Week 7 Advice Time

Here it is.

Ask those questions. Find your friends that have questions. Get them to ask questions.


Trade advice, Who to start, who to sit, sleeper picks, pick’em, hell even prop bets. whatever question youve got, send it our way.




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144 responses to “Week 7 Advice Time

  1. Jeff

    I agree with the #1 receivers statement…I wish i would have played Crabtree over Royal, who was targeted like 14 times and caught 3…However, crabtree plays against CAR this week. Despite sucking, CAR actually has good CBs…In THIS situation…what say you to starting Deion Branch (brady is gonna throw all over the place in SD?) over Crabtree?

    Also, can you tell me why Felix Jones is projected so high for next week? against the giants?!?!

    • i say its worth the risk. especially ppr. crabtree is looking like he finally clicks with smith though. also, the chargers are giving up the least passing yards per game in the NFL (mostly in part to their cake schedule)

      the only answer i can give you about felix jones is that he is the starter now and is stealing more carries every week away from barber. also, in his first game against the giants last year, he ran for 96 yards on 7 carries. if anyone can exploit the nyg run defense (7th in the league) its is felix jones. especially if dallas can get a passing game going. i guess it just boils down to high risk, high reward.


  2. Ryan

    do you play Chris Ivory or Fred Jackson this week ? 1 point per reception league

    • after the week ivory had, it has to be him. cleveland is giving up 120 yards per game on the ground.
      last week was ivory’s big breakout, but i really dont smell fluke on this one. i think he’ll repeat.


  3. Scotty

    Thanks for the help last week and good call last week on starting Bowe. Now with D. Jackson out this coming week is Maclin a must start in a 10 team standard league with as WR 2?

    QB – Matt Ryan
    WR – B. Marshall
    WR – Maclin
    RB – R. Rice
    RB – D. Williams
    Flex – ?

    Flex options: D. Bowe, K. Moreno or B. Wells

    Also Flacco was just dropped from a team and Kolb is still available.

    Right now i am thinking Ryan for QB and Bowe for flex since Moreno still is a questionable start. What do you think?

    Also if Chris Cooley does not play is H. Miller or Fred Davis is the better start at TE?

    • bowe is hot, youve got to start him. moreno could play, but i doubt he’ll get all the carries so soon. wells has done nothing to impress so far either. KC is playing the miserable jacksonville pass defense, and should see another good week.

      ryans good to stick with at qb.

      id say go with miller. big ben likes him. a lot. as was evident in his first week back.


  4. Phillip

    this week i have miles austin, and hines ward starting and need a 3rd. Britt, Bess, or Gaffney. unless you see something i need to switch up between the other two.

    secondly, i picked up c. ivory for this week, is he a worthy start in place of t. jones? right now ive got thomas jones and lesean mccoy on deck.

    im following you guys on twitter now, follow me back! haha have a good one guys and thanks again for the great advice week in and week out.

    • no arguments here about austin or ward. i would say britt, but you have to check on v. young first. britt is on a major hot streak. bess has a decent matchup, and is a good option in ppr leagues. gaffney is playing a tough oakland secondary, but with their top CBs covering royal and lloyd, gaffney could be a dark horse in the broncos’ pass happy offense.
      if young is throwing, go with britt. if not, i’d give gaffney a shot.

      ivory is a good start in place of jones. he’s got a good matchup and proved he is legit last week.

      we’ll definitely get you looked up on twitter. tell your friends about us.


  5. Loser

    Sit/Start: Non PPR
    Pick 3 WRs:
    Colston, T.O., Crabtree, Danny Woodhead, Johny Knox.

    Also, Do you think I should start
    S.Jax over MJD this week?

    Thanks again in advance. I liked your rankings from last week. MJD was a dissapointment, but I won the matchup anyway.

    • mjd definitely didnt impress. i dont know why they took him out so early. jax just played a really dumb game.

      anyways. knox is a good play again this week. TO against atlanta has potential, but that depends on which palmer shows up. and you have to love colstons matchup against the browns. crabtree is hot, but carolina is good against the pass, woodhead has a tough game lined up. I’d go Colston, TO, and Knox.

      tampa bay is absolutely miserable against the run, so Jackson is a must start. MJD has another tough matchup against Kansas City, and if garrard doesnt play, it looks even tougher.


  6. Kevin

    Ok I have a doosy of a question I would like some advise on since I lasted asked in the wake of D. Jackson’s concussion.

    Here is my current roster:

    QB – Ben Roethlesberger
    WR – Percy Harvin
    WR – Terrel Owens
    WR – Mike Williams (TB)
    RB – Peyton Hillis
    RB – Ryan Torrain
    TE – Aaron Hernandez
    K – Matt Prater
    DEF – Green Bay

    BN – Austin Collie
    BN – Dallas Clark
    BN – Arian Foster
    BN – Matt Schaub
    BN – DeSean Jackson
    BN – Pierre Thomas

    Ok now for the dilemma and advise. As I indicated in my last post I am facing the Owner of C. Johnson and really want to post a win to move to 5-2 rather than dropping to 4-3. With P. Thomas’ injurying dragging out he has finally fallen off the ‘Can’t Cut List’ in my league. If and when he comes back he could carry me through the playoffs but I need to make it to the playoffs and right now he is taking up bench space. So the dilemma and advise is mostly around him since I feel pretty good about my RBs going forward with Foster, Hillis and Torrain and not desperate to have PT back yet.

    So I could:

    Try to trade him. I checked the teams in my league and the best options would be to trade him for Hines Ward or Roy Williams. Those are at least the best possibilites. Only problem is my league doesn’t seem to be very interested in trading despite posting offers and sending out league emails to my interst in working out a trade. The Schaub/Harvin for R. White/B. Farve hasn’t gone through or been rejected so that is a possibility still but I may be faced with more aggressive action.

    I could just drop him in favor of one of the following players:

    Danny Woodhead – Seems to be a featured part of the NE offense going forward and in my particular league can fill either an RB or WR roster spot at will.
    Ryan Matthews – Was recently cut by another team for injuries and spotty production.
    Marshawn Lynch – Still not picked up
    Kyle Orton – Still on FA.
    Jabar Gaffney – Would get me a piece of the Denver passing offense especially with E. Royal potentially taking a week or two off for an injury.

    My immediate need may be WR for week 7 to get me through until Collie is back in the lineup. So the question is what do I do with PT. Do I try to stand pat and ride out week 7? Do I try to trade PT? Do I just cut my losses on PT and gamble on a FA knowing that PT is likely to miss more games and still has a bye coming up. If so who is the best grab or do I drop Torrain for a running back with better match up. Add to this that after W7 I could drop A Hernandez for any of the above FAs and just rely on Clark at TE for the reast of the season.

    Lots or reading but my situation is complicated and I wanted to make sure you had all the factor to consider in coming up with some advise.

