College Football Week 7 Pick’em

So, apparently everyone on earth sucks at predicting college games with a spread, because according to Yahoo!, I am in the 91st percentile with a 59-56-4 record (we started godhateslosers NCAA predictions on week three of the season). So, chin up. Jordan made good strides this week with an 11-8-1 in week 6. I followed getting just 9-10-1. Ive got more underdogs picked this week than normal. Mostly because there are a lot of games with the spread under 3 points. And the only part of college football I enjoy is when a big name school gets embarrassed, so thanks for that South Carolina. Here’s Week 7.

IMPORTANT Note: I’m at a job site without a computer, and though I thought I could edit this on my Droid, I was wrong. Apparently, tables are uneditable on this thing. *fuck*


Favorites Spread Underdogs Andrew




@Syracuse 0.0 Pittsburgh Syracuse  
@Mich St (13) 7 Illinois Mich St.  
@Purdue 5.5 Minnesota Minn  
@Texas AM 3.5 (21) Missouri Mizzou  
@Georgia 15 Vanderbilt Vandy  
@Nebraska (5) 9.5 Texas Nebraska  
Iowa (15) 3 @Michigan Iowa  
@USC 2.5 California Cal  
@Auburn (7) 3.5 (12) Arkansas Arkansas  
@Texas Tech 3 (20) Okla St. OK St.  
@Navy 1.5 SMU Navy  
@TCU (4) 29 BYU TCU  
N. Carolina 6.5 @ Virginia Virginia  
S. Carolina (10) 5 @ Kentucky S. Car.  
Baylor 1 @ Colorado Colorado  
Ohio St (1) 4 @ (18) Wisc. Ohio St.  
@Florida (22) 7.5 Mississippi St. Florida  
Air Force (23) 1 @San Diego St Air Force  
@Alabama (8) 20.5 Mississippi Alabama  
@Washington 1 (24) Ore. St. Oregon St  



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