Week 8 Advice Time

Time to dole out the advice.

Any Questions you have.

  • Who to start, Who to sit.
  • Trade Proposals
  • Matchup Questions
  • Starting Lineup
  • Injury Fill-ins
  • Sleepers
  • Pick’em
  • And now introducing Basketball Advice!

Just leave your question in the comments and we’ll get you answered before game day.

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215 responses to “Week 8 Advice Time

  1. Kevin

    Is Kenny Britt considered an Elite Reciever going forward? I’m trying to determine some possibly trades.

    Also what is your take on B. White? Is he a possibility for a big score this week if I need to do something drastic?

    • A few weeks ago I would have called him streaky. A starter every week, but not elite. But I think you have to give him credit. He is getting tons of receptions, he is playing against good teams and tearing them apart. I wouldnt say ‘elite’ but he is on the cusp.

      I would only recommend White if you NEED to do something drastic. He will get playing time, but dont forget that he is low on the depth chart for a reason. Wayne is still there. Garcon is still ahead of him. And he has a good receiving group of RBs to contend with. He’s a gamble, and could put up decent numbers, but i dont expect anything spectacular from him.


  2. Jammy

    This has been wracking my mind all week. i saw someone dropped kenny britt because of the bar fight thing… i need someone for w/t since i lost dallas clark, but im not sure about him, if he will miss time, at least id like someone for this week to replace hakeem nicks. i also see steve johnson hasnt been picked up… is it worth grabbing britt at least for a bye week start (looks promising vs jax) or go with a steve johnson who could have a strong season otherwise?

    • Jammy

      i mean sandiego

    • Britt is about to face his toughest matchup in SD. But he is still worth picking up. He has past the point of being on a hot streak, and you have to look at him as a legit starting receiver.
      Steve Johnson is doing well, but Lee Evans is back to top form and stealing looks. If you can get Britt, do it.



    Who to start at 2RB/2WR/1Flex…
    I have LeGarette Blount, Jonathan Stewart, Beanie Wells & A. Peterson… Britt, Brandon Marshall & Steve Smith (CAR)

    Pick 2… Welker, Hines Ward or Mike Williams (SEA)

    At QB Freeman or McNabb?


    • Thanks for stopping by. If you like it here, all we ask is that you spread the word and keep coming back.

      AP and Wells at RB
      Britt and Marshall at WR
      Blount at Flex

      Ward and Welker this week at WR

      McNabb at QB.

      good luck and we hope to see you around


  4. Justin

    im working on a few trade deals. but maybe u can help me in my proposal part of the trades..

    i just traded p crayton for dustin keller. so that helped me there.
    but im trying to get jamaal charles or thomas jones (both owned by same person) so then i can flip them + wr to get hakeem nicks.

    who do i offer for jones or charles

    my team:

    k orton
    big ben
    greg jennings
    d bowe
    calvin johnson
    ray rice
    michael bush
    dustin keller
    m colston
    p garcon
    t moeaki
    a bradshaw
    eli manning
    deion branch
    j knox
    s holmes
    s greene
    m stafford (just picked him up.. dont really need him but thought could use as trade bait if he does good)

    im 5-2 tied for first with the guy i play this week.. so im just trying to better my team..

    • it does depend a bit on what the other team has/is lacking in. If they need a QB, I think you could do a trade with them straight up T Jones or Charles for Orton.
      Or maybe a combo of Knox/Bush or Colston/Bush.

      it depends on what they need really. You have a wealth of great players on your bench (Bradshaw, Knox, Holmes, Manning, Branch) and you can definitely afford to make that trade.

      You could even jump straight to Nicks if you want to make a big proposal (C Johnson/Bradshaw/Colston) or (Bowe/Knox/Bradshaw)
      Both will likely improve his team a lot, but like i said, you tons of talent that you arent even using on your bench, so its worth it.


      • Justin

        the guy that im trying to get jones or charles from is lacking everything. his rbs are his only strength. he has chris johnson, charles, jones. but he also has schaub.. he is in last place (1-6).

        and the guy i want nicks from has pretty good team but is lacking rbs, he told me he wants a top tier rb for nicks. or a good to above average rb and wr..

        thats why i was looking to trade for charles or jones. trying to without giving up rice mjd or bradshaw (we can start 3 rbs) and then give him to the guy for nicks and add knox or colston or bowe in with it.

        well thats what i was planning on doin. coming out on better side of trade with it being fair for both sides

      • Sounds like a good plan. hopefully giving up 2 people for Jones/Charles will be enough. and the guy with Nicks will take the bait of a Jones/Charles + Knox/Colston deal.

        Would it really be all that bad to just skip the middle man and give up MJD for Nicks straight up. You still have Rice and Bradshaw at your RB1 and 2. and you can just throw Nicks straight into that Flex Spot.


      • Justin

        thank you for the help again for another week…. right now waiting to see if the guy accepts colston and bush for charles/jones.. if not i will do a straight up mjd for nicks.. or atleast try..

      • good luck man. dont stress about it. you’ll improve your lineup if you keep making offers.

  5. Ryan

    would you play legarette blount or shonne green this week ?

  6. Dane

    I have a ton of players on bye this week so as of now my line-up is:
    Danny Woodhead
    Chris Johnson
    Patrick Crayton
    Blair White(just took off fa today!)
    Heath Miller
    Jets D
    Rob Bironas K
    I have Donald Driver and Cedric Benson on bench. Non PPR league..should I adjust my roster, or any GREAT pickups off FA I can grab?

    • White was a good pickup, but a complete unknown right now. indy is playing a great pass defense, and i really think that Driver is a better play. I dont have too many sleepers that would outperform what you have now.

    • sorry about the ‘indy is playing a great defense’ comment. got my weeks mixed up. makes a little more sense. because he is still unknown and the reasons that i mentioned, i’d still have to say to go with driver. its a complete toss up though. i wont argue with your gut on this one.

    • Kevin

      I’ve just seen that A. Gonzalez may start for Indy. That would effect White. Probably will still be in the rotation but you’d be gabling that Garcon or Gonzalez came up lame during the early part of the game. Given their track record this year it is possible but still a much bigger coin flip than when we were all sure Gonzalez had to have Mommy give him another band-aid during practice. Sorry for the rougish Gonzalez coment. I’m an Indy fan and over the last 2 years Gonzales has played what, almost 2 Quarters of football?

      • I’m with you there. I’m not as high on White as everyone else seems to be. I think it will be mostly Wayne and Garcon. With limited help from White, Gonzalez and the new TEs. I just ranted about that in my latest post with the position rankings.

  7. Ken

    – Drew Brees (see my other post on “Less than perfect” post on the trade i executed to get rid of Romo)
    – Terrell Owens
    – Brandon Lloyd
    – Felix Jones
    – [OPEN]
    – Brandon Pettigrew (replaced Ben Watson and Dallas Clark)
    – Nick Folk
    – St. Lewis (picked up for the Chicago bye)

    – Greg Jennings
    – Ray Rice
    – Peyton Hillis
    – Hakeem Nicks
    – Ahmad Bradshaw
    – Chicago

    Three questions:
    1) Who would you pick up in FA for the open RB spot? Snelling / Green-Ellis / Ward
    2) Who would you start at WR? TO / Lloyd / Jennings
    3) The NYG are open in FA. Would you swap out Chicago for NY during this bye? Chicago has an awesome matchup next week but tough schedule thereon out. I think i need to start positioning for the playoffs…im 5-2, likely 5-3 after this week, but i have a top-notch bench after the bye.

    • I did the exact same thing at TE as you. Except my injury was Finley instead of Clark. Watson was big let down last week.

      Youve got a tough week of byes there at RB. And i really dont like any of your bench options. Ward rarely receives playing time. Snelling is all but useless. Green-Ellis could see work, but thats not very likely. BJGE is the best of the three of them. It might be worth it to get a trade going though. Hillis for a starting RB straight up.

      TO/Lloyd is a good WR combo this week.

      I like the Giants defense and they are a good pickup. Chicago plays well, but they are just on the field for so damn long, and like you said, not a fun schedule ahead of them. It makes sense to me to get the Giants for the rest of the season. They are on fire.


  8. Ezekiel

    Here’s my Roster:

    QB – Brady
    RB – J. Best, C. Johnson, R. Torain
    WR – Ochocinco, H. Ward, K. Britt, P. Crayton, M. Williams (TB), Malcom Floyd
    TE – Kellen Winslow, Aaron Hernandez
    DEF – Seattle
    K – M. Crosby

    I need 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, and one WR/RB flex spot. What should i do?

    • Brady
      CJ, Best
      Ward, Williams

      This is what I would go with. It was a bit tough picking WRs. Ward has a good matchup, and Williams has the best of everyone else. Britt is facing his toughest matchup, so its hard for me to start him against the best defense in the NFL. Crayton is going to be the #1 receiver again against a middle of the road defense, so he might be replaceable for Williams. I really think that Williams, Crayton and Britt will have similar weeks. I’m going with Williams though because he is really the only threat on the TB offense.


