Week 6: How’d we do

Shuffling defense paid off snagging Tennessee in 2 of my leagues.

Picks a few great sleepers, and I know that I’ll be able to brag about Chris Avery for the rest of the season. Just wish he’d have found the end zone.

Jordan mopped the floor with me thanks mostly to Philip Rivers and Miles Austin having underwhelming performances. Leaving Jordan as the lone undefeated team, and me gasping for breath after a two game losing streak. No worries. I still have most points scored in the league.

So, let us know how you did. What moves worked for you, what moves didnt. What you plan on doing to cover this terrible bye week. Please leave the questions for later on in the week when we type up advice columns. Right now, I just want to hear the results.



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18 responses to “Week 6: How’d we do

  1. Tyson

    Thanks to Garrard, Cribbs, and Walter putting up terrible numbers for my opponent, I managed to squeak out a 10pt win despite putting up the second fewest points in my league this week! Back to .500 baby! I had mixed results on my players.

    Big Ben did exactly as I had hoped and threw TDs to Miller and Ward for me! He even outperformed Schaub by a couple of points, so I was fortunate there. He’s a no-brainer to start for me in Week 7, mostly because Schaub has a bye. 😀 Miller turned out to be a good start too, as Matt Cassel suddenly developed a blind-spot where his TE should be.

    My big return guys didn’t produce for me at all. Tate was ignored all day and didn’t even put up good return numbers (3.47 total pts). Maybe I’m jumping the gun, but I dropped him after my game and picked up Branch, who looks to me to be Brady’s new butt-buddy. McCluster was another big disappointment, mostly because the Chiefs had some guy named Arenas (or something like that) taking away all of McC’s returns! I don’t anticipate needing him in the near future, so I dropped him for the other WR/RB I’ve been tracking, Danny Woodhead. I figure it’s an even swap and keeps my bench warm. McC still managed to outproduce M. Bush, who I was already planning to drop after this week because of the looming DMC. I managed to pick up B. Wells, who everyone kept telling me I should grab anyway.

    On a side note, Aaron Hernandez just became available in my league. I thought about grabbing him, but don’t know if I really need him with Miller and Moeaki on my team. Mostly, I was tempted by the dark side to be a dick and offer him as trade bait to the owners in my league who lost Gates and Cooley and don’t have back-ups. Unfortunately for my team, my high moral standard and sense of sportsmanship won out. I really don’t have an extra roster spot anyway. 🙂

    Well, I’m a little long-winded here, so I’ll leave it at that. Thanks for your advice, Andrew! Will be back later in the week to ask for suggestions and have already told several friends.

  2. Phillip

    The BRITTISH invasion got me a close win by .4 points. F*** Yeah! and TEAM ROMOSEXUAL (dont judge the naming haha) goes into week 7 as the top seed! by the way the Brandon Pettigrew pick up worked wonders too (although he only scored about 6 points)

    this week i have miles austin, and hines ward starting and need a 3rd. Britt, Bess, or Gaffney.

    Thanks again guys. You should make a twitter (if you already don’t have one) instant updates and all that fantasy football goodness.

  3. Brian

    My teams went 1-1. The team that won is looking pretty good at 5-1, but with the bye this week I need my bench to step up because I’m missing Wayne and Collie’s production, possibly Gates too if he’s injured.

    My team that lost had there worst week of the year and is now 3-3 thanks to Turner, Floyd, and Driver underperforming. I keep waiting for Michael Turner and Ronnie Brown to have big games, but no luck so far. To make matters worse I dropped Chris Ivory last week to make room for Mike Hart on the hopes Addai would be hurt so Hart would see alot of carries. Great call on Ivory by the way. I was waiting for two weeks to see anything close to that, but they kept giving the ball to Betts, so I dropped him.

    This next week is a big week for this team because we face the league leader who I just traded Romo and Austin for Ryan, and AP. I had Orton on my bench so I could make that trade, but it would be nice to see ap and orton have huge games.

  4. bmoney

    Help!!! My WR are horrible, and no one will offer me anything respectable for romo, turner, gore. I’ve tried a lot.

