Jordan’s Week 5 Start ‘Em & Sit ‘Em

This week is going to be an awkward one: None of my guys seem to have that sure-fire matchup that’s going to bring home the bacon– at least, most of them don’t. I’m running out the door for a movie and have been studying all day, so this is going to be a bullet post. Plus, I just transitioned from a Devil Wears Prada type boss, only this one didn’t ever pay me on-time or in-full– thus the transition; once things settle down at work, I’m gonna be a helluva lot more active on this mo-fo…

I like these fellas:

1. Fred Jackson

2. Malcom Floyd

3. Mark Clayton

4. Santana Moss

5. Matt Forte

Sit these bums:

1. Ryan Torain

2. Randy Moss

3. Felix Jones

4. Owen Daniels

5. Brandon Jackson

6. Matt Cassel



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9 responses to “Jordan’s Week 5 Start ‘Em & Sit ‘Em

  1. Football Diva

    McNabb, Shaun Hill, or Bradford at QB?

    Santana Moss, Santonio Holmes, or Percy Harvin in my last WR slot?

    Ahmad Bradshaw or Ryan Torain in the flex?

    • hey boo,
      (sorry, its late and i’m sleepy/delirious)

      apologies for not being able to get to you before game time. was out of town for a wedding.
      hopefully you browsed the site and found some decent advice in our articles and comments.

      check back in next week and make sure you let me know how your week turned out on tuesday.


  2. joe esposito

    I need a little help…

    Atlanta or Philly DEF ?

    Two outa these three backs….
    Steven Jackson
    Matt Forte
    Ray Rice


    • doesnt really matter who you picked this week as you got pretty stunning performances from all of them.

      hopefully you took a little advice from other comments and posts we put up this week and went with the ATL D, which i’ve been buzzing about all week.


  3. Kevin

    Andrew, quick question.

    It may be too late after this weekend but would it be wise to trop Matt Schaub and pick up Kyle Orton for QB realizing I also have Big Ben back starting this week?

    I’m inclined to go for it and it may be moot if the manager with Rodgers is ahead of me on the waiver wire.

    Just thought I’d get your opinion.

    • both are legit qbs. i wouldnt worry about schaub since the offense is banged up. but orton looks like the real deal as he lit up a defense that had previously allowed less than 200 passing yards per game. if you are going to get rid of him, i’d recommend trading him for a skill position you need rather than dropping him onto waivers.

    • or hell… drop someone else for orton and keep schaub for a trade.

  4. Phillip

    what up guys my friend told me about your site and its looking like a pretty informative place to go. So now i have a couple of questions.

    im 4-1 right now riding on my Romo and Austin combo, and now that Big Ben comes back i can finally use Hines Ward. So firstly as for a third WR i have davone bess, jabbar gaffney or Louis Murphy who should i start?

    second ive got mccoy and thomas jones for my RB’s (dont like thomas jones much) is there anyone u could recommend of the waivers (torain is not there anymore.)

    and lastly, on a scale from 1 to 10, how awesome do you think your site is? haha

    Thanks guys i appreciate it.

    • Good to hear. Make sure you keep spreading the word.

      If you are PPR, I’d definitely go with Bess. I love the way the Miami uses him. He’ll get plenty of catches and yards each week, but he wont see the end zone much. Gaffney is the definition of inconsistent, there are too many weapons on Denvers offense for him to score a good amount of fantasy points each week. Murphy is also very up and down, but most of that was stemming from injury. He is the only WR worth a damn on the Oakland offense and should be started in place of Bess if he has a favorable matchup.

      McCoy is legit. I agree with T Jones though. I dont really know who is on your waivers, so I will cheat off of mine and hope to find a few players that match up in your league. Keep your eyes peeled for Michael Bush, Knowshawn Moreno (if someone was dumb enough to drop him, he could be back this week), Fred Jackson (bye this week), or Marshawn Lynch. Get back to me on who is available in your league. Chances are T Jones is a better option than most of them.

      I would say that godhateslosers is a 10 out of 10. Pretty easily. Those who are ‘humble’ enough to say anything less than 10/10 dont have the balls to call themselves fantasy experts. And those that would say anything higher than 10 are unrealistic and dont understand how percentages work.

      Youre quite welcome.


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