  9. Ken

    Following up on my third question from above, below are the open defenses. I currently own Chicago. Who would you own? Heading down the stretch, not much will be available once the byes are done (im assuming).

    Chi: Buf, Min, Mia, Phil, Det, NE, [Min, Jets, GB] – Playoffs.

    GB: Jets, Dal, Bye, Min, SF, DET, [NE, NYG, Chi] – Playoffs.

    NYG: SEA, Dal, Phil, Jac, Was, Min, [Phil, GB, Was] – Playoffs.

    NE: Min, Cle, Pit, Ind, Det, Jets, Chi, [GB, Buf, Mia] – Playoffs.

    Det: Was, Jets, Buf, Dal, NE, Chi, [TB, Mia, Min] – Playoffs

    • Its definitely between NYG and Chicago. Similar schedules, but I like NYG. Always remember though that you do have the option of rotating them every week. No guarantee that they will stay on the wire, but very few fantasy owners think about their defense unless its the bye. the defensive market is usually stagnant, so you can practically consider it your own personal defensive bench.


  10. ShAd0wS

    Been scouting out opponents for trading partners, and the team with the most holes seems to be the 4-2 team in 4th place (3rd least points scored… lucky bastard). His roster is :
    WR: Desean Jackson, Fitzgerald, S.Smith (CAR), Manningham, Woodhead, K.Walter, B.White
    RB: MJD, D.Williams, R.Williams, Barber
    QB: Chad Henne, Eli Manning, Alex Smith
    TE, K, etc.
    My Team:
    QB:Brees, Vick
    WR:Marshall, Harvin, S.Moss, Crabtree, Knox, Moore
    RB:AP, Lynch, Torain, BJGE, Jackson, D.Brown
    TE,K, etc.
    PPR .5/reception, Start 1QB, 3WR, 2RB

    We are both set for every other position, but this guy seems to have a pretty bad weakness at RB2 and not a particularly strong receiving corps either. With D.Williams being hurt now might be my chance to make a good trade.
    I would love to snag MJD or D. Jackson. I was considering something like Torain + S.moss for MJD, but idk if that is enough. I’m also willing to trade Marshall since Harvin, S.Moss, Crabtree/Knox would be a pretty solid WR team. Any ideas towards who I should target / offer? Thanks.

    • ShAd0wS

      Oh, was also considering trying to ship out Brees, rolling through my easy matchup this week with random WW QB (opponent never updates roster, starting Romo and Dallas Clark), then going on with Vick. Dunno who I should target for Brees though. This is the only team in the league with a pretty bad QB situation, though I could try something with the guy who has Brady / Fitzpatrick.

      • i dont see a problem sticking with brees. he’ll break out of his slump soon enough. with PT and Bush schedules to come back in the next few weeks, his value is going up again.

    • If you are trying to pry away his only good RB, you should probably offer him 2 RBs. His receivers are not very hot either, so you are definitely in the driver seat on this one. This bastard is the luckiest team i’ve ever seen. There is no way he should be in 4th with this lineup.
      My best bet would be Lynch and Torain or Torain and (Moss, Knox, or Marshall)
      You could probably steal MJD and Smith for Torain, Lynch and Marshall and you’d have a pretty legit lineup.


  11. Phillip

    hey guys….a little heartbroken over Romo, but i’ll get over it…maybe…i dont know…anyway i picked up Jon Kitna because i believe his matchup against the Jags will still be favorable to me. in any case, FOR LONG TERM i am looking at chad henne, josh freeman or matt stafford who do i get. (yeah i know this is some bull sh*t)

    this bye week is the hardest as ive lost lesean mccoy, and tony gonzalez (didnt do much last week anyway). i got thomas jones playing along with my backup ricky williams..do i drop ricky for hart or the lawfirm?

    For wr i have ward, bess and gaffney playing and benching miles austin. any opinion on that?

    thanks guys. im 5-2 and my schedule from hear on out is against the bottom 6 teams…so hopefully my ride to the playoffs wont be cut short by a stupid mistake.

    • i share your heartbreak. for different reasons though. Kitna is good to play this week definitely. Depending on how in sync he looks with this main targets, you might actually be able to think about keeping him. he does have the experience for it and could prove to be kerry collins like. Stafford would be your best bet though for the soul reason of having Megatron.

      I’d stick with Ricky. He has a decent matchup and looks to be a 50/50 split with the carries. Hart will see work, but I expect Brown to get more work. BJGE is always risky.

      Because of the matchup, I really cant say yes to benching Austin. I dont think anyone could. Throw him in there and take Bess out.

      Doubt you should have too much trouble after this week. Byes are definitely trouble this week. Good luck.


  12. Dave Guinn

    Who should i start this week
    2 WR 2 RB 1 flex

    Fitzpatrick or Rodgers
    Lloyd, Crayton, Welker, Austin, B.White, Bess, or D.Branch
    Tomlinson, Mendenhall, Foster


  13. John

    So I lost Tony Romo and I picked up Fitzpatrick for now but the trade offers have come rolling in from people with 2qbs and I wanted to know what people think.

    Offer 1:
    I give Steven Jackson and get McNabb + Miles Austin

    Offer 2:
    I give Steven Jackson and get McNabb + Welker

    Offer 3:
    I give Randy Moss and get Joe Flacco

    My WRs are Moss, TO, Driver, and Vincent Jackson

    At RB I have Foster, Steven Jackson, J. Stewart, M. Bush, and Fred Jackson

    We just play 1rb, 1wr, 2rb/wr so only 4 starters from rb/wr. Right now I usually roll with Foster, S. Jackson, TO, and Moss a pretty solid combo. I’m leaning more towards the Moss/Flacco trade since losing S. Jax leaves me pretty weak at rb and Welker and Austin both lose value from the losses of Moss and Romo respectively whereas Flacco has been on a roll and putting in Driver for Moss isn’t a huge dropoff (and I have V. Jax waiting). I’m 7-0 right now so I need to solidify my team for the playoffs. What do you think is the best trade or should I just reject them all?

    • Honestly, I think that Fitz is a better QB than McNabb. Losing Jackson would weaken your RBs too much and you wouldnt be able to recover from that loss of points. So I vote no on the first 2.

      Brett Favre is so close to done its not even funny. So i do see a drop in Moss’s future. Flacco is a better play than Fitz most weeks, but now you run into the issue of it being Flacco’s bye week. I think Driver is a good plug this week, and it might be smart to make this trade and then drop/trade Bush or F Jackson for another good WR option.

      I say make Offer 3.


  14. Marcie

    I started off strong and had a one really bad week and one good week but opponent had the highest score of the league. I am in a 2 quarterback league and I will get Schaub back but my second qb options are Gradkowski, Collins hoping Young is still out, Troy Smith off waivers or Arizona quarterbacks off waivers, I am contemplating making a trade to get Kitna, what would you do?

    • They are all pretty bleak for backup QB. Gradkowski is not a starter, and Young is back so Collins is not a starter. Troy Smith is probably a bit of a better play than Max Hall. But I would strongly recommend making the trade. For anyone really. You need to step up QB2 pretty hard. Kitna is a good option this week, but iffy the rest of the season.


  15. Marcie

    I need the best five players for receivers and running back. 15 yards receiving or rushing equal one point and 6 points for touchdowns. I have Steve Johnson who I am starting MJD, AP, Torain, with the injury to collie I added Blair White, though I am wondering if I should get Gettis, or James Jones. On my bench I have Davone Bess, Mike Williams (SEA), Woodhead and Green-Ellis and qb Gradkowski. Should I drop Collie and which starting five would you go with?

    • Dont drop Collie, he’ll be back soon enough.

      I would go with MJD, AP, Torain, Johnson and Mike Williams.

      I like both Gettis and Jones better than B. White. Jones would be my favorite of the three. But Gettis is looking better and better each week.

      Hope this answered your question.

  16. Marcie

    Which Defense would you go with The Steelers defense who plays the Saints or the Chiefs defense who faces Buffalo?

  17. Awesome

    -Non-PPR League-
    Need 3 WRs:
    A. Johnson
    Steve Johnson

    Need 2 RBs:
    S. Jax
    J. Best

    St. Louis(FA)


  18. Allan Basso

    Hey, thanks for the advice on a trade for an elite RB. I’ll try to get Mc Fadden because he has great matchups for weeks 15 and 16 (my playoffs).

    For this wee I’m settled for RB (Best and Torain – Forte on a bye, just picked up LeGarrete Blount).
    For WR I’m thinking of benching Miles Austin for Pierre Garcon + Ward and Harvin.
    Austin has a great matchup but so does Garcon and I trust Peyton Manning a lot more than Kitna. Plus I would like to have one week to figure out how valuable Austin can be going forward.

    Your thoughts?

    The only other question would be QB.
    Schaub would be the logical bet, but he had a forgettable performance against IND in week 1 and I’m considering Freeman again (another good matchup).

    Am I crazy?

    • your welcome. Glad you liked it.

