Week 5 Position Rankings

As requested, I broke out the position rankings for week 5. My first time doing anything this indepth but I fell pretty confident about it. Beware of injuries and whatnot this week, and let me know if I skipped anyone that you think should be there. As always, leave any matchup or trade questions in the comments. And spread the word, tell your friends and get some more hits on this site.

QB, RB, WR, TE, K, and DEF ranks follow the break.


  1. Aaron Rodgers
  2. Peyton Manning
  3. Drew Brees
  4. Tony Romo
  5. Phillip Rivers
  6. Matt Schaub
  7. Matt Ryan
  8. Eli Manning
  9. Jay Cutler
  10. Joe Flacco
  11. Kyle Orton
  12. Shaun Hill
  13. Sam Bradford
  14. Carson Palmer
  15. Mark Sanchez
  16. Brett Favre
  17. Ryan Fitzpatrick
  18. Donovan McNabb
  19. Kevin Kolb
  20. David Garrard


  1. Maurice Jones-Drew
  2. Arian Foster
  3. Frank Gore
  4. Chris Johnson
  5. Cedric Benson
  6. Steven Jackson
  7. Adrian Peterson
  8. Ahmad Bradshaw
  9. Jahvid Best
  10. Jamaal Charles
  11. Michael Turner
  12. (LeSean McCoy – Injury, but Possible to play)
  13. Ray Rice
  14. Pierre Thomas
  15. Ryan Mathews
  16. Joseph Addai
  17. Peyton Hillis
  18. (Darren McFadden – Injury)
  19. LaDanian Tomlinson
  20. Matt Forte
  21. Beanie Wells
  22. Ryan Torain
  23. Mike Bell
  24. DeAngelo Williams
  25. Michael Bush
  26. Knowshon Moreno
  27. Mike Tolbert
  28. Thomas Jones
  29. Marion Barber
  30. Tim Hightower
  31. Fred Jackson
  32. Chris Ivory
  33. Shonn Greene
  34. Brandon Jackson
  35. Felix Jones
  36. C.J. Spiller
  37. Johnathan Stewart
  38. Willis McGahee
  39. Brandon Jacobs
  40. LaGarrette Blount
  41. John Kuhn
  42. Carnell Williams
  43. Lawrence Maroney
  44. Ladell Betts
  45. Donald Brown
  46. Darren Sproles
  47. Javon Ringer
  48. Jason Snelling
  49. Bernard Scott
  50. Chester Taylor


  1. Roddy White
  2. Reggie Wayne
  3. Andre Johnson
  4. Miles Austin
  5. Hakeem Nicks
  6. Calvin Johnson
  7. Greg Jennings
  8. Anquan Boldin
  9. Larry Fitzgerald
  10. Terrell Owens
  11. Marques Colston
  12. Austin Collie
  13. Donald Driver
  14. Chad OchoCinco
  15. Malcolm Floyd
  16. DeSean Jackson
  17. Mark Clayton
  18. Steve Smith (NYG)
  19. Brandon Lloyd
  20. Johnny Knox
  21. Dwayne Bowe
  22. Kevin Walter
  23. Braylon Edwards
  24. Santana Moss
  25. Randy Moss
  26. Lee Evans
  27. Jeremy Maclin
  28. Michael Crabtree
  29. Mario Manningham
  30. Percy Harvin
  31. Robert Meachem
  32. Louis Murphy
  33. Eddie Royal
  34. Devin Hester
  35. Dez Bryant
  36. Legedu Naanee
  37. Mike Sims-Walker
  38. Demaryious Thomas
  39. Mike Williams (TB)
  40. Nate Washington
  41. Pierre Garcon
  42. Derrick Mason
  43. Santonio Holmes
  44. Jacoby Jones
  45. Roy Williams
  46. Joshua Cribbs
  47. Stephen Williams
  48. Brandon LaFell
  49. Danny Amendola
  50. Kenny Britt


  1. Antonio Gates
  2. Dallas Clark
  3. Vernon Davis
  4. Jason Witten
  5. Jermichael Finley
  6. Brent Celek
  7. Jeremy Shockey
  8. Tony Moeaki
  9. Zach Miller
  10. Tony Gonzalez
  11. Kellen Winslow
  12. Visanthe Shiancoe
  13. Dustin Keller
  14. Chris Cooley
  15. Mercedes Lewis


