Week 6: Bye and Injury Pickups

A couple injuries in week 5 that left my rosters in shambles. I’m sure a few of you are in the same boat as me.

Mark Clayton is now ruled out for the season. Making Danny Amendola my first pick up. Bradford has proven that he is comfortable passing the ball, and while Clayton was the favorite, Amendola still caught a good amount of passes. He should step into the number one spot. Expect more runs, and for Amendola to not take in the same stats as Clayton, but he should fill in well.

Finley wrecked 2 of my teams and is out for 3-4 weeks. Pettigrew was on waivers, so I snagged him. There are probably a few decent TEs floating around for you to grab, Pettigrew, Hernandez, Zach Miller, Heath Miller, etc. If you arent so lucky, Andrew Quarless will be the starting TE with Lee also going down in the game. He is relatively unknown, but a 6-4 athletic TE that caught 4 passes for 51 yards after Finley and Lee went out. Since hes got the help of Aaron Rodgers, I’ll say that he could make a pretty good fill in.




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37 responses to “Week 6: Bye and Injury Pickups

  1. Zach

    so i’m 5-0 in my league (12 team standard scoring) and was just offered reggie wayne & mike tolbert for deangelo williams & steve smith (car). i’m talking myself into pulling the trigger. what do you think given my lineup and the rest of the season?

    my lineup:
    qb – eli
    wr – andre johnson
    wr – wes welker
    wr – kenny britt
    rb – arian foster
    rb – lesean mccoy
    te – zach miller
    k – mike nugent (will be replaced)
    d/st – san diego

    big ben (will probably become starter)
    deangelo williams
    darren mcfadden
    steve smith (car)
    steve johnson
    sidney rice

    i’m thinking that if rice comes back in full effect, i’ll have 4 elite receivers and i can definitely package one of them later in the season for a huge haul.

    • I think that is one of the greatest trades i’ve heard. hell yes, take it. your receivers will need the boost since welkers value dropped a ton with moss gone. and williams and smith will never see your starting lineup anyways.

      do it. and congrats on the record. you’ve pretty much got the season on lock as far as i’m concerned.


  2. Pick 3 WR’s I should start for week 6.

    Eddie Royal (@NYJ)
    -didn’t pack as much heat as i anticipated he would in week 5. i blame lloyd for that that as he’s ortons’ go to guy now

    Santanta Moss (@IND)
    -did pretty well IMO. he wasn’t targeted as much as i wanted him to be.

    Santonio Holmes (@DEN)
    – pretty decent amount of attempts for his first game back. im looking for more to come his way seeing he was starting to pick up some chemistry with sanchez.

    Marques Colston (@TB)
    -started to pick up a little during the cardinals game, but most def better than his previous weeks.

    BUT your still the expert and i blew out my opponent by 45 points thanks to your advice in week 5. Thanks, i now have a 4 win streak and dont wanna lose it. =)

    • lots of tough matchups on your end this week.

      Colston is picking it up and is usually decent against Tampa.
      Royal is facing probably the toughest D in the league, but after seeing what Favre did to them, I’d like to know what Orton could do. I’d go with him too.
      Finally, I’d take Holmes. Denver is tough, but I expected far less from him in the Monday night game, and he performed pretty well.

      Moss has a tough matchup, and I am not at all impressed by the Redskins offense.

      congrats on the wins. tell your friends about us.


  3. ShAd0wS

    Start 3 WR:
    D.Amendola (If WW goes through)
    M.Williams (TB)
    Moore (if WW doesn’t go through)

    Crabtree is really the only question, after the big week last week. Really I’m not sure which to pick out of Moss and Crabtree.

    Start 2 Rb: AP + Torain or AP + Lynch? AFAIK Lynch isn’t currently getting the start on Sunday, so I’m leaning Torain. But if that changes is it worth using Lynch? BJGE and Tolbert are kind of bench warmers / trade bait at this point.

    And thankfully I haven’t traded Keller yet, so I have a nice replacement for Finley (aside from his bye week).

    • I’d start Moss over Crabtree. Crabtree has a tougher matchup this week. Not by much, but enough to stop the SF offense.

      I like torain’s matchup. and lynch is playing chicago which is usually bad news for RBs.