      Always a risk benching Austin. But I think your argument is valid. I do have Garcon ranked higher than Austin this week, and it is because of a great matchup and great QB. Ward is also ranked above Austin. I am iffy about harvin though, Just because Brett Favre is likely not going to last the entire game, and even if he does, there is no way he will be accurate on an ankle with 2 breaks. Maybe think about Austin in place of Harvin. Thats the only recommendation I have.

      I wouldnt say you are crazy for considering Freeman. But I would call that a hell of a reach. ARI is only giving up about 20 more yards per game passing than IND, Indy has a lot more injuries than they did in week one. I would go with Schaub. I really wouldnt consider Freeman. If he does have a better week, I’d just blow it off with a shrug. But you will be kicking yourself if Schaub has a great week as most are predicting.


    • Allan Basso

      I’m considering Freeman because he is more consistent. Almost every week he will get from 12 to 16 points.

      Schaub can give me 30 points but can give me 4 too.

      This is a very important matchup for me because we are tied at second place with 5-2.
      His team for this week is not that strong, other than Frank Gore. So I believe I can take him if I don’t get killed at QB.
      He is starting Brady.

      Even if Freeman gives me 2-4 points less than Brady, I can overcome it with my other starters.

      But if Schaub disappoint again and he gets a 10 point lead I may be in trouble.

      That´s the only dilema I have concerning Schaub.

      • You’ve looked at all the risks and the rewards. I dont see any holes in your argument. And its not like Freeman is a huge stretch.
        Your gut is obviously saying to go with Freeman, so I say do it. You are right that he is consistent and more of a lock to get you 10+ points. If that is all you need, go for it.

  19. Allan Basso


    Since you are a Cowboys fan, I believe you would be the better person to answer me this:

    I was expecting Austing to be my go-to WR in the playoffs (weeks 15-16) because he has great matchups.

    Now Romo is out but may be back by the Fantay Playoffs time.
    The tricky part is that the Cowboys might not be in contention anymore so they would not risk agravate Romo’s injury by playing him.

    So what are your thoughts on this?
    Do I wait for Romo to come back or try use Austin to trade for a good RB (Mc Fadden)?

    I have P. Harvin, H. ward, P. Garcon and J. Knox as my other WRs + Gates as my TE, so I guess I could live without Austin and get an upgrade in RBs (Best, Forte, Torain and Blount).

    • I’d make the trade. Austin is still a great receiver, but his numbers will drop and fantasy value will go as well. I’m not 100% sure what his trade value will be, we’ll have to wait til the end of this week to see how he does.
      It does make sense to use him to upgrade at RB though since you have a strong WR corps


  20. John K

    My lineup and starters for week 8…

    QB – Aaron Rodgers
    WR1 – Andre Johnson
    WR2 – Greg Jennings
    RB1 – Rashard Mendenhall
    RB2 – Marshawn Lynch
    TE – Vernon Davis
    W/R – Legarette Blount
    K – Rob Bironas
    DEF – NY Jets
    BN – Santana Moss
    BN – Ryan Mathews
    BN – Malcom Floyd
    BN – Dustin Keller
    BN – Reggie Bush
    BN – empty spot (will be in a day; Traded Donovan Mcnabb cause I have Rodgers and plan on getting Carson Palmer, Mark Sanchez, or Matthew Stafford as a backup/bi-week filler)

    Any advice? I am 5-2 and second place in a 10 person league but I’m trying to gain an edge to move to 1st place and secure some wins later in the season. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

    • I think you are pretty set, man.

      Blount is said to be splitting carries this week, but its against an awful defense so he has good odds. Moss is playing the Lions which is a pretty solid matchup, but I’d still stick with Blount and your gut. Only other worry would be Jennings just because he has a tough matchup against Revis after a bye week.
      Of the three QBs you plan on picking up, Sanchez has the best Week 10 matchup, so I’d go for him.
      I like your team, there are no real glaring errors. You could maybe stand a boost at Flex, so maybe think about setting up a Mathews + Moss or Floyd + Bush trade for a solid W/R.


  21. carlo

    who to start who to sit…

    Ben Rothlisberger or Aaron Rodgers

  22. Andy

    Ok. I have 4 starting WR spots and am debating between 5 WR.

    Kenny Britt (TEN) @ SD
    Braylon Edwards (NYJ) vs. GB
    Deon Branch (NE) vs. Min
    Marques Colston (NO) vs. Pit
    Anthony Armstrong (WAS) @ Det

    Pretty big game to win this week. Predicted points have me down by 10 and I have Michael Turner and Anquan Boldin on Bye. So my other lesser fantasy players need to put up numbers. Which 4 would you play?

    • Britt is on fire, playing a very very tough team, but hopefully he’ll continue.
      Edwards has a good matchup and is still Sanchez’s favorite target.
      Branch will see a good amount of looks, but I dont really like the NE passing game.
      Colston has seen much improvement as of late and will hopefully step up as a true #1 receiver.
      Armstrong is the dark horse. Playing against DET, he is becoming one of McNabb’s favorite targets, but has Cooley and Moss to contend with.

      I just made a position ranking, and Armstrong is the lowest on the list for me. All of them have their upsides and downsides, I just feel that the other 4 are less of a gamble.

      good luck this week and thanks for stopping in. let us know how you did after the weekend.


  23. Kamal

    I’m trying to find running backs off waivers/FA but everyone picks them up and keeps them on the bench to keep them from others.

    12 team league, PPR. Any suggestions on who to pick up? Considering Dexter McCluster but he’s hurt. Even Danny Woodhead, Mike Bush, Tolbert, Sproles, all of those guys are gone. Btw, my league is vicious. ALL trades get vetoed, so I can’t even trade for a decent RB. :-/ Right now all I have is Jonathan Stewart, who can’t even put up 10 points in a PPR league.

    • Jonathan Stewart is actually primed for a good week. they have a nice matchup and D. Williams is injured so Stewart should see a good bit of work. Ricky Williams has shown to be a good back getting about half of the carries in Miami. Maybe pick up Blount if he isnt taken yet. Derrick Ward is a risk running behind Arian Foster, but he might be a nice safety net. RB is pretty much set in the NFL though, so what you see is what you get.


  24. Kamal

    What do you think about Ricky Williams?

  25. Zach

    I’m sitting at 7-0 in a 12 team league and got an interesting offer…I get Chris Johnson but give up Arian Foster and Eli Manning. Now here’s my entire roster:

    qb – Big Ben
    rb – Arian foster
    rb – Darren McFadden
    wr – Andre Johnson
    wr – Reggie Wayne
    wr – Kenny Britt
    te – zach miller
    k – gostkowski
    d/st – changes weekly

    eli manning
    lesean mccoy
    wes welker
    sidney rice
    mike tolbert
    robert meachem

    Am I crazy for thinking of pulling the trigger since I don’t know if Eli will start for me anyway? I’m also wondering what value I can get for McCoy/Welker – I put out an offer for Michael Turner with them both. I need to shed some depth to get the best possible stars in my starting lineup.

    • They are obviously making the offer because they need a QB upgrade. Make them throw in an extra player. You really dont need anything, but stealing one of their guys would be nice. You arent going to start Eli and Johnson does have a slight edge on Foster in my book.

      I agree that its time to start thinking past the bye weeks and get the best team possible. right now, you are already pretty damn close to it. a McCoy/Welker Combo would get you a nice WR3 option along the lines of Boldin, Floyd or Calvin Johnson. Just look for a team that is in need of a RB1


  26. Scotty

    Thanks for the help on figuring out a good trade and for last week. This week i have a few players on bye.

    Pick 3 players for RB1, RB2, and Flex from

    D. Bowe
    D. Williams
    B. Wells
    K. Moreno

    Right now im thinking Bowe for flex, Moreno and Williams for RBs depending on the extent of Williams injury. What do you think?

  27. bmoney

    So, I lost Romo, got rid of Ryan after Romo’s bye (got Colston though). Now Turner is on bye this week. I’m stuck with Fitzpatrick for this week, and will start Gore & Colston. I need 2 WR, 1 RB & 1 Flex out the rest of my mess:

    S Greene
    L Blount
    C Williams
    S Smith (car)
    M Williams (sea)
    S Johnson
    A Gonzalez
    L Murphy

    I still have a chance this week, my opponent is starting the likes of K Orton, Beanie Wells, R Matthews,D Woodhead, L Evans, D Bryant, Shiancoe, Den Def.

    Thanks for browsing my scrubs each week and helping me throw together a roster, A win (fingers crossed) puts me at 4-4…

    • You could be stuck with a lot worse than Fitzpatrick for this week. he’s actually not a bad play against a decent matchup.

      WR1- Mike Williams
      WR2- S Johnson
      RB1- Blount
      Flex- A Gonzalez.

      Flex is a little up in the air for me. Gonzalez has a good matchup and should split time as the WR3, but check his status. L Murphy had a few great weeks, but has seen a hefty decline and likely wont play. Smith has a nice matchup and a better QB playing. Williams will split carries and Greene is underwhelming. Flex could easily be filled by any of these guys. My gut says Gonzalez, but Smith could make a run for it.


