Week 8 Position Rankings

I’m going to take a bit of time in my intro to talk about pickups. Bye weeks are happening for some great teams, so a lot of owners are down and scouring the FA market. Some people are unimpressed with the play of some of their ‘stars’ and are trying to find legit sleepers to fill in their supposed holes. My advice to you now, is to take a step back and really think about what you are doing.

I have been asked about Colston (40 rec, 456 yards, 60 yards per game, 1 TD) Fitzgerald (29 rec, 331 yds, 55.2 ypg, 2 TD) and Austin (36 rec, 524 yards, 87 ypg, 2 TD).  Sure, they have all seen setbacks, but Colston and Fitz are improving each game, and Austin, despite the romo injury, will still see work in the pass happy cowboys offense. People have been asking me if it makes sense to drop them. Absolutely not. Hold tight on them. They arent having incredible games every week, but they are still far more consistent than anyone you will find on waivers. Trust them.

Secondly, I’m going to come out and say that I don’t buy in to the hype surrounding Blair White (1 rec, 19 yds in Week 6). He is coming in to this week as the 3rd WR (behind Wayne and Garcon) and will likely be splitting time with Gonzalez and the 2 tight ends. Yes, they are facing an awful Houston secondary, but in Week 1 when Indy played Houston, Garcon (then the 3rd receiver) only had 3 catches for 43 yards. White is a huge risk and should only be used if you are in a deep 12+team leauge or have been devastated by injuries or this weeks byes. Could he break out, yes. But the likelihood of that happening is very very slim and not worth benching someone who has proven himself as a consistent week to week player.

Thats my rant. Now check out the positional rankings for this week. Enjoy.



  1. Peyton Manning
  2. Phillip Rivers
  3. Kyle Orton
  4. Ben Roethlisberger
  5. Aaron Rodgers
  6. Drew Brees
  7. Matt Schaub
  8. Ryan Fitzpatrick
  9. Matthew Stafford
  10. Jon Kitna
  11. Donovan McNabb
  12. Matt Cassel
  13. Tom Brady
  14. Carson Palmer
  15. Mark Sanchez
  16. Josh Freeman
  17. Chad Henne
  18. Matt Moore
  19. Jason Campbell
  20. Matt Hasselbeck
  21. Sam Bradford
  22. Vince Young
  23. Sam Bradford
  24. Troy Smith
  25. Brett Favre



  1. Frank Gore
  2. Adrian Peterson
  3. Chris Johnson
  4. Arian Foster
  5. Steven Jackson
  6. Rashard Mendenhall
  7. Maurice Jones-Drew
  8. Ryan Torain
  9. Marshawn Lynch
  10. LaDainian Tomlinson
  11. Jamaal Charles
  12. Beanie Wells
  13. Felix Jones
  14. Darren McFadden
  15. Thomas Jones
  16. Jahvid Best
  17. Cedric Benson
  18. Knowshon Moreno
  19. Jonathan Stewart
  20. Fred Jackson
  21. LeGarrette Blount
  22. Donald Brown
  23. Ryan Mathews
  24. Ronnie Brown
  25. Shonn Greene
  26. Mike Hart
  27. Ricky Williams
  28. Justin Forsett
  29. CJ Spiller
  30. BenJarvis Green-Ellis
  31. DeAngelo Williams*
  32. Chris Ivory
  33. Carnell Williams
  34. Dexter McCluster
  35. Brandon Jackson
  36. Derrick Ward
  37. Marion Barber
  38. Michael Bush
  39. Danny Woodhead
  40. Tim Hightower



  1. Reggie Wayne
  2. Andre Johnson
  3. Calvin Johnson
  4. Terrell Owens
  5. Brandon Marshall
  6. Brandon Lloyd
  7. Mike Williams (TB)
  8. Dwayne Bowe
  9. Pierre Garcon
  10. Santana Moss
  11. Randy Moss
  12. Mike Wallace
  13. Dez Bryant
  14. Chad Ochocinco
  15. Miles Austin
  16. Percy Harvin
  17. Steve Johnson
  18. Marques Colston
  19. Greg Jennings
  20. Steve Smith (CAR)
  21. Patrick Crayton
  22. Kenny Britt
  23. Hines Ward
  24. Braylon Edwards
  25. Larry Fitzgerald
  26. Donald Driver
  27. Davone Bess
  28. Santonio Holmes
  29. Wes Welker
  30. Lee Evans
  31. Jabar Gaffney
  32. Mike Williams (SEA)
  33. Deion Branch
  34. Lance Moore
  35. Eddie Royal
  36. Anthony Gonzalez
  37. Michael Crabtree
  38. Roy Williams
  39. James Jones
  40. Anthony Armstrong
  41. Danny Amendola
  42. Kevin Walter
  43. Mike Thomas
  44. Nate Burlson
  45. Jordan Shipley
  46. David Gettis
  47. Blair White
  48. Buster Davis
  49. Robert Meachum
  50. Legadu Naanee