    • we are at the point in the season where bye weeks are passing, so you have less need for the bench. that being said, getting rid of/trading hernandez is a good option in week 8.

      your league doesnt seem like anyone wants to trade. but there are some interesting options. i would pick up orton. he is a beast this year, and give you the opportunity to trade schaub or roethlisberger.
      i have a hard time saying that you should drop PT. when he comes back, he will help your team more than torain or hillis can. its just a matter of when he actually comes back.

      looking at all your options, if you cant get a trade, i say stay where you are. dont make any agressive gambles in free agency, because you’ll regret them.
      harvin is a far better receiver with moss there. and TO and Williams both have good matchups this week.
      there is a chance that any three of these receivers wont perform this week, but i still think they all have higher upside than not.
      so hold steady, because all three starters are better than any of the WRs in free agency.


  7. Tyson

    A win this week gives me some separation in a league where parity reigns supreme (9 of 12 teams are .500 or below). Need all the help I can get, so get comfy ’cause here I go! 🙂

    Let’s start with the basics: 0.5 PPR, 6pts any TD, 1pt per 10 yds rushing/receiving, 1pt per 15 yds returning. Def gets 2pts for INT or fumble recovery and 1pt per sack. Also, no waiver in my league means it’s a piranha tank for FAs! I am allowed 4 pick-ups this week (0 used).

    Biggest question: Should I drop Green Bay’s defense and pick up another? I’m worried about their injuries and schedule. Seattle, Washington, and Arizona are the best available (really leaning towards Seattle). I’m hesitant to drop GB, but there are three owners that can’t even fill their rosters this week due to byes and injuries, so any offensive player I drop will likely be snatched up very quickly. (In fact, I’m eager to see which bye players become available! Mwa-ha-ha!) I’ll be listing my other players later, so you can tell me other drop options if you see a good one.

    Second problem spot: RB – Currently holding K. Moreno(Q), P. Thomas(O), B. Wells, D. Woodhead. Available: C. Ivory, F. Jackson, M. Bush. Moreno will probably start, but who to pair him with?

    Receivers: R. Moss, H. Ward, D. Branch, D. Bryant, D. Woodhead, S. Holmes(bye). Available: M. Crabtree, D. Thomas(DEN), M. Williams(SEA). J. Jones(HOU) just became available about 5 minutes ago! Thinking of starting the 1st 3. Suggestions?

    TE: T. Moeaki and H. Miller. I’m thinking Moe is my starter.

    QB: B. Roethlisberger and M. Schaub(bye). No choice here! 🙂

    K: R. Succop (like the match-up)

    There it is! Long winded, I know, but I wanted to be thorough for the best advice! So far I’m undefeated when using your advice (1-0)! 😀

    • i rarely ever had a mainstay defense in any of my leagues. if i’m lucky enough to draft an allstar defense, then i might keep them all year. but there are so many questionable offenses, that it makes more sense to switch them out each week. look at the defenses you can pick up, then look at their matchups. SEA does look like the best bet of the 3 you mentioned.

      Ivory is on a roll, playing a bad defense, and you already have thomas for when he comes back and ivory loses time. I say go with him. he is obviously better than betts, so he’ll see almost all the action (minus goal line) until thomas returns. pick him up.

      no arguments at WR. the first three are the best. i’m not certain about points per return stats, but i cant imagine that d thomas or bryant are going to outscore them.

      moeaki’s got a great matchup. had a bit of an off week last week, and bowe has emerged as a receiver that can actually catch a ball. however, Miami is absolutely miserable against the tight end this year. big ben likes heath miller a lot, and the matchup is a great one. i’d go miller, personally, but you can expect good stats from both options.

      1-0 is good for me. good luck this week, i think youve got a pretty strong lineup considering the injury problems. and with the big byes happening this week, i like your chances.


      • Tyson

        Thanks for the input. I admit that I was wavering about Moeaki vs. Miller. I also dropped GB for Seattle and Wells for Ivory. I don’t know why my brain keeps going back to Woodhead, but I’m going to fight the temptation and start Moreno and Ivory.

        The sad thing is, I am not facing one of those teams in my league that is struggling to find starters. My opponent has Romo, Nicks, Bowe, Meachem, Turner, T. Jones(KC), Cooley, Crosby, and Atlanta’s D/ST. The projections put me less than a point up (it’s only the second time I’ve been favored in a game!). Looks like a slug-fest to me, and probably my league’s closest matchup. Just have to cross my fingers and see what happens!

      • good luck to you. here’s hoping moreno has a big first week back, which is likely against a defense giving up 150 each week on the ground.

  8. Sox

    Hey guys,

    Looking at my WR matchups for this week.
    WR1 – Steve Smith (NYG)
    WR2 – Jabar Gaffney
    WR3 – D. Bess, S. Johnson, R. Meachem, or S. Breaston (assuming he starts)

    I’m thinking either Meachem or Breaston, since Bess and Johnson have tough matchups. Meachem has been getting more attention and is playing CLE, and Breaston…don’t know. Thoughts?

    Also offered a trade- Smith, Bess, Shockey for Harvin. I have a feeling the deal wasn’t sweet enough for him. Would Harvin be worth Gaffney and Smith? I thought about trading Brady but in terms of fantasy production, he’s not exactly a stud up to this point, and NE has a fairly tough schedule.

    Thanks, as always.

    • harvin is not worth losing your two best receivers. i think you are giving away too much.

      WR3 – agree with the tough matchups. i think its pretty obvious with his past 2 performances that meachem should get the nod. breaston is pretty worthless all year, remember his QB? Max Hall. I’m telling you that because no one remembers who the Arizona QB is.


      • Sox

        Good points. I’m going to drop Breaston- I guess I put too much faith in Hall.

        To replace him, J. Avant or A. Armstrong? Armstrong just took over Galloway’s spot as starter.

      • Armstrong has become one of McNabbs favorites for sure, but I have to say Avant with the absence of DeSean Jackson in Philly. Both are good pickups.

        If you are looking for a starter this week only, I say Avant. If you are looking long term and will need a starter the rest of the year, go Armstrong.


      • Sox

        I’m going to keep my eye on Armstrong as a replacement down the stretch…for a spot start I picked up Crayton for this week. The situation and matchup favors him over Meachem as my WR3 but my gut tells me Meachem will have a good game, so I’m not sure.

      • naanee is out. floyd is out. gates is probable. I think crayton is going to have a good game this week. if youve read any previous comments of mine, i always have a tough time suggesting any NO receiver, just because there are so many that can produce and it seems to change every week.


  9. joe

    Thanks for the advice last week good call on heath miller. I need some major help in standard 10 team league
    qb: ben roethlisberger and i got p. manning on bye should get another qb or is roethlisberger fine?
    wr: i need 3 out of- ochocinco, johnny knox, kenny britt, mike williams, eddie royal, and bess
    rb: i need 2 out of- bradshaw, thomas jones, brandon jacobs, and chris ivroy
    and who should i put as a flex option
    te: heath miller or mercedes lewis im guessing miller is the better option.
    thanks again

    • joe

      should i drop chris ivory or mike williams(seattle) for tim hightower

      • Tyson

        I know you are waiting for the expert to reply, but I just have to say that Hightower’s production has dropped off the charts in the past 3 weeks since Wells returned. Last week he didn’t even register a full point in my league! Unless you know something I don’t, he’s not worth giving up anyone for.

