Week 6 Position Rankings

Once again, your favorite guru has broken down each position. Asterisks indicate injured players/their replacements. So keep your eye on them as their value may fluctuate with playing time. This week has some easy matchups and hopefully wont see the fantasy ups and downs that we have seen all season.

As always, if you have any questions or comments go ahead and post them. Make sure you are spreading the word to all your friends. Add us on facebook and twitter @godhateslosers. And best of luck in week 6.

EDIT: Aaron Rodgers is practicing fully and should make the start. He should perform in the top 10 QBs if he plays. Expect higher value for Jennings and Driver than what I listed. Also, Donald Lee might be making the start at TE. If this is the case, and Rodgers plays, Lee is a top 15 TE this week.

Week 6 Quarterback Rankings

  1. Peyton Manning
  2. Philip Rivers
  3. Tony Romo
  4. Kyle Orton
  5. Drew Brees
  6. Matt Schaub
  7. Ben Roethlisberger
  8. Tom Brady
  9. Eli Manning
  10. Joe Flacco
  11. Matt Ryan
  12. Jay Cutler
  13. Donovan McNabb
  14. Mark Sanchez
  15. David Garrard
  16. Matt Cassel
  17. Vince Young
  18. Kevin Kolb
  19. Josh Freeman
  20. Brett Favre*

Week 6 Running Back Rankings

  1. Chris Johnson
  2. Frank Gore
  3. Maurice Jones-Drew
  4. Adrian Peterson
  5. Ray Rice
  6. Rashard Mendenhall
  7. Steven Jackson
  8. Michael Turner
  9. Arian Foster
  10. Jahvid Best
  11. LeSean McCoy*
  12. Ahmad Bradshaw
  13. Jamaal Charles
  14. Matt Forte
  15. Michael Bush/McFadden*
  16. Ronnie Brown
  17. Ryan Mathews
  18. Chris Ivory*
  19. LaDanian Tomlinson
  20. Mick Tolbert
  21. Felix Jones
  22. Ryan Torain
  23. Joseph Addai* Mike Hart
  24. Peyton Hillis
  25. Shonne Greene
  26. Marshawn Lynch
  27. BenJarvis Green-Ellis
  28. Brandon Jacobs
  29. Thomas Jones
  30. Brandon Jackson
  31. Earnest Graham
  32. Marion Barber
  33. Danny Woodhead
  34. Ladell Betts
  35. Justin Forsett
  36. Derrick Ward
  37. Willis McGahee
  38. Marion Barber
  39. Chester Taylor
  40. John Kuhn
  41. LaGarrette Blount
  42. Jason Snelling
  43. Mike Bell
  44. Correll Buckhalter
  45. Cadillac Williams

Week 6 Wide Receiver Rankings

  1. Hakeem Nicks
  2. Reggie Wayne
  3. Roddy White
  4. Miles Austin
  5. Anquan Boldin
  6. DeSean Jackson
  7. Malcom Floyd
  8. Randy Moss
  9. Andre Johnson*
  10. Hines Ward
  11. Percy Harvin
  12. Brandon Marshall
  13. Brandon Lloyd
  14. Wes Welker
  15. Mike Wallace
  16. Mike Williams (TB)
  17. Marques Colston
  18. Dwayne Bowe
  19. Santonio Holmes
  20. Johnny Knox
  21. Kenny Britt
  22. Steve Smith (NYG)
  23. Greg Jennings
  24. Danny Amendola
  25. Mike Sims-Walker
  26. Santana Moss
  27. Louis Murphy
  28. Devone Bess
  29. Michael Crabtree
  30. Donald Driver
  31. Eddie Royal
  32. Austin Collie
  33. Jeremy Maclin
  34. Calvin Johnson*
  35. Mike Williams (SEA)
  36. Lance Moore
  37. Derrick Mason
  38. Braylon Edwards
  39. Dez Bryant
  40. Nate Washington
  41. Brandon Tate
  42. Jabar Gaffney
  43. Mario Manningham
  44. Roy Williams
  45. Kevin Walter
  46. Dexter McCluster
  47. Pierre Garcon
  48. James Jones
  49. Mike Thomas
  50. Devin Hester

