Week 8 Recap

Alright everyone. Lets see how we did in week 8.

Managed to win all but one this week. Stephen Jackson did not show up as I hoped, and gambling on Gettis wasnt the best of calls.

From the looks of it, a lot of the advice was good. My only apology being the SEA defense. they screwed me pretty bad in 2 of my leagues, but strong fantasy play from Mike Williams (TB) and Miles Austin pulled me through.

So, go ahead. Tell me what worked and what didnt. Trade questions are always welcome because they are time sensitive, but please hold off on the lineup questions until the Advice Time post.

Edit: I really hope you kids listened and didnt hop all over the Blair White bandwagon. 0 catches. 0 yards. Yeah, never go with the 5th stringer.




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29 responses to “Week 8 Recap

  1. jayhawk4life

    well the starting driver this week was not the best advice and i went with gut this week and started garcon over him. so it didnt hurt me but just food for thought.

    • predicting injuries is a little out of my league. congrats making the call to start garcon though. I was worried about his status for a while, but i’m glad you came up on the winning end.


  2. Ratcliffe2005

    Started Mike Williams over R. Moss and that was certainly the right call. Helped win that game.

    Could you give some Trade advice going forward?

    My roster:

    QB: E. Manning
    WR: H. Nicks
    WR: H. Ward
    WR: J. Maclin
    RB: J. Charles
    RB: A. Foster
    TE: Z. Miller
    K: (Whoever doesn’t have a bye)
    DEF: Pittsburg

    BN: A. Collie (INJ)
    BN: D. Bess
    BN: M. Williams (SEA)
    BN: P. Hills
    BN: R. Fitzpatrick
    BN: B. Green-Ellis

    Now looking forward I figure I could use another solid option at Wide Receiver, as such I’ve offered a combination of

    P. Hills and J. Maclin to another team for C. Johnson.

    (Their Roster)

    QB: P. Manning
    WR: C. Johnson
    WR: R. Wayne
    WR: M. Colston
    RB: K. Moreno
    RB: R. Torain
    TE: J. Witten
    K: Bryant
    Def: NE

    BN: Vinatieri
    BN: BAL
    BN: M. Austin
    BN: J. Addai
    BN: M. Hasselbeck
    BN: L. McCoy

    • Trade definitely looks good to me, I think that they are going to need help at RB and Hillis gives that to them. You have set up a nice trade and I dont see why it wouldnt be accepted.

      Best of luck with it. Sorry the reply is late, man. Long long week at work.


  3. Dron/ Dirt MeGurt

    Thanks for last weeks advice.
    The question I have now concerns the future. I know my team will not be adjusted all that much now. The players I depend on areRoethisberger, Vick, M. Austin, Williams (TB)/D. Jackson, Woodhead, AP, Hillis/Bradshaw and A. Hernandez. On the outskirts I have Patrick Crayton, L. Blount, and K. Britt. (I didn’t play Britt week 8 and am happy bout that move)

    Would it be worth picking up Darrius Heyward-Bey for the long run over P. Crayton? or should I pick up a D for my Titans bye. I feel I could get a win w/out the Titans.
    And I’m not even going to ask about Ks

    • Youre welcome. Glad to help.

      I think the Titans have a good defensive team, but I’m of the school of thought that you should use waivers as your defensive bench and just pick the best matchup off of that. Crayton will have a few good weeks ahead of him, but is a bust once Floyd gets back, and even more so when V Jackson returns. Heyward-Bey had a good week, but he has been a starter all year long and this was the first time we’ve ever seen his name in a highlight reel. He and Campbell put up great numbers, but it was against the Seahawks, an absolutely awful secondary. I would only start Heyward-Bey if he has another great matchup, because I do not expect production like that on a weekly basis. Obviously Austin and Williams are your starters, and Crayton will work for a few more weeks. D. Jackson will be back next weekend (most likely) so i wouldnt even bother making that pickup, personally. Also, your team is legit. You really dont have that much to worry about anyways. It gets a little boring drafting a great team, but ride it out.


  4. Phillip

    whats up guys. putting in jon kitna over mcnabb was a 2 point difference but every point counts right? YUP!

    i also started BJGE over R. WILLIAMS which was a total risk i thought. but dude pulled through and yanked out 25 points.

    all in all i came out with a win…but still in need of a decent QB =(

    • Definitely need the QB upgrade. Kitna will continue to lose games and throw picks, but I honestly think he will put up 300+ yards per game and get a few scores with Austin Bryant and Witten to throw to.

