Week 6: Things I’ve Learned

If this is well received, I’m going to go ahead and make this a weekly roundup. But for now, i’m going to break down the things I’ve learned so far this season. I’ve learned…

  1. The 2010 NFL season is the perfect year to start gambling. There will be 6-8 upsets every week. This is the first season since the 70s  where we’ve seen no team go undefeated past 4 games. This trend will continue as pretty much every team looks mediocre. Pick the underdog without the spread and be prepared to bank.
  2. That its probably time to start separating Defensive Teams and Special Teams in Fantasy football. I’ve never seen more games decided on special teams plays. Blocked kicks, blocked punts, and huge returns have taken place all over the league every week. And I think that giving each fantasy team in a league the chance to earn points for an NFL teams return yardage is far better than having return yardage for an individual player. Brandon Tate should NOT be a top 10 WR, but in leagues with return yards, he is. Not OK.
  3. To never bench a #1 receiver. Just dont. It would have made complete sense to bench Crabtree, M Williams (SEA), Calvin Johnson, Johnny Knox, and Dwayne Bowe this week. Not True… Crabtree (57 yards, 1 TD) Williams (123 yards) Johnson (146 yards, 1 TD) Knox (120 yards) Bowe (108 yards, 2 TDs)  Yes, there are fantastic bench WRs each week because the NFL is unarguably a passing league, but dont bench #1s.
  4. The Dallas Cowboys are just joking with everyone. They decided that being the first team to win a Super Bowl in their home stadium isnt enough. They also want to be the only team to make the Super Bowl starting 1-4. What other reason could they have for not doling out excessive fines and firing Phillips by now? See, its a big joke!
  5. The Patriots are good. I didn’t want them to be. And I thought dealing Moss was a dumb move that would guarantee them January off. Untrue. Somehow, even with an inexperienced, frankly awful secondary, and no receivers taller than 6-1, they managed to beat the Ravens, a team that is arguably the best in the NFL. The Pats are legit. Sigh.
  6. To expect more rediculous rules in the 2011 season. With about 30 helmet to helmet hits and tons of big hits, the NFL is going to come down on defensive players this week. And for good reason. I seriously can’t handle any more injuries for my starters. I’m dying over here.
  7. And finally, I’ve learned that no matter how much I hate an individual player, they will still manage to perform well. Personal vendettas and voodoo dolls do nothing for fantasy owners. Tebow scored, Kolb owned, Favre survived, Pittsburgh is still a city. If it were up to me, this would not happen. But its not. So it does.

Thats it. Anyways, how about some comments that arent for advice. The advice column will come later, I promise. Just prove to me that you vultures actually read this stuff.

And as always, please shamelessly plug this site. We’ve been rolling for 7 weeks and I’m still not famous. Get on it.




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10 responses to “Week 6: Things I’ve Learned

  1. Kevin

    I love this list. I’m so there with you on 5, 6 and 7. I paid out big on 3 this week as well, I had a feeling despite all the downside on a #1 Receiver I had going into Week 6 and made a last minute call to put him back in. Whew! That was close.

    I was watching the end of the Pats/Ravens game and was so hoping the Ravens would pull it off. After both teams missed a game winning field goal I was so wishing both could lose as neither really deserved a win after that. Branch looked good but I have to admit I had considered picking up Tate. I am so glad I didn’t burn a waiver on him.

    Good stuff Andrew. I’ll be interested in seeing what you’ve learned after week 7.

  2. Allan Basso

    Just to let you know I read it…

    That #1 receiver can be tricky.
    M. Austin let me down big time. Again.
    Fortunately, it didn’t matter. Again.

    For this week I fell I have to play Knox against WAS.
    But do I bench Harvin for him? Or H. Ward?
    I guess Austin won’t have 2 off weeks in a row.

    Injuries are hard. If Gates is out I don’t know what to do. I like Pettigrew, but that’s his bye.

  3. Brian

    You should change number 1 to always bet home underdogs in conference games or sunday/ monday night games, unless the underdog is buffalo (they’ve screwed me multiple times this year). I don’t know what the percentages are, but it seems that home dogs have covered more times then not.