Week 6 Tight End Rankings

  1. Antonio Gates
  2. Zach Miller
  3. Vernon Davis
  4. Dallas Clark
  5. Chris Cooley
  6. Aaron Hernandez
  7. Tony Gonzalez
  8. Jason Witten
  9. Tony Moeaki
  10. Heath Miller
  11. Dustin Keller
  12. Brent Celek
  13. Kellen Winslow
  14. Brandon Pettigrew
  15. Mercedes Lewis

Week 6 Kicker Rankings

  1. Josh Scobee
  2. Nate Kaeding
  3. Steven Gostkowski
  4. Jeff Reed
  5. Sebastian Janikowski
  6. Nick Folk
  7. Neil Rackers
  8. Adam Vinatieri
  9. Ryan Longwell
  10. Lawrence Tynes

Week 6 Defense Rankings

  1. New York Giants
  2. Pittsburgh Steelers
  3. San Diego Chargers
  4. Miami Dolphins
  5. Seattle Seahawks
  6. San Francisco 49ers
  7. Chicago Bears
  8. Tennessee Titans
  9. Atlanta Falcons
  10. New Orleans Saints


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72 responses to “Week 6 Position Rankings

  1. jeff

    Schaub – expect a bounceback week right? He pretty much caused my loss last week with 4.7 points.

    eddie royal or michael crabtree? coverage going to lloyd and gaffney will leave royal open/against favorable matchups, right???

    If kolb starts – Celek. If not – Dustin keller.


    • Schaub should make his comeback. His WRs are almost back to healthy and the matchup is good.

      Crabtree is coming off his best game ever. Royal has a tough matchup and should probably draw coverage from Cromartie. NYJ is down though since Revis is out. Its a toss up for me. But with Orton throwing to him, Royal is a good call.

      Agreed with your TE situation.


      • jeff

        Aweome, thanks!

        Felix Jones is gonna have a breakout game…So why do I feel like I’m making a bad move not startin Marshawn Lynch? I am going up against the only 5-0 person left and I MUST win. 🙂

      • I wouldnt go completely apeshit over Jones, but I do agree that he will have his best performance of the season this week.
        Dont feel bad about Lynch. He is still new to the system, and playing a tough run defense in Chicago. Jones has a higher chance at success this week.

  2. J

    Who would you rather have for the rest of the year (non-ppr) Ocho or Greg Jennings? Ocho has more targets and yards, Jennings has more TDs so far. Both are huge disappointments.


  3. Ty

    Should i trade DeSean jackson just yet? for maybe brandon lloyd or another good receiver… I have R.White,michael T., L. Mccoy and Jackson so come week 8 im screwed. unless i trade.

    • Jackson will improve when Vick comes back. However, it could be a good idea to trade him to save your bye week. A straight up WR/WR trade would be best. You are giving up a top 10 WR, so make sure you are getting a top 10 receiver.


  4. Daryl

    Need some help. I’ve got Schaub and Sanchez. Given their opp. for the week, who’s the better start. Also, I need a reciever: K.Walter or B.Edwards?

  5. okay here we go:
    Starting for sure-
    WR2-A Johnson
    I need help deciding my RB’s and Flex. No PPR.
    RB’s: Torain, Ronnie Brown, Green-Ellis, Brandon Jackson, Michael Bush
    WR’s: Santonio Holmes, Garcon.
    I’m leaning towards Torain, Brown, Jackson.

    • Torain has a great matchup. Brown should see most of the work this week as well.
      If McFadden does not play, I say put Bush in at Flex. If he does play, I like Holmes more than Jackson. BJax had one standout game, but look at his production the rest of the season so far and dont forget how disappointing he was.


  6. Scotty

    Interesting rankings. 10 team standard league scoring. If you had to pick 3 WR from..
    B. Marshall
    D. Bowe
    D. Amendola
    J. Maclin
    C. Johnson (injury)

    you would play the top 3? Also J. Knox is on the waiver wire and would you recommend picking him up over Amendola?

