Week 9? Whatever. College Pick’em

Jordan surged into the lead after a 13-7 performance last week. My 9-11 was better than usual. I will humbly admit that I am not too great at this. Oh well. Nobody’s perfect.

This weeks Picks:

Favorites Spread Underdogs Andrew




@Pittsburgh 9.5 Louisville Pitt  
OK St. (20) 5 @Kansas St. OK St.  
@Illinois 17 Purdue Illinois  
Northwestern 3 @Indiana NorthWest  
@S Car (17) 17.5 Tennessee Tenn  
@Cincinnati Off Syracuse Syracuse  
@Notre Dame 8.5 Tulsa Tulsa  
@Nebraska (14) 7.5 Missouri (7) Missouri  
@Iowa (18) 6.5 Mich St. (5) Iowa  
@Oregon St 2.5 California Oregon St  
Arizona (15) 9 @UCLA Arizona  
Georgia 2.5 @Florida Florida  
@Texas A&M 7 Texas Tech T A&M  
@UCF 7 East Carolina E. Carolina  
Stanford (13) 7 @Washington Stanford  
@Miss St. (23) 6.5 Kentucky Miss St.  
@Texas 7.5 Baylor (25) Texas  
Utah (8) 7 @Air Force Utah  
Michgan 3 @Penn St. Penn St  
Oregon (1) 7 @ USC (24) Oregon  

If anyone else does these things, dont be afraid to brag about your record. We want to know how you are doing. What insight you can give us on making picks, and what to lookout for.

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