Click this Link.

Trying to recruit more visitors, I went out and got myself published.

Click this out…

Visits to it are much appreciated.



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2 responses to “Click this Link.

  1. Smokin' Joe

    I like the site. I have been using sites like this for years. I use to gamble and I used a the site to chat away. Very helpful. Fantasy Football is the same way. We put money in every year so we can win, some times we nee help from others all around the board.

    The idea picking up a new D each week or find the best match is a great idea. I use to keep one D and sometimes the team doesn’t score much. I will try it and see how it goes. Would this work for kickers as well?

  2. It can work for kickers. but they are harder to predict. it can be done the same way by picking favorable matchups, but i think the best bet is to draft one that has a high percentage and plays for a team that finds the endzone a lot.

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