    • I would play the first three. I think Maclin will only be effective if Vick is QB.
      Amendola is better for PPR leagues in my opinion. Knox would be a good pickup. I suggest dropping maybe a backup RB or extra defense/kicker/te instead of Amendola though, just incase he proves to be better than expected.

      Marshall and Bowe are starters. Maclin (if Vick plays). Knox if you pick him up.


  7. gabriel

    what do you think about this trade i did in my league, i am 3-2 and the guy i traded with is 1-4 and he really needs the win this week.
    i traded Rivers, Boldin, Moss, Forte for Rodgers, Fitzgerald, Miles Austin, Jones-Drew

    I felt like the long term return for me is really good, comments?

    • Its pretty close. I say you made a good one.
      In one of my leagues Rivers is a beast the way scoring is set up. There is no one I would trade him for. In another, he is still a top 5 QB, but not the best. Rodgers seems like an even trade with standard scoring leagues.
      Boldin/Moss v. Fitz/Austin. Again, its close. Boldin looks to be the main man in Baltimore, Moss looked good last week, but I’m worried about him since Favre is absolutely on the decline. Fitzgerald is a great receiver, but no one can get the ball to him. While Austin arguably the best Fantasy WR in football.
      Forte is a better PPR back. But other than that I say MJD is the winner of this trade.

      I say you made out pretty good. Fitzgerald is a little questionable, but he is talented enough to produce even if his QB doesnt.


  8. Ken

    – Tony Romo
    – Hakeem Niks
    – Brandon Lloyd
    – Ray Rice
    – Ahmad Bradshaw
    – Chris Cooley
    – David Akers
    – Chicago

    – Peyton Hillis
    – Terrell Owens
    – Greg Jennings
    – Donovan McNabb
    – Felix Jones
    – Kevin Walter

    Record: 4-1-0

    Proposed Trade: Dallas Clark for Kevin Walter & Chris Cooley

    I am unlikely to ever start Walker with the other 4 on my roster and I pick up a better TE. Thoughts?

    Also, any other thoughts about starters this week, or where you see weaknesses in the roster, would be appreciated. Who would you guys pick as your starting WRs? I am nervous about Lloyd against the Jets, but with the concussion in GB (even with him practicing) and his poor performance so far this week, im hesitant to start Jennings. I love the Nicks play this week against Detroit.

    • I like the lineup the way you have it. I’m guessing that you were unfortunate and your one loss is during a week when you were playing the highest scorer? Those are the worst.

      I say go for it. As you said, Walter will never see your starting lineup. And Clark is a step up over Cooley.

      Nick is a great play at WR. Lloyd shouldnt have too much of a problem as Revis will be out and Royal should draw Cromartie. And look at what he did to a once proud Baltimore passing defense.


  9. Ken

    In addition, I am looking to fill a spot on the roster if i accept the trade above. Who would you fill it with (waivers/FAs below)?

    – Bejarvus Green-Elis
    – Jonathan Stewart

    – Nate Washington
    – Danny Amendola
    – Derrick Mason
    – Johnny Knox
    – Devery Henderson

    • Knox or Amendola. Knox should see more TDs I would imagine if the Bears can get on track.
      Amendola would be a great play in PPR leagues as he should break 100 receptions this year. He’ll see the receptions and yardage, but likely not as many scores.
      You need more help at RB, but I dont like the FA options. I’d suggest Amendola or Knox, see what they do this week. If they perform well enough and their stock goes up, trade for an RB.


  10. jayhawk4life

    who do you think for my rb2 this week
    BJGE or lynch
    And for my flex louis murphy, britt, bowe, or bjge, lynch


  11. Brian

    so I decided to listen to your advice about putting gates on the trading block. Looking at my teams through a mathmatical perspective has definitely helped. For gates, I have an offer for gates for cedric benson. I am countering with gates and mike bell for moeaki and benson. I think mathmatically that works out best for me. Let me know if you disagree before I send the offer.

    With my other team I think I have improved my team. I traded miles austin and romo for matt ryan and ap.