  1. Neil Rackers
  2. Mason Crosby
  3. John Carney
  4. Matt Prater
  5. Matt Bryant
  6. Robbie Gould
  7. Nate Kaeding
  8. David Akers
  9. Ryan Longwell
  10. Adam Vinatieri


  1. New York Jets
  2. Green Bay Packers
  3. New Orleans Saints
  4. San Diego Chargers
  5. Chicago Bears
  6. Cincinnati Bengals
  7. Atlanta Falcons
  8. St. Louis Rams
  9. Dallas Cowboys
  10. San Francisco 49ers


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55 responses to “Week 5 Position Rankings

  1. Jack

    i give: ray rice and jacoby jones

    i get: hillis and jennings

    my team:
    qb-eli and big ben
    wr- colston,hines ward, collie, jacoby, nanee, edelman
    rb-ray rice, pierre thomas, mike bush, snelling,

    do i do this trade???

    • you would have a hell of a WR corps if you went with this. But RB would take a hit. Hillis has performed well enough to justify this. Because Jennings is so far ahead of Jones, I would say that this is a good trade. You are downgrading RB by maybe 2 points per week, but upgrading WR by about 7.


  2. Sox

    I don’t see Gaffney there on the WR list…am I blind or is his value that bad now?

    Time for my weekly roster shuffle…
    My WRs: Louis Murphy, Gaffney, Smith (NYG), Bess, Garcon
    My RBs: Foster, Charles, BenJarvus, Torain
    My TEs: Shockey, Moeaki, Hernandez
    CHI Def.

    I’m extremely hesitant to start Murphy this week. Was thinking of picking up Steve Johnson at WR to start in his place. Also not sure whether to go with Shockey or Moeaki at TE? I learned a valuable lesson this week..I refused to play Bess against my hometown team and got burned for it.

    Thanks as always

    • Sox

      Oh and if I do pick up Johnson, I don’t know who to drop to get him. Either Garcon, Bess, or BJGE I think. Or one of my TEs…

    • He has value. Its just really hard putting 4 Bronco receivers in my top 50 for the week. I actually think that I ranked all of the Denver receivers too high, because they are going against the best pass defense in the league. Gaffney will get his share of looks, and be a good guy to have in a bye week, but I dont think he’ll blow anyone away. He’ll have a better year than D. Thomas, but not Royal or Lloyd.

      I dont like murphy this week either. Injury and a bad matchup. Steve Smith is a must, Bess would be good if it wasnt for that whole bye week thing. Garcon has an injury to worry about as well. So you are definitely running low this week. SJackson is not a brilliant pick up. But if he is the best out there, go out and get it. Garcon would be my drop.

      I would start Shockey this week. I love his matchup.

      I do the same thing, I refuse to play anyone who is going up against the cowboys. ever.


  3. Kevin

    Ok, I’ll take you up on the help offer.

    I need a WR this week to fill my 3 slots and neither option looks particularly juicy to me this week.

    10 Team league with standard scoring.

    Do I start:

    Desean Jackson with QB Kolb at the helm against SF


    Percy Harvin opposite Randy Moss vs NYJ

    My only other option is to drop Tim Hightower and go fishing for a WR with a juicy matchup. Mario Manningham, Jabar Gaffney or Danny Amendola, etc.

    • Good to have you.
      Percy Harvin’s value is going to skyrocket with Moss in the lineup. Look at his numbers this year compared to last year when he was a #2 with Rice. Its a tough matchup, but a beatable one with Moss theoretically getting Revis. I hate Favre, and he looks like a mess this year, but I’ve got a feeling.

      Hope this answers your question. Good luck and come back and see us.


  4. MCM

    Any concerns about MJD’s ankle next week?

    • Not really. He sprained it Sunday but returned to the game. He hasnt practiced yet, but that could just be to rest it up for the weekend. Check his status Friday and see if he has practiced at all. I cant see him sitting it out though. And the matchup is fantastic. No worries here.


  5. monnone

    Should I start Ryan Torain or CJ Spiller in a league that give point for return yards? Also how do you think Santanio Holmes will do his first week back should I try starting him or just go with Lance Moore in a PPR league>

    Thank You

    • I dont really have fantasy point stats to look at for return yardage leagues, so i’m not sure how spiller is doing. Green Bay is not so hot against the run, so Its fairly obvious that Torain will outperform Spiller in the yardage and (possibly) TD catagories. I expect Torain to put up about 75 rushing yards with a score. that would be 9 fantasy points in most leagues. If Spiller has been averaging more points per week than that, play him.

