimsWalker hasnt impressed, though I do think it will be a break out week for MJD. Celek is the same, Im not a fan of his this season. Vick goes to his WRs more, or just runs it.


  72. Wayne

    Hey Guys, Need help again
    RB(2) – Matthews, Forsett, d. Williams, Hightower

    I also have a flex position with a WR. I have 3 WR playing Maclin, TO, Colston.
    I think I play D. Williams and Forsett this week. Forsett torched STL last year, and will do the same this year, I think. What do you say?

  73. MIke

    Benching Andre Johnson and Pick who?

    Danny Amendola
    Dovona Bess
    Lee Evans
    Brain Hartline
    Roberst MEachem
    Jabar Gaffney
    James Jones
    Legadu Nannee


    Sanchez or Alex Smith? THanks Again

    • Not a great line up of backups you have there. I would say Devone Bess is the best play here. Meachem and Gaffney have upside, but Bess i think will get the most looks and yardage. Bess also plays on Monday, so you are allowed to wait til the very last minute to make sure that AJ is not playing

      Also, Sanchez over Smith.


  74. Loser

    Pick 3: Non PPR League. Thanks.
    Andre Johnson

  75. David

    Not sure about Pierre Thomas’ status for today, but if he plays, should I start him over Bradshaw?

    I have Lance Moore (picked up this week.) If PT doesn’t go, should I start him over Steve Smith (NY?)

  76. David

    I have Marshall in of course and need to pick to more WRs. I have Clayton and S Smoth(NY) in, but have MSW and Moore on the bench. Should I keep my line up as is?

    • sorry we couldnt get to you in time. i usually try to be at the computer for the few hours before game time. I’ll have your back next week. I really really hope you managed to read a few of my comments or my start’em sit’em and went with Clayton over MSW


  77. TCP

    Hoping to jump on some guys before the rest of my league.

    Should I pick up Torain and drop one of Tolbert, Green-Ellis, Vick, Cutler, McNabb?

    • Torain is a good pick up. I’d snatch him fast. I’d drop one of your QBs. no need for 3 of them. Check for people in your league first that might be hurting in the QB spot and you could get a trade for a sharper running back. Torain is a must pick up anyways though in my mind.


  78. TCP

    Injuries to both my QBs. Who do I drop for a starter in week 5? (will probably go with Bradford vs Det)

    Cutler, Vick, Tolbert, Green-Ellis, Torain.

    I assume you’ll say Tolbert. Are you sure he isn’t the starter going forward?

    • I do hold a grudge against tolbert. sorry about that. i’m not sure why. he’s never personally wronged me.

      cutler and vick are hard drops to make. green-ellis will see most of the pats carries, but will share time with tiny after the night that he just had. torain should see more carries as the year goes on, but i think washington’s problem is less with the RB and more with the o-line.

      its a very hard call. i dont think tolbert will be the starter, but i’m sure he will see his fair share of carries, especially near the goal line. i’d just think hard about it, look at your bye weeks, and determine which of the players you listed will never see your starting lineup.


  79. TCP

    Trying to turn my RB excess into a better starter. How would this offer do?

    I give McCoy, Welker/Clayton
    I get Austin/Clark, B Jackson (who I would drop for a starting QB this week.)

    RB: AP, Foster, McCoy, Tolbert, Torain, Green-Ellis
    WR: AJ, Wayne, Welker, Clayton
    TE: Hernandez

    RB: Charles, F Jackson, B Jackson
    WR: Austin, Knox, Floyd, Gaffney
    TE: Clark, Carlson

    Or is it too risky to run without McCoy as my 3rd RB?

    • your WRs would be insane. and austin has already had his bye. I think giving McCoy and either WR for Austin and BJax is a good call. you are losing ground at RB but definitely stacked enough. Your backups should do a decent job on bye weeks, and with a receiving core like that, its hardly even a problem anymore.
      Try it with Clayton first, then Welker if she doesnt bite.

      good luck. I like this trade a lot


  80. Ryan

    Friend is proposing this to me, 10 team PPR

    he would give me jamaal charles and carson palmer for my Joe Flacco.