    I have kyle orton riding my bench which doesn’t do me any good. If I start him, it just basically comes down to ap vs. austin which improves my team assuming that orton and denver continue there huge passing game so far. I don’t think I lose huge value at qb, but definitely gain value with ap in my lineup. My wr’s are still pretty strong with floyd, boldin, bess, crabtree, moore, and driver. However I add ap to my rb lineup along with turner, Ronnie Brown, and Fred Jackson.

    • I like the second offer with Gates and Mike Bell. It gets a little complicated and nerdy crunching the numbers, but its ultimately the most rewarding way to own at team.

      Austin is hard to give up as he is arguably the best fantasy WR in football, but as you said, you have the strength to fill his spot, and his loss is less than your gain by adding AP.

      Well played trades. Congrats and good luck


  12. jeff

    It says my comment is awaiting moderation? Can anyone see the previous comment I posted/have thoughtful suggestions??


  13. Kevin


    You have DeSean Jackson ranked high this week. Could you give me your thoughts on why you think he’ll do well this week given Kolb is still QB? I was planning on starting the following a WR this week.

    Percy Harvin
    Mike Williams (TB)
    Austin Collie

    Eagles you need to put a flak jacket on Vick and make him promise not to run unless he’s going to do a QB slide at the end. >.<

    • Admittedly, Jackson is probably higher than he should be, but there is no deny that he is a talented receiver and has a chance to break a big play every time he is given the ball.
      I place him high because I thought that Vick would have a higher chance to play, however Kolb was just named starting QB for this week. With Kolb at QB, Jackson will probably have a backseat role and catch 3-5 passes. ATL is about as good as SF against the pass, so similar numbers can be expected. However, with the talent of Jackson, its hard to drop him much lower.

      Your starting 3 are fine without Jackson.. but keep an eye on Collie’s injury at least for one more week. I’m sure he will play, but I have to question at what percentage he’ll be playing at.

  14. dabad


    I’m back and past a couple major bye weeks, but like many others took a big loss in my lineup losing Finley for what it looks like the rest of my fantasy season (8-10 weeks).

    .5 pt ppr league

    QB – P.Manning

    RBs – R.Rice, J.Charles, M.Bush, F.Jones, J.Stewart

    WRs – P.Harvin, W.Welker, H.Ward, B.Tate, D.Bryant

    TE – T.Moeaki

    DEF – GB, MIN

    K – Best Available

    I’m pretty set at starting Rice and Charles at RB, and Welker and Ward at WR. For flex I’m leaning with Harvin, but depends on Favre being good to go – or should i go with Bush, who for now still looks to be the one man show in OAKs backfield this week.

    Also I like Moeaki, good matchup and Cassel trusts him, but H. Miller is still out there on waiver – should i pick him up and use him instead?


    • Finley was a big loss for a ton of readers on this site. Drop him. He’s no good to you now. Check his status toward the end of November and pick him up if you have to. Good news is, there are a lot of capable TEs this season that will do just fine filling in for you.

      RB-Rice, Charles
      WR- Harvin, Welker
      Flex- Ward
      I’ve been having a lot of debates about TEs. I think Miller is a safe bet because he is always good with Big Ben, and Roethlisberger will take a little time to ease into things and will rely on Miller and Ward a lot this week. Moeaki is definitely the best receiver in KC right now, and the matchup is the best you can ask for. Tough call. I think Moeaki is more of a lock for points this week. Miller is probably better in the long haul though

      thanks for stopping by again, tell your friends


  15. Jammy

    jay cutler or matt schaub?? im hoping for a schaub comeback but cutler has a solid matchup. johnny knox or dallas clark in w/t?

    • Everyone is down on Schaub, but there are a handful of QBs that are probably better to start.
      Cutlers line is what bothers me about playing him. But he should have a field day against Seattle.

      Knox and Clark is a hell of a toss up. Both are playing defenses that give up more than 300 yards per game. Both will see a good amount of work though. Knox is my pick.
      Who is in your TE spot if its not Clark?

