Week 6 Pick Ups

Tons of questions coming in about who to get for Finley. Clayton is out and you need a new WR3. Injuries and Byes in your flex are tearing your team apart. Rodgers/Favre owners are cursing at their screens. Dont worry, GodHatesLosers has your back. I’ve got a list of week 6 pickups to help you get through the week and get yourself another win.


David Garrard – Jacksonville is starting to surprise me, much of the success is coming from playing crappy teams, but you can add Tennessee to that list. They are having a tough time against opposing QBs and Garrard is finally clicking with his receiving corps, and TE Lewis. If you have Palmer, Rodgers, or Favre as your starter and need a replacement off waivers, Garrard might be your guy.


Mike Hart – I admit, its close to being a stretch. Or maybe it is a full-blown stretch, but Brown is likely out, and Addai could be the same. If you have Addai at your flex and word comes in that he will be seeing limited time, Hart would be a good replacement. Same goes for those who have D. Williams, Wells, Spiller, Jackson or Benson on a bye week. Hart could see a good amount of work against Washington.

Brandon Jackson – Questions have been raised on this site about him, but he showed that he can be a capable runner, and he might have to be with a backup QB in the game. Expect a good amount of carries and a handful of receptions and maybe Green Bay’s most underachieving RB. They are playing a tough Miami defense, so I’d only use if necessary.

Derrick Ward – As a proud fantasy owner of Arian Foster in 4 of my leagues, i’m a little worried about his performance last week. Houston has a history of ditching decent RBs, and Foster is the best back in the league. I’m only getting a bit of a red flag from Houston and Foster, but you have to think about possible injury here. It may be time to handcuff with Ward, just in case. Deep leagues only, of course.


Danny Amendola – Clayton is out, but Bradford is still a good QB. I think Amendola could rise to the occasion. He is seeing good numbers at receptions and yards per game already, so he could be good to play at flex or WR3 if you are hurting.

Devone Bess – I’m shocked to see that he is only 34% owned. 21 receptions and 245 yards this year, and the numbers will increase each week. He is the go to guy on third downs, and it is only matter of time til he starts getting the TDs.


I’m going to focus mostly on tight end this week, as roughly 10% of you are now missing your starting TE for the season.

Brandon Pettigrew – I picked him up, but I’m having second thoughts. I’m in a PPR league and he has 26 receptions this year. His yardage isnt bad either, but he is still a Detroit Lion. He is 32% owned but is a tough play against the Giants.

Marcedes Lewis – 65% owned, so might not be available. Not a ton of receptions, but he has almost 200 yards. And is Garrards favorite redzone target so he’ll get the short TDs

Heath Miller – 53% owned. Big Ben is back. I dont really need much more explanation. Miller was always a favorite target and should get the role back, especially for the first few weeks when Roethlisberger settles in.

Tony Moeaki – 28% owned. Should see a lot of work against Houston, and he is quickly becoming Cassel’s new favorite target. 4 receptions, 43 yards, and .5 TDs per game isnt bad to have for a replacement TE.

Benjamin Watson – 12% owned. I’m a bit surprised that there is so little buzz about him, especially when you consider that his the Browns’ leader in receptions and yardage. However, I’m not too surprised, because its the Browns. 23 catches. 10 yards per catch. He’ll continue to be the best receiver no matter which terrible QB is under center.

Andrew Quarless – 2% owned. Admittedly, he is a huge stretch. If you are the gambling type or 0-5 in your league and want to play the rest of the season trying to impress others with your sleeper picking ability, he is the guy for you. A rookie 3rd stringer starting for the Packers, who are starting a back up QB. On the plus side, back up QBs always love their TEs, so he should see a lot of passes. On an even more plus side, they have worked together all year long in practice. The timing is down and they trust each other. I say its worth the risk.


Stay tuned for other goodies this week. I’ll give you my full positional breakdown, start’em sit’em, advice column to answer all your questions and my defensive pickups of the week.



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9 responses to “Week 6 Pick Ups

  1. monnone

    I have been offered Ray Rice for Drew Brees in a PPR League. I already have Orton and he has put up more points then Brees in almost each game. Should I go for this trade or should I be worried about Orton fizzling out or Rice never getting started?

    Thanks for the help!

    • Orton will not fizzle. When Moreno gets back, he’ll pass a little bit less, but still be productive through the air. Brees is tough to let go. But Rice is just now getting into his rhythm. I think its a good trade, Rice will add a lot to your offense, Brees will only warm your bench.

  2. monnone

    One more question
    Brandon Marshall
    Anquan Boldin
    Brandon Lloyd
    Kenny Britt
    Lance Moore
    Dexter MCcluster
    My only concern is Lloyd playing against Revis or Cromartie. Should I ride his thunder and keep starting him or should I switch it?

    • Revis covered Harvin last week. Harvin won that battle.
      I think you have to keep playing Lloyd. Orton has thrown the ball 213 times this season. Second only to Manning. And he has a wealth of WR talent. The Jets cant cover everyone, and I think both Royal and Lloyd have big games.


  3. James

    What do you think about giving Schaub and BJGE for Mathews and Ward?

    The way I see it, I’m buying low on both Mathews and Ward (who haven’t hit close to the numbers they are projected to hit) and giving up a solid QB to a team that has Matt Ryan, but also a soon-to-be QB #2 Kevin Kolb and Alex Smith, who is thisclose to being behind DAVID CARR on the depth chart.

    My WRs and RBs as of now (4 WR/3 RB/2 flex):

    WR: Wayne, Smith, Driver, Bess, Amendola, Thomas (JAC), Mason, Moore (NO), McCluster, Burleson

    RB: Johnson, Benson, Hillis, Williams (MIA), Lynch, BJGE, McCluster, Blount

    I only trust the top 3 WRs and RBs on those lists right now, with Bess and Lynch waiting in the wings.

    Is this trade worth it? I figure if it goes through, my only concern going forward would be who to start instead of waiting on the waiver wire for the “next big thing” (aside from injuries, of course).

  4. James

    I have Eli Manning as my other QB. I went through with the trade but the other guy rejected it outright.

    Appreciate the input as always!

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