    • joe

      mike williams(seattle)

    • roethlisberger is a great option. and after manning’s bye week is done, he’ll make great trade bait for you.
      WR- Knox has a good week scheduled, Britt is on a hot streak (but looks better if Young starts) Ocho has a good matchup, but unreliable QB. M Williams is up and down, but STL is a good matchup for him. Bess is out for me, and Royal might not even play. I’d go Knox, Ocho and Williams.
      RB- Bradshaw and Ivory
      TE- I do like Miller with Big Ben back.

      hope it works out for you. everything is pretty sent and dry for me, but you might have to think a bit at WR. other than that though, i think youve got a pretty nice weekend ahead of you


  10. Brian

    bye week situation at receiver so I need some advice. my current starters are Eddie Royal, Jabar Gaffney, and Louis Murphy.

    I was able to pick up Mike Williams(Seattle) and Patrick Crayton off of waivers. I also have Breaston who’s coming back this week, and Lee Evans on my bench. Should I leave it or try and get Williams or Evans in there? Not really any great options, but I appreciate the advice.

  11. Ken

    This week I am struggling with some decisions regarding my receivers.

    – Tony Romo
    – Hakeem Nicks
    – Greg Jennings
    – Ray Rice
    – Peyton Hillis
    – [Need to pick up a TE]
    – David Akers
    – Chicago

    – Dallas Clark (bye)
    – Terrell Owens
    – Brandon Lloyd
    – Ahmad Bradshaw
    – Donovan McNabb
    – Felix Jones

    I am going to pick up Ben Watson this week against to fill in for Dallas Clark – though Shockey, Heap, Olsen are all available. Thoughts?

    Who would you start as your 2 receivers this week? Hakeem against Dallas, Jennings against Minnesota, Owens against Atlanta, and Lloyd against Oakland.

    • Jeff

      youre starting greg jennings and tony romo over donovan mcnabb and T.O.

      I would swap those two…but then again im only 3-3 in my league 😉

    • already got you on this one. thanks for reposting though in the proper article.

    • Ken

      I agree with you Andrew re: your comments on the other thread. Appreciate the thoughts – they mirror my thoughts, but some of the matchups / recent performances have made me hesitant. I will likely go Nick / Jennings again…the combo hasnt failed me.

      Jeff, Romo hasnt failed me once this year. I dont think McNabb has outperformed him in fantasy at all either. My thoughts with them – they are a pass happy O that has been trying to dig themselves out of holes. A good thing for fantasy as he will be forced to put up passing yards and TDs. If I recall, McNabb hasnt put up more than 1 TD in any game this year.

      I like T.O., though my concern there is 3-fold: 1) Carson Palmer, 2) Ochocinco can / will steal receptions, 3) an ok, but not fearful run-game that doesnt draw a ton of respect – benson has only had 2 10+ point games. I love TO as a bench who can step in during by weeks…and I love this weeks matchup against Atlanta (see the iggles last week)…but im not confident to start him otherwise and get consistent numbers.

  12. TCP

    Pick two to have on the roster (and use this week for byes)

    D Woodhead (to use at WR), M Williams, M Williams

  13. cgi

    Pick 2 WR
    Britt, Branch, Crayton

    • Jeff


      branch is a definite…crayton hasnt made much of an impact, but is starting to see more action (especially with gates questionable…and floyd had a hammy issue)

      if those 2 are healthy, branch/britt.

      if not…gamble with crayton, but keep in mind britt has had some key TD catches in the past 2 games…britt is a safer bet.

    • this is proving to be tougher than it probably should for me.
      Britt is on fire and a good start, but i like him a hell of a lot more with young at qb.
      Branch is a good play, but going against the pass def that has allowed the fewest yards.
      Crayton is the new guy, and a WR3 on his team, but has a good matchup, and is even better if for some reason Gates doesnt play.

      Britt and Branch if Young plays.
      Crayton and Branch if Young is out.
      Britt and Branch if Gates plays
      Crayton and Branch if Gates is out.
      Crayton and Branch if both are out.
      Britt and Branch if both play.



  14. Clay

    non-ppr league. Last week was pretty easy for decisions but a bad week for byes this time.
    QB Tom Brady
    WR Santana Moss
    WR Dez Bryant
    WR Kenny Britt
    RB Ryan Mathews
    RB Danny Woodhead
    TE Aaron Hernandez

    BN Ben Roethlisberger
    BN Heath Miller
    and a bunch of byes/injuries

    Available to pick up:
    WR Mike Williams (Sea)
    WR Danario Alexander
    WR Jason Avant
    RB Brandon Jacobs
    RB Ricky Williams

    What would you do in this situation? I was thinking replace Britt and maybe Bryant but dunno who would be the best options. I could also move Woodhead to a WR slot.

    Also, which one of these defenses would you pick out of Seattle, STL, and Dallas for this week?

    • I like Williams and Avant from free agency this week. Britt is a good play, but I think his value goes down if Young is out.
      I would try to pick up Avant and play him in place of Bryant.

      Also, I would throw Miller in at TE over Hernandez this week..

      SEA is my favorite defense you listed.


  15. Allan Basso

    Hi there!

    Schaub’s bye.
    My plan is Freeman. Do you agree or should I use Kolb?

    Best’s bye so I’m going with Torain and Forte. Nothing much to do here.

    WRs: My plan is Austin and Ward and benching Harvin in favor of Knox. Your thoughts?

    TE: Gates is doubtful and I have Pettigrew as a backup for his bye (week 10) but he is on bye now.
    I could pick up Ben Watson from waivers but I’m using that roster spot for Reggie Bush.
    I just have 3 RBs now (Best, Forte and Torain) and could really use Bush for depth once he is back. If I lose him there’s nothing more available on waivers. I mean, nothing.
    Other option would be dropping Pettigrew for Watson, but I like Pettigrew better in the long run.
    So my plan is to roll the dice on Gates this week (manageable matchup) and have Pettigrew as insurance for the coming weeks.

    • After Kolbs play last week, I’d go with him.

      Other than that, I got you on your other comment. So we’re all set.


      • Allan Basso

        My bad.
        I thought that you weren’t going to reply the comments in the other thread since it wasn’t the advice thread. I just said what my plan was but wasn’t expecting any comments from you.
        Sorry and thanks.

        Regarding Kolb, I just have a feeling that Freeman is going to give me at least 20 points. Do you think it would be a dumb move to bench Kolb and play Freeman just based on a hunch?

      • always go with your hunches. contrary to the belief of most people, i am not from the future. i’m just here to dole out my opinions and give people some perspective.
        St Louis is a good matchup for Freeman, and it should be expected that he find the endzone a time or two. Running or passing. Personally, I like Kolb, he has a harder matchup, but has proven in the last few weeks that he isnt the dud we all thought he was.


    • Allan Basso


      I’m following my hunch then.
      In fact, I just dropped Kolb for Ben Watson.
      I have Gates and Pettigrew. I’m planning to use Watson if Gates can’t go this week and then trade him to the Dallas Clark’s owner for any useful RB.
      The only reason I got Kolb was because I thought I could trade him once he had good performances.
      I got the good performances but I tried hard and could get nothing for him in return. At least I waited just long enough to drop him today so my matchup can’t add him for this week.
      With the injury bug on TEs I guess Pettigrew and/or Watson can be a better trade bait (and insurance) than Kolb.