  16. cgi

    Someone wants to trade me for Rogers. He’ll give one of his three RB’s: Forte, Foster or Turner. I can pick up Sanchez, Garrard, Hill, Freeman…I’d probably grab Sanchez.

    QB Rogers
    WR Holmes
    WR Floyd
    WR Britt
    RB McCoy
    RB Mendenhall
    TE KEller
    D Pitt
    BN F.Jackson
    BN L.Murphy
    BN TO bye
    BN V.Shaincoe
    BN J.Harrison

    • Not worth it. You are downgrading by at least 8 points per game at QB. and none of the RBs you would pick up would be that big an improvement over who you already have.
      If they want Rodgers, make them give you their best receiver and a WR3 or 4.
      Better yet, Give them Rodgers and Murphy and get their best receiver and Forte.

      If you make it straight up, you are absolutely on the losing end.


  17. Phillip

    i need to pick up jamaal charles from this guy who is 1 out of the 3 people who are willing to trade in our league, he’s not a sheisty MFer. would charles for t. jones & k. britt OR charles for t.jones & jabar gaffney be more of a tempting trade?

    on my bench i also have louis murphy, and davone bess. (aka im not going to trade my starters)

  18. Christine

    Hi again! RB’s Darren Sproles, Ahmad Bradshaw, Ryan Torain which 2 should I start??? Rodgers or Rothlesberger at QB? Dez Bryant, Jacoby Jones, Calvin Johnson, Bandon Lloyd, Braylon Edwards, DeSean Jackson which 3 at WR? Thanks for the help!

    • Hi there. I dont remember if you are points per return. I would guess that you are, or else there would be absolutely no reason for you to have Sproles on your roster.

      I’d start Bradshaw and Torain at RB.
      Rodgers at QB.
      Lloyd, Edwards and Jackson at WR.

      if it is return points, you might want to consider sproles, probably in place of torain.

      • Christine

        Im sorry yes it is ppr…Sproles (up until last week) is usually big points for me. I like Bradshaw I guess Im just afraid Jacobs may see some of the action….And that is exactly what I thought you’d say for WR. Thanks again..ad Im currently 2nd in my league right now (your advice definetly helps!)

      • always glad to help.

        i dont really see STL scoring a lot on Sproles, so i dont expect a lot of returns from him. Dont be too afraid of Bradshaw, even if they do split, Bradshaw will see the majority of the carries. Also, because they are playing a pretty bad team, they should get up quick and run the clock out.

      • Christine

        ok, Im good with that especially since (and yes I freely admit it ) I am a Giants fan! I’ll post again next week,you can bet on it, and continue to spread the word….

  19. MIke

    QB- Sanchez,HIll or Freeman
    RB-Pick 2- Matt FOrte, Ryan Torain, Micheal BUsh

    WR- Pick 2- A.Johnson, Wes Welker, Brandon Llyd, Jabar Gaffney, Steve Jhonson, Mike Willaims(TB)

    TE- Tony Moeaki or pick off waiver heath miller?

    Flex…..Pick one?


  20. James

    I feel like you have insider information on this particular ranking, so I need to know….Chris Ivory at #18?

    I know Thomas is out for a bit, but he and Betts have been platooning the last two weeks and the Saints just signed Julius Jones as well.

    This isn’t questioning your ranking, just simply wondering:

    “What do you know about Chris Ivory this week?”

    • No insider info. I just like to go about 60% gut, 40% stats when it comes to the rankings. I figured Thomas would miss again (which he will) and Betts had a miserable week last week. Ivory has potential and I think if NO finally gets it going through the air like normal, Ivory has a good chance to make a big impact.

      Its nothing more than a hunch, I suppose. I dont personally own him in any of my leagues, but he is one of my big sleepers so i’ll be keeping an eye on him.


    • 158 yards.
      I do wish he had scored though.


  21. BWYATT

    Advice last week was great so I’m back for more.

    Need to get a WR 2, 3 and Flex from the following:
    (my league also does return pts 1pt/25yds)
    Austin Collie
    Johnny Knox
    Davone Bess
    Roy Williams

    And just for arguments sake
    would you start Romo or Orton.
    I am still going to start Romo, but…

    • Thats what I like to hear. I hope that means that you told friends about us as well.