    Flacco is currently my FLex starter with Rodgers as my main QB

    should I do it ? I had RUN DMC but if he is hurt i need another RB

    • if you need the RB help, then yeah, its not a bad trade. I would think that flacco and palmer are fairly similar fantasy wise this season. Flaccos got a bit more value, but I think Palmer picks is up later this season.


  81. Smokin' Joe

    Team 1 – Non-PPR – Record 2-2

    Tolbert(Oak) – D.Williams(Chi)/Wells(NO)/Hightower(NO) – Don’t see much running here again. Playing from behind, passing alot.
    Austin(Tenn), Clayton(Det) – Royal(Bal)
    FLEX- Royal/D.Williams
    Moeaki(Ind) – Shockey(Ari)
    SD D – Looking at STL but most likely keeping SD for a couple of weeks.
    Kickers – Braynt(Cle)/Rackers(NYG)/Prater(Bal) – Liking Braynt but I can see Den. kicking alot of FG’s

    I am playing against Schaub,C.Johnson, Addai, R.White, Boldin, Z.Miller – Not easy win here.

    Starters is on the left – right is bench. Let me know what you think.

    • Definitely not an easy win. I would take Wells over Royal or Williams at Flex. Both are up against tought teams. Denver throws a ton, so its hard to take him out of the game.

      I’d have either Rivers, Foster, Tolbert, Austin, Clayton, Wells… or Rivers, Foster, Wells, Austin, Clayton, Royal.


  82. tom t

    IDP help!For the rest of the season,keep jon beason or pick up curtis lofton ?

    • Beason will put up a strong 8-10 tackles each week. Lofton’s number might be a little less consistent, but he has seen more sacks and an INT last week. I’d go with Lofton. As a young Middle LB, he should gain consistency on tackles and probably put up 6 more sacks this season.


  83. tom t

    ppr drop jabar gafney(i have demarius thomas) and pick up rb l. blount or j. harrison? I have a. foster, s. green and m. barber

    • blount will be receiving more carries, but still split time in what is likely a 3 back system. harrison also isnt worth your time. he hasnt shown up at all this season and hillis is the starter. Gaffney is a good choice to drop, but I dont think either of the backs you listed upgrade your roster, and neither of them should start over greene or barber, despite the poor season they are both having.


  84. Cousin Carl

    At RB I have J. Charles, R. Matthews, J. Addai, D. Williams, M. Tolbert. I’m being offered a trade of M. Barber and H. Ward for D. Williams.

    The rest of my team is :

    D. McNabb, E. Manning, E. Royal, M. Floyd, M. Sims-Walker, M. Wallace, A. Hernandez, C. Cooley, D. Bess, D. Mccluster.

    Should I take trade?
    Who should I start? qb, 2rb, 3wr, 1te, flex

    • its a pretty harmless trade. ward is always good to have, especially with roeth back. barber wont start over your other three backs, but neither would d. williams. I say do it. You get a great WR and lose someone who is just sitting on your bench.


  85. Ryan

    I give Greene and Flacco

    I get Palmer and Jamaal Charles

    1 point per reception, .50 points per QB completion.

    Should I make this trade. I am without a starting RB with Mcfadden getting injured

  86. TCP

    Who is the better start this week, McNabb or Hill? (I’m not sold that the stl defense is terrible anymore).

    Also, should I drop Hernandez for Pettigrew, or roll w/o a te to keep Hernandez on the roster? Not much else to drop:

    My team: Vick, Cutler, McNabb, AP, Foster, McCoy, Torain, Green-Ellis, AJ, Wayne, Welker, Clayton, Hernandez, K, D

    • I actually just picked up StL in my shuffling defense leagues. Hill has looked good over the past 2 weeks, getting 2 TDs in both. McNabb looked awful against Philly, which is a defense similar to GB. Ive got Hill ranked higher this week, just because of how McNabb looked last week.