  4. Brian

    should I cash in on antonio gates huge start to the season and put him on the trade block? I could use another solid rb at the flex position, and I could easily pick up another decent te on waivers. Or do you think he will continue to put up big numbers for the rest of the year?

    Also, I just have to say since I now know you are a huge cowboys fan, dallas is in trouble. As a bears fan, I can’t think of many coaches that are worse then Lovie Smith, but Wade Phillips is definitely one that comes to mind. Dallas has all the talent to be a superbowl team, and year after year they go into the season as a highly favored team to make it there. However, they consistently underperform. You guys need to fire his ass and get someone in there to capitalize on all the weapons you have.

    • thats a tough call and depends mostly on the caliber TE on waivers in your league. Gates is the best TE in the league, and I said it at the beginning of the year.. he is going to have the best season for a TE of all time this year. I guess it comes down to doing a little math for you. Say Gates averages 11 points a week, and you can pick up a TE who averages 7. You will need to make the Gates-RB trade worth it. Say your flex player is getting 6 a game, you will need to trade for a top tier RB who will get you 10+ per game to make it worth your while. There are RBs out there that can do that for you, so stay sharp and get the best RB possible. Good luck, keep us posted.

      As for the Cowboys, I agree. I had high hopes 3 years ago. and 2 years ago. and last year about wade phillips. I figured that he would turn it around. I was psyched when he took over running the defense and figured that would be the turning point, but its obviously not. Things need to change. And with Jerry Jones broadcasting Super Bowl or Bust, I wouldnt be surprised to see Wade kicked out midseason if things dont turn around. I had my fingers crossed last year that we might pick up shanahan. but no luck there. I dont think OC Jason Garrett will be able to turn the team around, and I dont know what other talent is floating around out there for a head coach, but its definitely time to make some changes in Dallas.


  5. Ryan

    OK well week 5 left my team in shambles. 10 team PPR, QB’s get .5 points per completion.

    Aaron rodgers could possibly be out this week, only QB free agents I can pick up are Cassel, fitzpatrick, jason campbell, hasselbeck, mccoy or matt flynn. Do I drop a bench player for one of these guys ?

    Next Dilemma is RB. My starting RBs are Darren Mcfadden (hurt) Shonne Greene(Bust) Peyton HIllis (could be hurt), and fred jackson (bye). the only free agent RBs available are Tolbert, Carnell Williams, Ricky Williams, felix jones, mcgahee, mccluster and a few others. Do I Start any of these free agents over my current RBs ?

    And I lost Jermichal Finley, so i picked up tony maekiki or whatever his name is. any other TE options out there ?

    • 1) Cassel is ok, decent matchup against a poor pass defense. Fitz is on bye week, Campbell is always a bad choice, Hasselbeck v. Chicago isnt much better. Colt McCoy is a laughable option against Pittsburgh. Dare I say that Matt Flynn might be a good sleeper option? No, I dont. Miami is the 4th best D in passing yards per game.
      Cassel it is. Houston is still the worst pass defense in the league, and only has 4 INTs this year. Bowe could do some damage if he learns how to catch, and there might be an iota of upside. There are really no other options in a 10team league? No Garrard? No Young?

      2) Even if McFadden plays, dont expect a ton from him. Greene is getting sexier each week. He is seeing more and more work, especially when the Jets are ahead. Hillis shouldnt be played against PIT if he isnt running full speed. Out of FA, I like Ricky Williams chances running against GB, and Felix Jones since the Cowboys are going to be giving him the ball more. LT proved last week that Minnesota can be run on to the outside and F Jones is that kind of runner. He is a gamble though. I like Greene and possibly picking up Williams for Felix.

      3) Finley is a tough break. I had to replace him in almost all my leagues too. Moeaki is a good pick up, and should do very well this week. I just posted some good sleeper TEs that could be available for you in my Pickups of the Week column.

      thanks for the questions. dont get your hopes up too high this week, Next week things should start clearing up though.


  6. James

    A couple of trades I’m considering:

    Trade #1
    Give: Schaub and BJGE
    Receive: Boldin and Torain

    Trade #2
    Give: Schaub and BJGE
    Receive: Orton and Holmes or Wells and Holmes

    Thoughts? I know you said not to give up on Schaub just yet, but I do have Eli Manning on my roster and I really need another every week starting WR due to the Clayton injury.

