Week 9 Advice Time

Time for everyone’s favorite column. Advice time.

You know the rules. Post any question you have. Trades, Lineup, Matchups, Pickups, and now we’re taking any kind of Basketball related question.

So go ahead and post what youve got. And we’ll turn you into winners. And as always, help us spread the word. Facebook, Twitter, Smoke Signals, Sign Language, Graffiti, whatever.




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139 responses to “Week 9 Advice Time

  1. Phillip

    still romo-less and i started jon kitna this past week. but still dont feel hes a long term guy OBVIOUSLY? right?…can he?…CAN HE?…i hope not. . im trying to trade one guy who is weak at TE and needs an RB….is Gonzo and BJGE for Eli Manning a respectable trade? he already plans on using fitzpatrick for week 9 (dont ask me why because i have no idea ha.). i also have mcnabb but after what happened this past week i feel he will be so pissed off and possibly kill himself before this sunday comes so maybe i should drop him now? ha what do you think?

    secondly….do i go manningham or breaston for my WR3?

    and lastly, what are the chances of me taking your job so you can have a long vacation? hahaha

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    • Kitna might not be the worst fantasy QB in the world. You know that they are going to play from behind and all he is going to do is throw the ball. And the receivers are good, so he’ll get yardage and 1 or 2 scores a week easy. You could do worse. Eli is a definite upgrade though. Gonzo and BJGE would be a good trade for you I think. And one that he might take.
      McNabb is dead weight on your bench as far as i’m concerned. He isnt producing and when the coach is leaning toward Rex Grossman and JaMarcus Russell, you know that there is a problem. Kitna isnt a bad start. But make the trade and hope it goes through. Hopefully you have the TE/RB talent to afford losing Gonzo and GreenEllis.

      Tough choice. Manningham can either do nothing for you, or have a great week. I like the matchup, but I see Manning aiming more at his big 2 this week. Breaston will catch his share of passes and wont see much heat as teams have to double Fitz. Close calls, I do have Breaston higher though.

      Definitely loving the long vacation idea. I think a job requires payment though, so this blog does not qualify. Soon though.. hopefully.. I will take over the world.


  2. John K

    Your advice last week was great except for a few things which were just chance. Jennings had a better week than Moss and I sat Jennings thinking Revis would be shadowing him. Vernon Davis’ injury was apparently more serious than realized as he left in the first quarter. Marshawn Lynch had a horrible week having more carries than yards. Andre Johnson won me week 8, but I’m growing concerned over his ankle. I thought with the bye week, the problem would be behind him, but he was seen limping through various parts of the game and even had to sit out part of the last drive.

    So my questions:

    * Would it be a good idea to trade Andre Johnson and Vernon Davis for Roddy White for security against injury? I have Dustin Keller on the bench and am thinking of putting in a waiver claim for Jacob Tabbe from the colts (great game last night)
    * Is it too soon to give up on Marshawn Lynch after last week’s performances? With Benjarvus Green-Ellis’ crazy performance last week would he be a better option? And is it too soon to count Legarette Blount as a RB2 going forward?
    * What are your recommended week 9 waiver wire picks? waivers clear tommorrow in my league. Particulary receivers, tight ends and runningbacks
    * I have Rob Bironas but he’s on bye this week. Is he worth stashing on my roster and who would be a good bye week filler? Or is there another kicker who would be a competent replacement for the rest of the season enough so I could drop or trade bironas?

    Sorry to come with so many questions, but your advice really helps and I want to make the right waiver wire moves tonight. Thank you!

    • John K

      I dropped Reggie Bush and stashed away Sidney Rice today…was that a good decision? I heard he was lifted off of the PUP list but there’s still floating uncertainty as to when he’s going to play and how effective he will be (I was looking for firepower in the fantasy playoffs).

      Subbing a kicker this week for Rob Bironas…I picked up Matt Bryant, but will Ryan Longwell be the better option? I was basing it on consistency and also saw Longwell’s few attempts even made.

      Where do you see Jacob Tamme from the Colts fitting in TE rankings? I have Dustin Keller and Vernon Davis and I’m trying to contemplate trade packages and the possbility of adding Tamme to replace one of my TE’s as a backup and/or rotationary starter based on peformance and match-ups

      • Its debatable decision. I dont expect Rice to perform like last year with Favre playing the way he is. Neither has done anything this year really, so its all a judgment call. Rice has tons of potential though, so it wasnt a bad move by any means.

        K is tough to predict. I have Longwell high because I think the loss of Moss will keep them short of the endzone a few times. Bryant has better numbers this year though and always puts up points.

        Tamme looks to be legit and filling in right where Clark left off. Manning likes throwing to his TEs and Tamme is very talented. If you need an upgrade somewhere else, I’d pick him up and shop around Keller and Davis. Package one of them with another bench player so you can upgrade WR or RB.


    • Got you answered in the Week 8 Recap.


  3. Zach

    So I’m now 8-0 thanks to some of your advice and a win next week should clinch me a playoff spot since the middle of my league is so muddled. Right now my lineup for week 9 stands as:

    qb – big ben
    rb – arian foster
    rb – darren mcfadden
    wr – andre johnson
    wr – reggie wayne
    wr – wes welker
    te – zach miller
    k – gostkowski
    d/st – giants

    eli manning
    lesean mccoy
    mike tolbert
    robert meachem
    kenny britt
    sidney rice

    I guess this is a multi part question: big ben vs. eli? mccoy vs. mcfadden?