      BJGE is a huge risk and a fantastic move on your part. Congrats man. I honestly wouldnt have pegged him to do anything this week, but his performance bumped him up on my charts.


  5. Allan Basso

    I’m really kicking myself right now.

    I should’ve gone with my gut and played Freeman over Schaub.
    But I didn’t so I lost for 1,02 points after his late interception (I was winning at that point by less than a point).
    Freeman would have gave me 8 more Fps than Schaub and I really just needed 12-14pts from the QB and Freeman was the safer choice.
    But I panicked and gambled hoping for a big day from Schaub.

    Also I had Austin on the bench (Ward gave me only 1,5 points) and Blount.
    But I never planned to play any of them, so I can get frustated by it.

    Another thing that hurt me was Detroit going for 2 2-pt conversions late in the game. Those 2 extra points would have been enough to win my matchup.

    Man, I am bitter today….

    • haha. tough luck. i got screwed by a defense in week 2 or 3 this week when in the final minute they ran back an INT making me the loser by 3 points. I was not a happy man.
      Sorry about your luck. That last pick was terrible. Wish I could have seen the value of Freeman. I’m still working on not automatically holding grudges against TB players.


  6. John K

    Your advice last week was great except for a few things which were just chance. Jennings had a better week than Moss and I sat Jennings thinking Revis would be shadowing him. Vernon Davis’ injury was apparently more serious than realized as he left in the first quarter. Marshawn Lynch had a horrible week having more carries than yards. Andre Johnson won me week 8, but I’m growing concerned over his ankle. I thought with the bye week, the problem would be behind him, but he was seen limping through various parts of the game and even had to sit out part of the last drive.

    So my questions:

    * Would it be a good idea to trade Andre Johnson and Vernon Davis for Roddy White for security against injury? I have Dustin Keller on the bench and am thinking of putting in a waiver claim for Jacob Tabbe from the colts (great game last night)
    * Is it too soon to give up on Marshawn Lynch after last week’s performances? With Benjarvus Green-Ellis’ crazy performance last week would he be a better option? And is it too soon to count Legarette Blount as a RB2 going forward?
    * What are your recommended week 9 waiver wire picks? waivers clear tommorrow in my league. Particulary receivers, tight ends and runningbacks
    * I have Rob Bironas but he’s on bye this week. Is he worth stashing on my roster and who would be a good bye week filler? Or is there another kicker who would be a competent replacement for the rest of the season enough so I could drop or trade bironas?

    Sorry to come with so many questions, but your advice really helps and I want to make the right waiver wire moves tonight. Thank you!

    • 1) I dont think thats too necessary. He has been playing on a hurt ankle since Week 2 and he is still producing. Also, Davis will likely be out of his slump after this bye week. Tamme would be a good pickup, but I’d immediately try to trade either him or Keller to upgrade at another spot.

      2) I have been expecting Lynch to break out for weeks now, but he still hasnt. Its hard to trust him. I have him on my bench just because its difficult to let him go, but probably not start worthy until he shows us something. Blount is legit. After his last 2 weeks, he is the man in TB. Keep him until they announce otherwise. BJGE looked good, and should continue on a decent pace (dont expect 25 fantasy points every week though)

      3) I just posted my Position rankings. Sleeper picks will come soon. Standouts would be RB James from Indy (if Addai, Brown and Hart are still out) Darren Sproles looks to me making a bit of a surge in the SD offense as well. WR would be Breaston or James Jones, maybe even Jenkins from ATL.

      4) I would just drop Bironas. I dont put a ton of thought into the kicker and just try to play the highest point scorer each week, (with a little consideration on matchup strength) You can keep him on your bench and just drop your pickup after his bye. Again, I have a kicker list in my position rankings post.

      Sorry I got this to you late.


  7. Kevin

    Andrew great advice this past week. I found your note about how to pick a kicker was especially helpful this week. I went through the available kicker’s this week including the one I had looking for someone that looked hot and settled on picking up Dan Carpenter of the Dolphins and I scored big with him. I know I can’t expect a 5 field goal week each week but it seems the fins have some trouble finding the end zone despite having a solid offense. I also scored big on your Defense advise this week. I had initially planed to use Dallas because so many predictions from you and others had them doing well. At the last minute I had a bad feeling and decided to roll with TB based on your call they would do well and between TB D and Carpenter I more than covered the quite week that Big Ben had and won my matchup with a huge differential.

    Also my trade for Andre Johnson went through. I still hope that trading Harvin, Schaub and P Thomas was a good decision. My only hedge is giving up PT but he has been dead weight on my team even if he does become healthy at some point. With the release of Moss, Harvin probably takes a hit unless Rice returns soon or the vikes can sign another field stretcher. Hopefully Johnson’s ankle was just a mild strain last night and I be able to roll with him the rest of the season.