      Holmes has question marks. They are playing a tough defense to begin with. He also doesnt have much experience with Sanchez, and Keller and Edwards are comfortable with Sanchez already. I would wait it out on him this week. He should become a must start in a few weeks though. I’d give the start to Moore. He is always iffy with the WR talent in new orleans, but i think he is a safer play that Holmes at this point.


  6. Allan

    Who looks better this week royal or driver.Driver is the more conservative pick but royal can have a monster game. also celek was to be great but then vick came into the picture. moeaki is suppose to be a sleeper.

    • Denver has a terrible matchup this week, so i’d stay with Driver. He is very consistent and Washington blows against the pass.

      Vick will likely not play, which is why Celek is high on my chart this week. Celek will perform far better than he has this season if Kolb is throwing the ball.


  7. Dylan

    RBS torain, tolbert, mathews, or best
    WRS gennings, collie, gafney, or maclin

    probably going with torain for sure but not sure of the others

    and wrs gennings and collie?

    • well hello to you too, jerk.

      I would go with Mathews and Best. Both have good matchups and have shown that they are solid rookies that are destined to have a good season. Torain is a smart play, and the matchup isnt half bad. But I’m not convinced that he is a very effective runner yet. Any way you go here, any combo of the three should get you solid points though.

      I agree with your WR picks. Gaffney has a hellish matchup. Maclin will not produce with Kolb under center.


  8. jayhawk4life

    here is my team
    QB – Matty Ice
    RB1- Gore
    RB2 – Benson
    WR1 – Driver
    WR2 – Murphy
    Flex – Spiller
    Bench – Bess, Brady, Orton, Green-ellis, Smith(car), and Lynch.

    Im worried about murphy.Would you drop anyone here for any of these FA – Bowe, Steve Johnson, Parrish, Moore, N.Washington, R. Williams, Gaffney, Britt, Jacoby Jones, or M.Williams(TB)

    • jayhawk4life

      or should i add fred jackson…i just have a feeling spiller is gonna explode late season and dont wanna lose him, but i also need productivity now. thanks

  9. Chris

    Pick 2 to start this week and why:

    D Williams vs. Chi
    L McCoy vs SF
    McFadden vs SD
    R Torain vs GB
    M Bush vs SD
    Hightower vs NO


    • Williams is a definite sit. McCoy is intriguing, mostly because I think he will do a lot in the passing game. If you are PPR, i’d consider it. McFadden is likely out, making Bush a decent pick, but the matchup is a little tough. Torain again has a hard matchup, but could surprise getting most of the carries. Hightower has taken a definite backseat to Wells.

      I would go Torain and McCoy this week. Upside is high on both of them and they have your best matchups.


    • McCoy, if healthy, by the way. Keep an eye on his status. If he is out, make the starter Bush.

  10. al

    i was thinking of picking up lynch, but that means dropping hightower. any thoughts on this? i can also drop kevin walter, and lance moore

    • I think its a good pickup. Lynch should see split carries with Forsett, but he’ll get the goal line work, which likely means TDs. Hightower is now the definite second fiddle in Arizona behind Wells. In the likely even of another Wells injury, I’d snatch him hightower up quick, but until then Lynch has more value.


  11. J Dawg

    Hillis for Vick?

    I’m heavy at RB, light at QB.

    • I’d try to trade for a less risky QB. Vick is out this week, and, with Reid being so up and down on the issue earlier, if Kolb performs well this week, he might stay at QB. Its a long shot. I’m sure Vick will play once he gets healthy, but I’m not sure. If you can trade Hillis for someone like Matt Ryan or Orton, it would be a safer move. If not, make the trade for Vick and keep your fingers crossed.


  12. Ryan

    do I play Demaryious Thomas or Santonio Holmes ?

    • I’d take the gamble with Holmes this week. Thomas is facing the toughest pass D in the nation. Holmes has a tough matchup too, but is a #1 receiver, where Thomas is a 3 or 4.


  13. bb

    Colston is giving me fits so far this year, and I was just offered Forte for Colston straight up.

    2 QB league
    Jay Cutler
    Sam Bradford
    Hakeem Nicks
    Mark Clayton
    Randy Moss
    Maurice Jones-Drew
    Peyton Hillis
    Dallas Clark
    Beanie Wells
    Shonn Greene
    Marques Colston
    Michael Vick
    Matthew Stafford

    Davone Bess and Nate Washington are available and I was thinking about one of them as a backup WR.

