Week 7 Recap

I’m planning on keeping this relatively short. Because, as most of you know, I am fairly heartbroken and just want to stare at the ceiling listening to patsy cline and thinking of what could have been. sigh.

Anyways.. won in all of my leagues this week. pretty soundly. Benched Britt in each league that I own him in, which was a bit dumb on my part, but really, who’d have thought Kerry Collins could get the job done? I think someone juiced his Werther’s.

So, lets hear it. Tell me what worked for you, what didnt. Wins, Losses, Rants, whatever. Again, i’ll have numerous posts throughout the week for leaving us questions, so hold off on those for a little bit.


And I swear to God, if you even think about adding Kitna to your lineup, I’ll disown you. You understand me?





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24 responses to “Week 7 Recap

  1. Phillip

    Wuttup guys. 3 game winning streak cut short. Yeah i dont even need to say why because like you i am sulking in my own pitiful tears. Seattle defense worked wonders. Traded them ivory and shockey for gonzo. He didnt do much but he will be a long term tight end for me when i make the playoffs. Yes i dont doubt i wont make it because i still believe in miles and my team…now if i could only find a quarterback. Hmmm

  2. Allan Basso

    Good morning!

    Got a win mostly because I had a shitty matchup.
    Now I’m second on my league at 5-2, but tied with 2 more guys. 4 go to the playoffs so I have to hang in there.

    Benching Gates for safety reasons was a dumb move. Ben Watson did nothing. As did the Steelers defense and Matt Pratter (who would’ve thought Oak would kill Denver like that on the road?).

    At least I followed my hunch and played Freeman over Kolb. Got +5Fpts from him.

    Good games from my receivers except from Austin, for obvious reasons.
    I’ll try now to trade him for a good RB for the playoffs. Would love to get MJD because he has good matchups in weeks 15 and 16, but I’m not sure if I can get him.

    This week I matchup against one of the guys that is tied with me at second place. Huge week.

  3. James

    Hey Andrew,

    So that 2-4 record I mentioned in “Week 7 Advice Time”? Chalk it up to 2-5.

    QB – Flacco
    WR – Ward, Smith (NYG), Crayton, Woodhead
    RB – Johnson, Hillis, Benson
    TE – Gates, Winslow
    Flex – Lynch, Mathews
    K – Hartley
    DEF – Seahawks

    Doesn’t look like too bad of a roster for last week (with the exception of Mathews and Woodhead, who I started instead of Moss [WAS] on a gut feeling). The only problem (again) was that I was outscored by 45 POINTS by the team (who was 2-4 as well coming into the week) with THE HIGHEST POINT TOTAL that week. That now makes 4 of my 5 losses to the highest scoring team that particular week. I am currently the only team in my league who has over 1,000 points scored against.

    I’ve been frantically trying to trade with anyone. Woodhead/Smith/Meachem for Johnson (DET) and Flacco/Williams for White (ATL) to the team that has Favre – both rejected. I currently have these trades pending: Flacco/Williams for Nicks (team has Romo on roster) and Woodhead/Meachem for Boldin. I’m doing everything I can to set up a roster that can outscore whoever my matchup is each week, because more than likely they will score 40-50 points more than their projection.

    And if that wasn’t enough, I’m matched up this week against the team in sole possession of first in the league (6-1). My only comfort? Teams have scored almost 200 points less against him than they have me.

    I’m trying to be optimistic, but let’s just say I’m less than confident about my chances. Again.

  4. Kevin


    Tough luck with the Cowboys again this week. I was rooting for them but I have to admit for selfish reasons. One of my league matchups I had a 27.48 lead going into the game Monday night with my opponent having A. Bradshaw and J. Whitten. I needed the Cowboys to jump out to an early lead so they would be able to sit back and cruise on a run game and force NYG to pass so as to keep the ball out of my opponents hands. That didn’t happen quite the way I had hoped but I still won my pairing by a razor thin .18 points. I have to give you credit for the win due to your advise on picking up KC Defense and putting your own reputation on the line by dropping Green Bay to do so. I ended up following suite largely because you did it and as I’m sure you know the KC defense scored 1 more point than Green Bay’s Defense for fantasy purposes in Yahoo FF standard scoring which in the end was what I needed to pull in a very tough week for me since I had Foster, Collie and Schaub on bye and D. Jackson out with an injury. That pushes me to 5-2 with a couple very tough matchups but at least I have Foster back with Houston playing the Colts. Hopeful Foster will have another big game and set me up with a win in a week where I still have to sit some key WRs. Thanks for the good advise on how to roll with Defense matchups for extra points. Feels good at this point to be 5-2 rather than 4-3. Any general advise on rolling with Kickers week to week as well?

