Fantasy Football: Feed on the Bottom Feeders

Andrew has had some great advice this week concerning pick-ups, drops, adds, starts, etc– really good advice, actually. But, what should you do if NONE of the people that you have targeted to add to your team are available or if your guy is bad, but every FA and waiver guy is just as bad? My answer: TRADE.

If you aren’t in last place in your league, it’s probably for a reason: the depth of your roster often determines your rank. This is true for the terrible teams with terrible records. If you need someone good, look no further than the bottom of your league, because, chances are, they know a lot less about football than you do. Figure out what they need, then offer them a big name player or the third guy on your depth chart– works almost every time.

For example: In one of my leagues, I’m in need of a TE. I bet big on Owen Daniels coming back this season, and, even though his hands are fantastic, his knees are just not what they used to. ENTER THE AWFUL TEAM. Through a series of counter offers, I am probably going to be sending him Felix Jones for Zach Miller. Sound bad? Miller has over 20 more fantasy points, is less injury prone, and is king on that depth chart; Jones is 1 of 3 great backs, is hurt all the time, and is having a Cowboy-like (read: AWFUL) season. Plus, let’s be honest: No TE should have more fantasy points than a starting RB. That, readers is disgraceful.

The point is this: Prey on the little people. Offer them hope, but only at great expense. If the waiver wire is looking bad, don’t despair: trade for the person you need.



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21 responses to “Fantasy Football: Feed on the Bottom Feeders

  1. Kevin

    Alright question for you along these lines. I found a potential trade and just not sure if it would be the right thing for me to do.

    I would attept trade DeSean Jackson for Frank Gore. The Gore owner is fat on RBs and thin on WRs. With Kolb/Vick there has been a large roller coaster for Jackson so far and I know when Vick gets back Jackson will be golden again. Minor question is do you think Kolb can figure out how to get the ball to Jackson this week. Bigger question is should I off the Jackson for Gore trade.

    My WRs beyond Jackson are:

    A. Collie
    P. Harvin
    T. Owens
    M. Williams(TB)
    Cound fish for D. Amendola or L. Murphy off FA.

    RBs currently are:

    A. Foster
    P. Thomas
    P. Hillis
    R. Torain

    So would this be a trade I should try or should I stand pat.

    If the trade went through by this Sunday I would be sitting well off with PT and PH both banged up and with PT still being very questionable for Sunday which leaves me with Foster and Torain as RBs this week and Collie, Harvin and Williams for WRs. If Hillis wasn’t banged up I might have gambled that he would have been the RB to finally part the Steel Curtain.

    P.S. Great call on Harvin this past week, just wished that Schaub and Foster both hadn’t tanked. Lost my match up by less than 5 points because both Schaub and Foster were both fantasy no shows.

    • This one is tough. Your RB corps gets stronger by a long shot, but you lose a lot of steam at WR. I would try to make it a double and pair up Jackson with another player, and get Gore and another WR.
      I think Jackson/Hillis or Jackson/TO could get you Gore and a WR2 or 3.
      Also, I like Amendola as a pickup. He should get a ton of looks if you are in a PPR league he is a must start.
      I’m sorry I couldnt be superhelpful. This is a very tough trade. The way it stands right now, I think you are on the losing end of Jackson for Gore.


      • Kevin

        Thanks That was what I was wanting to know. I would have considered a double trade but the other manager is very weak in WRs. The available WRs on the other side are:

        Greg Jennings
        Hakeem Nicks
        Lance Moore
        Anthony Armstrong
        Derrick Mason

        I would love Gore/Nicks for Hillis/Jackson but I wouldn’t go for that in her shoes. I think she is the victim of some tough injuries and poor performance. The only other trade that I can think of would be TO/Hillis for Jennings/Gore. I know the Bengals Offense isn’t spectacular with Palmer at the helm but TO has had much better off week numbers than Jackson has had by a long shot. Maybe the wise course is to stand pat and muscle through this week and Hillis’ bad match up and Kold tossing for the Eagles.

        My start this week would then be:

        QB: B. Reothisberger
        WR: A. Collie
        WR: P. Harvin
        WR: M. Williams(TB)
        RB: A. Foster
        RB: R. Rorain
        TE: D. Clark
        K: N Racker
        Def: Green Bay


        M. Schaub
        T. Owens
        D. Jackson
        P. Thomas
        P. Hillis
        V. Shiancoe

        This is all assuming there aren’t some overarching reasons to play Jackson, Thomas & or Hillis.