    • James

      The guy in trade #2 also has Welker on his roster, so I’m considering a Welker/Wells trade or a Welker/Holmes trade also.

    • Tough choices. Orton would be someone to replace Eli as an every week starter, and Holmes is a good play at WR. Boldin is also a good play, but measure torain against your other RBs and see if he has any starting potential at all.

      That Welker Holmes trade would be the best option I think, if he’ll go for that. Welker’s fantasy value is way down, but he’ll still produce.


  7. Scotty

    Thanks for the help in the past. It been paying off and Ive been spreading the word too.

    Let me know what you think of my starting RB and WR. 10 Team and standard scoring.

    WR1 – B. Marshall
    WR2 – J. Maclin
    RB1 – R. Rice
    RB2 – Green-Ellis
    Flex – C. Johnson

    Bench : K. Moreno, D. Bowe, D. Amendola, with D. WIlliams amd B. Wells both on byes.

    Even if Moreno can go he is going against the Jets so I do not see him having a good week. If Johnson can not go do you think Bowe or Amendola or Moreno would be a better move for the flex this week?

    Also C. Williams for TB, D. Bess, T. Jones, or N. Burleson for Det would be a better bye week fill in off the Waivers?

    Thanks again for taking the time to share your thoughts.

    • Scotty

      Actually I saw that Houston has the worst pass D in the league so I may start Bowe over Maclin.

      • I really like Philly’s chances against ATL. By stats alone, Bowe looks good, but KC is passing 150 yards a game, and Bowe is less than reliable.
        I always say go with the gut though. You are the owner of your team, i’m just a consultant.


    • Thanks for spreading the word. Keep it up, its much appreciated. And make sure they are spreading the word too.

      The line up looks pretty great to me. I agree about Moreno. As for flex, Bowe is still inconsistent KC Chief Bowe. My worries about C Johnson are the matchup and potential injury. He isnt even sure to play on sunday. I honestly like Amendola this week. I think he has the potential to have a 100 catch season and is worth the flex spot. Its a bit of a gamble, but huge upside, even though you arent PPR. Pay attention to Johnson’s condition and make the best educated guess you can betweeen the two of them.

      You are more than welcome. Thanks for following me.


  8. ezekiel

    Okay so here’s my roster:


    WRs-Malcom Floyd, Hines Ward,Eddie Royal, Mike Williams (TB).

    RBs – Chris Johnson, Jahvid Best, Ryan Torain, Mike Tolbert, and Benjarvus Green-Ellis

    TE – Aaron Hernandez

    I need Two WRs, Two RB’s and one flex postition. I’m thinking Floyd, Ward, JOhnson, Best, and Royal? Hows that sound?

    • Sounds good to me. Floyd is a must start, and Ward should be old Ward again as long as Big Ben hasnt lost anything. Royal is a solid play as long as Orton is throwing the ball a thousand times a game. CJ is a no brainer. Best has a tough matchup, but should catch the ball quite a few times in addition to his rushes. Lineup looks good.

      Make sure you are spreading the word about godhateslosers so I can keep this advice up. Thanks for coming in as always. Good luck.


  9. Harris

    Alright I need some help here. i lost last week thanks to arian foster and New Orleans Defense. So tell me what you think please
    QB-Kyle Orton
    WR-Austin Collie
    WR-Donald driver
    WR-Brandon Lloyd
    RB-Rashard Mendenhall
    RB-LeSean McCoy
    TE-Dallas Clark
    DEF-New York Jets
    K-Matt Bryant

    QB-Aaron Rodgers
    WR-Wes Welker
    RB-Peyton Hillis
    RB-Arian Foster
    K-Mike Nugent -Bye-

    • I want to say that benching foster is pretty tough, but you have the strength to do it. I like your choices there.

      if you are PPR, i would greatly consider putting Welker in for Collie. Collie is still nursing an injury. Redskins are terrible against the pass, but I think that might hold him back. Welker will see about 140 passes this week. all short, but he is the main guy in NE now and should see a ton of work.

