Rough Sunday

Dear Michael Vick owners.. ouch.

If it makes your feel better, I started Louis Murphy (1 catch, 4 yards) and Santana Moss (5 yds rushing)

Anyways, early advice for next week.. If Vick is back, business as usual.. If Kolb gets the start, expect McCoy and Celek’s stock to rise, and don’t look for Maclin or D. Jackson to put up the same numbers from earlier this year.

Other missteps: Indy D, Bradshaw, Forte. Sorry I cant predict injury.

Hope everyone had a good week, I know that despite having 2 starters score under 1 point (combined) I still managed to win my matchup, thanks in part to it being a shitty one.

So, hit my up with some feedback. Mostly, let me know what worked for, as I love the strokes to my ego. If you must, go ahead and bash me with the ‘told you so’ on the aforementioned slips in judgement.

Also, we still want to hear from you about what you’d like to see from godhateslosers in the future. Whats stuff youve always wanted from a fantasy site, that youve never seen. Help us speed up the process of making this the the greatest website in sports history.




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30 responses to “Rough Sunday

  1. Brian

    So far looking good, I’m up 20 points with Ronnie Brown going against Green-Ellis with my first team. My second I’m up 50 facing ne’s kicker despite chris johnson having another poor game and vick getting injured. I pretty much check this site every day. You guys seem to know your shit about fantasy football which would seem like a given, but there are plenty of clowns out there with fantasy sites that are clueless. What I like about your site is you call out mistakes just as much as the good calls.

    As far as improvement, the only thing I can really think of is maybe a week to week player ranking link based on position or possibly a section where I give you my whole lineup, the type of league I’m in, and you tell me where you think my team needs improvement, who you would drop, etc.

    • Thanks for the input. If you post your team in the comments we’ll be glad to critique it, usually we’ll do that in “Advice Time” I’ll work on adding the position rankings in Week 5 because it is something this site is lacking.

      Good luck tonight. I think youve got it wrapped up.


  2. Wayne

    Some wins and losses on your advice, but i ended up winning both my leagues. Hightower was a bust, thank god i didn’t play him. MAtthews was good, and instilled confidence in the future, so good job on that pick. All I can say is thank god for LT and TO for single handedly carrying both of my teams. And to think that TO was a last minute play along with LT. I would have quit fantasy if both of them had sat my bench.

    • Definitely a good play on TO and LT. Mathews is back and should be good all year as long as he doesnt share too much with Tolbert and stays healthy. I wouldnt worry much. I think Hightower’s brief fantasy value is over with since Wells is back in. Maybe keep him if you are in a deep enough league because Wells is very injury-prone.


  3. Clay

    Also started Vick and Moss, and was about ready to throw up the white flag when Foster wasn’t even coming into the game (what was up with that anyway?). Right now I’m up 8 with Aaron Hernandez against Brandon Tate so I’m crossing my fingers.

    • Foster didnt start, a team mandated disciplinary action. he definitely showed up this week and singlehandedly won 2 of my leagues for me.
      Tough luck on Vick, and I got screwed by Moss too. hernandez should see some points since MIA is terrible against TEs this season. Tate is only good for return yards, but i’m guessing youre worried because you are in a return yard league. You should be alright i think. Good luck


  4. DM

    good thing I didn’t sit Calvin Johnson over Knox with that disaster of a game.

  5. Sox

    You planning on starting Murphy next week? I started him too. I’m 44pts down with hernandez, brady, and BJGE to go. Fingers crossed.

    • Not a bad group, depending on how many points your league gives QB, you could stand a chance. I see a big game out of greenellis.
      Murphy did not impress, so i have to think about matchups and things. I’ll keep everyone posted.

  6. Ken

    Alright, I have a trade question for you. Someone is proposing Steven Jackson (them) for Greg Jennings (me). Normally I think this is a no brainer and would accept…but my starters are top-notch (RR, Peyton, and Ahmad). My only problem with the starters? All Week 8 byes…so im considering it, but in all fairness, SJ would likely sit on my bench until week 8. In addition, I dont know how comfortable i am yet to dedicate the starting spot to Brandon Lloyd (if i gave up Jennings). Would really appreciate some thoughts on this.

    Starters (week 4):
    – Donovan McNabb
    – Greg Jennings
    – Hakeem Nicks (week 8 bye)
    – Ahmad Bradshaw (week 8 bye)
    – Peyton Hillis (week 8 bye)
    – Chris Cooley
    – David Akers
    – Falcons (Yes, im an idiot and dropped the giants mid-week to pick up the falcons against the 9ers. ugh, my stupidest move all season after last night…trust me, im reeeling from this move).

    – Ray Rice (week 8 bye)
    – Tony Romo (bye)
    – Felix Jones (bye)
    – Nate Washington
    – Kevin Walter
    – Brandon Lloyd

    • I would turn it down. I’d accept that you are going to struggle in Week 8. But i’d rather have a weak lineup one week of the season, than weaken my lineup every week. No trade. And think of all the props you will get if you win Week 8 using only FA sleepers.