    Now down to trade advise. Having acquired AJ I’m now looking at the next worse team in my league at 2-6. That team has Antonio Gates and appears to be suffering a WR. Here is my line-up:

    Kyle Orton
    Ben Roethlesberger
    Desean Jackson
    Andre Johnson
    Austin Collie
    Terrel Owens
    Mike Williams (TB)
    Arian Foster
    Peyton Hillis
    Ryan Torain
    Aaron Hernandez
    Open 1 – Hoping to get Lagarrette Blount, Ricky Williams or M Lynch off FA as waivers will trigger when my trade completes.
    Open 2 – Looking for a WR. Possibly V. Jackson, M-S Walker, Dez Bryant, D. Amendola, M. Mannigham, S. Breaston, Devone Bess, D. Heyward-Bey, or P. Crayton.)

    My question is what if anything can I offer to get Gates that the owner might go for. His lineup is:

    R. Moss
    H. Ward
    J. Maclin
    S. Jackson (StL)
    B. Wells
    M. Bush
    A. Gates
    T. Houshmandzadeh
    L. Evans
    B. Pettigrew

    On Paper it looks like a solid team. So is there something I could bait him with to get Gates?

    • Thanks a lot man. I’m really glad that my advice is working for you. Makes me feel like i’m doing something right. Congrats

      From what I’ve read, A. Johnson is good to go. So you have a nasty WR corps now. Same at RB, so dont worry about dealing PT. I would honestly leave the waiver wire alone.

      If you want to upgrade get Gates and unarguably the best Fantasy team in your league, I’d try to go big. He needs a solid RB and a WR3. Injuries at WR have you a little stretched, but I think that you could handle a trade of Hernandez/Hillis for Gates. Might be a stretch though. If that doesnt work, throw in Collie maybe. Dont want to give up too much though. Blount and Bryant would be great pickups. I’ve got a list of my Week 9 rankings up, so you can see where i put everyone.

      Congrats again.


  8. Ryan

    I just got offered a huge trade. I am currently 4-4 in a 1 point per reception league where QB’s also get .5 point per completion. In our FLEX we can start a QB, because of the .5 point per completion, QB is always highest scoring and needed in FLEX.

    My 2 QBs are Aaron Rodgers and Joe Flacco and my 2 starting RBs are Peyton Hillis and Darren Mcfadden.

    I was just offered Adrian peterson and dustin keller for Aaron Rodgers. if i trade away rodgers, i have Kitna, or i could just play Adrian peterson in my flex spot and have flacco as my only QB. Should I even think about this trade ?

    • Ryan


      He actually just offered me Sam Bradford and Adrian Peterson for Rodgers. I may have to throw in someone like shonne greene also just to free up space on my roster for AP

      Since our QBs get .50 points per completion, most weeks QBs score between 25-30 points, so a QB needs to be in the FLEX spot. The question is, is AP that much more valuable than Run-DMC and Hillis where this trade works out for me ?

    • I think this trade would give you more points. Kitna is not a great NFL QB, but he is pretty great for fantasy especially points per completion. Aaron Rodgers is a big loss, but Flacco and Kitna will be alright for you. I think that AP is a great RB and its hard to pass him up.
      I am not in any PPC leagues, so you’ll have to do a little math on this. If Kitna’s points per game are close to Rodgers and AP’s ppg are better than Hillis or McFadden, then this should be a good trade to make. For example, if Kitna is 4 ppg behind Rodgers and AP is 7 ppg above Hillis then make the trade. If Kitna is 10 points per game behind Rodgers and AP is 4 ppg better than Hillis. Dont take it.


  9. Justin

    great advice u gave… won both my leagues. one by 39 and the other by less then a point.. but a win is a win..

    trade question

    someone offered me thomas jones and owen daniels for greg jennings and m bush.

    rbs i have rice, mjd. bradshaw, blount
    tes i have keller and just picked up tamme from colts..
    moaeki is out there too but i like keller or tamme better then him

    im probably turning that down.

    now an offer im putting out to someone.

    colston and bush(or blount or greene) for nicks.

    my other wrs we play 4 wrs (could be 5 but i play a rb in the w/r flex spot)
    calvin johnson
    greg jennings
    d bowe
    deion branch

    now the guy has brees as his qb and mcfadden as his main rb.

    i went with the logic having brees and colston would be good for him and having the handcuff on mcfadden would be good too.. and bush gets his touches.. so he could even play both. and not do bad. since the raiders are a rushing team.

    what do u think of either trade?