  16. James

    I have three quarterbacks on my roster that are all projected to perform about the same, so really it is down to individual matchups. Out of the three, who would you start?

    Eli Manning @ Dallas
    Joe Flacco vs. Buffalo
    Josh Freeman vs. St. Louis

    • Freeman has the best matchup statistically, but I really dont think he’s worth a start. Flacco has the most potential this week, I think.
      The Cowboys arent losing because of bad defensive play, they are losing because of penalties. Manning doesnt get points for those. Big chance this game could be a shoot out though like the last few games have been for them.

      I say Flacco, but I’m biased because I hate Manning and the Giants so damn much.


  17. Zach

    Who to start? Here are my players (not including guys with Bye weeks):
    Mike Wallace
    Brandon Lloyd
    Lance Moore
    Davone Bess
    Jamaal Charles
    Aaron Hernandez

    Here are my roster spots with definite players starting:
    WR:Mike Wallace
    W/T:Brandon Lloyd

    I guess question is, which QB, TE and other WR should I start? Thanks!

    • Zach

      Also, Avant is available if I wanted to pick him up

      • Avant is a good pick up until Jackson gets back. Hes about as predictable as Moore will be though. Both have potential for big games, but neither are anywhere near guarantees. I think Avant is the safer bet, but youve got to go with your gut on this one.


    • QB- both have relatively difficult matchups, but Big Ben’s is the easier of the two. Both games have the potential to be close, so both QBs should get good yardage, in the end, I have to go with Rodgers because of his consistency week in and week out.
      TE- another crapshoot here. San Diego proves to be a better defense than Tennessee though, and with DeSean Jackson out, I expect Kolb to look toward Celek more than last week. Celek gets the vote.
      W/R- Fun Fact: Cleveland gives up less passing yardage per game than Pittsburgh. Probably because Cleveland is always playing from behind and the opponent only runs the ball for the second half. That being the case, I’d go with Moore. I trust his QB more even though L. Moore has been up and down every week, he always has potential to break one. Bess will see a lot of catches, but Marshall will get most of the glory.


  18. Raj

    Hey guys,

    Couple questions for you about two leagues.
    The first is standard scoring:
    Should I start Marshawn Lynch over Deangelo Williams this week?

    Also I need two of these wide receivers – Mike Wallace, Terrel Owens, Percy Harvin, and Brandon Tate.

    The second league is PPR and I need one of these RB – BenJarvus Green Ellis or Chris Ivory?

    I appreciate the advice fellas, I’ve gone undefeated since talking to ya’ll and am trying to keep the streak alive!

    • Arizona is giving up huge yardage on the ground, and I dont expect that to be much different for Lynch, he is the RB they will put in to run the clock out and I think he is a better play this week than Williams. Williams is a fantastic player, and also has a good matchup, but until CAR can prove that they can throw the ball, defenses will be zoning in on him.
      Wallace and Harvin would be my WR picks for you. TO has a good matchup, but you have to start the more proven players this year. Tate doesnt look like a huge factor.

      Chris Ivory has to be the RB. BJGE is good, but last week showed what NE’s strategy will be for the rest of the year. Ivory proved that he will be a beast until PT gets back.

      Glad to hear you are winning. Spread the word to everyone you know outside your league that plays fantasy.


  19. gator0424

    Current RBs:
    Best (week 7 bye)
    D. Williams

    I am thinking of dropping D. Williams for Marshawn Lynch
    Lynch plays Arizon this weekend.

    Need to start 3 RBs this week

  20. dirt

    Pick two:
    D. Woodhead, Ronnie Brown, and J. Knox.

    pick a def:
    Minny vs. GB, Chicago vs. Washington or Atlanta vs. Cinci.


    • Brown and Knox, definitely.

      All three are good calls on DEF. The way that Aaron Rodgers was taking sacks last week makes MIN look good. Chicago’s DEF is a roller coaster, but WAS is a good matchup. And Atlanta is getting good turn overs every game, and Cincy can definitely throw a few picks.
      I would go with ATL this week. CHI is a close second. If you are feeling ballsy, my super pickup for DEF this week is Kansas City (19% owned)if they are available in your league.


  21. Justin

    im going to have a few questions.. for 2 diff leagues (i will let u answer for one league first). first league

    QB (pick 2)

    eli manning
    Kyle Orton
    Big ben

    Wr (Pick 4)

    Greg Jennings
    M. Colston
    D. Bowe
    Deion Branch
    Johnny Knox
    brandon Tate
    Patrick Crayton

    im thinking jennings, colston (even tho i wanna sit him) bowe, and branch


    Tony Moeaki (leaning towards him)
    Donald Lee
    John carlson

    i never ask for def but this week i am

    Giants Def
    Pitt Def
    49ers Def

    pick 2.. i thinking giants and pitt

    • QB- youve got three big performers so any way you go, youre going to get your stats. I think Eli will be in a shootout against Dallas and has good potential, and Orton is a must start against pretty much everyone this year. Big Ben will also have a big game, but I think he’ll be the least effective this week of your three.

      WR- I agree with your picks here. If you are as hesitant to start colston as I would be though, I’d say check on the status of gates and m. floyd. if they are both out, or very dinged up, it might be a good call to throw crayton in there, he is primed for a big game if they are still hurt.

      TE- Moeaki is a good play against JAX. cant argue with that.

      DEF- Giants will definitely get a handful of sacks on Romo, also, they have potential to get a pick or 2. Expect the score to be high though.
      Pitt is a must start. they have great turnover numbers, and Henne has thrown 5 INTs
      49ers are putting up surprisingly low numbers this year, but the matchup is really good for them.
      I’d go PIT and SF on this one.


  22. Stef

    Big ups to Ken for putting me on to this site!

    I am in a ppr/flex league (with a 2nd QB option) and I am not doing too hot.

    My starters this week are:

    Q – Sam Bradford/Matt Hassleback (Schaub is on bye so they are my only options)
    WR- M. Austin, P. Harvin and B.Lloyd
    RB: Ray Rice, Marshawn Lynch

    RB: Deangelo Williams, Thomas Jones, Javid Best (bye)
    WR: Mike Williams (TB) Desean Jackson (out)

    I could really use some insight as to who I should actually start and why please. All of the decent Free Agents are pretty much all taken and sitting on benches for bait later so I am trying to make due with what I have….If you have any sleeper picks for this week that you are willing to share I am open to anything…

    Your site is really good! I have been pimping it to everyone who will listen.

    • Thank you Ken for another reader!

      Surprisingly, Bradford and Hasselbeck arent terrible options this week. I’d like bradford more if he still had Clayton to throw to, but he looks like he’ll be fine.
      I dont have any issues with your WRs either. Williams is a good start because of the matchup and that he is really the only weapon in the passing game for TB, but Austin Harvin and Lloyd are all better plays than he is.
      Ray Rice is going to be an absolute beast this week, and Lynch could finally break out against a fantastic matchup.