        Any additional advise you can give me?

      • Watch the status of Collie. If he is still hobbling, take him out and play Jackson.
        Other than that I like your lineup.
        Try D. Jackson/P. Thomas for F Gore/H. Nicks. It could be worth a shot.


  2. Mike

    Okay I have a trade that I can’t decide on. I am in a 16 H2H league and own a 3 and 2 record. I need to make a change at WR, thought garcon was gonna have a year but that fell through and with mark clayton down I am left with S Moss Garcon Gaffney Nate Washington and Anthony Armstrong. My RB depth is Jahvid Best Peyton Hillis Jamaal charles and Ryan torrain. The trade is Best and Gaffney for Collie and Deangelo Williams. Should I accept, decline, or hold onto best and try to send hillis or charles instead?

    • I am actually impressed by your team in a 16 team format. I agree with your strategy of getting a better WR at the expense of an RB, but there are better options. I dont like that you have to give up your top RB to do so, however. Hillis Charles and Torain are good enough backups to get away with it. I actually think Hillis has potential to shine this season. Charles is in a split role, but slowly seeing more of the carries. I think Best is a good option to trade. It might be worth trying to trade Best and Gaffney for just one receiver though and get someone valued higher than Collie.


  3. Brandon

    hey man. i’m having trouble trying to figure out who to put in my flex position. My choices are Joseph Addai (consistently hurt so i’m scared of him), Benjarvus Green-Ellis (who looks like he’s gonna be splitting carries with Danny Woodhead.. plus you never know how much the pats are gonna run the ball) Darren McFadden (who not only might not play this week is gonna share the touches with Bush)and Brandon Jacobs (who will only get me points if Bradshaw gets hurt or they find themselves in a couple goal line situations)… who do you think i should start in my flex position?

    my team looks like this

    QB- Phillip Rivers
    WR-Randy Moss
    WR-Santana Moss
    RB-Adrian Peterson
    RB-Ryan Torain
    TE-Tony Moeaki
    K-Robbie Gould
    Defense-Green Bay


    Joseph Addai
    Brandon Jacobs
    Terrell Owens
    Darren McFadden
    BenJarvus Green-Ellis
    Jay Cutler

    If you can give me any other help on who to get rid of or who to keep my eye on it would be much appreciated…


    • Its a tough week for your flex. My suggestion would be watching the injuries. Addai is banged up, but probably the best play if he sees the field. McFadden is also a good play if he plays. Jacobs is the surprise here. He is playing against a pretty bad defense, and should see more carries as Bradshaw is banged up and they should put up a lot of points.

      I say Jacobs.


  4. Zach

    i’m atop my league right at 5-0. am i crazy to think of offering, say lesean mccoy & wes welker, for a michael turner type? i don’t really like mccoy’s season ending schedule, while turner has a cakewalk.

    my other wr’s are andre johnson, reggie wayne, kenny britt, steve johnson & sidney rice (hoping for a successful comeback). my other rb’s are arian foster, darren mcfadden & mike tolbert.

    • Zach

      i also just talked with the adrian peterson owner. he’s open to talk trade too..

      is this all even worth it? or should i stand pat?

    • Its a gut call for you. I have learned over the years that ‘if it aint broke’ is especially true in fantasy. You cant allow yourself to get bored with a team that wins every single week.
      I do understand where you are coming from though, and think that with your WR depth, this could be a good trade to make for AP or Turner. AP has a tougher schedule than turner, and Turner is more injury-prone.

      Personally, I would stay the way you have it. But if you arent confident with Welker and McCoy in the future, go for it. I dont really see it hurting you at all, just mixing things up. I think the biggest drawback of the trade is that it helps the other team more than I’d like


  5. Niko

    Hey man, appreciate the site and you’re very progressive in your thoughts. Currently I am 3-2 but should be 5-0. This was mainly because I didn’t see the light that was Kyle Orton until week 3. This is a 12 team PPR leauge.

    I have a dilemma. Currently I would like to think I am absolutely loaded at every position except for RB.

    QB: Kyle Orton, Josh Freeman

    WR: Andre Johnson, Hakeem Nicks, Mike Williams, Mike Wallace, Mike Thomas, Danny Amendola, Vincent Jackson (He will be back right before the playoffs)

    RB: Ahmad Bradshaw, Jamaal Charles, DeAngelo Williams, “Law-Firm”, Mike Tolbert.