  1. Antonio Gates
  2. Jason Witten
  3. Dustin Keller
  4. Kellen Winslow
  5. Visanthe Shiancoe
  6. Aaron Hernandez
  7. Chris Cooley
  8. Zach Miller
  9. Vernon Davis
  10. Tony Moeaki
  11. Heath Miller
  12. Owen Daniels
  13. Jacob Tamme
  14. Marcedes Lewis
  15. Donald Lee



  1. Rob Bironas
  2. Nick Folk
  3. Mike Nugent
  4. Sebastian Janikowski
  5. Jason Hanson
  6. Matt Prater
  7. Adam Vinatieri
  8. Neil Rackers
  9. Graham Gano
  10. Mason Crosby



  1. Pittsburgh Steelers
  2. Seattle Seahawks
  3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  4. Dallas Cowboys
  5. Tennessee Titans
  6. St. Louis Rams
  7. Washington Redskins
  8. Kansas City Chiefs
  9. New York Jets
  10. Green Bay Packers


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41 responses to “Week 8 Position Rankings

  1. strag

    do u have something aganinst Brady? why is he so low in the QB rankings? lol. He’s projected for 18 in my league.

    • 1)minnesota is only giving up 200 a game through the air.
      2)brady only got 160 yards last week on 19 passes (8.4 yards per pass, only 5 yards per attempt)
      3)NE is playing much more conservatively without a legit downfield target and mostly play the short stuff.

      he’s a good QB, and he’ll continue winning games for his team. losing moss was a huge fantasy hit though as they are fairly one-dimensional now.

      • strag

        you think I should pick up another QB instead? Cassel is available in my league and so is Stafford (but I would be afraid to start him lol)

      • Sox

        I picked up Fitzpatrick and have Brady benched this week, despite Fitz having a dicey matchup. Brady’s my boy but watching him, it’s hard to have confidence in his fantasy value. He doesn’t have a whole lot of confidence in his receivers at the moment.

      • Couldnt agree with you more. Brady is a great QB, but its not looking like he is a great fantasy QB this year. I dont have a problem with Fitz’s matchup. I think he should be alright against KC


  2. AtlantaJJ

    Yahoo has the Redskins D/ST over the SeaHawks by about 6 points. What’s your reasoning behind Seattle @ #2 ?

    • Washington is awful against the pass, and Stafford is going to have a field day with Calvin Johnson, Brandon Pettigrew and Jahvid Best throwing the ball on them. They have slightly higher turnovers than Seattle, but I just dont like their chances against the Lions, as odd as that is to say.

      Seattle has been hot recently, they are giving up only 77 yards per game on the ground. and they are going up against a team that only scores rushing TDs. They are going to force Oakland to beat them through the air and I dont think that Campbell is capable of doing that.

      I think Seattle has less points against them this week and more turnovers than Washington.


  3. Scotty

    When i saw that you ranked Kitna 10th this week i was surprised remembering this quote…
    “And I swear to God, if you even think about adding Kitna to your lineup, I’ll disown you. You understand me?”

    So Kitna over McNabb and Cassel?

    • haha. my quote might have been a little bit out of utter frustration from being a diehard cowboys fan.
      Kitna is ranked 10th (probably a little high) but I did it just because of the matchup against JAX. This is a great matchup for him to get his first start in 2 years and he has good potential against them.

      as far as the rest of the seasons goes, I dont think that he will be nearly as impressive.

      This week, i have him higher than a lot. But for the rest of the season, he is probably surpassed by 5-10 other QBs.

  4. AtlantaJJ

    So I just got lucky (I hope) and picked up LeGarrette Blount – FA.

    I was planning to start Chris Johnson and gimpy Knowshon Moreno week 8.

    Should I give Blount a try? I’m not so sure about the Broncos after their game against the Raiders last week even though Moreno scored their only two TDs. The Broncos are in London and Moreno might have jet lag, plus he grabbed that hamstring yesterday in practice! :-/

    My other choices are BJGE and Woodhead, they haven’t been that impressive recently in my opinion.

    • Dron/ Dirt MeGurt

      I should have read this considering i’m in a similar situation.

      I have also picked Blount, and will be getting a hold of Woodhead tomorrow at the end of a pending trade. Which one of those would be more worth starting. I see you have ranked Blount much higher than Woodhead. Reason for?