      I say that youve gotten pretty lucky on your bye week, and are primed to put up some big numbers. I do have a few sleepers, but I really dont think you will need them based on this line up. None of my sleepers will upgrade you at WR or RB, but if Matt Cassel is available, he might be worth subbing for Bradford because he is finally hitting his rhythm with Bowe and is playing a terrible JAX defense. with your league that deep at QB though, I’d doubt he’s available.

      Thanks for spreading the word, good luck this week


  23. Phillip

    its nice to maybe ask about a position or two especially if you have guys on bye…but a couple people on here might as well not be playing fantasy football if they’re asking advice on how to have their WHOLE line-up assigned. jesus.

    • haha. its no worry. i like feeling that i’m part owner of about 100 fantasy teams this season. and at this point in the season, if you are 2-4 or worse, you need all the help you can get.

  24. strag

    Idk who to start on my W/R/T position…. My choices are
    -Kellen Winslow (vs. StL)
    -BenJarvus Green-Ellis (vs. SD)
    -Christopher Ivory (vs. Cle… who I’ve heard has lost 2 of their starting defensive linemen)

  25. Wayne

    Hey Guys. I am starting to turn my seasons around with your advice. Keep it up. Ok so I need 2 wr, 2 rb, and a flex (W/R/T).
    WR – Maclin, T.O., Colston, Amendola, Moore.
    RB – Matthews, D. Williams, Ivory
    Waiver Wire is thin, but it is pretty much standard with most leagues. It is a PPR league.
    I am thinking Maclin, T.O. at WR, Matthews and Ivory aat RB. Who at flex? Is it time to call Lance Moore better than Colston in fantasy?

    • great to hear. i’m glad we can help.

      WR- Maclin and T.O. – maclin should see added work with Jackson out, and they are playing a beatable defense. TO is quietly having a good year. hes only seen the endzone twice, but he is pushing 500 yards already.
      RB- Mathews and Ivory. Mathews is prime for a breakout, and with the possibility of Lloyd and Gates out for this game, he could very well do it against NE.
      Flex- definitely a toss up with Colston and Moore. I have to give my edge to Colston, as disappointing has he has been. its always a gamble with the NO receivers, but if youve got a #1, you have to trust him to put up some points for you. also, he’s been turning it around the past few weeks.


  26. Kevin

    Defense question. Which defense do you like to rack up huge points this week?

    Green Bay
    San Francisco
    Kansas City

  27. Jon

    Which three of the following five players are the best starters for Week 7 and why:

    (PPR league) Ronnie Brown, Tim Hightower, Mike Tolbert, Danny Woodhead, Steve Breaston?

    • Brown- playing against PIT, a defense that only gives up 60 yards per game to running backs. he only had 2 yards per carry in his last game against them, but found the endzone twice. still not a safe start.
      Hightower- not even a starter on his team, and he has 22 carries for 70 yards with no scores in his last THREE games.
      Tolbert- a back up, but playing against and awful defense. only 15 rushes for 14 yards in his last 2 games, but scored in both. huge gamble and you better hope he finds the end zone. because its the only way he’s going to get any points for you.
      Woodhead- should see 10 or so rushes, probably 4-5 yards per carry. and he’ll be effective in the passing game. Brady likes him, so look for about 5 catches, 40 yards or so. Hopefully he’ll get a TD this weekend as well.
      Steve Breaston- the #2 receiver on a team with Max Hall as the starting QB. blegh. but he should have about 4-6 catches per game, you figure at 10 yards each, hes good for maybe 6 fantasy points each week.

      I would hate to have any of them really. but your upside (as small as it might be) is in Tolbert, Woodhead and Breaston. Its probably time to talk trading if you actually own and are thinking about starting any of these players.


  28. ShAd0wS

    .5 PPR league:
    Once again i need to pick 3 recievers, basically out of S.moss, harvin, marshall and crabtree (lance moore and crayton are benchwarmers). Right now i have crabtree benched, but its a pretty tough call there.

    I also need to choose between Torain and Lynch. I’d pick torain in a heartbeat usually, but hes playing chicago and lynch is facing arizona at home so Seattle should be running the ball with a lead alot (Also starting seattle defense).

    • ShAd0wS

      Oh, and there is also a decent chance of me snagging johnny knox off waivers , dropping crayton, but you have him ranked quite a bit higher then I do. Do you really expect him to do better then my top 4 guys?

      • I like crayton this week only because of injuries on the chargers. With Gates probable, and Floyd a maybe, Craytons stock rises. If those two are playing though, forget about it, he is risky. But we all know that SD likes to pass, and NE is bad against the pass. Someone is going to catch the ball, and without Gates and Floyd, Crayton is the man. Definite sleeper pick this week, but if you are comfy with your starters go with the gut. Crayton is just a hunch for me.


    • WR is tough. i personally like crayton this week because of injuries on the Chargers. I would probably gamble with him and also start Marshall and Harvin.
      Any combo of the Moss Harvin Marshall Crabtree and Crayton should work for you. And should all have pretty equal outcomes.
      Harvin and Marshall are must starts. Moss has a tough matchup against Chicago, SF is going up against Carolina, who is decent against the pass, and Crayton’s matchup looks good against the Pats, but he is only a solid start if Floyd/Gates are out.


  29. Harris

    Big help here man i got to win this game
    give me some good advice man please

    WR-Kenny Britt
    WR-Wes Welker
    WR-Brandon Lloyd
    RB-rashard Mendenhall
    RB-LeSean McCoy
    TE-Aaron Hernadez
    Def-New Orleans
    K-Matt Prater

    BN-Aaron Rodgers
    BN-Donald Driver
    BN-Peyton Hillis
    BN-Pierre Garcon
    BN-Dallas Clark
    BN-New York Jets

    • no pressure. thanks for that.

      You have to start Rodgers. Hes the best fantasy QB there is.
      WR- I’d put Driver in place of Britt. Vince Young looks like he’ll be sitting this one out, and if he does, Britts production will likely fall. Driver is consistent, so its not like he is a terrible option.
      No problems at RB or TE – it might be time to drop Dallas Clark though if you havent already, i doubt he’ll come back during the regular season.

      Best of luck to you this week. I think youve got a solid team lined up.


  30. June

    QB-Matt Ryan vs CIN
    WR-Santana Moss vs Chi
    WR-Roy Williams vs NYG
    WR-Donald Driver vs Min
    RB-Frank Gore vs Car
    RB-Jamaal Charles vs Jac
    TE-Heath Miller vs Mia
    W/R-Deion Branch vs SD

    Ronnie Brown vs PIT
    Mike SimsWalker vs KC
    BenJarvus vs SD
    Jason Avant vs Ten
    Matt Hasselbeck vs Ari
    Dustin Keller BYE

    how is my line up looking for week 7?

    • I’ve got Hasselbeck as a pretty decent “sleeper” this week against Arizona. I like his matchup better than Ryan’s
      I expect both to be similar statistically though.

      Thats the only comment I have. the rest of your lineup looks legit.
      Thanks for the question. Good luck this week.


  31. Ken

    – I have been sitting on McNabb for weeks after i played him while Romo was in the bye – for our league, there is no trade value there (ive approached everyone).
    – I picked up Ben Watson this week to play in the TE role over Dallas Clark
    – Someone just dropped Ronnie Brown.