      Collie (check his status on game day)
      Knox (should be primed for a big game against a poor pass defense)
      Bess (still in the punt return game, but kind of a non factor, he should see a good amount of receptions though, will get decent yardage. but hes not a TD scorer)

      I agree with Romo. Both will have great weeks. Both always do. Both will throw it a ton, and be successful. Romo gets the edge for me just because Im a cowboys fan. They should be very similar statistically this week.


  22. Allan Basso


    14 team league, standard scoring.

    Sacrificed last week by making a trade for the long run (although if Schaub had only made 2 more pts…)
    Traded Maclin + Murphy for Hines Ward (betting on Big Ben comeback).
    Also traded Brandon Jasckson for Percy Harvin (before the Moss Trade) and it’s already paying off.
    So I fell set on WRs: Austin, Ward and Harvin + Garçon and Knox on the bench.
    I’m concerned for my RB’s (Forte, Best, Torain and Hightower).
    For this week I’m leaning towards Forte for sure and Torain because of the matchup. Do you agree?
    For the long run, do you think I need an upgrade here?
    I’m thinking about packaging Schaub + Gates for a Top 5 QB + a Top 5 RB (I could throw in Torain to sweeten the deal).
    Do you think it would be a good deal?

    • Hi,

      I dont know why that is such an awkward way to open a question on a fantasy football blog, but it is. I dont like ‘Hi’

      Anyways. First trade is iffy, but could pay off. Second trade is fantastic.
      You are set at WR for the rest of the year. And all three have had their bye weeks.

      Because of Torains matchup I do have him higher than Best. So I agree with your RBs as well.

      This all really depends on the strength of your backup TE. Gates is definitely hard to lose. He puts up WR points every week. If you are going to trade him with Schaub, make sure that you are getting 2 elite players. Adding Torain or Best will make it easier to pull off. Its a good idea for a trade, but only if you get truly great people out of it. If you dont like the offers you get, walk away. Dont push anything, because you dont need and upgrade. you want one.

      • Allan Basso

        Sorry for the Hi,

        I’m Brazilian and have never lived in US so I guess I will sound awkward most of the times…

        Thanks for your response.
        I guess the Hines Ward trade may be iffy but I just got a feeling that it really will pay off. Plus I don´t like Maclin with Kolb at QB.

      • haha. i meant nothing by it. that was really just 3am Andrew talking.

        Your team is definitely stronger with the trades you made, so good work.

  23. Allan Basso


    I just sent a trade proposal:
    Schaub + Gates + Forte for
    Rodgers + Witten + Benson

    I’m betting that a bounce back game this week from Schaub can push the guy into the deal.
    The trade would help me in the long run (hopefully playoffs) and also through the byes, since Witten and Benson already had their byes and all the guys I’m trading will be on byes in the upcoming weeks.

    Do you feel this is a good trade proposal?

    • I would aim higher. Witten rarely sees the endzone and isnt playing like his normal self in an offense with no identity. Benson is an upgrade at RB, but I dont think its a big enough one on another struggling offense.

      • Allan Basso

        Witten would be just for insurance, but I fell I could get somebody better on the waiver wire.

        Giving up on Gates is definitely hard cause he was my first pick (I picked last in the first round) and he delivered so far.
        I think Rodgers for Schaub is a major upgrade and Benson is some upgrade (plus he had his bye), but it may be very difficult to fill the TE hole.
        I may stand pat for a while and wait for a better proposal.

      • Waiting is the better idea for you I think. You can get higher value all around I think. Does the person with Rodgers/Witten/Benson have a better RB? If so, that could be a good idea

      • Allan Basso

        He has Mendehall but I am not secure that he will kepp his stats once Big Ben is back.

      • He will improve with Big Ben back. Trust me.

      • Allan Basso

        He has Mendehall but I’m not sure he will keep his stats after Big Ben is back.

      • Allan Basso

        Tried the trade with Mendehall but got rejected.

