Andrew’s Week 5 Start’em Sit’em

Lets not beat around the bush.. i’m pretty sexy when it comes to start’em sit’em. And I dont think its too selfish to ask for some feedback. I’m more than happy answering all of your questions, but lets get a little bit of discussion in here. Fantasy football should be passionate and intense. There should be massive disagreements. Let’s hear them.

In other news. I’m going to a wedding on Sunday. at 3. meaning I miss my Cowboy game. I will do my best to get online, but it probably wont happen. So, good luck to everyone, and come back Tuesday morning to tell us how you did.

Start’em –

Mark Clayton–  He seems to be becoming a theme in my start’em column. Has at least 5 catches and 70 yards in 3 of his 4 games this season. He is Bradford’s favorite, and playing the DET defense. Looks great to me.

Fred Jackson– There are a ton of great RB options this week, so I decided to throw the biggest sleeper into the mix. Lynch is gone and Spiller isnt doing anything. The Bills are up against JAX, a terrible run defense and Jackson should shoulder most of the load. Other start’ems at RB: Ryan Torain, Jahvid Best, Jamaal Charles, Beanie Wells, Michael Bush

Hakeem Nicks– and while we’re at it, Steve Smith (NYG) and Mario Manningham. Just a gut feeling that NYG is going to go off after an unimpressive win last week. Bradshaw will have a tough time running, meaning that Eli will have to get it done through the air… he will.

Zach Miller– Has proven to be a fantastic TE this season, and a great value for those who drafted him in round 12 or later. And especially for those that didnt have to draft him at all. He is going up against the Chargers, where he performed well last season, and coming off a stellar game against Houston.

Carolina/Chicago DEF– Chicago D because they are good. Carolina D because Chicago offense is bad. Both are great plays, I expect this to be a festival of sacks and turnovers. Almost comically so. If you are lucky enough to own either of these, congrats, and check out FA to see if there is any chance that CAR is available.

Just because I didnt list any QBs, heres a few start’ems: Matt Ryan, Shaun Hill, Eli Manning


I’ve got to leave so heres a super fast Sit’em

Kyle Orton, Donovan McNabb, Mark Sanchez

Ahmad Bradshaw, Jonathan Stewart, Marion Barber, LT

Louis Murphy, Jacoby Jones, Steve Smith (CAR), Santana Moss, TEN receivers, MSW (probably ever)




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8 responses to “Andrew’s Week 5 Start’em Sit’em

  1. monnone

    Ok, so my opponent is pretty tough this week and I think I need to make all the right moves to win. My main questions is Should I play Tolbert vs Oakland’s horrible run def or should I play Torain seeing how he is going to get most of the carries? I already have Gore starting so I cant start them both.

    Thank You For you help.
    Mark Monnone

  2. mcbill

    I may have lost my mind this week. The league I am in Allows for QB’s on the flex spot and gives 1 pt for every ten yards on kick returns. In one week I trded away Marshall and BJax for Forte and Cribbs, as well as Phillip Rivers and Torrain for MJD and Cutler. My current roster is…
    QB Rodgers
    WR Austin
    RB MJD
    W/R/T Harvin
    W/R/T Cribbs
    TE Clark
    Q/R/T/W Matt Ryan
    bench Sproles, Bensen, Amendola, Walters, Owen Daniels,McCluster and Cutler

    Please feel free to riducule me as everyone else has or let me know is instead of neing mad, I am actually a mad genius.

    • sorry i’m getting to you late. went to a wedding.
      hopefully you went with the gut and made some good calls on this one.
      please come back again next week and we’ll get to you, because there are some adjustments that should be made. overall, i cant really bag on your team that much though. top tier QB, WR and RB. flex could get some love though.


      • mcbill

        Thanks Andrew, Didn’t get much out of Ryan at Qb, but fortunately had monster days from Austin and Harvin. Parlayed Austins big day into a trade. Austin and Cutler for Ray Rice and Orton. Kinda dumb trading away a topflight reciever like Austin, but I can make up alot of points with our screwy return yardage rule. What advice would you give?


      • miles austin is the best receiver in the nfl.
        keep that in mind before you follow through. i would not advise it.
        benson is solid. sproles gets return yards. amendola gets return yards and is now the featured returner. mjd is a solid starter at RB.

        i think trading austin will be a huge downgrade

  3. Raj

    Hey guys,

    My lineup seems pretty cut and dry this week but ever since I’ve been talking to y’all I’ve been winning in both leagues so I figured I’d run some things by you and keep the mojo going.

    Anyways first league is ppr with flex and I’m starting 3 receivers cuz I’m short on rb. I’ve got 4 to choose roddy white, Greg Jennings, Brandon Lloyd, and Austin collie. Obviously white is a lock and Jennings normally is but he hasn’t been as productive as I’d like. How should I roll?

    Second league is regular scoring and I need 2 of these 4 receivers, Kevin Walter, devin Hester, terrel Owens, and demaryius Thomas.

    Thanks for the advice!

    • sorry i missed you man. had a wedding to go to. hoping you made some good calls on your own, but i know youre teams are pretty legit any way you start them. let us know how you did on tuesday and keep coming back.


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