Andrew: Your Turn

Alright loyal godhateslosers readers.

I’ve got a question for you.

In one of my leagues I have Mendenhall, Gore, and Foster at RB. Steve Smith (Car), Bowe, Floyd, and Crabtree as my top WRs.

I was given a trade offer. I give them Mendenhall, they give me either Welker or Marshall. I lose a great RB, but have enough to spare, and I gain a true WR1. (There is no flex position in this league)  He says that he will only accept Mendenhall, neither of my other running backs.

Statistically, taking either player will end up with more points for me each week since I would still be able to start Foster and Gore while having a hefty improvement at WR.

So, which person do I choose to get, if any? Welker or Marshall? Do I hold out and try to get a better offer? Go fishing for a higher WR?

Thanks, and in return, of course, post your Fantasy Football questions. And tell your friends, dammit.




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11 responses to “Andrew: Your Turn

  1. Brian

    I would keep Mendenhall and Gore. I like Arian Foster, but I’m not completely sold he’s the second coming of Chris Johnson this year like a lot of people are. However, I do think you could get better value for a top rb then welker or marshall. If I had to chose, I would go with welker. He is in a better system and you don’t have to worry about him pissing his coaches off.

  2. Wayne

    I was going to say the same thing Brian. Tell this guy to peddle his wares elsewhere, and then offer a trade to someone for Foster. There are so many good receivers out there, that if you have those as your top, some body in your league should have 3-4 top receivers. Mendenhall is going to be BEASTLY this year, like Career numbers! You could easily get a D-Jax, or Austin Collie for Arian Foster right now. If you have to take the trade, go with Welker if you are PPR, but I like Marshall-Henne connection this year.

  3. Mark

    I agree, keep Mendenhall. I would have concerns about Gore and Foster’s long term health.

  4. Howard

    If you are going to do it , I’d say Marshall is probably the best option. Not only is Welker splitting receptions with Moss and the new rookie TE’s but he still insists that his knee isn’t quite right. Marshall is a one man show in Miami right now.

  5. Jamal Vanderpool

    I was given a trade offer of QB Palmer, RB S. Jackson and Houston’s WR Walter for QB E. Manning, WR R. Wayne, RB Bradshaw and WR Clayton.

    Wondering if I should except?

    My RB would be MJD and Jackson , my WR would be Marshall, Walter, 85 and Breston with injured S. Rice.

    • Palmer is closely matched to Eli. Jackson is close to Bradshaw (since bradshaw will trade more) and Walter is a downgrade from Wayne.

      I wouldnt take it. If you are looking for an upgrade at QB, offer Wayne straight up for someone better than Palmer.


  6. cgi

    Go fishing for a much better #1WR with any 3 of your backs.

  7. Mike

    Marshall, cant get a deal from anyone else?

  8. Hey guys. Thanks for the advice. I decided to wait it out and look for a better deal.
    I’ll let you know what I come up with.


  9. peoplespigskin

    If it’s not too late, I’d like to chime in. I would advise you to trade Mendenhall for Welker. He led the NFL in receptions last year, even with his late injury. Every time a team sticks its “shutdown corner” on Moss, Brady is going to go to Welker without even thinking about it.


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