    Would you sit and wait to see Ronnie Brown clears Saturdays waivers and wait to flip him for Watson after the week ends, and take a chance on next Wednesdays waivers? Or would you drop McNabb for him to get the chance now and pick him up before the games and then flip Watson for McNabb (assuming he clears next Weds waiver wire)?

    Right now, I am leaning on dropping McNabb now to pick up Ronnie Brown. Next week, week 8, my studs are all on byes (Bradhshaw, Rice and Hillis) and I only have Felix Jones on the bench. I thus need someone for next week…this seems like a no brainer (see my roster earlier in the posts). Though, it is nice to have a backup QB in case Romo goes down.


    • Clark looks to be out for the long haul, so hold on to Watson. He is primed for a decent year.
      If McNabb wont get you anything, drop him for Brown.

      No need for a backup QB since Dallas has already had their bye.

  32. monnone

    Im first in my league at 4-2 but there are also 5 other 4-2 teams and I am playing one of them this week. I really need to pull out a win here to avoid dropping below the pack.

    QB-Kyle Orton
    WR-Anquan Boldin
    WR-Brandon Marshall
    WR-Brandon Lloyd
    RB-Frank Gore
    RB-Ray Rice
    TE-Antonio Gates
    Def-Green Bay
    K-Matt Prater

    BN-Ryan Torain
    BN-CJ Spiller
    BN-Demaryius Thomas
    BN-Dexter McCluster
    BN-Kenny Britt
    BN-Benjamin Watson

    For the most part I like my lineup. Due to injuries my two main concerns are Antonio Gates and Green Bays Def (both almost lost me the game last week.) Should I ride them out or start looking elsewhere until they are a little more healthy?

    • I like your lineup. and the only issues I have are the same ones you brought up. If Gates plays (which i suspect he will) I cant see him going at 100%. perhaps its time to take a risk and make a drop to cover yourself at TE, just in case. good pickups that might be in FA are Winslow, Watson, H. Miller, Donald Lee, Bo Scaife.
      I think GB has a doable matchup. I dropped them though, but that is only because the Chiefs were available in my league and they are my favorite this weekend.

      best of luck. I think Orton Boldin Rice and Gore are going to have huge weeks. You should walk away from this one golden.


  33. James

    I’m just going to put it out there. I’m confused. My team is 2-4 in a DEEP 8-team league. Below is my team (rotating kicker/defense not included):

    QB- Manning (NYG)
    WR – Wayne
    WR – Ward
    WR – Driver
    WR – Moss (WAS)
    RB – Johnson
    RB – Benson
    RB – Hillis
    TE – Gates
    TE – Clark
    Flex – Mathews
    Flex – Lynch
    QB – Flacco
    QB – Freeman
    WR – Smith (NYG)
    WR – Bess
    WR – Meachem
    WR/RB – Woodhead
    RB – Williams (MIA)
    TE – Winslow
    TE – Daniels

    Am I missing something here? I mean, I’ve scored the 3rd most points in the league (behind 1st place by a measly 22 pts), but my season point differential is only +9 (3 of my 4 losses have come at the hands of the team with the highest point total that week). Is this just “the breaks” or is this roster going to prove itself eventually?

    • every league seems to have the unlucky person who gets matched up against the highest scoring team each week. not much you can do about it really, just keep chugging. at 2-4 though, you have to get a little more aggressive.
      QB- no argument here
      WR- I’d throw Smith in in place of Moss. Smith has done some terrible things to Dallas last year, Moss has a beatable, but still tough matchup.
      RBs are solid.
      I know i’m late replying, so hopefully by this time you are already thought about changing up your TE spots. Gates will probably play, but not at 100%. Clark is out. I’d put Winslow in place of Clark, and hope Gates plays well.
      Flex is good- both are playing awful defenses and should see great points this week.

      My advice is to drop clark and daniels and try to pick up anyone on waivers who seems to be on fire right now. dont look for people that you will play, look for people that are great on paper that could work well in trades.
      Then hit the trade market hard. Give up 2 or 3 people from your bench, and get one legit starter. You will thank me when bye season is over. Try coupling S Moss, Davone Bess and Woodhead for someone like Hakeem Nicks or Anquan Boldin. WR seems to be the spot you should worry about the most.

      keep checking back and we’ll help you get out of this slump and make a playoff run. right now though, i’d really just boil your record down to bad luck.


      • James

        Thank you so much for your insight. It helps to know that it’s more bad luck than bad roster management. I’ll definitely let you know what happens down the line.

        Speaking of trades, would it be foolish to throw Williams out there as trade fodder? I only start 3 RBs with 2 flex positions available as well, and as you can see, I have Johnson, Benson, Hillis, Mathews, and Lynch as my top 5, along with Williams and the utility back Woodhead. Trading him would leave me with only 6 RBs, but with Lynch’s value increasing and Mathews (hopefully) beginning to see the bulk of SD’s carries, do I really need him on the roster? I feel like his name alone would help me in landing a top WR.

      • i really dont think that you’ll get very much for him. if you really want to go out and get a starting WR. you are going to have to sweeten the deal with a few better people.

  34. Chad H

    Can Start 2 HB’s, 2 wr’s and a flex hb/wr.
    I was definitely going with Turner and Mendenhall at hb’s. My question is should I fill the flex spot with Deangelo Williams or Mathews. Or should I go the three wr route with some combination of Loyd, Boldin, Jennings or Welker. And if only two wr’s, which ones?

    Thanks again and am spreading the word on this great site!!!!

    • I would go with three WRs. Williams has potential against a mediocre defense. Mathews is primed for a breakout and could do that against NE. But still, your receivers are higher quality than your backup RBs. I would go with Boldin, Lloyd and Jennings.

      thanks for spreading the word.


  35. Robert

    Good advice last week guys!! I’m .500 on the season now. Time to move up the rankings. Check my team and tell me who I should start.

    QB’s – Pick 2
    Matt Ryan
    Matt Hasselbeck
    Vince Young

    RB’s – Pick 2
    Michael Bush
    Ricky Williams
    Fred Jackson
    C.J. Spiller

    WR’s – Pick 3
    Deion Branch
    Percy Harvin
    Jabar Gaffney
    Mike Thomas
    Danario Alexander
    Steve Johnson

    TE – Pick 1
    Antonio Gates
    Bo Scaife

    • QB- Ryan, Hasselbeck

      RB- Michael Bush, Fred Jackson (none are very good options, though.

      WR- Branch, Harvin, Gaffney

      TE- Make sure gates plays, if he does, start him. If not, Scaife is a great replacement this week with Young likely out.

      good luck this week.


  36. jonathan

    what do you think about Danny Woodhead?
    can this player continue like he did in is previous matchup?
    what do you think about Eddie Royal? does the harmstring injury can manage less point in the futures week? if i pick woodhead I must drop Royal!
    hightower or brandon jackson for the rest of the season?

  37. Brian

    for w/r/t I have Lance Moore, Donald Driver, Davone Bess, Tim Hightower, Fred Jackson, and Woodhead available. Should I stick with Driver or replace him?