    Thoughts? Make the trade? Do you think Forte is going to keep getting thrown to? Who do I drop for a backup WR? I am thinking either Greene or Stafford as I really don’t have much hope for him coming back strong any time soon…

    • I’d ditch Stafford for Bess, first of all. That should make the trade feel better, having a good backup WR on your roster. Forte should keep up with the stats that he has. Chicago is a passing team and Forte will see a lot of it, his running ability is miserable though.


  14. David Dingess

    I need help with my start at the flex position.
    Mark Clayton who plays the Lions
    Braylon Edwards who plays the Vikings
    I worried about Braylon because Holmes is back

  15. ShAd0wS

    10 Team PPR
    QB (pick 1) Brees, Vick (out)
    wr (pick 3) S.Moss, P.Harvin, L.Moore, Marshall (bye), Crabtree, McCluster
    rbs (pick 2) AP, Torain, Tolbert, (Green-ellis and M.Lynch on byes)
    te (pick 1) J.Finley, D.Keller
    K Kaeding
    Def: Minnesota, Seattle (bye)

    Currently starting S.moss, harvin, Moore for WR and AP and Torain for rb. Will probably take Finley over Keller as well. What I’m mainly wondering is if I should try to trade off one of my extra RBs and one of my recievers to try to get an upgrade at wide receiver, I’ve been shopping Keller / Vick around, but no takers.

    • I agree with you. Moss Harvin Moore at WR. AP and Torain at RB
      I’d put finley in as your TE.
      If you couple Tolbert and Vick (or Vick and Keller), you should be able to get a good WR and a bench RB or WR out of it. Look for the team that is hurting the most at QB or RB and come to their rescue.


  16. Scotty

    Thanks for the help last week. I have a few questions about this coming week and would appreciate hear your take on them.
    10 Team non PPR with 2RB, 2WR, and flex.

    RB – Ray Rice
    RB – D. Williams
    WR – Calvin Johnson
    WR – ?
    Flex – ?

    RB – Beanie Wells, Marion Barber, or Knowshon Moreno
    WR – Maclin or Bowe (Marshall is on bye)

    Im thinking Bowe and Wells this week. Do you agree?

    Also Should I drop Barber in 10 team league and pick up Green-Ellis, Jonathon Stewart for handcuff, Derrick Mason, or LeGarrette Blount?

    • No problem at all. In return, all we ask is that you spread the word for us a little.

      I have to agree with your picks. Wells has a new QB in, so it might be an ugly day for the Cardinals, but Wells should manage. Bowe is a better play than Maclin, but dont expect much.

      I’d wait for after this week to make the trade, and I’d make it Green-Ellis, maybe Blount if he performs well this week.

      Good luck. Tough matchups for you this week.


  17. Jon

    is this trade worth it?

    Kyle Orton for Jacoby Jones and Benjarvis Green-Ellis

    My team consists of:

    Matt Schaub
    Marques Colston
    Brandon Jackson
    Kenneth Darby
    Greg Olsen
    Lee Evens
    David Akers
    Philly D

    Ricky Williams
    Dez Bryant
    Tony Moeaki
    Earnest Graham (hopefully my waiver will go through to replace him with Pierre Garcon)
    Kyle Orton
    Arizona D

    • Earnest Graham, really? weird.


      That trade is not worth it. Orton has rediculous stats this season. and you can get WAY better players for him. You need help at both WR and RB pretty bad, but you can definitely upgrade those players before making that trade. promise.


  18. Amit

    Who should i start in week 5?
    WHo should I play in Week 5: I already have FGore and MAustin. NEED TO CHOOSE 3 Out of 8:

    Ahmad Bradshaw (injured ? )
    Matt Forte ( bad running so far )
    Lance Moore ( NO is playing AZ who have been really bad )
    K Walter ( A Johnson is still injured I think )
    R Torain ( Portis is injured so he is the primary back )
    J Gaffney ( Kyle orton is throwing a lot )
    L Murphy ( he might be injured )
    D Bryant ( I already have Austin + Tennessee defense )

  19. cgi

    F.Jackson or Hightower?

    • Fred Jackson this week against JAX is a pretty good play. With the loss of Lynch, he should emerge as the #1 RB in Buffalo and see a lot of carries against a terrible run defense. Hightower has fallen off the radar with Wells back in Arizona.