  28. Zach

    Pretty Simple question. My roster is all set besides my QB. So, Roethlisberger or Rodgers?? I’m leaning towards Big Ben but not sure. Thanks guys!

  29. Caleb Johnson

    Hey i have Drew Brees and Kyle Orton but can’t decide who to start. Its hard to turn my back on brees but he is going up against pittsburgh. Thanks for the help.

    • Brees has a very tough matchup, i agree. He also had a miserable showing last week, so I’d give him the week off. Orton will bounce back with a decent matchup.
      Good luck this week. Both options should be alright. I trust Orton though.


  30. justus Kandoll

    Cannot believe I am asking this because my team seems great on paper but I need help to determine if I should make a trade. My team has been inconsistent all year. Big weeks one week and scratching to break 70 the next. It appears anytime CJ falters my team blows. My league is an 8 team league so the draft was pretty shallow. Also we arent going head to head so its just who has the most points takes the championship. This means I need more consistency by eliminating the bad weeks.
    Here is my team as it stands now.
    QB P Rivers
    WR M Austin
    WR D Bess
    WR B Edwards
    RB C Johnson
    RB L Tomlinson
    TE O Daniels
    K J Scobee
    D Steelers
    On the bench
    QB J Flacco
    WR S Holmes
    WR A Boldin
    WR J Maclin
    RB A Bradshaw
    WR V Jackson
    So please help

    • On paper, youre right, its a good looking group. I’d suggest upgrading at WR3. I know you are contending with byes right now, which is why your starters are sitting. (Maclin, Boldin, Bradshaw)
      I’d suggest trading LT + Holmes for a great WR. someone along the lines of Marshall, Nicks or Floyd. Hopefully by giving up 2 starters, you will get 1 great starter. Keep trying different combos, and dont sell yourself short. You are aiming for an elite WR, dont get anything less. and dont be afraid to give away 2-3 players you wont use to get him.


  31. Brian

    I need you to pick 1 from the list below for my WR3 roster spot. I am starting Brandon Marshall and Calvin Johnson for sure and I need 1 more. Any thoughts and why?

    Danny Amendola vs Carolina
    Blair White vs Houston
    Davone Bess vs Cincy
    Dez Bryant vs Jacksonville
    Danny Woodhead vs Minn

    • Dez Bryant went off when he finally started clicking with Kitna. Combine that with a defense FAR worse than NYG and you get a great chance for points. I think he is definitely higher than any of the others you listed.
      Its always a risk with a backup QB, but its fairly obvious that Bryant will be getting most of the looks from Kitna.


  32. jeremy

    Yahoo 12 team legue PPR

    I need some help setting my lineup


    Pick 3 please

    Also Defense, Sea, Dallas, Packers

    Pick 1 please

    • Driver, Gonzo, Welker is your best bet.

      I have both SEA and DAL very high on defense as both have great matchups. SEA is creating a ton of turnovers though, so i’d go with them.


  33. Jeff

    With Romo out, my urge to keep felix jones in over marshawn lynch has gone up considerably. However, felix generally does not get goal line carries, where marshawn does…the seahawks are on a bit of a roll, but then again, so are the freakin raiders right now. Am I better off starting felix, due to the draws/checkdowns/handoffs that will certainly ensue with kitna at the reins? Or, do marshawns goal line touches outweigh all of that….?!

    • This is especially tough this week, because Oakland and Jacksonville both have awful rushing defenses. I would go with Lynch this week. He should show off some good numbers against Oakland. Jones will definitely see a lot of work with Kitna in the game, but I like Lynch’s TD potential this week.


  34. Scotty

    Also i asked checked out one of the weaker teams in my league and he has MJD. His team looks like this…
    WR: Manningham, Fitzgerald, D. Mason, D. Driver, S. Smith
    RB: MJD, T. Jones, J. Forsett, J. Stewart
    QB: Palmer, Favre

    My team is…
    WR: Marshall, C. Johnson, Bowe, Maclin, Jackson
    RB: R. Rice, B. Wells, K. Moreno, D. Williams
    QB: Flacco, Vick

    I am looking at offering the trade next week when MJD is on BYE. Both his WR and RB core past MJD are weak. Even his QBs are not that strong. Do you think MJD for Wells and Bowe or Moreno and Jackson would be a good offer.

    I appreciate the help and I will keep spreading the word.

    • I think either of them is a good bet. I’d go with Moreno and Jackson first, if that doesnt work give him Wells and Bowe. He should take either of them though because his team is not hot at all.
      Good luck, and thanks for talking about us. Keep it up!


  35. Chris

    Quick Question:

    Mike Williams (Sea)
    Lance Moore

    • Williams has a much tougher matchup this week against OAK, and Lance Moore is muddled in the middle of the talented NO WR pool. Its a tough call. I have Williams a little ahead of Moore in my WR rankings simply because he is the #1 receiver in SEA.

  36. joe

    Im 4-3 in a 10 team league and in 4th place. I need help this week.
    qb: p manning, ben roethlisberger
    3 wr: ochocinco, mike williams(seattle), kenny britt, davone bess. johnny knox is on bye
    2 rbs: t jones, donald brown, carnell williams, derrick ward. bradshaw and jacobs are on bye
    and i need a rb/wr flex from my list of wrs and rbs. Thanks.

    • QB-Peyton, no question
      WR- Britt, Ochocinco, Williams
      RB- Jones and Brown
      Flex- probably Bess. I think that Caddy will see a significant drop in carries to Blount this week, and after what Foster did to Indy in Week 1, i dont see Ward getting the ball that much.

      Hope it all pans out for you. Let me know how it goes.


  37. Jack


    Schaub @ Indy or Freeman @ AZ ? Schaub is usually the better choice but he’s done terrible against indy in the past 3 meetings, although he’s done good on the road. Freeman has a chance against arizona for big payoff. Last one, Marshawn Lynch @ Oak or Knowshon Moreno @ SF ? I’m leaning towards Lynch @ oak. This is my first fantasy season and would like some advice.


    • Its a good argument to make, but I think that when all is said and done, you have to stick with Schaub. He has a lot to prove. Also, Indy has a lot more injuries on DEF than they did in week 1 this year. I expect Schaub to pass his numbers from the first Indy game. Tampa will likely do most of its work on Defense and on the ground this week.

      I like Lynch’s matchup and agree that he should see the start over Moreno. Moreno is a great player and proved that last week by running 2 in against OAK. now its Lynch’s turn to do the same.

      Hope this works out for you. and thanks for coming by. Make sure you bookmark us and come back with any other questions you have.


  38. Raj

    Hey guys,

    2 leagues

    The first is ppr and I need 3 of these wr – Greg Jennings, Pierre garçon, Brandon Lloyd, and Kenny britt in a ppr format

    The second is standard scoring and I need 2 of these 4 wr – Percy harvin, mike Wallace, terrel Owens, and Kenny britt.


    • Garcon, Lloyd and Jennings. Both Jennings and Britt have very tough matchups, but I give the edge to Jennings simply because his qb is rodgers. Its tough to sit britt, but if there was ever a week to do so, it is when he is matched up against SD.

      Wallace and Owens would be my picks here. Harvin is better PPR, and with Favre likely to not last the whole game, I think his production is lower than normal. Britt again is just because of the matchup.


  39. JRoc

    simple one

    Brees or BigBen

    • Big Ben.
      not as simple as you think. They are facing each other, and both teams have great pass defenses. Brees has something to prove, but Roethlisberger has been more consistent as of late.


  40. Ryan

    I need to pick 2 from this list of WRs, 1 point per reception league.

    Lee Evans vs KC
    Mike WIlliams (Sea) vs Oak
    Patrick Crayton vs Ten
    Santonio Holmes vs GB
    Donald Driver vs NYJ

    suggestions ?

    • Crayton should get work done this week against TEN. Floyd is still out and Naanee is questionable. So its really just Crayton and Gates for Rivers to throw to.
      Evans has a good matchup and is on a great streak right now, so I’d play him while he’s hot.

      The rest have tougher matchups. I think Crayton and Evans will be solid for you.


  41. strag

    I dont know who to start on my flex

    -Braylon Edwards (vs. GB)
    -Davone Bess (vs. Cin)

  42. John K

    I’m trying to trade Dustin Keller, Malcom Floyd and Marshawn Lynch for Steven Jackson–is that a fair trade? My trade partner is hesitant.

    My roster is in the above comments. I have Vernon Davis so I figured I could use Keller for trade value and just pick up Hernandez as a backup/biweek filler. What do you think?

    And you didn’t exactly clarify earlier–who to start at WR2? Greg Jennings or Santanna Moss?

    And thanks for your advice. Its been very helpful!

    • Floyd would be a very hard loss for you, but you do have two great recievers starting for you. I dont know why anyone would be hesitant to make that trade. Steven Jackson will definitely improve your team.

      Shipping Keller out and just using a FA TE for your bye week is a good idea.

      Jennings has the tougher matchup. So I think I would go with Moss on this one. Its a tough call, but Jennings vs Revis is risky, and Aaron rodgers has plenty of other options.

