Vincent Jackson is back.

Just in time to screw up everyones mid season strategy, Vincent Jackson’s agent reports that he will report back to the chargers next week.

He will have to serve a mandatory 3 week suspension by the team, but it is looking like he will be back on the field for the last six games of the season.

The way the Chargers have been struggling this year, it is fairly evident that they have been missing V Jax, or at least someone like him. With him back on the roster, the Chargers have a legitimate threat at receiver every snap. Its still 4 weeks away, but plan accordingly for a drop in Naanee and Crayton, a potential drop for Floyd, and increased stats from Philip Rivers and possibly Antonio Gates. This new deep threat could also open up the run game that has been underwhelming all season.




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7 responses to “Vincent Jackson is back.

  1. Allan Basso

    Man, that hurts!

    The guy in my league that is 6-0 has Vincent Jackson.
    His roster is impressive and he is the only one that I think has a better roster than mine. There are other good rosters but I believe that barring a terrible matchup or injuries, I can take them.

    But this guy I’ll need a very favorable matchup in the playoffs to defeat.

    If I win this week I will start planning my roster for the playoffs, because at 5-2 and with 3 or 4 easy weeks coming, I am totally expecting to be there.

    • based on your lineup you should be. hopefully you wont face him in the first week of playoffs and then you can cheer for the team he faces, and might just get lucky that you wont have to face him in the championship.


      • Allan Basso

        Nice thought.
        Hopefully it happens that way.

        Now that Dallas Clark is gone, do you believe that Garçon might have a big impact some weeks?

        Now he is ridding the bench as my 5th WR, but now he may be very useful, although my starters have no more byes.

      • two points for putting the squiggle on “Garcon” nice touch.

        i think that with clark out he will see a little more production. and next week when collie is still out, he is an even great option as a #2 receiver. his value will increase, but i doubt he’s starting material in most leagues when collie comes back.

  2. Phillip

    does anyone think he will make a really deep impact when he comes back? im 5-1 and the guy that had VJax dropped him this week and i picked him up after i heard the news. because if VJax does play the last six weeks. i will be stacked. Miles Austin, Hines Ward, VJax.

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