    • I’d stick with Driver. He is the most automatic of all of them. Woodhead is consistent and will get a decent amount of work. and bess is always getting catches, but you have to stick with driver on this one.


  38. Ralph

    Hi Andrew need some help with a modest 3-3. Playing in a ppr league no return yards.

    qb brees
    wr b.marshall
    wr wes welker
    wr donald driver
    rb cendric benson
    rb lynch
    te b. watson had clark
    w/r d. branch
    def seattle but leaning to kansas

    m. manningham
    r. william no way vs steelers
    edwards bye
    d clark injured

    should i play manningham if so for who? and def play according to you kansas and seatle ate probably be the best i need every possible point who would you roll the dice on?


    i have told all my friends not in this league about you and they have also been winning.

    • Time to pick it up at 3-3. i’d play it out for the next few weeks, and then hit trades heavy before the deadline to make a late run at the playoffs.

      I think your lineup is solid this week. Manningham shouldnt have a better game than anyone you have in. I like Kansas definitely at defense this week. JAX is going to be starting a QB that they just picked up from a practice squad. I dont think it gets much better than that. SEA will have a good week, but KC is going to kill it this week.

      Thanks for spreading the word


  39. MIke

    TE? Tony Moeaki or Benjamin Watson?

    • Ralph

      Have the same choices here i went with watson for this week. NO rank 30 against TE plus jags cant put up points the cheifs might end up running the ball a lot if they pull ahead. you might wanna mention if its a ppr or standard league it makes a difference.

    • I like Moeaki a lot against JAX. But Watson looks to be the only real receiving threat on the injured beyond recognition Browns. Moeaki should produce more than last week, and will see good numbers. But Ben Watson is my sleeper pickup for a couple of my leagues, his QB isnt good, but after what he did to PIT last week, I have to gamble with him.


  40. BG

    Hello again,

    This week I am struggling with my WR and RB options and would appreciate your advice.

    RB options:
    – Ivory (started him last week for the W, gladly)
    – Lynch (not much upside, but should be a decent performer)
    – Moreno (not impressed, but healthy)
    – Wells (not impressed, but healthy)
    – McFadden (not 100%)

    My plan is to go with Ivory and Lynch.

    WR options:
    – R. Moss
    – J. Maclin
    – J. Knox
    – L. Moore

    I plan to start Maclin and Moss, with Knox as my flex.

    I would appreciate your advice. Thanks as always.

    • Ivory and Lynch would be my picks as well. Ivory should perform well against another bad defense, and continue to do so until PT returns. Lynch has a fantastic matchup and will have his breakout game this weekend. I’m waiting another week on Moreno, because he’s just now coming off a long injury. Wells is going up against a great SEA front line, and McFadden has seen better days.

      And youre all set on WR also. Moss is iffy, but it would be insane not to start him. Maclin will see increased work with Jackson out, and Knox proves to be the go to receiver in CHI, against a sorry Washington secondary. Moore is too up and down for me to start over any of these three.

      Best of luck this weekend. let me know how it goes.


      • BG

        Thanks, Andrew. I’ll let you know how it goes.

      • BG

        I ended up starting Ivory, Lynch, Moreno (!), Moss, and Maclin. That is, I decided to sit Knox in favor of Moreno as the weather in Chicago was terrible that morning. Even so he had a decent game and would have been a good start. Like many I didn’t even consider DMC (unfortunately).

        I was close but I got the W. Will be back in a few days with question after I do my research…

      • good to hear you pulled out the win. I also had a feeling about moreno and plugged him in in place of S Moss. bad luck on DMC, i was the dummy that sat Britt. still managed the win though. congrats.

  41. joe

    One quick question. Who should I drop for Patrick Crayton:
    Kenny Britt
    Davone Bess
    Eddie Royal
    Mercedes Lewis

    • i’m guessing you would drop lewis because you have a full time starting TE. if this is the case, drop Lewis for him. However, with WR depth like that, chances are you wont really ever start bess or britt, so they would make good options too.


  42. Chris

    I have 2 questions for you:

    1) I am not sure on who to start this week as my RB2

    -Torain vs. Chicago
    -D Williams vs. SF
    -Bush vs. Den
    -McFadden vs. Den

    2) NYJ D are on a bye this week and I must pick up a Def to start this week but I have no idea who to drop. I am stuck between dropping:

    -M Bush
    -S. Holmes
    -NYJ D

    This is very tough for me as I had to pick up D Mason for a plug start since D Jackson is out and A Johnson and Schaub are on bye

    • 1) I would go D. Williams at RB2. All have some sort of risk, but D Williams is highest on my list.

      2) definitely a tough call. I would drop bush. with torain, williams, mcfadden and an unnamed RB1, you have enough depth at RB already and can afford to lose him. If you are comfortable with the Jets being your DEF from here on out, go ahead and do that.


  43. Ryan

    someone is offering me Ryan Torian for Darren Mcfadden. Do i do this trade ?

    • its pretty even. torain has a tougher schedule i think, but is really the only back they use. mcfadden will share time, but hopefully will bounce back to the stats he had in the first week after he gets uninjured.


  44. Justin

    QB carson palmer
    WR hakeem nicks
    WR jeremy maclin
    RB ray rice
    TE marcedes lewis
    W/T mike williams (tb)
    W/R roy williams

    those are my starters. should i replace any of those with these?

    Jeremy Shockey
    P. Thomas (even tho he probably wont play)
    Steve breaston
    dexter mccluster

    would u pick akers or hartley this week?

    and the one i hate.. giants def or cowboys def..

    • I like your lineup how it is.
      Akers is more automatic than Hartley, i just cant really trust him after his early season misses.
      That is a terrible decision at DEF. Theres no one better on FA? of the two i’d pick the giants because of number of sacks. but its worth seeing if KC or SEA are available in your league.

  45. Tyson

    I’m starting to think about attempting a big trade to strengthen my hand later in the season. I have Roethlisberger and Schaub as my QBs, which is nice from a standpoint of choosing match-ups, but becoming more and more of a luxury now that both will be past their byes. What I really need is a superstar WR or RB that will get me good points each week. All of my players thus far have been mediocre at best for a variety of reasons (Celek, Ward, Moss, Moreno, PT, Bryant, etc.) and I am last in my league in points scored (but still ranked 8 of 12 due to record!).

    So here’s my thought. There are 2 owners in my league that are hurting at QB. Both are 2-4 (one has lost 4 straight!). What if I offered them a trade involving Schaub to try to pry away a superstar? I know Schaub is generally higher ranked than Roeth, but I honestly don’t like his match-ups as well, especially late in season. These deals may seem slightly lopsided against me, but I’ve been hearing a lot about how my bench isn’t going to mean as much in the closing weeks, so they may help me a great deal. Please advise on these trade ideas.

    My WRs: Moss, Ward, Branch, Bryant, Holmes, Woodhead

    My RBs: PT, Moreno, Ivory, Woodhead

    Situation 1: Owner has Flacco and Palmer at QB. I offer him Schaub and Moss for Roddy White, then I pick up Stafford as my back-up QB (or whichever QB he drops). He still has S. Smith(NYG), Wallace, and Gaffney at WR (plus Moss if he accepts).

