Cowboys/Vikings Breakdown

Alright, by now you guys should all know that I’m a Cowboy fan. A big one. And I’m nervous about this week, so i’m going to vent about it. My blog, my rules.

The thing I’m worried about is a repeat of the 2007 Cowboys/Packers game.  Think back.. Favre was the starter, got injured, the new kid Rodgers checked into the game, and led GB to a huge comeback, still losing the game, but the change of QB caused an obvious panic in the Cowboys. Favre is coming into the game injured, and I predict that there is no way he lasts 4 quarters. Meaning that the Vikes will rely on their backup. A QB with an entirely different style, just like Rodgers v Favre in 2007.

The Cowboys still get the win this week, but there are definite issues when the replacement hits the field.

Dallas Cowboys:

Tony Romo- 340 yards passing, 5 sacks, 3 TDs, 1 INT

Miles Austin- 9 rec, 130 yards, 1 TD

Jason Witten- 6 rec, 70 yards, 1 TD

Felix Jones- 75 yards rushing, 7 rec, 60 yards receiving, 1 rec TD, 1 rush TD

Marion Barber- 40 yards rushing

Dallas DEF- 27 points allowed, 4 sacks, 2 INT, 2 Fumble Recoveries


Minnesota Vikings:

Brett Favre- 120 yards passing, 3 sacks, 1 INT, 1 Fumble

Tarvaris Jackson- 150 yards passing, 1 sack, 1 TD, 1 INT

Adrian Peterson- 115 yards rushing, 2 TDs, 1 Fumble

Randy Moss- 5 rec, 70 yards receiving

Percy Harvin- 6 rec, 80 yards receiving, 1 TD

Visanthe Shiancoe- 5 rec, 50 yards

Minnesota DEF- 37 points allowed, 5 sacks, 1 INT


There we go. I feel better. Best of luck to everyone this weekend. I’ll be posting a Week 6 wrap-up on Tuesday where you can post how badly you roughed up your opponent.



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2 responses to “Cowboys/Vikings Breakdown

  1. Kevin

    Andrew sorry that the Cowboys came up on the short end of the stick this week very tough break in light of the fact that Farve didn’t throw the ball hardly at all.

    I have a serious question concerning this game and my team going forward.

    First question is I have Percy Harvin who has done well opposite Moss. However I am concerned with Harvin moving forward, doubly so with the severe concussion received by Desean Jackson, more on that in a bit. How concerned should I be that Harvin stats from Sunday are Rec – 21, Rush – 18 and the TD he scored with from a Return. I tallied 9.9 points for him but 6 of that came from a returned TD which I obviously shouldn’t count on more than a time or two through the rest of the year. How concerned should I be in light of the loss of D. Jackson through at least week 9 and Farve’s throwing elbow injury?

    Current WRs:

    DeSean Jackson (Likely Out through W9 if not more)
    P. Harvin
    T. Owens
    A. Collie (Bye W7)
    Mike Williams (TB)

    The second question I have is there is a team in my league in the middle of the pack that I think might be a candidate for a trade. I have M. Schaub and B. Roethlisberger and he has M. Sanchez and B. Farve. Should I offer to trade him Schaub and Harvin for Farve (In hopes I could drop him for K. Orton) and R. White or K. Britt? I’m hoping that he’ll go for something giving Farve is a lousy cover for Sanchez who himself seams to be iffy week to week.

    Here is my team as of today with a rough week 7 in store for me with Jackson’s injury.

    QB – B. Roethlisberger
    WR – T. Owens
    WR – M. Williams (TB)
    WR – P. Harvin
    RB – P. Hillis
    RB – R. Torain
    TE – A. Hernandez
    K – Someone off FA (Will drop N. Rackers for whoever is available)
    Def – Green Bay (How concerned should I be here?)

    BN – D. Jackson (Out with Severe Concussion)
    BN – P. Thomas (May be out for another week or 2)
    BN – A. Collie (Bye)
    BN – A. Foster (Bye)
    BN – M. Schaub (Bye)
    BN – D. Clark (Bye)

    Also should I condsider picking up M. Lynch if I can get him of FA or do you think Torain is as good a play even with the more difficult matchup for W7?

    Sorry about all the questions but I need some serious help in light of every thing from Sunday, especially with all the Byes I have to work through. Oh one more thing I’m up against the owner of C. Johnson in week 7. >.<

    Many thanks Andrew for any guidance you can give me.

    • i know man. that one hurt. not as much as washington or tennessee, but it still hurt nonetheless.

      minnesota definitely couldnt get much started on offense. most of their yardage was gained on penalty and running the ball. still though, i wouldnt be concerned about harvin, i credit his lack of production to the cowboys defense rather than the lack of favre passing the ball. he should see good receptions and yardage each week and be consistent scoring, favres elbow didnt seem to trouble him too much, and even if he gets replaced at QB by jackson, harvin should still see a decent workload.
      d. jackson is a huge loss for every fantasy team that had him. he proved that he can get work done no matter who is at quarterback, he has left a huge hole in many lineups until he returns. harvin should be a starter for you each week, mike williams is the best receiver on his team and has proven that he can catch the tough passes, and TO is iffy, but does well if CIN does well, thats just not consistent though. Collie, outside of his bye week, is a good start. I think you are set, look around your FA market and see if perhaps Avant from Philly is available if you want another backup option. He should see some added work along with Maclin.

      I think this would be a good trade for you. Definitely try to get Roddy White first, but I think that is a trade he could go for. Personally, I like Harvin more than Britt.

      Your lineup is looking about as good as it will get if this trade doesnt work out for you. Luckily you have good backups, so you actually have a decent chance this week, even with your excess of byes.
      Torain proved to me that he can work in the Washington offense. His only issue will be staying healthy with his style of running. His matchup is tough, but he will see the vast majority of work. Ask me later this week about Lynch and Torain when i have a chance to run more numbers.

      We’ve got a week to tweak your lineup, but I think with all the problems your team has in week 7, you are actually going to make out ok. Get back to me later and we’ll beat C. Johnson.


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