    Don’t worry you are not the only suffering fan. It seems at some point in every year the Bears convince me they might be a contender, then they dissapoint and we are always left with somewhere around an 8-8 record missing the playoffs yet again. It just so happens the point I was convinced this year was after they beat Dallas and GB. Then they get embarrassed by the Giants and lose to the fricken seahawks at home. Nothing ever changes with management, and we end up stuck in football hell, mediocrity year after year. They still have a chance this year, but until their line can pick up a blitz, they’re in trouble.

  4. Tyson

    Excellent list. I have an exception to #3, though. It is safe to bench a #1 receiver if I am starting them. True story! I bring out the underachiever in all my fantasy players, (Ward, Celek, Schaub) and I swear Belichek and Brady check my weekly line-up before deciding which receiver they plan to ignore. (Here’s a riddle for you. What has two thumbs, drafted Randy Moss, and picked up Tate from free agency before last week? This guy!)

    I’m totally with you on #5, and have thought that way for years. I firmly believe that Brady is an above-average QB at best, and has benefited from having such a strong team around him. It’s no coincidence that Matt Cassel looked awesome for one season with the Pats and has looked mediocre since. I’d bet $1,000,000 that if you put Brady in KC instead of Cassel, he’d be having the same struggles and all the talking heads on TV would scratch said heads and lament “What has happened to Tom Brady?” Yes, I’m a Bronco fan and am clearly biased, but consider this: John Elway carried 3 teams to Super Bowls (pre-1990s) that clearly did not belong there. Tom Brady took arguably the best team ever assembled (18-0) to a Super Bowl and lost.

    The good news is, the Pats are beatable this year! Still good, but definitely mortal.

    • jeff

      That was a great superbowl. Im an eagles fan, and during that game I was a huge giants fan. So glad they ruined their chances at a perfect season. Hate the patriots!!!

  5. jeff

    I agree with the #1 receivers…I wish i would have played Crabtree over Royal, who was targeted like 14 times and caught 3…However, crabtree plays against CAR this week. Despite sucking, CAR actually has good CBs…In THIS situation…what say you to starting Deion Branch (brady is gonna throw all over the place in SD?) over Crabtree?

    Also, can you tell me why Felix Jones is projected so high for next week? against the giants?!?!

  6. bmoney

    #1-Picking straight up I am only 49-41, but better than 64% of my counterparts.

    #2- No arguments here

    #3- I wish had the depth required to bench #1 WRs. I drafted Bowe, Housh, VJax among others. Idiot. My other league I started Knoz and Magatron though 🙂

    #4- As long as Romo keeps scoring points, the Cowboys can keep on losing. My buddy is a ‘boys fan. HOW ‘BOUT THEM COWBOYS?!

    #5- I hate the Pats. I hate Branch because I didn’t pick him up. I hate Boston. And I’m Irish and like to drink. PLEEASE don’t let Brady’s haircut win another Lombardi trophy. Lombardi will emerge from the grave with politically incorrect gay-slurs and a hair clipper.

    #6- I really don’t like the idea of rule changes, but no one deserves brain damage because their QB throws too high over the middle.

    #7- Vendettas: As I said, Brady’s haircut, Bellicek’s hoodies and improperly aimed video cameras (anybody watching for that lately?) Favre’s penis pictures, sent while his wife battles cancer, Jared Allen’s very red neck, Haynesworth’s last 1000 donuts, Al Davis’s excellent personnel decisions, Cutler’s cry-baby face (fun to watch his career get shorter on a weekly basis lately-thank you Mr Martz, the dry dog blood still under Vicks finger nails, Eli’s “but I wanna play in NY and my Daddy said I could” attitude, Roethlisberger’s young drunk loving molestations and his off-duty cop rape lookouts, Tebow’s career dying for our sins and then rising from the dead…

  7. Christine

    I can’t believe you aren’t famous yet!!! See, I do read and not just ask for advice.

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