College Football Week 8 Pick’em

Thank God it is halfway through this college season. I do not enjoy picking NCAA this year. Jordan has assured me that he will be putting his picks up this week. Here we are again. I’ve got a lot of underdog picks, and honestly no real evidence as to why. I could probably have a similar record if I picked teams based on whose mascot would win at HORSE.

Jordan: Jordan never lies to Andrew. Jordan’s character is unimpeachable.

Favorites Spread Underdogs Andrew37-40-3 Jordan36-41-3
@Pittsburgh 12.5 Rutgers Rutgers Rutgers
@Illinois 13.5 Indiana Indiana Indiana
Mich St (8) 5 @Northwestern Mich St Mich St
Notre Dame 6.5 @ Navy N D N D
@Arkansas (21) 9.5 Mississippi Arkansas Arkansas
@Boston Coll 4 Maryland Maryland Maryland
@Clemson 5.5 Georgia Tech GA Tech GA Tech
Texas Tech 2.5 @Colorado T T TT
Nebraska (14) 5.5 @ OK St. (17) OK St Nebraska
@Iowa (13) 5.5 Wisconsin (10) Wisc Wisconsin
@California 3 Arizona St. AZ St. AZ St.
@Auburn (5) 6 LSU (6) LSU Auburn
@Baylor 6 Kansas St. Baylor Baylor
@Louisville 2 Connecticut Louisville Louisville
Alabama (7) 16.5 @Tennessee Alabama Alabama
@Miami (25) 6.5 North Carolina N Car. Miami
Georgia 4 Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky
Oklahoma (3) 3 @Missouri (18) Oklahoma Missouri
@TCU (4) 18.5 Air Force TCU TCU
@Arizona (15) 6.5 Washington Arizona Arizona

So there you have it.

On a note about rankings, I’m all about Oregon having the top spot in the nation. And if you guys are up for it, lets get a little discussion going about what to do with Boise State and TCU if they both go undefeated.



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