      • just explained it in my last comment to you. Blount has a good matchup and will likely get most of the work according to Coach Morris. Woodhead has a lot of competition in NE and I dont see him having the same workload as Blount


    • I say go with Blount. Its a good matchup. and the London games historically have very low offensive production.


      • Dron/ Dirt MeGurt

        I will spread the word.

        The whole situation you had advice changed today when the
        Well then with your advice picking up Bess won’t take palce, a little cheating was involved in the trading situations going on this week. I don’t know what penalties can or would be given, if any, by the commissioner.
        I do need to find out now what one player to pick.
        Player / Position / Possible Points

        Danny Woodhead playing against Min Defense, where I’m from (side note; LeGarrette Blount, whom I am getting advice here fo; Mike Williams, who is Rockin’ it in TB, too. Do you expect I should play both TB players and skip on using D Wood’s.

      • Both Mike Williams and Blount are in for good games this week. I dont see Woodhead doing anything too spectacular. TB has a good matchup, and I think both are capable starters.


  5. Dron/ Dirt MeGurt

    Would it be worth it, in the long run, to trade Danny Woodhead for Davone Bess? Side note: after your advice last night I picked up Bradshaw for Flacco. Great advice and great web site.

    • Thanks for stopping by. I’m glad you like it. Spread the word for us!

      I think that is a smart deal. Especially if you are PPR. Bess is getting more and more looks and is crazy good after the catch. Miami has been using him a lot. With Welker, Hernandez, Branch and a slew of others to contend with Woodhead wont see the numbers that Bess will.


  6. Gabriel

    Shonne Green vs GB
    Eddie Royal vs SF
    Roy Williams vs Jac

    I need 2 please

    • I say go with Greene and Royal. Williams didnt do anything with Kitna throwing to him. I expect most of the work in Jacksonville to be done with RBs and TEs, with some passes going to Austin and Bryant. Not a lot being thrown Williams way. Greene is always a risk, but GB is beatable. Royal should see a lot of passes.


  7. Ratcliffe2005

    Have a few question, though I’ve seen the answer to one of them from another contributor.

    #1 Fitzpatrick or Brady to get the start.

    #2Then out of these 3 WRs which 2 should I start; with Calvin Johnson being the third getting an automatic nod.

    Randy Moss
    Santana Moss
    Mike Williams (TB)

    #3Then my other team is ranked 2nd right now but is on upset alert with Collie, E. Manning, Nicks, Maclin, and P. Hills all sitting this week.

    QB: Fitz
    WR1: Ward
    WR2: Bess
    WR3: M. Williams (SEA)
    RB1: J. Charles
    RB2: Foster
    TE: Miller
    K: Pratter
    DEF: Pittsburg

    Any wire transactions I should make?
    NOTE: Not a PPR league.

    • 1) I’d go with Fitz. It feels weird saying that you should bench Brady, but he just hasnt been an impressive fantasy QB since Moss left. He’ll have a good TD:INT ratio, but yardagewise he is lacking. Fitz is facing a good matchup for himself, and has been clicking in these past few weeks.

      2) I’d go with S. Moss and Mike Williams. I dont know how effective R Moss will be with a very limited Favre or a starting backup in Jackson. Moss has a beatable matchup and is getting good numbers. Williams is the only legit threat in Tampa and they have a nice matchup.

      3) QB is good. RBs are great. I like Miller as a TE. Pitt is the best DEF in the league. Your only iffy ones are at WR. Ward is good, no problem there. Bess is seeing some action, but is a better PPR receiver than a standard league one. M Williams is facing a pretty rough matchup, but is the only good receiver on the Seahawks, so could see a little bit of action. I doubt there is anyone better in FA than what you have. My only sleeper that might be available for you is James Jones who could have a good week since Jennings and Driver will get 2 of the best CBs in the league. But that is a stretch. I’d stick with what you have.

      Hope it helped. Let us know how you did in the Weekly Recap post on Tuesday.


  8. Jim

    I don’t know where to post a q for advice.
    any help would be appreciated. I am 6-1 but am starting to need another elite Rb. this is my roster:
    Big Ben
    Braylon Edwards
    Lee evans
    Dion Branch (my lottery ticket)
    Frank Gore
    Beanie wells
    Brandon Jacobs
    Michael Bush
    Vernon davis
    zach miller
    dustin keller
    Hanson (k)
    Tennessee D

    I have a trade offer for either Torain or hillis in exchange for keller or edwards. The jets schedule is about to ease up so I am a little hesitant but I really need another #1 rb. I also have a concern about sf bye if I let go of keller. Please advise.