  87. Jeffrey

    How would you order these WR for this week and going forward?…

    LNaanee, D.Mason, K.Britt, R.Williams, and TJHoush???

    I have naanee and could drop him for one of these players to start this week…I also have garcon and murphy but am afraid to play either due to injury….

    • Jeffrey

      SJohnson is also available and i like his matchup against Buffalo…I guess I’m most interested in a WR to start this week due to Garcon, Murphy and SSmith injuries….

      • Jeffrey

        I meant his matchup against JAX…oops

      • I think you need to stop looking so much at matchups and start looking more at quality of player. Sure, playing against JAX is a good matchup, but playing for Buffalo definitely has an effect. Especially is you are only the #2 in buffalo.

    • This is not a very impressive group of WRs. Definitely bottom of the barrel. This week… Naanee, Mason, Williams, Britt, Housh.
      That is roughly the same order i’d keep them in if I was determining the rest of the season. Maybe with Williams and Britt switching if V. Young gets his act together.

      Based on this lineup, I really hope you are stacked at RB or even QB. If so, I would trade for some WR help, because these guys cant be doing you any good.


  88. Jack

    i give: ray rice and jacoby jones

    i get: hillis and jennings

    my team:
    qb-eli and big ben
    wr- colston,hines ward, collie, jacoby, nanee, edelman
    rb-ray rice, pierre thomas, mike bush, snelling,

    do i do this trade???

  89. Robert

    Who should I start for WR and RB?

    I need 3 WR’s to start, pick 3 out of 4.
    A. Johnson (ankle??)
    Jabar Gaffney
    Percy Harvin (migraine/hip??)
    Mark Clayton

    I need 2 RB to start, pick 2 out of 4.
    F. Jackson
    C.J. Spiller
    M. Bush
    Jason Snelling

    • Johnson, Harvin, Clayton. Of course, pay attention to their status, but they should all be good to go. This is a great WR line up for you this week.

      RB needs help desperately though. Bush will get the start and most of the work. and F. Jackson could do great things.


  90. David

    I need to make a run at a better WR option(s) behind Brandon Marshall. As you can see, I am pretty stacked at RB and looking to get rid of one of them, but not sure who. Here’s my team.

    Peyton Manning
    S Smith(NY)
    Pierre Thomas
    MN D
    NO D

    1st question. Should I trade Finley for top notch WR? Z Miller is available in FA

    2. What should I realistically expect for Thomas or Torain? I don’t think I want to part with Bradshaw. I really want Calvin J, Wayne to go along with Manning or Fitzgerald. I know this is a tough question to answer, but would appreciate any suggestions/


    • Miller is not the same quality as Finley. I’d make that a last resort.

      I dont think either of them will get you Wayne. Fitz is out of the question for me since they are starting a new QB that I’ve never heard of. Calvin J is probably also a stretch. I’d get rid of Thomas, he should have a better year than Torain, but he is more valuable and will get you a better player. Realistically, I would shoot for Driver, Ochocinco, S. or R. Moss, or Brandon Lloyd. Also, drop one of your defenses for the best WR available. There are some good sleepers out there. Tate from NE is my favorite, if he isnt already taken.


  91. TCP

    I just traded Torain and Welker for Austin and Brandon Jackson (throw in). I had already traded B Jax and J Charles to this person for Peterson about a hour after Grant went on the IR. So I’ve essentially traded Torain, Welker and Charles for AP and Austin.

    Check out this 12 team league monster team:

    QB (1): McNabb (might drop for Hill), Vick, Cutler
    WR (3):AJ, Wayne, Austin, Clayton
    RB (2): AP, Foster, McCoy, Green-Ellis, B Jax (will drop for… anyone)
    TE (1): Hernandez

    Ok, so it is advice time. I should ask a question and not just gloat.

    Do I drop someone for a TE for this week or hold on to everyone (and hernandez)? If AJ can’t go, do I drop someone for a WR? (Trade doesn’t go through until Tuesday). Or should I ride out the week in order to keep the great lineup together long term?