    • Offer #1. Definitely not. You dont need an improvement at either RB or TE, so this is a pretty pointless trade for you. You wouldnt start either of the people you get.

      Offer #2. I think this one is in your advantage and might not work if its just Colston and Bush for Nicks. If you made it Colston and Blount you would have a better chance. Even giving away Colston Blount and Bush wouldnt be bad for you. I doubt that he would accept the first offer, but the other 2 make more sense. and again, they dont hurt you, because you’d be starting Rice/MJD/Bradshaw every week anyways.


      • Justin

        guy said we will do the trade (bush and colston for nicks) but he wants to wait til after week 10.. cuz saints and raiders have a bye that week.. and that would leave him with 8 people on a bye.

      • haha. youre doing this to boost your playoff chances. So i dont see a problem waiting. Make it known to the Commish that this trade is going down and that you agree to do it after week 10. you dont want him flaking on you.

  10. Tyson

    Well, I think God officially hates me, because I got blown out by 51 points! The only consolation is that I would have lost no matter what my line-up, so the couple of wrong decisions I made don’t sting as much. Mostly, I’m upset with myself for not trusting my gut. At the last minute, I benched Woodhead and started Moreno. I had a feeling about Woodhead all week, but talked myself out of it. He ended up with almost twice as many points as Moreno in my league! All my Steelers players (Ben, Ward, Miller) were terrible, but Schaub was only slightly better and I can’t imagine benching Ward for my next best scoring WR, Holmes.

    As for Moss, I offered a trade involving him to every owner in my league. The problem is that absolutely no one wants to trade (for anyone, not just Moss). I can’t trade one of my QBs either, even to people with QB problems. Finally, my friend who got me into the league accepted my trade of Moss for Benson… YESTERDAY MORNING! When we found out about Moss getting released, I asked if he wanted to contact the league commissioner and cancel the trade, but he said he’s not worried about Moss’s employment prospects, so he’s going to let it go through.

    I need to ask a quick question about which D/ST to pick-up. I currently have SEA and need to know if there’s someone better this week. There are 2 other owners who have defenses with byes, so I need to move quick, if I move at all. ARI, SD, PHI, IND, MIA, and NYG are available (I’ve listed them in order of most FP for the season to least). Suggestions?

    • NYG is the best defense in the league. and they have a nice matchup. Get them while you can. SD would also be good. IND would be next for me.

      Sorry about your luck man. This is the precise reason that i started playing multiple leagues. Every now and then you get into one that doesnt want to trade at all, and the lineup that you thought was great at the beginning gets plagued by injuries and sorry performances. Of course, then you get to the level of writing a fantasy blog and owning 5 teams and juggling them with your fantasy baseball team and 2 fantasy basketball teams. Its a snowball effect, but you’ll feel better if you ever get the bad luck of a crappy team/league.


  11. TCP

    In week 8 advice time, I asked you about 5 possible trade options, as I was trying to unload Rodgers or Big Ben for an upgrade at RB or WR. Here is what the other person accepted:

    I give Rodgers, Welker, Moreno
    I get Wayne, Gore

    Here is my 12 team league: 1qb, 2wr, 2rb, 1wr/rb, 1te, 1k, 1d

    QB: Big Ben, Fitzpatrick
    WR: AJohnson, Wayne, MWilliams (Sea), V Jax
    RB: Gore, S Jax, Green-Ellis, F Jax, Woodhead
    TE: Miller

    Maybe I should rename them “Team Jackson”

    • TCP

      Scratch that, it was vetoed

    • Awesome trade man. Congrats. I like it a lot. Great upgrades for you at WR and RB.

      Tough bye week for you. hopefully your WRs can pull it off for you.

      Big Ben
      A Johnson
      Green Ellis
      M Williams

      Flex is a bit of a concern. Williams has a brutal matchup, but so does F Jackson. Its a toss up for me. But I think the rest of the lineup is pretty much automatic.


  12. Ken

    I had a great week 8:

    Drew Brees (awesome game)
    Terrell Owens (awesome game)
    Brandon Lloyd (awesome game)
    Felix Jones (sucked, got rid of him now)
    Legarrette Blount (career game, picked him up just for the setup…now will keep him)
    Brandon Pettigrew (so-so game, TD saved him)
    Nick Folk (blahhhhhhhh)
    St Louis D (great game)

    Overall, will my bench being Jennings, Rice, Hillis, Nicks and Bradshaw for week 8, i was pumped to hit 105 in points…leader for the week.

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