    TE: Antonio Gates, Aaron Hernandez

    K: Neil Rackers

    DEF: Dallas, Kansas City, Detroit

    IDP: Lawrence Timmons, James Anderson

    Do I need to get more RB depth via trade? If so, who should I target. I was thinking I could deal Aaron Hernandez to the person who lost Jermichael Finely for Michael Bush or DMC.

    Thanks for the Help!

    • That is a great trade proposal. I’d try to get DMC out of it, because as soon as he is healthy, he’ll go back to carrying the majority.
      Other options would be Trading Mike Wallace, Mike Williams, or Amendola straight up for someone (since you have 5 pretty legit WR starters)


  6. Sox

    Hey guys. I’m struggling to find a decent WR1 option. I’m going to try and manufacture a trade, although it seems like half the guys in my league don’t ever check their yahoo email/their team’s homepage. Anyway…if you don’t mind, I’m going to list my roster and would appreciate tips on who you think I could afford to lose to garner a top-12 WR.

    QB – Tom Brady
    WR’s – S. Smith (NYG), J Gaffney, L. Murphy, D. Bess, P. Garcon, S. Johnson, A. Armstrong.
    TE’s – A. Hernandez, T. Moeaki, J. Shockey
    RB’s – J. Charles, A. Foster, R. Torain

    Some of my opponents are struggling for RB’s, so I could trade Torain but I doubt he’s worth a decent receiver. Maybe Charles? He may, however, be in for a big game against HOU. Thanks in advance.

    Other question (regarding start/sit):
    Hernandez (vs BAL) or Moeaki (vs HOU)?

    • Sox

      Also L. Moore and S. Breaston are available on the wire right now, I’m wondering which/if I should pick one up.

      • Breaston is not worth your time. Moore is in the same boat as all of the Saints WRs. One week he will have 8 catches for 140 yards and 2 scores, the next week he’ll catch one pass for 4 yards. Saints WRs are incredibly inconsistent because there are just so many of them. If you put Moore in your lineup, every now and then he’ll have a big game.. but like last week, he always has the chance to be a complete bust.


    • Having guys forget/ignore their fantasy team is the worst, but it always happens around this time. Hopefully you’ll get lucky and catch someone who actually monitors their account.
      A few options: Find a team with one great WR, but the rest of them arent so hot. Offer them Gaffney and Bess for their top WR.
      Couple Charles with a TE and get a WR1.
      Couple Brady and one of your middle of the road WRs for a high WR and decent QB (works best with someone who is lacking at QB)
      Find the guy who had Finley at TE and offer him any of your TEs with a backup WR for their best receiver.

      All of these are long shots because no one wants to get rid of their star, but You need the help.

      I would start Moeaki this week at TE.

  7. Robert

    I had Mark Clayton but was unable to grab Danny A. So I’m taking a risk on Deion Branch, was this a good choice as a WR3?

    Also need some help with this week’s line-up.

    2 QB set
    Matt Ryan
    Vince Young

    3 WR set
    Percy Harvin
    Andre Johnson
    Deion Branch or Mike Thomas or Jabar Gaffney or Steve Johnson?

    2 RB set
    Michael Bush
    Benjarvus Green-Ellis or Ricky Williams

    Tell me what you guys think?

    • Branch could be a good pickup. I think he is a very risky start though.
      I would personally put Mike Thomas in over him. Thomas is also a gamble, but he is doing great in PPR leagues, and could break one against Tennessee. Branch is too unpredictable at this point to be counted on.
      I’d start Williams over BJGE. Williams will split carries, but should perform well. Green Ellis is going up against a tough run defense and NE will pass far more than run this week.

      Best of luck. Let us know how you do on Tuesday


  8. TCP

    I’m actually the 2-4 team (Moss, S Jax, Schaub and a couple of close losses).

    A guy is looking for WR and is willing to offer QB or RB.

    I’m thinking of offering Torain and Moss for MJD and Woodhead.

    My RB are S Jax, Torain, P Thomas, R Brown, R Williams, Green-Ellis

    My WR are Moss, Branch, M Williams (Sea), Floyd.

    I know I’d be losing a good WR, but I figure MJD is primed for a great second half. What do you think?

    • i cant say that this trade is even at all. you are on the losing end. Make him upgrade the receiver that he gives you. If not, just go straight up Moss for MJD, and deal torain or brown or thomas to someone else.


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