  7. Matt

    Driver you said to flex in PPR league so I started him over Murphy and flexed Hillis. Won this week, your advice got me off the fence with Driver for the week.
    Trade question. I have Murphy was offered Kevin Walter. Both guys are a match-up third WR at best. Do I pull the trigger and accept?

    • Matt

      Side question. Phillies D against the Niners or use a waiver pick up on the Chargers against the cards?

      • Matt

        sorry chargers playing the raiders

      • Niners are unpredictable. Philly looked decent last week though and matches up alright, I expect a lot from Gore though. Chargers looked fantastic, and OAK is definitely lacking. All the teams are pretty up and down so far, but right now, i’d say SD.


    • I think its an even enough trade. Both are WR3 starters, I think Walter is more consistent, as could plainly be seen this weekend.
      Glad my advice got you by. Keep checking in and we’ll be more than happy to give you some feedback. Tell your friends.


  8. Smokin' Joe

    Well, pretty up side down week for most teams. predicting is hard. Fantasy is about luck and predicting right. Some skill to see the match ups. Thank for the advice. I still wondering about D.Williams. You said keep him in and see one more week. I still think he is not good to start. But one more week. Picking up SD D was a great move. I dropped Balt D, whick scored 3 pts. and SD got me 28. Very nice. Also, hand to you for Royal. Nice game he had. Shockey, wasn’t impressed. Still looking. Indy D, pretty bad.

    I would like to see a couple of diffent matches for picking D and Kickers for the week? This would give me an idea who to look for a waivers. Great day for McNabb and bad night for Culter.

    Keep up the great work. I won my game this week with 134 to 30. LOL. I am now 2-2. This is the league that counts. And did I mention, Foster is a BEAST!

    • Glad to help. Baltimore is one of those DEFs who are great in the NFL, but have very little fantasy value with lack of turnovers. They have solid D, but dont really get points on the board, especially without Reed.
      Royal will be a great play all year, Shockey looked alright, would have been better if he had a score for all the work he put in. PPR he put up what? 8 points. Not that bad. Indy was a bad call.. I definitely fell on the losing side of that one.

      I’ll post my favorite DEF pickups in a weekly column. Kickers, I dont know about, its the hardest position to predict week to week. I will be putting in a weekly position ranking, so i’ll include them. Dont expect fireworks though.

      Congrats on the huge win. and Drafting Foster.


      • Smokin' Joe

        Thanks for the update. Weekly picks are really hard, so try your best. Everything is about match up. I got Foster in the 9th Round. That is what happens when you do your homework and watch pre-season.

        Now, back to work. I will post in ADVICE and let’s win another game.

  9. Loser

    I’m now 1-3, but I chaulk it up to rotten luck..I lost by 6 pts. I Started Mendy and MJD(per your advice) sat Hillis and S.Jax. Good call!
    I got hosed by playing Murphy and Colston. I had T.O. on the bench…but seriously..who coulda known it was his day? MOving foward…should I start T.O over colston in wk 5? and what do you think about Murphy’s injury? I saw that you also felt his pain in wk 4.
    Thanks for your time!

    • definitely felt the pain. sorry that mendenhall and mjd didnt pay off. definitely a tough loss when they can put up numbers like that but you still lose. Murphy was injured going in, which scared me a little, not enough to not start him though. colston is basically the same thing every week. maybe averaging 50 yards a game, and he’ll have few scores, but there is nothing less consistent than the Saints WR in fantasy. T.O. looked good. its against the browns, and his long TD came from a short pass and the CB falling down. But he’s worth keeping an eye on. Hit me back in this weeks “Advice Time” when i get a chance to check out the matchups.


  10. Ken

    Thoughts on picking up Marshawn on waivers as a bechwarmer until week 8? Drop nate washington for him?

    • Ken

      this is of course after todays news of the trade to Sea. Carroll said he would make an immediate impact and with week 5 as an educational bye, and weeks 6 / 7 as weeks for him to iron our the kinks, i think he may be a solid pickup.

      I actually may drop mcnabb for him as i might pick up TO (drop Nate Washington). Im not getting any value for having mcnabb on my bench now that Romo is out of the bye.

      Again, thoughts are appreciated.

      • i’d try to option of trading mcnabb before just straight dropping him. i agree that since romo had an early bye, you’ll never use him again. TO is a good pickup compared to washington. and i do think lynch will have impact this year.

    • he is interesting. will share time with forsett, but is a punishing runner that SEA definitely needs. Nate Washington is Vince Youngs go-to guy, but that isnt saying much. Week 8 is a long way away, but if he is the best option when you need a bye filler, i say do it. its not like youre ever going to use washington anyways, right?


  11. Matt

    Drop Schanez and pick up favre now that he has Moss?

    • Favre has Moss, but he is still Favre. He has to prove to me that he can actually get the ball to Moss before I give him any upgrades. His accuracy and poise has been nothing like the old Favre, and he tends to get even sloppier as the year progresses.


  12. tomt

    ppr who should i pick up from the st. louis rams, danny amendola or marty gilyard pick one please and why thanks!

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