    • You have found the right spot. Anywhere is fine really. I’m not too picky.

      Youve got three TEs on the roster, so for me its a pretty simple call that you should pull the trigger and let Keller go. Zach Miller will be a good bye week replacement for Davis, because he is matched up against KC, a pretty good bet he’ll have a good game that weekend.

      Hillis will add a lot of value to your team, so dont let this slip away from you. Holding Keller would be greedy, as you really dont need him at all for the rest of the season.


  9. Jim

    Also I am really debating how to handle my TE’s and WR’s this week with Boldin on a bye and Vernon Davis questionable.

    • If you are that shaky about starting Davis, then go with Z Miller. He is quickly becoming one of the top 5 TEs in the league. He can be counted on and you are selling him short.

      Your WRs arent really standouts this weekend, but I think its pretty straightforward that you will have to go with Colston, Edwards and Evans.


  10. David

    I’m in ppr league, for my flex spot have to choce btween Fred Jackson, Mike Williams (tb), Ronnie Brown and Santonio Holmes?

  11. Chad H

    Had planned on starting Mendenhall and Lynch at hb, and Jennings at one wr.I need another wr and a hb/wr flex between Loyd, Garcon and J stewart. I was leaning going the 3 wr route but wanted to see what you guys say bc you havent let me down yet. As always, thanks!!!

    • Lloyd is a great play, as always. Got a good matchup and Denver has something to prove. Garcon is iffy with an injury right now, but is a good play if he does see the field. Tough thing is that he is playing Monday Night so you will have to make a blind decision if they dont give word before then so keep a close eye on his status before the first kickoff on sunday. Stewart is not a bad play this week. He is playing a mediocre defense and D Williams is very doubtful to see the field. I like him at a flex option if Garcon is still questionable going into the weekend.


  12. John

    So this website guarantees advice. Maybe I’m missing it but I put up some questions and now there not even on the thread. what gives?

  13. John

    I think I may have figured my problem with the thread out. My question was is either Hillis or Torain a good trade for Dustin Keller or braylon edwards when I am in desperate need of a RB?

    Also I am debating how I should start my Wr/te’s. I have available

    Marques Colston
    Braylon edwards
    lee evans
    dion branch
    vernon davis
    zach miller
    dustin keller

    I am in a standard league w/ 2 wr’s 1 te and 1 wr/te

    • Yeah. I got to you. Sorry man, I work nights and got home about an hour ago, so I’m fielding questions now. Guaranteed answers before game time on sunday. Sorry I cant be more instant, but I’m not getting paid for this… yet.

      I think trading Keller is a great trade to make.

      Colston Edwards Evans at WR
      Davis at TE (If you are still nervous about him, go with Miller who is a great option this week)


  14. D Laz

    A few I’m stuck on…

    I noticed you placed Kitna, Cassel, and Brady almost back to back. I have all 3 available to me, but can only play one. I love the match-up for Kitna against Jacksonville, but I’m wary of his lack of reps with the team.

    Going along with that, I have Moeaki and Witten available. I like Witten’s role in the offense more, but that was with Romo. Hard to say what Kitna will do with him.

    I’d love to hear your suggestions on who to start, though it would take a soothsayer to know exactly who to choose.

    – D

    • I’d go with Kitna. The matchup is great. He immediately clicked with Witten and Bryant, and got to see a full week of practice with all the Cowboy weapons. I expect him to have a pretty good week, all things considered.

      Backup QBs love their TEs. And he got a few good looks from Kitna last week. I say start the duo.

      Good luck this week. I’m pretty confident with these picks this week. Let us know how you did in the Weekly Recap post on Tuesday.


  15. John

    I just read that miller is questionable for Sunday as well as Davis. Should I hold of on the trade of Keller for hillis or count on either davis or miller being able to play come game time?

    • I expect both to play. I cant imagine that both of them will sit out. Its pretty safe to make the trade and trust that at least one of them will play. Keep in mind that Davis will be working with a backup QB and will likely be seeing a lot of work. Miller could do some damage against a weak SEA pass defense.


  16. Joe

    For this weekend I plan to play Mike Williams, and Dez Bryant. But I am not sure who to start as my 3rd WR. I have Davone Bess, Braylon Edwards and Lee Evans to choose from.

    • i have them all pretty damn close to each other this week. I dont see much advantage to any one of them in particular. Edwards has a good chance against GB. Evans has been hot and I like his matchup. Bess will catch pretty much all the balls that Marshall doesnt, but isnt that often targeted in the red zone. I’d personally play Evans I think. Like the matchup, and Fitz has been finding him a lot recently.

      Good luck man.


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