Injury Bug Bites Colts

Dallas Clark is out indefinitely with a wrist injury. Get another TE quick, or trade him before the extent of his absence is known.

Austin Collie is out for “at least a few weeks”. Adjust accordingly.




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7 responses to “Injury Bug Bites Colts

  1. Kevin

    This is terrible news for me. I have both Collie and Clark.

    Question going forward. I will be strapped at WR next week without Collie. Now would be time to pick up someone like Danny Woodhead. The only way I can do it is if I drop Pierre Thomas. I have a pending trade that may go through after this weekends games.

    The question is do I pull the trigger to get Woodhead now while I can get him realizing that I may only have 2 active WRs for Week 8 if my trade to get Roddy White goes through or do I wait and see how it plays out and take a chance not being able to pick up Woodhead if he has a big week in week 7?

    To refresh your memory I made a trade offer of Schaub and Harvin for R. White and Farve and long term this seems to be a good trade since I’ll still have Big Ben who I knew I’d have to play week 8 with Schaub and Arian foster at Indy that week and Schaub being very risky if the Texans pound the Colts on the ground like they did Week 1 and Torrain did week 6.

    Thanks guys but I am seriously crippled short term with injuries to:

    DeSean Jackson
    Austin Collie
    Piere Thomas
    And Dallas Clark

    I also have Peyton Hillis on Bye week 8 that muddies the waters as well forcing me to rely on Torrain and Foster for that position week 8.

    • Drop Clark. He looks to be out for the season. PT should be back soon. hopefully dropping clark and picking up woodhead will alleviate some of your problems until collie and jackson are back. hope you have a backup tight end on roster, or else its looking like you will have to dump (or trade) PT for someone.


      • Kevin

        Missed out on Woodhead but I did drop Clark for Kyle Orton. I gust have to hope that I can trade off one of my 3 QBs for a solid WR otherwise I’ll have to drop Big Ben at some point. I guest the gamble is part of the game. I have my eye on A. Gongalez as a possible emergency stop gap should I get into WR trouble next week. All those passes going to Clark and Collie have to go somewhere for the next couple of weeks and they can’t all possibly go to Wayne. . . or can they? >.>

        I’m really hoping Collie and Jackson will both be back by week 10 if not before. Just makes it very tight with 2 of 5 WR injuried. At least the 3 activies I have left are all past their respective byes now I just need them to stay healthy and haul in the receptions.

        I already had A. Hernandez lined up for Clark’s bye so I’m good there. Good thing I went for Hernandez instead of Calek since Calek has bye next week and Hernandez is past his. Let’s me run with one TE from here on out baring an injury.

      • good luck this week. I dont know about Collie coming off surgery, but I cant imagine that Jackson will be out more than a couple weeks.
        Definitely work on getting rid of one of those QBs. do everything in your power to make it a trade. Couple them with someone if you have to. You dont want them to go to waste by simply dropping them.


  2. Ken

    Would you simply drop Clark and fill the spot, or would you sit on him to see how the injury pans out (surgery etc.,).

    Reason I ask –

    I have a waiver on Ronnie Brown where I am dropping McNabb for him. Waiver goes through tonight. I would hate to drop McNabb and have DC just sit and remain unusable. Would appreciate your thought here…hope you are around today.

    • Ken

      nevermind, he just went on IR. guess that made the decision for me.

    • I would dump him. Fantasy football is no game for falling in love with a certain player. Yes, he was very productive for the first 7 weeks, but now he is out, probably for the season, and there is no reason to keep a roster spot full because of it.


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