Week 5 Review

Start of the 4th quarter of the MNF game. Want to get this post finished so conversations can start.

This season is far more sporadic than most. tons of injuries to worry about, lots of underperforming players.

As I’m typing, Favre is turning it on. Thank god, my opponent has NYJ defense and I was freaking out for a while.


Time to let us know how we did here at godhateslosers. Let us know about your week. Win or Loss. How the advice was. Unfortunate calls. Injuries that screwed you over. And of course, tell us how incredible we are, because I am a machine that runs purely on ego.


Week 6 info is soon to come, so keep checking in. As always, we ask you to spread the word about godhateslosers. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Friendster, between classes, during class, recess, water cooler, lunch break, awkward elevator moments, texting, sexting, sign language, whatever. Just tell people.



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14 responses to “Week 5 Review

  1. James

    My week would have gone much better if Clayton didn’t blow out his knee and I had started Eli in place of Matt Schaub. Schaub looks really benchable right now….I’d love to hear your take on him, as I’m sure many of my fellow readers who took him as their first drafted QB would as well.

    Because of this Clayton injury, would you make it a priority to get Amendola off the waiver wire, or would you make a play for Steve Johnson first?

    • Wayne

      I agree on Schaub. I can’t really start a QB that only scores 3.5 fantasy points for me. MY problem is that I do not have a back-up really. I was blessed to get Schaub in both of my leagues. In one league I had vick as back up, and he will get the start again if he gets to play. I also have Joe Flacco as my back-up in my other league, does he get the start over Schaub. Finally, who do i replace Finley with, the TE I have in both of my leagues. I am thinking Pettigrew or Lewis, both are available.

      • Schaub will rebound once his receivers get back on track. Dont expect numbers from last year since the running game is drastically improved, but he’ll be a starter again. Vick should start again, and is always a great QB option, Flacco doesnt put up huge fantasy points, but can always be relied on for a high TD:INT ratio.

        I just made the post for Finley’s replacements. I picked up Pettigrew in one of my leagues. I dont know why I hold a grudge against Lewis. He is performing very well. I just cant trust someone who can catch 2 passes for 15 yards one week, and catch 3 passes for 2 TDs the next week. Either is a good play. I personally went with Pettigrew.


    • First off, I wouldnt get too down on Schaub right now. He has been struggling, but that is mostly due to injuries to his receivers. I am a little worried that he has performed poorly against strong defenses. I’m sure that once his targets are 100% he’ll be back to his old form of torching teams. NYG played a great game defensively and Foster never got it going, so they had a rough time passing the ball.

      Second, I personally picked up Amendola. S Johnson has been getting targets, but only against crappy teams. I trust Amendola’s QB more and believe that he will be a more consistent fantasy player this season.


  2. ShAd0wS

    Starting moore over crabtree kinda killed me, but even if I had started crabtree I still would’ve lost by less then a point thanks to Finley going down after 2 plays.

    Going into next week I have a tough call at WR… Marshall, S.Moss, Harvin, and Crabtree (need 3). Also put a small bid on M.Williams (TB) and Amendola off waivers, dropping McCluster and Moore if those goes through, though I don’t see any of those guys outperforming the first 4 without some huge stroke of luck.

    • Tough luck on the loss. I had Clayton and Finley on the same team in one of my leagues and lost it by 2 points thanks to the Jets Defense and Favre’s late pick 6. Bastards.

      I’ve got to agree with you, although Williams could be a contender as he a bright spot on a surprising offense. Keep posted for my breakdowns of week 6 and advice column for your WR answer. My quick one without running over any stats yet would be Marshall, Moss and Harvin.


  3. Sox

    Week wouldve been great for me if Charles and foster put up the numbers everyone thought they would. Receivers were actually decent (S Johnson and Smith). It may be time to cut Garcon loose. My opponent had crabtree.

    My long term wr depth is an issue I don’t know how to fix. So far I’ve got Johnson, smith, Gaffney, bess, Murphy and Garcon. Every week is a tossup

  4. Phillip

    what up guys my friend told me about your site and its looking like a pretty informative place to go. So now i have a couple of questions.

    im 4-1 right now riding on my Romo and Austin combo, and now that Big Ben comes back i can finally use Hines Ward. So firstly as for a third WR i have davone bess, jabbar gaffney or Louis Murphy who should i start?

    second ive got mccoy and thomas jones for my RB’s (dont like thomas jones much) is there anyone u could recommend of the waivers (torain is not there anymore.)

    and lastly, on a scale from 1 to 10, how awesome do you think your site is? haha

    Thanks guys i appreciate it.

  5. Brian

    Both my fantasy teams won. The team that I was worried about and asked for your advice won by almost 100 points, thanks in large part to you suggesting I start Malcolm Floyd at flex. The team I thought would have an easy week, barely won. Fortunately Chris Johnson came through big time for me in the second half.

  6. jayhawk4life

    well i took your advice on moore over my gut on johnson and well it didnt work out…oh well. It wouldnt have mattered anyways because the team i played had roddy, fitzpatrick, rice, nicks, gates, and best…so he messed me up since gore went back to his 06′ fumbling days and matty ice did nothing against the browns, yet i sat orton because due to matchups…not again. On a good note, i traded off brady for wayne.

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