      Glad I could help. Good luck


  43. John K

    Also, you said above Sanchez would be the best week 10 biweek filler choice and he goes up against Cleveland. Wouldn’t Stafford be the better option against Buffalo in week 10? I just read some fantasy updates saying both him and Calvin Johnson are off the Lions injury report. Either way, your logic would be appreciated.

    • Buffalo gives up 205 per game passing. Cleveland gives up 244. Most of the points scored against Buffalo have been rushing because they are giving up 175 yards per game on the ground
      Stafford is definitely a good weapon especially with Calvin Johnson. But Sanchez has plenty of people to throw to as well, and his matchup is.. 40 yards better for him.
      My decision was based strictly on yardage. Cleveland gets more turnovers than Buffalo, but I think they will get scored on more easily

  44. Tyson

    Good news is, I came within 1 point of my highest score for the season last week. Bad new is, my opponent had HUGE games from 4 different players (2 over 27pts)! Even worse, I still would have won if Dez Bryant wasn’t on my bench. (I never know when to play him!)

    So I’m now 3-4, but 6 teams in my league are 4-3 and only one is 5-2, so anything is possible! I’m also finding out that my league is very unwilling to trade. I’ve offered ridiculously lop-sided trades for L. McCoy, R. White, and A. Foster, but all have been shot down. I’m currently trying to get P. Hillis and A. Johnson, but not sure how those will pan out. Until then, let’s work with what I’ve got.

    QB: Schaub vs. Indy scares me because his numbers were so bad the last time. I think I’ll stick with the hot hand, good ol’ Big Ben.

    WR: Gotta start Hines and hoping R. Moss will have a good revenge game against NE. Who should be my #3? Bryant has a good match-up, but things are very uncertain in Dallas. Also have Branch and Holmes. Thoughts?

    RB: I picked up B. Wells because I like his match-up against TB. Was originally planning to roll with him and Moreno, but something in my gut keeps nagging me about Danny Woodhead. Is he worth a shot, considering MIN’s defense?

    TE: Will roll with Miller again, because Heap has a bye.

    K: Is Jason Hanson(DET) worth a pick-up? I’m currently using Succop because of KC’s cake-walk of a schedule.

    DEF: Grabbed SEA last week, but ended up losing 6 pts compared to my previous DEF. Only other real options this week are Miami and Dallas, but not sure it’s worth using one of my 2 remaining pick-ups.

    Another tough competitor this week, so any advice is appreciated! I’m facing last year’s champion, but I beat him in week one by less than a point. We’ll see how this week goes!

    • Tyson

      Update: Looks like Branch is hurt. Looks like my top 3 WRs are set, except Mike Williams(SEA) is now available in my league. Worth a pick-up?

      Also, is Hillis worth R. Moss and Moreno? A buddy and I are contemplating that deal on both sides. Thought I’d get your input. Hillis is just such a consistent producer this season, and I really need help at RB! (Still not sure what to do with P. Thomas. No one wants him!)

      • Tyson

        Sorry, one more. I’ve been offered C. Benson for R. Moss. They have almost identical total points for the season in my league. Actually, Benson is 0.10 higher than Moss and has played one game fewer, making his per-game average a bit higher. Should I take it, or does that Hillis deal look better?

      • I think the Benson/Moss trade looks better. This way you have more leverage to make a trade for another top receiver.

        you have to find a way to balance your RB and WRs. You dont have a ton of depth at either position. So I think that if you make either trade, you will have to make another trade immediately for WR help. possibly trading away one of your QBs is the best option. No point having 2 of them, both have already past their bye week.

      • If you make the trade, your WRs would be Ward, Bryant and Holmes.. picking up Williams would be a good idea if this trade went through.

        Hillis is a good pickup as he gets tons of work in CLE. Probably more consistent than Moreno too since he has injury issues.

        If you go for it, you will have to adjust your WRs a lot. and definitely think about making a trade to upgrade WR.

    • You cant kick yourself for benching Bryant. 2 late TDs with a backup QB and punt returns are even harder to predict. Just focus on getting a high score and knowing that had you had a better matchup, youd have won it.

      QB- I’d think twice about it. Big Ben has been hot, but his matchup isnt that great. Schaub didnt put up stellar numbers, but, unlike week 1, Indy has a lot of injuries and Schaubs weapons are back and ready for action.

      WR- Hines is a good one. Moss is iffy for me because of Favre, but revenge is always a good motivator. Bryant was great with Kitna last week and you would think that he is primed to do it again. Especially against an awful JAX defense. I’d go with those three.

      RB- I’d go with Wells no matter what. Great matchup. If your gut says Woodhead, go Woodhead. Check Moreno’s status, he should be fine, but I expect Denver to get back to a lot of passing this week.

      TE- No arguement there.

      K- hard to predict. If Succop has been working, no reason to bench him. Hanson is a good play though against WAS, as Lions shouldnt have too hard a time moving the ball.

      DEF- stick with SEA. Oakland is only productive on the ground and SEA is great against the run. they will force Oakland to beat them through the air, which is not something that Oakland has shown they are capable of.

      Good luck man. I’m rooting for you.


  45. Robert

    I need some assistance with my lineup this week. I guess you can say I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place.

    Matt Hasselbeck
    Vince Young

    Andre Johnson
    Blair White
    Steve Johnson

    Michael Bush
    Fred Jackson

    Antonio Gates

    Percy Harvin

    Deion Branch

    Dan Carpenter


    Jerod Mayo

    Here is my bench – Should I switch out anything? I really like L. Blount but unsure how many carries he will actually get with E. Graham back in the mix.

    Bench Players:
    L. Blount
    C.J. Spiller
    Kansas City Def
    L. Laundry

    As always I appreciate the great advice and feedback that you guys share.

    • If you only start one QB, make it Hasselbeck.

      The only change I would make is putting Branch at WR in place of White, and moving Blount to the W/R slot. With Wayne, Garcon and Gonzalez ahead of him, I dont think White will live up to the hype.

      If you are worried about Blounts carries and dont want to put him in. I would suggest doing the same thing but with Gaffney.

      Good luck this weekend


  46. jason dalrymple

    week 8 rank – (non ppr) – bowe, h.ward, crabtree, gaffney, k.winslow, b.pettigrew m. williams (SEA)


    week 8 rank – (non ppr) – b.wells, d.williams, l.blount, m.tolbert

  47. June

    QB-Matt Stafford vs WAS
    WR-Santana Moss vs Det
    WR-David Gettis vs STL
    WR-Lee Evans vs KC
    RB-Frank Gore vs DEN
    RB-J. Charles vs BUF
    TE-Dustin Keller vs GB
    W/R-Roy Williams vs Jac

    Ronnie brown vs Cin
    Blair White vs Hou
    Donald DRiver (quad injury) vs NYJ
    Deion Branch vs MIN
    BenJarvus GreenEllis-MIN
    Matt Ryan vs BYE

    im having trouble figuring out which 3 WR’s to us and a Flex option. what do you think?

    • hi.

      I’d check in Drivers status and use him as your Flex if he is good to go.
      If not, i’d make R. Brown my flex player.

      Everything else looks good to me. I expect your RBs to have a phenomenal week.


      • june

        thank you for your input. love your site.

      • Thank you so much. I put a lot of work into it, so its good to hear that people are actually enjoying it.

        Spread the word if you would. I’m always looking for new readers.

        Best of luck to you. Let us know how you did in the Weekly Recap post on Tuesday.


  48. TCP

    Hey, trying to upgrade my team from my QB depth. I have Rodgers, Big Ben and Fitzpartick.

    Ideas: Please rank, tweak or tell me “NO!”

    1) Offer Rodgers and S Jax for Peterson (to the person who had Romo).

    2) Offer Big Ben and Woodhead for Mendenhall.

    3) Offer Big Ben and Moreno for J Charles and V Jackson (this owner has Kolb and Cutler)

    4) Offer Welker and (one of Rodgers or Big Ben) for Wayne (Team has Hasselbeck and Farve)

    5) Offer (one of S Jax or Moreno) and (one of Rodgers or Big Ben) for (one of Gore or Best) (Same team as #4).

    I’m also putting out a message that I have a QB for sale, but I like to be proactive.

    12 team league, we start 1`QB, 2 WR, 2 RB, 1 WR/RB, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 D

    QB: Rodgers, Big Ben, Fitzpatrick
    WR: AJohnson, Welker, Woodhead (wr/rb), M Williams (Sea)
    RB: S Jax, Moreno, F Jax, Cadillac, Green-Ellis
    TE: Miller
    K, D

    • 1- No.
      2- Definitely better than 1. I like this one quite a bit actually, but its questionable that the person would go for it, unless they are hurting at QB
      3- My favorite (and most likely to go through) of the three so far.
      4- I think that this is the one that you need the most. Your WRs are your weakest spot and Wayne is a definite bump. Also, they are likely to take it being in need of a QB.
      5- No.

      Since the 4&5 offers are for the same team, maybe you can upgrade at both WR and RB if you make the trade Welker, (Rodgers or Ben), and Moreno for Gore and Wayne. Its a definite stretch. And will probably be turned down. But its worth a shot, as they do need the help at QB a lot. After that trade, your team would be pretty unstoppable. But again, dont get your hopes up for it.