    • sorry i’m late getting to you.
      this is the most rediculous fantasy team i’ve ever seen. in a 12 team league. i honestly think you cheated and own at least 7 of the teams, but whatever. congrats on an undefeated season.

      youve got starters on your bench, so you might as well use them and try to get a vernon davis quality TE. Hernandez will be good, and probably better with Moss out of the picture.
      my advice though, if it aint broke, dont fix it.


  92. David

    Should I accept this trade? Forte/Floyd for Bradshaw/Smith? I don’t like Forte, but like FZloyd better then Smith since he’s is SD’s WR1. Not sure about Vincent Jackson though. You think he will suit up for SD this year?

    Hate to part with Bradshaw. You think I should counter with Thomas/Smith?

    Thanks for all your help!

    • i’m kind of monday morning quarterbacking here.. but forte just showed that he can be a legit threat if he has to be. bradshaw has been solid though, but i think its a pretty even trade at RB, especially with forte’s attack in the passing game. floyd will see a much better year than smith. even if jackson does end up back in powder blue.
      i say go for it. hope i’m not too late.


  93. TCP


    I’m the guy 2 posts up with the ridiculous team. (I’ll actually be 3-2 after this week, losing once 107-106 and this week I’m down 104-50), but I’m not worried long term.

    My question. With Clayton out for the season, two nice WR are on the waiver wire, Mike Williams and Brandon Tate (guy with the top waiver priority dropped them both). With only 3 WR, I need one if not both, so I’m going to make a claim for both.

    I grabbed F Jones (Free Agent) for Clayon just to get a guy on the roster who isn’t injured, but who should be my top waiver priority, Tate or Williams? I have the 3rd waiver pick, so I’ll get one of them at least (the top waiver guy can’t make a waiver claim on someone he dropped).

    I’ll be dropping B Jackson for one and F Jones for the other.

    Thanks dude. I’m sure at least 2 of my buddies have taken a glance at your blog because they’ve mentioned it to me.

    • awesome to hear that the word is getting out.

      mike williams is looking great this year and is definitely the go to on a surprising TB offense. tate is the new #1 and has some huge shoes to fill.. i dont think he is big enough to be that kind of receiver though and is a definite risk.

      i’d go for both, but if i had to choose one of them, i’d take williams.


  94. TCP

    Which of these guys would you drop for a defense?

    -McNabb (Cutler looks like he’ll play and my other QB is Vick)
    -B Jackson (that big run has me intrigued, 5th RB)
    -Green-Ellis (I’m high on him, but he is a NE guy, so who knows, 4th RB)
    -B Tate (5th wr)

    I’m leaning towards B Jax if Cutler is suffering any late in the week or McNabb if Cutler is good to go on Friday.

    • I agree with your reasoning. B Jax had the majority of the carries and a few big breaks in the game.. but when you look at week 5 vs. every other week this season.. it looks more and more like a fluke.
      I’d hold him just in case. I would get rid of mcnabb. The Redskins arent going to do much this year, and there is no reason to have 3 QBs on your roster.


  95. david

    I missed out on Forte/Floyd trade. Got little nervous now kicking myself. Guy offered my Floyd straight up for either Pierre or Bradshaw. Should I do this since I also have MJD and Torain? I start 2 rbs and no flex.

    2nd. Will V Jackson be back and if so when?

    And finally, since I missed out on Forte, thinkimg about trading either Roy Williams or Crabtree for Felix. Picked both of them up this week. Would like to have a 4th rb instead of 5 wrs.


    • i would do it. floyd will help your receivers. and bradshaw of thomas will most likely see your bench. pick which RB you think you will use less and trade it up.

      no idea about jackson. i really dont think that the chargers want him back or need him the way rivers has been playing with gates and floyd. and jackson doesnt want to be back in SD either.

      sounds like a good trade. Felix will definitely see more time as the year goes on. williams is a #3 receiver. crabtree is a #1. I trust romo a hell of a lot better than smith, but I still think williams would be the one to trade.


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