    12 teams, start 3wr, 2 rb, 1flex, waiver wr very hard to come by.

    My team:
    qb Romo
    rb Gore
    rb Turner
    wr Colston
    wr S Smith (car)
    wr L Murphy
    te Z Miller
    flex S Greene
    K Prater
    Def NO
    bn Cadillac
    bn S Johnson (buf)
    bn McGahee
    bn Naanee
    bn B Gibson
    bn empty

    I have #3 waiver spot, and top 2 guys never use theirs for some odd reason. Available are:

    M. Williams (Sea)
    P Crayton
    D Alexander (StL)
    D Ward
    J Starks (GB)
    M Jenkins
    Baltimore Def
    (they take on Buffalo and my opponent needs a Def)

    What should my priorities be on these options? Thank you sooo much

    • bmoney

      Sorry I just read, “Please leave the questions for later on in the week when we type up advice columns. Right now, I just want to hear the results.” My bad!!

      What worked for me: Not much, since I lost. Gore & Romo worked but always should, starting Greene over McGahee (weak over ZERO), Prater’s long Fg’s all year, Saints D in TB.

      What didn’t: Jason Campbell replacing Gradkowski (I have Miller and Murphy, 18 pts week 5, 9 pts week 6), Turner and Colston’s 10 combined points-AAAHHHHHH! I did some wheelin and dealin early in the year and picked up Turner, Colston, S Smith, in various deals, gave up Hillis. I still like the moves because I gave up very little.

      If you told me pre-season I’d have Romo, Gore, Turner, Greene, SSmith, Colston, I would’ve cried tears of joy. Now I just cry. (2-4, but still 5th in my league in scoring)

    • i suppose i’ll reply even though there were explicit instructions that the advice post was coming. i’m a nice guy though. so i’ll make it happen.

      youve got one open bench spot and the best player on your FA list is M Williams. Definitely expect some up and downs, but Hasselbeck likes him, and he’s a good play against suspect defenses.
      you definitely need help but you dont have a lot of insurance on your bench if a trade does go through for you. best bet is to keep dealing turner and hope something pops up. you wont get anyone great for him, but you could get someone who will start for you. a good WR3 if youre lucky.
      with all the injuries this week, it might be good to check out some of their backups. they wont have great stats yet, but will see increased work with the stars out. Avant might just be available for you. and with the huge blows dealt to cribbs and massaquoi, chansi stuckey or brian robiskie might be a good gamble to make.


  5. Fred Toupin

    12 teams league
    Which RB should i drop for week 7 and who is the most valuable player for the rest of the years ?
    B.Jackson /Fred Jackson or Felix Jones.
    And which WR should have the most reception in NE team for the rest of the season: Tate or Branch?

    • felix jones is the most valuable of the three. he is the starter now, should get most of the work, and always has a chance to break a big run whenever he touches the ball.

      branch proved that he is still one of brady’s favorites. i only recommend tate if you are points per return.


  6. Allan Basso

    Hi again 🙂

    After 2 losses I’m back to the W colunm. I’m 4-2 but second on points scored in the league(week 5 really hurt because I lost for just one point and had 3 better options on my bench to start).

    Week 7 is the bye for my QB (Schaub) but I prepared for that few weeks ago by having Freeman (good matchup) and Kolb (hot hand) as options on the bench.

    My receivers are set, I just have to decide if I’m going to put Knox on the lineup. If so, I have to bench either Austin, Harvin or Hines Ward.

    Jahvid Best is on bye so no question about RBs: Forte and Torain get the call.

    The big roster question is TE.
    Gates is hurt but there are no good options on the waivers (14-team league).
    Benjamin Watson is the best one, but I’m thinking of picking up Pettigrew instead. He is on bye now, but have good matchups on weeks 8 and 10 (Gates bye).
    My matchup this week is not that hard because he has byes for Peyton Manning, R. Wayne and Foster, and not really god options on the bench (in 14-team leagues the benches are pretty thin).
    His starting TE is Gonzalez, though.