      • Great question by the way. I liked this one a lot. Kudos to you for being so proactive and knowing what you are talking about, knowing what you need, and actually going for it. I’m very impressed.


  49. MIke

    kitna or sanchez?

    jets or washington def?

    Pick 2 RB…Dwill, ryan torain or micheal bush? can get Lblount, hart? Should i?

    Pick 2 WR? Ajohnson, wes welker, b lloyd, blair white, jabar gaffney? can get steve johnson, david gettis, bess, mike william(TB) sud i?

    Flex PICK ONE..


    • Kitna this week.

      Jets Defense.

      Torain and Blount if you can get him.

      A Johnson and Lloyd.

      Flex.. I like Mike Williams if you can get him. Drop White for him. If you dont want that though, Welker is likely the best option


  50. James

    Looking for a final flex play:

    A healthy Anthony Gonzalez or a starting Mike Hart?

    I have Gonzalez currently on my roster, but Hart is still up for grabs in the FA pool. Also, to grab Hart, I would have to drop Gonzalez, so that plays a part in the decision as well.

    • A Gonzalez looks good to me. Word on the street is that D Brown might be playing for Indy. So check that out. Also, HOU is way worse against the pass than they are against the run. Gonzo should get some decent looks and hopefully find the endzone for the first time in, what?, 2 years?


  51. Paul J

    1. Jennings or Wallace?
    2. Flex: Lynch, Ronnie Brown, or Best?
    3. Kitna or Freeman? (OP slot, already have Rivers playing in QB position)

  52. John K

    one more question:

    I’ve been reading of multiple injuries to TB’s offensive line and that it might hurt Blount’s production this week. Should I maybe start someone else in the W/R flex spot? Like Ryan Mathews or Santana Moss?

  53. cgi

    Steelers or Seahawks?

    Holmes or Branch? yuck

    • cgi

      Or drop Holmes or Branch for Gonzalez?

      • Either DEF is a good call. I have Pittsburgh as the best in the league. But after the way NO has been performing, I’ll honestly admit that I think they are in for a pretty stunning week. Especially with the key defensive injury to Smith.
        SEA is primed for a good week as well against OAK and will force Campbell to win through the air, which is something he can not do.

        Overall though, Pitt is the best. Gotta stick with them

        Holmes could have a good game. Branch is iffy, I’m not a huge fan of any NE receiver right now. Gonzalez should see a good game. I would drop Branch for him and see how it all pans out.

  54. Matt

    I have been offered this trade:
    J. Addai
    Terrell Owens
    Ben Roethlisberger

    For (my players):
    Ryan Torain
    Anquan Boldin
    Eli Manning

    He wants Torain pretty bad and in a 2 rb league I already have Frank Gore and Rashard Mendenhall. Thoughts on this trade? Fwiw Gore/torain have the same bye week so I need a different rb to fill in for next week.

    • Does he have any better RBs? If so, I’d ask for the better RB. I only say this because if you need someone to cover for a bye week, Addai is injured and might not be able to cover it for you. If you can adjust the RB on his side of the trade, I think its a good one.
      If you have a decent bye fill in for Gore on your bench right now, it might work in your favor to request another WR in place of Addai.


  55. boo

    Who should I start for Week 8?

    pick 2 RBs
    -Blount v. Cardinals
    -Best v. Redskins
    -Green-Ellis v. Vikings
    -Forsett v. Raiders
    -Fred Jackson v. Chiefs

    pick 1 WR
    -Danny Woodhead v. Vikings
    -David Gettis v. Rams

    Also, should i play Green Bay defense v. Jets or Patriots defense v. Vikings?


    • Hey boo.

      RB- Blount and… Best. Blount should see most of the work against a pretty poor defense. The Redskins are giving up 113 a game and Best should also factor into the passing game against them making him a good play… BJGE isnt too impressive and the matchup isnt great. Forsett could have a good game against a bad OAK defense, but Lynch should get most of the work, and Jackson is a tough play against KC who is impressive against the run.

      WR- Gettis is a good play with Moore as the QB. STL is pretty middle-of-the-road when it comes to a pass defense, and hopefully Gettis can put on a performance like he did last week. Woodhead will see similar stats to how he has been since Moss left… 40 or so yards rushing, 40 or so receiving.

      I’d go with the Packers DEF. More TOs more sacks than New England.

      thanks for stopping in. let us know how you did in our Weekly Recap post on Tuesday


  56. Sap

    Lost Romo. Picked up Fitzpatrick. Now there’s a proposed trade for me. I get Schaub and give Maclin. PPR league. I’m pretty weak in the WR department, so I’m on the fence with this one. I have Malcom Floyd (hopefully coming back soon), Dez Bryant, Patrick Crayton, Steve Johnson, Blair White, and Jeremy Maclin.

    • It seems like everyone who had romo has picked up Fitzpatrick. Its almost spooky.

      Looking at Fitzpatrick’s schedule the rest of the season, he actually only really has about 3 tough games. The rest could see a decent stat line depending on how he holds up. He has the weapons to choose from, its all on his performance. Schaub, no doubt is a big upgrade, but you are losing one of your best receivers.

      Floyd should be back soon. Bryant could actually still have a decent year ahead of him if he clicks with Kitna like he did last week. S. Johnson is alright, Craytons production will go down with Floyd back, and White is a throwaway when Collie gets back. So its definitely a tight spot there.

      I would suggest making a counter trade and try to give him Maclin and S Johnson (or one of your RBs) for Schaub and a receiver you could potentially start in your WR3 spot. Dont get too greedy, I just feel that you need that insurance and you’ll feel better about your trade.


  57. Brian

    Who do i put in my flex this week…Steve Breaston, Mike Williams(SEA), or Chris Cooley?

    • Cooley could have a good week, but it feels a little strange saying you should play a TE in a flex spot over a receiver.

      To me its between Williams and Cooley. Williams has a tough matchup against OAK, but is the only real receiving threat for the Seahawks. Cooley has a good matchup and could put up some great numbers.

      I say its worth the gamble and you should go with Cooley. Based on the way that OAK shut down Orton (statistically one of the best QBs in the league) last week, i dont see Hasselbeck having an easy time this weekend. Cooley should get 6-9 catches, 60+ yards and, fingers crossed, see the endzone for the first time in 3 weeks.

      Best of luck. Let us know how you did in the Weekly Recap post on Tuesday.


  58. aly

    i lost romo and have sanchez as my backup. should i keep him or pick up fitzpatrick, cutler, young, hasselbeck, freeman or garrard for the rest of the yr?

    • Sanchez has proved to be pretty valuable, but isnt putting up great Fantasy numbers yet. He’s got a pretty good schedule from here on out too, and you dont have to worry about his bye. I would say stick with him. Keep an eye on his matchups each week and if he has a tough one look at the matchup for Fitzpatrick or Freeman who are the only two on this list that I would say are close to taking over his spot. This late in the season, I doubt many teams are going to be going to the FA market for a QB unless they are struck by injury, so you should be free to pick anyone up at any time.


  59. Fred Toupin

    12 teams league / everyone got 2 TE
    mine: Witten / Olsen
    Somebody in my league drop Brent Celek , should i go grab him or stay with Olsen.

    • I do not like Celek as long as Vick is the starter for Philly. Honestly, I dont really like Olsen either. With two TEs in your leagues though, I doubt that there is anyone else to pick up. I would say to stick with Olsen. but you are kind of out of luck at your second TE spot. Both average 30 yards a game and only have 2 scores on the year.
      People potentially available for you: Todd Heap, Ben Watson, Jeremy Shockey, Marcedes Lewis.


  60. Justin

    shonn greene vs GB and LT getting most of carries


    Mike Hart vs HOU he has a chance to start with brown is out but its a monday night game..

    im thinking bout taking a chance with hart. cuz even if brown does play i dont think he will be at 100% and hart should get decent amount of carries.

    • Justin

      and if a diff league..

      greene or blount

      • Blount gets the nod from me. Should see a good amount of carries against a good matchup. Greene is always a wildcard, but only sees about 10 carries a week with LT performing so well.


    • Shonn Greene has not impressed this year and his carries are going way down.

      Brown could very well play, but I think it will be a pretty even split if he does. HOU has a great run defense though, so I dont know how effective he will be. IND should be throwing all night long.

      Tough call, I’d go with Hart though. He could have a breakout week.


  61. jeremy

    Need help for a RB2 this week. Pick 1


    Chiefs or Titans

    • J Stewart should have a good game this week. D Williams is very doubtful and its a beatable matchup for him. Looks good to me.

      I’ve got the Titans higher than the Chiefs this week. I like the turnover chances, the score could get pretty high though.
      KC will keep the score lower, and their DEF loves to score, but I think that TEN stands a better chance at getting you points.



    Need 2 WR’s and a Flex for this week… Choose from these four: Wes Welker, Hines Ward, Mike Williams(SEA), and Jonathan Stewart.