  10. Phillip


  11. Justin

    ok this might be long but i got a few questions.. first at QB

    pick 2

    eli manning (vs det)
    Orton (Vs Jets)
    big ben (vs browns)

    pick 1 (finley went down)

    quarless (Vs dolphins)
    J carlson (vs bears)
    tony scheffler (vs giants)

    pick 1 (for flex wr/TE)

    brandon tate (vs ravens)
    K walter (vs chiefs)
    P Garcon (vs redskins)
    S Holmes (vs broncos)
    Knox (vs seahawks)
    D Bowe (vs texans)

    also if calvin johnson doesnt play.. which wr do i replace him with?

    • Justin

      Bradshaw (vs det)
      Greene (vs den)
      michael bush (vs 49ers)

    • Eli and Orton. Big Ben has a great matchup, but he is still #3 on the list. Eli is playing against the Lions, so thats a great matchup for you. Orton throws the ball about 50 times per game, and should have no issues racking up another 300+ yd, 3 td game.

      This is a rough list of TEs to choose from. There are really no better options availale at TE? and why on earth do you have 3 of them on your roster? Carlson is the best on the list, dont expect much though.

      Johnny Knox gets the flex start since Cutler is back. If Johnson doesnt play, I’d throw Bowe in. Its risky, and Garcon & Holmes are good options, but I like Bowe more against a terrible HOU defense.


      • justin

        I only had finley and carlson. But when finley went down I picked up scheffler. And then quarless looked like a good option. I plan on dropping one. Which one to drop?

      • Drop both. Scheffler is lost among 4 great WRs. Quarless might get some looks this week, but Donald Lee looks to be able to play and would be a much better pickup.


      • Justin

        i can pick up these TEs

        A. Fasano (mia)
        Tony Moeaki (KC)
        Kellen winslow (tb)
        donald lee (gb)

      • Lee should be the full time replacement of Finley and looks good to me. Moeaki is the most reliable receiver on the Chiefs.
        Either is a good pick. Lee will make you look more like a genius if he does well.

        If you go with Lee, make sure he is actually cleared to play. He practiced yesterday, and should be fine, but just double check because he was also injured last week.


  12. Ryan

    Do I play Benjarvis-green ellis or shonne greene this week ?

    • Shonne Greene is the future of the Jets, and each week he will be more productive. The Jets seem to be saving LT a bit for later in the season. LT should see the endzone more but expect increased yardage from Greene. MJGE has a terrible matchup and NE should be passing more.


  13. joe

    So I made a bad decision in trading keller for bradshaw. Only if i knew finley was gonna get injured. But ne ways I need 1qb, 3wrs, 2rbs, 1te, and 1flex
    qb: P. Manning, roethlisberger
    wr: E. Royal, J. Knox, B. Tate, davone bess, and kenny britt ochocinco is on bye
    rb: bradshaw, thomas jones, brandon jacobs, derrick ward
    te: heath miller, mercedes lewis

    • Finley was definitely a tough break, but dont beat yourself up about it. Bradshaw will be a great runner all year and greatly improves your RBs

      My line up suggestion:
      Royal, Knox, Britt
      Bradshaw, Jacobs (I know its weird to start 2 RBs from the same team, but Jacobs is a much better option than Jones and Ward)
      Miller (I think he will have a great week with Big Ben back and trying to get comfortable. Lewis always has a huge opportunity to score as he is pretty much the only person to touch it in the redzone)

      good luck


  14. Justin

    pick 2

    P Thomas out again.

    Mike williams (tb)
    Jeremy Maclin
    Kevin Walter
    Shonn Greene
    Roy Williams

    i was thinking mike williams (tb) and maclin.

    pick 1

    finley out

    M. Lewis (jac)
    J. Shockey (No)

    thinking lewis.

    and do i start schaub or garrard this week.

    • I agree with all your picks. Williams and Maclin are both good choices. I considered Greene, but its too much of a stretch at this point.
      Lewis gets all the redzone looks so he should be a smart play against TEN

      Youve got to go with schaub. everyone is down on him, but his receivers are back to near full strength and they should have the power of the run game to excel them in the passing game. Garrard could put up good numbers, but i dont really trust him over schaub.


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