    • there are ways to look at kickers. but its usually just random. the best strategy for kickers is find one around week 5 or 6 that is making a bunch, and stick with him.
      you cant really play by matchup (if the D is too bad, they will score TDs not FGs… if the D is too good, they wont even get in range) so i’ve learned to stick with those who are hot, keep an eye on a kickers stats from the last 4 games, and if they are on a streak, get them.

  5. Brian

    well I really lucked out, I traded romo and austin for ap and matt ryan last week to the team I was playing. I was up 48 points going into monday night, but my oppenent had half of the cowboys roster playing. I ended up winning, but really only because Romo got injured.

    My other team is now 6-1 and looking pretty good. I just accepted a trade of Foster and Amendola for Wayne and Lynch. My rb’s are sick now with cj, mendenhal, and foster if the trade gets approved.

  6. joe

    I lost by 1 point, i had both thomas jones and kenny britt on the bench. Biggest mistake ever

  7. strag

    Chris Ivory did not work. Only got me a little over 4 points. Which is due to the Saints trailing behind early in the game. Stupid Saints…
    but kellen Winslow who was my other option to start on flex got about the same (a tiny bit less) as Ivory. so no biggie I guess.

  8. ShAd0wS

    Fell to 5th and 3-3 in my 10 man league, though I am 3rd in points scored (overall and this week). Really, the 4 point Watson/Prater TE/K duo killed me as I lost by just over 10 points in PPR. Max points off my bench would have only been about 10 more so I’ll chalk it up to bad luck.

  9. Zach

    So I was 6-0 going into what I thought would be a sure loss with Andre Johnson, Arian Foster and Reggie Wayne all on a bye. So who did I start? Kenny Britt and Darren McFadden (for some reason I dropped Steve Johnson for Robert Meachem late last week – he would have been forced to start alongside Welker and Britt). Needless to say I put up the highest weekly score of the season by almost 30 points on a week I had waved the white flag. I also had Roethlisberger, McCoy, Zach Miller, Gostkowski and Seattle D/ST. I’ve started to abide by the rule “pick up whatever defense is playing Arizona”.

    Now I’m 7-0 and my season is setting up rather nicely.

  10. Niko

    I’m 5-2 now. The gamble of not having a kicker/defensive players worked out this week because Bradshaw/Nicks completely dominated. Kinda wondering If I should abandon ship with Kyle Orton and trade him for Schuab or Vick.

    • I wouldnt get too worried about Orton right now. OAK was a tough matchup, i would have hoped he do better trailing by that much though. Its worth a shot if you want to Schaub and Vick are good, but dont forget that tons of people thought about abandoning hope on Schaub just 3 weeks ago, and look at him now.


  11. bmoney

    Good news: I scored 110 pts (only 9 combined from qb/def/k)and won again to reach 3-4. Turner finally went off for me. Mike Williams showing signs of being a decent WR too.

    Bad news: Romo out at least 6 weeks, and no other Qb on my roster. I cant believe I’m really HOPING to grab Stafford and/or Fitzpatrick before anyone else does. Turner has a bye and I need a win. Just dropped LaGarrette Blount last week to pick up D Alexander, and I own Cadillac.

  12. Dan

    2-5 and 11th in a 14 person league, but here’s the kicker: I have the 2ND most points.

    Am I just unlucky or am I doing something wrong?

    • if you have the second most points, you have to say that its a string of bad luck. doesnt matter how good your team is if you are always playing the team that scores the most points each week. Hang in there, keep doing what youre doing, its working points wise, just not getting the matchups you need. I posted a good trade article last night, so its worth a thought. Maybe not so much to improve your team, but to weaken others.


  13. cgi

    Benched Britt – opponent had Romo – Would’ve won by a point. You can’t predict that shit. It’s ok…6-1.

  14. Loser

    Added a win this week. Now 3-4, and fighting for a playoff spot.
    I played the WRs you suggested and all of em put up double digits.

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