    • I’d go with Ward and Williams at WR and Stewart as your Flex.

      Ward is pretty much a lock. Williams is the only threat in SEA, even though he has a tough matchups. Welker isnt very impressive at all without Moss to counter him. J Stewart is in for a good week as the starting back vs STL.


  63. Paul J

    thanks. sorry one more quick one:

    DEF: Rams or Patriots?

    • hey man. as many as you need.

      Pats defense is a wildcard as Favre is injured and they could be going against a backup. Rams have a good matchup against CAR.
      The Carolina O Line should give the Rams a ton of sacks this week though, and they are great at creating fumbles. I like the Rams defense this week.


  64. stephanie

    Playing in a ppr league. Need help at Qb and WR positions please. Who would you start.

    QB: bradford , hassleback or Matt Moore
    WR: miles Austin, brandon lloyd, Steve Johnson, Percy harvin (start 3)


    • I never thought I’d advise anyone to start Matt Moore, but he looks pretty good this week and has the best matchup of the three.

      Gotta go with Austin, Lloyd and Harvin at WR. All three should catch a lot of balls. Austin will play more of a flex role which he is built for. Harvin will be great with either QB that plays for the Vikes, and Lloyd is just a beast.

      Thanks for coming by. Let us know how you did in the Weekly Recap post on Tuesday. And tell your friends. We love the ladies on this site.


  65. jeremy

    Line-up help needed,

    M Williams (Sea)
    S. Moss

    Pick 3

    Pick the RB2,

    M. Bush
    J. Stewart
    R. Brown

    Moeki or Hernandez



    Same dilemma different league…

    Need 1 WR / 1 RB / 1 Flex

    My options: Britt, Steve Smith(CAR), Beanie Wells, Jonathan Stewart.


    • Wells at RB, Steve Smith at WR. Jonathan Stewart at Flex

      Its hard to sit Britt after the roll that he has been on. But this is the week to do so. He is still their number one options, but SD is the best defense in the NFL and should keep Britt pretty locked down all day.


  67. John K

    You said my above trade wasn’t fair trading Keller, Floyd and Lynch for Turner or McCoy. How do you feel about Floyd’s injury? I’m hearing he could miss week 11 cause of the severity of his injury and I’m getting nervous he’ll be a dead spot on my roster like Pierre Thomas was (traded him and mcnabb for Mathews). Plus week 12 VJax is back so he’ll prolly be back in the slot. Do you think Mathews value will increase then when teams’ll have to respect the pass even more? Keller seems to be dropping in value with Holmes in the receiving order too so I wanna move him while he still has value,but I keep hearing about Vernon Davis and his injury. And lastly, Lynch has been good not great…will he only do better or should I expect this same level of play and fantasy points for the rest of the season?

    Sorry for all the questions. I love your site and you can count me as a regular. Your advice is really giving me better guidance especially since I’m in a big money league haha

    • Let me look over it one more time. I’m too tired/lazy to scroll through all the comments. but if you would, please post your entire lineup and repeat the trade offer. it will be easier for me to run the numbers if i can see who will fill in for your missing players. i know that keller has been on a downward path since there is another receiver in town. and that floyd has injury and will probably see a production drop. and lynch is a hit or miss each week. but i still think this is a lot to give up for one player, especially if you dont have the backups to fill in for them. i can see this trade affecting you positively from about week 13-17. but you have to worry about weeks 9-12 also.


  68. Christine

    Ok Im back with a question ( I had no choices last week with Byes so I had no questions!) Pick 3 please…Duane Bowe, Brandon Lloyd, Calvin Johnson, Dez Bryant…Thanks

    • should be a good week for any of them. I’d say Lloyd, CJ, and Bryant. I understand that Bryant is a bit of a gamble, but he has a great matchup and seemed to sync up well with his new QB Kitna in the last game. He has a good chance for a great game, but again, has a chance at having very few stats at all. Bowe has been hot for the past few weeks, but I think KC will be run run run against the Bills, a team whos pass defense isnt half bad.

      good luck. good to see you back.


  69. Sox


    Pick 2 WRs- P. Crayton, S. Johnson, D Bess
    Which RB- J. Charles or R. Torain?

    Thanks as always!

    • tough ones.
      i’ll start with RB. Charles is facing a terrible run defense and should tear it up, but you have to worry a bit about split carries. He’ll have a good game either way.
      Torain is up against DET, who is giving up 130+ on the ground, and he doesnt have much competition at the RB slot.
      I think both are primed for big games, but I think I’d actually give this one to Torain. Its pretty much a coin toss though. Both will inevitably produce.

      WR- S Johnson is a good play, has a pretty nice matchup and has been clicking with his QB. Crayton has impressed me since Floyd has been out, so I’d keep going with him as well. It would be nice for him to see the end zone this week, which he hasnt done yet this season. Should have 8 or so receptions and I expect a 100+ yard game.

      Best of luck. Let us know how you do in our Weekly Recap post on Tuesday.


  70. jeremy

    I got three defenses and I need to drop one to pick up a TE for Gates when he goes on bye in week 10. Which one would you drop?

    Which TE would you pick up?

    Thanks for all your help, this is great site.

    • You listed the packers twice, so i cant really give you a full answer for your defensive question. Looking at Week 10 though, Seahawks have a great matchup and will be a must start that week. The Packers have their bye week during Week 10. So I’d have to say drop the Packers for your TE pickup.

      Fasano v. TEN in week 10 is a good matchup, but he isnt putting up great numbers. Watson has the best numbers of the bunch and is has an iffy matchup against Indy that week. I would avoid Gronkowski and Olsen though. Watson would be my choice.

      No problem man. Take care.


      • jeremy


        My mistake, on listing the Packers twice, i meant to type 49ers. So does that change your mind on dropping the Packers?

      • yeah. SF isnt doing all that much right now. So I’d drop them. Honestly, I dont see much of a point in having 3 defenses on your roster.. or even 2 of them. I’d recommend getting rid of both the Packers and 49ers, and just rotating them out from Waivers based on matchups. I wrote a post about it 3 weeks or so ago. Check it out. It will allow you to get some more talent on your bench and hopefully be able to use them in trades.


  71. jeremy

    OK, yeah I am in a 12 man Yahoo PPR league and I am winning with a 6-1 record, but the downside is I can’t pick up anything good on the waiver wire each week with the last pick. I will get rid of SF and Pick up Watson.

    WR3 today in my NFL league, who do you like better


    • I like Dez a lot this week. He hooked up with Kitna twice last week against a much tougher defense. Hopefully they are are the same page again today and get something going. I expect big games out of Bryant and Witten.


  72. jeremy

    Need some advice on my NFL 10 man PPR league.

    I have Flacco and Orton.
    Would you play Flacco this week or go get one of these QB’s on the waiver wire:
    Eli Manning, Freeman or Stafford.

    Defense, Have Titans and Chiefs

    Titans on bye, don’t really like the Chiefs match-up vs a hot confident Raiders team so would you play one of these teams off the waiver?
    Cardinals vs Minn
    Bears vs Buff
    Bucs vs Atlanta
    Giants vs Seahawks

    Thanks for the help.

    • Eli Manning is primed to have a monstrous week. Flacco’s a good play, but with Eli available I think you have to go with him.

      I think the Chiefs/Raiders game is going to see huge scores, so I’d steer clear of them this week. Giants defense is arguably the best in the league. and its a great matchup for them. do it.

      Hope this helps. Good luck this week.


  73. jeremy

    Eli Manning is gone now, so I did end up getting the Giants.

    So my question now is Stafford is available, so I know he is on bye, so I will play Flacco this week, but should I drop Flaaco or Orton and get Stafford on my team and play the match-ups with two of these guys?

  74. jeremy

    Another question for you.

    My RB2 options this week are weak, so who would you play from these choices?

    R. Brown


    • New Orleans is giving up about 110 a game rushing and D Williams looks to be out again. Stewart might be a good play. Brown has a hell of a matchup, so I’d avoid him I think. If you are feeling a bit frisky though, Sproles has been on a mini 2 week hot streak. He’s seeing about 4 catches a game and is insane in yards after the catch. I expect an increase in carries for him as well based on his past performances.

      Safe play is Stewart though. Just double check the status of Williams before the game.


  75. jeremy

    Ok so I got a few more questions for you.

    1. Would you play Gates if he is a go, or play it safe with Watson?

    2. Would you play Ricky Williams vs Ravens, or take a chance on a flier like one of these guys?
    Gerhart vs Cardinals
    Julius Jones vs Panthers
    Chester Taylor vs Bills
    Tashard Choice vs Packers

    Yeah I know it’s pretty bad here this week.


  76. jeremy

    Flacco or Orton
    Ronnie Brown or McCoy

    Pick 3 from these WR’s
    Blair White

    Defense Pick 1

    R. Williams or Jacobs


    • Orton had a great week last week, so I’d say go with him. Hopefully he’ll be back to his old self after having a few below average weeks. Flaccos got a nice matchup and potential, but I trust Orton to continue putting up 325+ each week.
      McCoy over Brown. Just because he’s a true #1 back and has a slightly better matchup.