        Now Gates is injured and I might be screwed….

        But at least I won my matchup.

  24. Tyson

    Need your help to stop sucking, because I seem to do it well! I have a knack for starting the underachievers and really need a win this week!

    Unique League info: 0.5pts per reception (+ yardage), 1pt per 15 return yards, any TD is 6pts (throwing/running/receiving/returning)

    I’m planning to go with Roethlisberger this week over Schaub. My main WRs are Moss and Ward. Should I start Santonio Holmes or Brandon Tate as my WR3? I know Tate is a big “?” as a WR, but return points tend to pile up in my league. Also, my opponent is starting B. Edwards. Who do you see getting to spend quality time with Champ Bailey, Holmes or Edwards?

    As for TE, I’m leaning towards Heath Miller over Moeaki. My sole deciding factor is that any TDs from Ben to Miller will get me double points. Am I right in thinking this way? Sure as hell seems to work for the people in my league who have Rivers/Gates and Brady/Welker!

    I’d ask my RB question here, but I already asked you on fandemic, so I’ll just look there.

    Thanks in advance!

    • excellent. We are good at that.

      Roeth over Schaub is close, but i wont argue with you. Because of the return yards, I would stick with Tate at WR3.
      I think Bailey with strictly play one side of the ball, so both Edwards and Holmes will see a little bit of him.

      I like Moeaki this week because of the matchup. But i cant argue with your strategy of also having Big Ben. I do expect Miller to have a good game because Roethlisberger will have to set up a rhythm. This should mean big points for Miller and Ward.

      Ah.. PeskyT. Hope my advice works out for you. Hope to see you back here in weeks to come. Tell your friends.


      • Tyson

        Thanks for the advice! I’m honestly surprised that you didn’t try to talk me out of starting Tate, like some others have done. One of my good friends has a strong gut feeling that Denver’s D is gonna show up big this week against Sanchez and he is the only other person to suggest I bench Holmes. I’m gonna plug in Tate and see what happens!

        I know what you mean about Moeaki (which is why I picked him up), but the Miller-Roeth connection against the Browns is too good to pass up! Moeaki looks to have a few weeks of good match-ups ahead, so I’m sure I’ll be using him plenty.

        I’ll let you know how things work out. The league’s computer has me as a 6.3 pt underdog, but I personally think those projected numbers are full of crap!

        Thanks again!


      • In a return yards game, Tate is a top 10 receiver. I personally hate return yardage leagues for this reason. Last year Amendola was one of the top receivers in my return league even though he hardly played on offense. Also, you have to expect Baltimore to score and give Tate a bunch of chances for yardage. I like him more than Holmes this week.

        Moeaki is an impressive pickup on your part. He is actually leading KC in receptions and yardage this year.

        You cant trust point projections at all. They hardly change by matchups and intangibles and are really just a glorified average of what the player has done in past weeks.
        Definitely let us know how you do on Tuesday and make sure you tell your friends.
        Good luck.

  25. Jammy

    ive got a bit of a RB situation, not sure what to do with these guys. I have ryan matthews and darren mcfadden as rb2 options, though im considering letting go of mcfadden since he should be sharing carrys with bush from now on, and ideally id like a starter in that position. i see that brandon jackson, ryan torain and fred jackson are available which have caught my eye, michael bush is also available but he has the same bye week as mcfadden obvs. dont know which way to go, and dont think either could give me a whole lot of trade value for a decent back. any ideas?

  26. seahorn06

    I am really torn at my WR position. Should I start brandon Lloyd or desean Jackson in my league. I am stuck because i am not sure if kolb will finally find Jackson downfield or if the jets defense will shut Lloyd down. My other receivers are miles Austin and Percy harvin and my backs are rice and best. I am 1-4 so a great week is needed. Any insight is greatly appreciated

  27. James

    Who would you rather have as your backup QB: Flacco, Freeman, or Garrard?

    • Flacco has to be the best of the 3. Freeman is looking sharp, but this will be his first real challenge of a game. Garrard is alright.
      Check the bye week of your starting QB, see which one of these backups has the best matchup.

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