  20. jayhawk4life

    here is my team
    QB – Matty Ice
    RB1- Gore
    RB2 – Benson
    WR1 – Driver
    WR2 – Murphy
    Flex – Spiller
    Bench – Bess, Brady, Orton, Green-ellis, Smith(car), and Lynch.

    Im worried about murphy.Would you drop anyone here for any of these FA – Bowe, Steve Johnson, Parrish, Moore, N.Washington, R. Williams, Gaffney, Britt, Jacoby Jones, or M.Williams(TB)
    or should i add fred jackson…i just have a feeling spiller is gonna explode late season and dont wanna lose him, but i also need productivity now. thanks

    • I dont like your flex or WR2 this week. Murphy might not even play this week with a shoulder injury, and SD is good against the pass. I have Bowe, Moore, and M Williams outperforming him this week. Moore is on a hot streak and is playing a dreadful passing D in Arizona. I’d pick him up and put him at WR2.
      I dont buy spiller yet. Jackson is the #1 in Buffalo and will get most of the carries this week. And every week until Spiller proves that he is worth the hype.

      Also, I know its a little late in the week to do this, but you have 3 great QBs on your tiny little roster and should absolutely trade one of them for support at either RB or WR. You could get a solid receiver for either Brady or Orton.


  21. BG

    Hello again and thanks for your past advice. Good stuff and I’ll keep turning my friends on to this site.

    I’m in really bad shape this week and need some advice regarding my WR and RBs.

    – WR L. Moore, R. Moss, J. Knox, J. Maclin

    – RB B. Wells, C. Ivory, M. Bell,
    K. Moreno(inj), D. McFadden(inj), C. Portis(inj), M. Lynch(bye)

    I’m planning to start Moore, Moss, and Knox (flex) as my WR’s.

    Wells and Ivory as RB’s. 😦 Man I wish I had a solid RB!

    Would you change the picks at all, and would you put someone different in as flex? Maybe Mike Bell? Maclin?

    Thanks a ton.

    • Thanks a lot. We try.

      I like Maclin more than Knox this week. Knox is without Cutler and its not looking good for them. Moore and Moss at WR is fine.
      Tough luck at the RB spot.
      Wells is a starter this week, could see difficult with his new QB, but should get a lot of work against a bad rush defense.
      Thomas has already been ruled out this week against a soft ARI defense, so Ivory should be your play here. He shares runs with Betts, but he should do fine.
      (If and only if McCoy is ruled out, I would start Bell in place of Ivory)

      best of luck. i’m rooting for you.
      keep your friends coming. and their friends. and so on.


      • BG

        Thank you for the advice. I’ve made the adjustments and will let you know how it turns out.

        On the upside I do have P. Manning and the NO Def, so that will help my cause. My TE is Cooley who has been decent so far… K = Nick Folk who should do OK.

  22. Loser

    Which 3 WRs should I start? (NON PPR)
    -A. Johnson

    • Youve got to watch Collie and Johnson with injuries.
      Collie isnt looking like he’ll play this week. Johnson most likely will. I like Johnson, TO, and Colston

      good luck, let us know how you did after the weekend.



    yeah i know i have been trying to trade people left and right but my league is gay and dont like to do trades or when i do get one accepted the other teams veto it. Im about to kill someone but as of now i have a trade accepted, i give up brady and get reggie wayne. what do you think? I have orton and matty ice as backups and ortons got some awesome matchups the rest of the seaon. I have been trying to trade orton all year and my leagu all says he sucks…fuckin retards.

  24. MIke

    Which RB to BENCH??????

    Matt FOrte
    Micheal Bush
    Ryan TOrain


    • sorry i couldnt get to you in time, mike. out of town for the weekend. hope you read some of the advice in this column and went with forte and bush. and benched either williams for torain.

      let us know how your weekend turned out tuesday morning.


  25. Jeff

    Pick 3 WR to start…RMoss, LMurphy, PGarcon, MWilliams, and DMason?

    • hopefully you read up on some of the start’em sit’em advice from other comments and our daily posts and ended up with the W.

      make sure you check back in during the week with any question about your teams, and tell us tuesday morning how you did.


  26. Joe

    I’m so torn on which two to start between Matthews, Tolbert, and Addai. What you think?

    • sorry we couldnt get to you in time. out of town for the weekend.

      hope everything went well for your team this week. let us know how you did tuesday morning and keep checking in during the week for all your fantasy needs. preferably earlier than 20 minutes before kickoff.


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