    Situation 2: Owner has Alex Smith and Vick at QB. His WRs are Cribbs, Knox, Tate, Walter, and B. Edwards. His RBs are Foster, Snelling, and J. Charles. I offer Schaub, Moss, and one of my RBs (not sure which) for Foster. If I need to pad my WRs after, I can pick up Crabtree, J. Jones(HOU), D. Thomas(DEN), M. Williams(SEA), or D. Butler.

    Due to a 2 day waiting period plus processing time, any trade would not take effect until week 8. Please let me know your thoughts on this!

    • I think that right now you need more help at WR. I would go with situation one. if that goes through you have ward branch and white as a solid starting WR line up.
      hopefully when PT and Moreno are 100% back from injury your RB problems will solve themselves.

      At your record and standings, its definitely time to start trading up. Keep going with these 3players for 1 player type trades and stack your lineup as much as you can before the trade deadline. I would suggest doing suggestion 1, and also making up a trade for another star WR or RB. maybe going Holmes and Ivory(if he has another stellar week) for Foster.


      • Tyson

        Yeah, the White deal is the one I think has a better chance. Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t giving up too much. I doubt that I can get Foster for Holmes and Ivory, given that this guy gave up Brees and Ricky Williams to get him. I may have a better chance of getting L. McCoy by trading Holmes and Ivory to the owner in my league who just lost Collie.

      • definitely possible. its time to beef up the roster though, for sure.

  46. Tyson

    Actually, what do you think it would take to pry McCoy from this owner? Her roster is:

    P. Manning
    WRs: Collie, Garcon, M. Austin, Hester, Murphy(OAK), V. Jackson (yes, she’s been holding him all season)
    RBs: Addai, Hart, McCoy, Hightower
    TE: Shiancoe
    DEF: NYJ

    In case you’re wondering, yes, she likes the Colts, and no, I have no idea how she plans to field a full roster this Sunday! With Addai hurting, she may be hesitant to give up McCoy. Should I offer Moreno and Holmes? Moreno and Bryant?

  47. moreno and bryant is probably a safe bet. definitely an RB/WR combo.

    review it first, after your first grade goes through, and make sure you dont get too too weak in depth, as there are still some bye weeks to go.

  48. bmoney

    Who to start this week, 3 WR and a flex, I’m leaning towards *

    C Williams
    *W McGahee
    *M Colston
    *S Smith (Car)
    *M Williams (Sea)
    S Johnson
    D Alexander
    L Murphy

    • bmoney

      Nevermind, checked the positionals…Caddy over McGahee it is, volume makes it a safer play. I just have this feeling that Baltimore gets up big and McGahee grinds out most of the 2nd half. But I should win my game pretty safely and Cadillac is less risky, less chance of a 0, 1, or 2 pt game.

      • You pretty much took the word out of my mouth. STL’s giving up 105 a game rushing, which isnt too bad, but you know that Caddy will see most of the work. McGahee does have a chance to grind out the end of the game, but I think you have to go with guaranteed stats over hypothetical ones.
        Either is a good call. Go with the gut.


  49. Ken

    Who should I start? Nicks is listed as questionable – though he promises he will play. Nicks or Lloyd?

    • Lloyd has a tough matchup. But the Cowboys have been pretty good against #1 WRs this season. Nicks should play, but wont be all that productive. I’d give Lloyd the shot. Its the safer call, and he has been doing well since Orton throws a ton.

  50. Baller

    PPR League

    Pick 3 WR to start
    Danny Amendola
    Mike Wallace
    Jabar Gaffney
    Mike Williams (TB and SEA)

    Pick 2 RB to start
    Darren Mcfadden
    Fred Jackson
    Felix Jones
    Chris Ivory

    • Wallace, Williams, Williams.

      RB is tougher. McFadden is splitting time, but Denver isnt great against the run. I wouldnt touch anyone from buffalo. F Jones always has breakout potential, but NYG is a tough team to do it against. Ivory is coming off a great week, and has a great matchup. He’s a good start until PT gets back.
      I say McFadden and Ivory.


  51. Aidan

    Hey! Who do I start this week? Michael Bush, Darren McFadden, or Chris Ivory? Thanks!

    • Just one of them? that is tough, its hard to know who will get more work between McFadden and Bush. Personally, I think McFadden will. and its a beatable matchup. BUTTTTTT… i have to go with Ivory. He is really the only RB they are going to use. He is going up against a team that gives 120 yards per game. and they are balanced with pass/run. Ivory should get the play over these two.
      If you need two of them make it Ivory, McFadden.

  52. Smokin' Joe

    Just looking into some D changes. I have been pretty good picking a good D in the few weeks. I had KC last week. I am looking through the games and not sure what to do. I like KC playing Buff, StL playing Car, or Wash playing Det. What do you think that will get about 10+?

    As for D.Williams. I think you can put a fork in him bc I think he might be done for this year. A big BUST for the year. I dont know what else to do here. I drafted 15 spots and he was my number one like others but I have only 4 drafted players left. As soon as we sit him, he will blow up. This sucks. I am now 2-4 and hoping to win tonight. I have Miles, Manningham and he has Barber and Jacobs. I think I shoule be OK. 3-4 is not bad but D. Williams is killing me, as long as the Cowboys. LOL. Give them a call and put a foot up their ass tonight.

    • all are good D picks this week. i havent really had a chance to look at stuff yet, STL would probably be my initial pick. i’ll post that in positionals later in the week.

      d williams is all but finished. he’ll have a few more games with bright spots probably. 3-4 is ok. now its time to start playing for the playoffs. get agressive with trades.

      • Smokin' Joe

        Now Romom done for awhile, what about Austin. He is my top WR, but he has not scored points in weeks. Is this good idea to keep Austin or sit him?

      • honestly.. no clue. i have him in 3 of my leagues. im thinking about throwing out some trade options, but he might still do alright. its all on kitna and seeing how well he does next week and in practice. he seems to be liking the underneath stuff, and was actually not terrible all things considered. if he gets a good timing going, the cowboys could still put up some kind of fantasy points. i’d hold out for it. austin is built like a slot receivers and is devastating after the catch… so he might be surprising down the road.

  53. TCP

    Pick up Kitna?

    I’ve got Vick and Fitzpatrick. Cassel is also a FA.

    What do you think? Kitna does have weapons. Fitz has revived a dead Buf offense for weeks (and is always throwing because Buf is always losing) while Cassel has improved lately.

    • kitna has weapons. but he is 38, hasnt started a game in over 2 years, and his only bright spots monday night were when the giants were just in throw away mode. he has potential, but dont expect romo-like numbers. as long as vick is starting in Philly, start him in your league.

  54. Smokin' Joe

    I would hope so. Kitna did like Witten but I think they might have to do something down the field this week. Their line doesn’t give him much time to pass or stay in the pocket. But, for Dallas, they need something fast or their season is over next week. Kitna has been in the league for a long time but never had any players to pass to. So, this week might be interesting. The game plan might have to go down field. Last night, their was no game plan for Kitna. The funny thing is last night the were getting beat so bad but but kept it close some how. For Dallas, Austin, and Kitna I hope this turns around fast.

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