Less than Perfect..

Lets just start this by giving a shout-out to everyone who had Romo at QB and will now see a massive decline in their season. Here’s to you. Hopefully you went against conventional wisdom and drafted a second QB and are lucky enough to have Orton or Roethlisberger on your bench. But, probably not. I would say that your most consistent week to week pickups would be Matt Cassel (41% owned), Chad Henne (43% owned), Matt Hasselbeck (29% owned), or.. and it hurts me to say this.. Jon Kitna. He has the weapons around him. Dont expect huge numbers, but he should see a good amount of TDs, and expect 200+ yardage every game as the Cowboys will inevitably be playing from behind.

Now, here’s my main point. A war strategy to all of those who are already struggling for a playoff spot. 3-4, 2-5, hell, even 1-6. If you make the right moves, with a hefty side of luck, you can maybe get yourself a shot at the playoffs. Or else, as you have learned, God will hate you. Its true. You can read about it.

1) Dont fall in love. Its time to cut your ties. If you have been nursing an underperformer for all this time, get rid of him. Say goodbye to DeAngelo Williams, Marques Colston and Mike Sims-Walker. I don’t care if you wasted a high pick on Shonn Greene or Ryan Mathews, its time to tell yourself that you have no shot with them and its time to go.

2) Check out the trade market. There are teams in your league that have key injuries or underperforming players. Find them. Teams that lost Romo, teams that lost Clark and Collie, teams still struggling from the loss of a huge number of starters. Seek them out and make an offer.

3) Make the proposal. We are nearing the end of the bye weeks, meaning that your starting lineup is pretty much going to stay solid for the rest of the year. Know this and accept it. The starting 7 will be your starting 7. The key now is to make it the strongest 7 possible. Below is a 2-5 team in one of my leagues. For hypothetical purposes, I’ll set up their team to make some trades to greatly improve their odds for the rest of the year.

  • Drew Brees
  • Greg Jennings
  • Johnny Knox
  • Eddie Royal
  • Shonn Greene
  • Pierre Thomas
  • Tony Gonzales
  • LeSean McCoy
  • Jay Cutler
  • Mohammed Massaquoi
  • Jeremy Shockey
  • Chris Chambers
  • Ryan Torain

The trade that you want to set up will be either 2 or 3 of your guys for 1 elite player from another team. The team that owns Romo in this league also has Hakeem Nicks. You want Nicks. Now you have to make the sacrifice. Drew Brees and Ryan Torain for Nicks. He gets a new starting QB and possible starting RB, you get a new #1 receiver. With the extra roster spot, pick up the best available player and get ready to go again.

4) Repeat. The team that owned Dallas Clark and still has Austin Collie is struggling and owns Ahmad Bradshaw. And you need an elite RB. Offer Shockey, Knox and Pierre Thomas for him. You lose 3 guys, you get one. He will get a good replacement WR and TE, and a potential starting RB. and you get an elite RB.

(Edit) 4 1/2) If a trade doesnt go through, dont let it bug you. Either move on to another WR, RB, whatever, that you want from another team, or send a personal message/counter offer to the original trade partner. Communicate with them to get what you are looking for. Sell your players.

5) Admire your new winning lineup.  Jay Cutler, Greg Jennings, Hakeem Nicks, Eddie Royal, Ahmad Bradshaw, LeSean McCoy, Tony Gonzalez. Congrats on finishing with a 12-5 record.



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10 responses to “Less than Perfect..

  1. Allan Basso

    Hey there!

    The only problem is that guys have to accept the trade.

    I offered Miles Austin and Matt Forte for Frank Gore but got rejected.

    I really would like to get an elite RB to pair with Jahvid Best or Ryan Torain and would be willing to sacrifice Austin and Forte for him.

    Which RB would you recommend to go after?
    I’m thinking MJD because of his matchups in weeks 15 and 16.
    Any suggestions?

  2. MJD does have a good schedule, but I have to think about evidence shown this year. He is being targeted like crazy by defenses because JAX has very few other weapons. He is very consistent, but I’d go for someone who has an easier time week to week.

    AP’s last 4 games are NYG, CHI, PHI, DET
    Ray Rice- HOU, NO, CLE, CIN
    McFadden- JAX, DEN, IND, KC
    Bradshaw- MIN, PHI, GB, WAS

    All 4 of them are slated for a good FF late season run. McFadden has a terribly easy schedule the last 4 games, and could go cheaper than Austin/Forte. Austin and Forte is a pretty steep price to pay, but probably something you’d have to do.

  3. jayhawk4life

    alright so im kinda in a pickle here…for my rbs this week pick 2
    Gore, Lynch, Benson
    And pick 2 wr
    Wayne, Garcon, Bowe, Smith(car), Driver

    Then out of the ones you did not pick, who would plug in at flex. Standard yahoo scoring. thanks. Oh and i dropped britt this last week for bowe since he wasnt even starting and young wasnt throwing to him and i have had a feeling about bowe…whoops, but i guess it wasnt a terrible loss since bowe still went off. thanks.

    • bowe went off, but dropping britt was not the best move.

      Gore and Lynch at RB
      Wayne and Bowe at WR
      and I’d go with Driver, its tough matchup, but with Revis on Jennings, I think that Driver should see a lot of work..


  4. Vlad

    Need help deciding. I have Ryan Torain, Darren McFadden, and DeAngelo Williams. DeAngelo has an easy week, but has been under-preforming. I’m leaning towards McFadden, but Seattle is 2nd in the league in Rush defense. McFadden has a way of breaking down the defense, however. Torain is definite with a matchup against Detroit so I want to know your opinion; Williams or McFadden for week 8?

    • McFadden is hard to say no to. And OAK has no passing game at all. I think SD will key in on him pretty tight this week and try to keep him under control and make Campbell beat them through the air. Williams performs well against bad teams, and he definitely has upside this week. With the ’emergence’ of a passing game, defenses wont be able to stay on him as much, so I expect him to have a better performance than usual.

      I’d go with Williams. Hard to bench McFadden, but the numbers work in Williams’ favor.


  5. Scotty

    I am trying to get trade to secure an elite player but having the trouble figuring out who to exactly trade for. I see what you said above about AP, Ray Rice, McFadden, and Bradshaw.

    Right now my RB’s are Ray Rice, DeAngelo Williams, K. Moreno, B. Wells. My WR are C. Johnson, B. Marshall, J. Maclin, Bowe, and V. Jackson.

    Bradshaws playoff schedule looks really rough. Is McCoy worth going after or MJD because both are on teams with the worst records and Who do you think would be good to give up for them?

    • I think you have a pretty good chance in the playoffs with Rice and Moreno, and your WRs are pretty set too.
      MJD has a great looking schedule in his last 4 weeks. McCoy, not so much. If you are going to try for MJD, you are going to have to give up some talent, but on paper, it should pay off. I think dealing Wells and Bowe or Moreno and Jackson should do the trick.
      Find out what the player with MJD is lacking and desperately needs, and make the offer look like a must for him.


  6. Ken

    I am one of the unlucky ones that had Romo. I also had Dallas Clark. Awesome.

    However, I believe I negotiated an awesome deal the day after the injury that would occur over 2 weeks:

    Week 8 trade:
    * I get Drew Brees
    * He gets Danny Woodhead and Donovan McNabb

    Week 9 trade:
    * I get Donovan McNabb
    * He gets Felix Jones

    Overall, I pick up Brees for Jones and Woodhead and maintain McNabb as a backup for Brees’ week 10 bye.


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