      Welker, Burleson and Nicks at WR

      MIN defense.

      Jacobs had a decent week last time against DAL, so he could prove to be helpful again as they play at home.


  77. jeremy

    Thanks for that earlier advice.

    Got another question for you, my wife’s team is stacked at RB.

    Pick 2 from Hillis, Charles, or MJD.

    Also M. Williams(SEA) or Garcon?


    • Hillis has the toughest matchup of the bunch.. but he’s been a production machine for CLE, and they are started getting pretty tricky on offense, so he’s a wildcard. Charles has a nice matchup, so go with him for sure. MJD has a tough day ahead of him against HOU, but they have been on quite a slide. I’d go Charles and MJD.

      Garcon gets my play at WR. Williams had a great showing last time against ARI, but is playing with Hasselbeck just a week after his concussion. And SEA has not looked good at all in the last few weeks. I expect Garcon to step up like he does when he is the #2 receiver and put up some nice numbers. PPR though, and you might want to put a little more consideration into Williams.


  78. jeremy

    With the way Welker has played lately and with him facing the Steelers D this week, I am looking for other options to take a chance on. Would you play any of these waiver wire guys over him?

    Brian Hartline vs Titans
    Jordan Shipley vs Colts
    Earl Bennet vs Vikings
    Jacoby Jones


    • Hartline is with a new QB, could see some passes his way with a decent matchup, but I dont expect much.
      Shipley is seeing production each week, but has a tough matchup as well.
      Bennett is technically 4th on the depth chart in CHI, but has been producing more than the others recently.
      Hester hasnt done anything spectacular in weeks at WR.
      Jones is 3rd string, good matchup, but almost everything will go to Johnson and Walter in this one.
      Cotchery is nothing spectacular either. Cleveland isnt spectacular against the pass, giving up 240 per game, but with Keller, Edwards and Holmes to contend with, his value has gone way down.

      Bennett would be my best guess if you really feel like sitting Welker. I would suggest going with Welker though. He’s been cold for a little, but slot receivers tore up the Steelers last week when they played CIN. And PIT’s pass defense isnt as great as everyone things. They are best in the league in rush defense, but are 9th worst in pass defense giving up the same amount of yards per game as the Browns and Titans.


  79. jeremy

    Back again this week seeking some assistance.

    TE: Gates is iffy at best so who would you pick up to play instead?

    Boss, Watson, Gresham, Shockey

    RB: Need 2 from these guys:
    Lawfirm, Blount, Best, B.Jackson, Wells,McGahee.

    Defense, Titans or Chiefs


    • Tough luck that Gates is playing Monday night, hopefully they will update his status by Sunday so you know what to do. He’s played hurt before, so it might be worth the risk just to keep him in.

      Of the 4 listed, Gresham, Watson, and Boss are all playing teams that are pretty damn bad against TEs. Watson has a bad QB, Boss has been hurting, I’d go with Gresham.

      Chiefs defense this week.

  80. jeremy

    Yahoo PPR League questions,

    WR: Pick 3, Welker, Driver, Collie, Nicks,Burelson

    Orton or Flaaco


  81. jeremy

    Andrew, Thanks for the advice,

    Can you pick 2 RB’s from Blount, Best, B.Jackson, Lawfirm, McGahee, K. Williams,

    Also I like Burelson to not get as much attention as Welker, but that is a tough call.


  82. jeremy

    Also you didn’t answer Orton or Flacco?


  83. jeremy

    NFL Leaque help, PPR Format

    QB: Orton or Flacco
    RB: R. Bush, SJAX, McCoy. PIck 2
    WR: I have AJ and White, lost Nicks need to pick up one of these guys

    Garcon, B.White (Already have Tamme),Burelson, Meachem, M.Thomas,W

  84. jeremy

    NFL Leaque help, PPR Format

    QB: Orton or Flacco

    RB: R. Bush, SJAX, McCoy. PIck 2

    WR: I have AJ and White, lost Nicks need to pick up one of these guys
    Garcon, B.White (Already have Tamme),Burelson, Meachem, M.Thomas,Woodhead, N.Washington

    Def: Giants, Chiefs, or Titans Pick 1


  85. jeremy

    ESPN Standard Leaque Line-up help

    QB: Vick or Flacco

    RB: Pick 2 from Blount, B.Jackson, K.Williams, Goodson, Lawfirm, or Wells

    WR: AJ, Wayne, S.Johnson, Manningham, Pick 3

    Def: Giants or Browns


    • Vick at QB

      tough day ahead of you at RB. hopefully you read my last column and put BJGE in there. if not, K Williams and Goodson seem like your best duo.

      AJ, Wayne and Johnson has turned out to be a pretty dynamic combo of WRs. but, I have Manningham above S Johnson this week. He has a great matchup and potential to have a huge week.

      NYG Defense.

  86. jeremy

    Yahoo PPR Leaque, Need a win to make the playoff’s..

    WR: Pick 3 Welker, Burelson, Meachem, B.White

    TE: Boss, Dressen, or NO new TE Graham,

    Def: Packers or Browns

    • I apologize for getting in a little late one this one. Lots of thursday games on this, so your WR is pretty set.

      Hope you skipped on Graham at TE. Dressen is looking like a great opportunity here. Boss has a chance to do something here, but I feel its safe to make this gamble.

      Browns defense is a good bet this week.

  87. jeremy

    Yeah I played Burelson and Welker already, so what do you think about Driver or B.White in my PPR League?

    Also I did play Lawfirm and that was great so who would you go with at RB 2, Goodson (J.Stewart is back I believe), Blount, Wells, McGahee, Sproles, or K.Williams.

    Also for my wife’s league

    MJD, Charles, Hillsi. Pick 2
    Sidney Rice or Garcon, M. Williams (Seattle)if he plays.


    • blair white looked good last week. dont know if you can expect that out of him every week, since the week prior he had 0 catches for 0 yards. same thing 2 weeks before that. he is very inconsistent, but with all the injuries surrounding the colts, he could be worth it. driver coming off injury and facing a pretty mediocre pass defense, but is tough to call since jennings has been clicking. i would expect split time with jones. i’d probably roll with white.
      k williams is your best bet at RB.

      other league:
      until someone proves they can slow down hillis, keep him in. I dont like mjd’s matchup, charles will have it a little bit easier, but the split carries are also a concern. i’d go hillis and mjd this week.
      sidney rice is my pick of the three. he’s got a fantastic matchup and should be excited to perform.

  88. jeremy

    O.K last chance for me to get in the playoff’s in my Yahoo PPR leaque. Need some help.

    WR: I got Welker, Driver, Collie, B.White, Danario Alexander,

    RB: Jacobs,SJAX, Choice, R Williams

    TE: Boss or Gates Pick 1

    So I need to know to go with 3 WR’s or 3 RB’s and which you would start.


    • I dont remember.. was it 2 WRs, 2 RBs, and a Flex?

      Oh well.

      WR: Welker and Driver. Collie is out, I still dont like B White at all. Alexander is big and strong but scares me with all the surguries.
      RB: Jacobs, S Jax. Pretty easy. Jones should get far more than Choice this week. Williams has a bad matchup.
      Flex: I’d take the gamble and throw Alexander in. He looked good last week, and Arizona shouldnt be too much of a problem.

      Gates at TE. he is back and should be very close to full strength again.

  89. jeremy

    ESPN Standard 10 Team League, 7-5 trying to get a better seed for playoff’s.

    WR’s: S.Johnson, Manningham, Wayne Pick 2

    RB’s: Goodson, B.Jackson, Ivory, F.Jones, Blount, Lawfirm, Westbrook. Pick 2


    • Manningham and Wayne.

      F Jones and BJGE.

      Your RBs are not very desirable at all. F Jones is the only one I would consider a lock. You could very well put in any of the other RB options here and do about the same. BJGE has looked good recently but has a very tough matchup. Goodson is splitting again. B Jax is in an offense that rarely even runs the ball. Ivory could do well, but there is no telling there. Blount has the worst matchup of all of them and a bad performance last time against them. I like Westbrook as a pickup, but the matchup is a bad one and it would be his first start, so you have to wait that one out a bit.

      Good luck

  90. jeremy

    NFL PPR League

    Do I with Garcon or one of these waiver wire guys. By the way I am starting Tamme at TE.

    B. White, Hartline, Alexander, Evans, Naanee, Bennet.

    Also same tough question as last week for my wife’s team,

    Charles, MJD and Hillis.. Pick 2 damnn I wish they had a flex in that league.


    • I’d sick with garcon. He’s a legit #2 and should do well against a suspect secondary in dallas.

      I really hate that there is no flex in that league too. I have those three listed as 6,7,8 in my rankings. So any combo would be a good one. Statistically, MJD has the best matchup, followed by Hillis, then Charles. Between this and the statline last week, I have to go with MJD and Hillis in this one. MJD has gone over 100 in his last 4 games. And Hillis should be started until it is proven that he is indeed stoppable.

      Also, please start posting in the most recent Advice Column. The week 8 one is getting quite full and takes a long time to load.

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