    Am I being arrogant thinking that I can win even without a starting TE and saving the roster spot for future weeks?

    • on paper knox is a great play this week against a terrible pass defense. austin has the toughest matchup of your receivers, but there is no way you can bench him. harvin is also great, and ward looks like he’ll be on fire all year as long as big ben is around. its definitely a tough call to make. if you are ppr, i’d stay how you are and hope all three of them perform well. if its not ppr, maybe think about putting knox in for harvin.

      ben watson is pretty legit. and i’d go with him. i honestly dont think gates will miss any time though.

      youre line up looks pretty set to me, but i would start a TE, the way this year has gone, you need as many points as you can get. watson will deliver this week if gates does sit.


  7. Ken

    I lost my week – im now 4 – 2. Should have started Jennings over Nicks…after 5 weeks of weak performance, i thought it was best to swap out Jennings for Lloyd. Lloyd performed, so did Jennings…unfortunately Nicks didnt do anything.

    This week I am struggling with some decisions regarding my receivers.

    – Tony Romo
    – Hakeem Nicks
    – Greg Jennings
    – Ray Rice
    – Peyton Hillis
    – [Need to pick up a TE]
    – David Akers
    – Chicago

    – Dallas Clark (bye)
    – Terrell Owens
    – Brandon Lloyd
    – Ahmad Bradshaw
    – Donovan McNabb
    – Felix Jones

    I am going to pick up Ben Watson this week against to fill in for Dallas Clark – though Shockey, Heap, Olsen are all available. Thoughts?

    Who would you start as your 2 receivers this week? Hakeem against Dallas, Jennings against Minnesota, Owens against Atlanta, and Lloyd against Oakland.

    • Ken

      I just noticed the question comment as well – sorry bout that.

      Things that worked for me:
      – Romo put up points
      – Bradshaw ran for 130+ yards (wish that BJ wouldnt steal the TDs)
      – RR had a good game

      Things that didnt work for me:
      – As I said, Nicks had one of those down weeks and didnt put up a goose egg
      – Jennings sat the bench (I normally play Nicks & Jennings) as i swapped him out for Lloyd (even with the Jet matchup). I thought even with returning from a concussion, Rodgers wouldnt be at the top of his game. In addition, Rodgers hasnt shown the love for GJ – i underestimated the injury effect with JF going down and others.
      – Chicago lost to Seattle and got me a few, but not what I was expecting.

    • watson has to be the pickup. with both big name receivers out and a myriad of young qbs. watson will have a great season. nicks and jennings are both #1s, so they are the safe plays, both have great potential every week. owens is a risk in my eyes. lloyd is the favorite in denver. oakland is tough against the pass though, but that wont stop orton from throwing 50 times.
      i say stick with who you have. they produce every week. if you are feeling frisky, go with lloyd. but he has the toughest matchup of all your receivers.


  8. Loser

    Considering trading MJD for Maclin.
    I have Mendy, S. Jax, and J.Best and MJD as RBs.
    Have Colston, T.O., A. Johnson, Crabtree, and Collie as WRs.

    Appreciate your advice. TY in advance.

    • with talent like that at RB you can definitely afford the trade. I think you can do better than maclin though. but by all means, pick up a starting WR with all that RB talent just rotting on your bench.


  9. Kevin

    Desperation pickup help land me a big win. I nabbed Ryan Torain off the free agency because of Peyton Hillis’ worse than terrible matchup at Pittsburg. Between Arian Foster and Ryan Torain I made out like a bandit. Add in starting Big Ben over Schaub and DeSean Jackson pre concussion double TDs made for a pile of points. Feels good to be 4-2 and very solid points for total. Might be 6-0 if Foster and Schaub had spread their points out a little more evenly week to week.

  10. Sox

    I went against your advice and played Hernandez over Moeaki on a gut decision, and it ended up working out. Apart from his drops in OT, Hernandez looks like a start every week despite matchups.

    Otherwise, your advice has been great. I’m 1-4 but that’s been mostly due to some terrible luck/me playing the league’s high scorer every week.

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