    Also I have waiver claims out for jacob tamme and lagarette blount with the 5th spot, so I’m hoping to land one of them. I put out a trade offer for mccoy/welker for michael turner but haven’t gotten a response – so I might decline it now. Chris Johnson’s owner is asking for way too much so I’m looking at another potential trade: I offer either of my qbs (eli or big ben) with either of my top wrs (andre or reggie) with mccoy or mcfadden for roddy white and jamaal charles or ray rice. That team’s owner only has Sam Bradford..so I’m hoping his need for a qb might push it in my favor. Which players do you think would make the most enticing offer? Essentially I don’t want to be burdened with playing the matchups between my qbs and mccoy and mcfadden.

    • Zach

      I want to find someway to get ride of mccoy because of his playoff schedule. I don’t think packaging him and zach miller would get me gates..

    • Congrats. That is a pretty damn early playoff clinch.

      I have Eli as a great start this week. He is #3 on my list. McFadden and McCoy are #3 and #4 in my rankings and both should get great numbers. Either way you go is good. I’d take McFadden though because they have less of a passing game than the Eagles.

      I always have a hard time suggesting a trade to an undefeated team.. If it ain’t broke dont fix it, essentially.
      Find out what weeks are your playoff weeks (15&16 or 16&17) and look at the matchups before you take on any of these trades. If who you want has a better chance, then go for it. Start thinking way ahead of yourself. Dont make trades to improve your team now.. Make trades that will give you the best possible lineup in your playoff weeks.


  4. Scotty

    Pretty good advice last weekend overall but still took a loss. Team is sitting at 4-4 and tied in my division with two other teams for the top spot. So my team needs to pick it up to stay in the playoff hunt. 10 team league with standard scoring.

    QB – Vick
    WR – C. Johnson
    WR – B. Marshall
    RB – R. Rice
    RB – D. Williams (if healthy)
    Flex – J. Maclin
    TE – O. Daniels

    Bench: D. Bowe, B. Wells, Moreno, V. Jackson, Flacco, Cooley

    Having trouble picking between Bowe and Maclin with Vick coming back and the way Bowe is playing. Is Wells a better play over Williams? What about Daniels vs T. Heap off waivers?

    Thanks for the help again.

    • Maclin is definitely your go-to with Vick in the lineup. D. Jackson looks to be out for another week, so Maclin will get tons of work.

      I expect D. Williams to miss another week. So throw Wells in there. He has a doable matchup, but I wouldnt get your hopes up for fireworks. Your WR lineup is fantastic though, so thats something to cheer about. I have Daniels above Heap. I just posted a Position rankings, so see if anyone there is still on waivers for you if you want to upgrade that spot.

      Anytime. Thanks for coming back. Tell your friends.


  5. jayhawk4life

    having some rb troubles this week with gore and V. Davis on a bye. So who do i play at RB – Lynch, Benson, BJGE, F.Jackson.
    Then i have to pick up a TE of waivers so do i go pettigrew, heap, tamme, watson.
    Im thinking of dropping driver for the TE spot due to him not really being relevant anymore and i have bowe, wayne, garcon and Smith(car). what do you think?

    • I think BJGE and Benson as the highest of your 4. Not a stellar week for either of them though.
      TE- Tamme is the best on the list actually. I hope that the Colts continue to use him just like Clark. He has the hands and route running ability for it, and he looked great Monday night.
      I think you could drop either Driver or F Jackson to get Tamme. Driver does have the injury and seems to be getting a little phased out by Jones in the offense. I say drop Jackson just because there is pretty much no chance that you will start him for the remainder of the season.


  6. Tyson

    See my previous post (under Recap) to find out why God hates me. 😀 I did manage to trade R. Moss for Cedric Benson only an hour or so before the news of his release broke! In fairness, I did offer to contact the league commissioner to undo the deal, but the proud new Moss owner says he is not worried, so I’m good.

    So this is my new roster:

    QB: Schaub, Roethlisberger
    WR: Ward, Bryant, Branch, Holmes, Woodhead
    RB: Blount, Wells, Woodhead, Moreno
    TE: Miller(PIT), Heap
    K: Folk
    D/ST: SEA

    And here are my issues for the week.

    1) I like Schaub at QB, though I can’t say why. Maybe because I don’t know enough about Cincy’s pass defense to have an opinion on Big Ben.

    2) Looks like I am stuck with a WR carousel for the rest of the season. I have tried to trade Schaub to every team in my league that would stand to benefit from it, but this is a league that doesn’t like to trade (with the exception of my long-time friend who got me into the league in the first place and recently took Moss off my hands). SO… Do I go with the current crew (I’m thinking Ward, Holmes, and Branch due to match-ups) or pick up someone else? Available: J. Nelson(GB), J. Jones(GB), P. Crayton, D. Mason, D. Hester

    3) I’m eager to try Blount this week, but do you like Wells or Woodhead better? Match-up seems to favor Woodhead (@CLE).

    4) Planning to start Heap. Is Tamme worth dropping Miller (or Heap)?

    5) Need rapid D/ST advice. Since I posted it in the “Recap” comments, I’ll just look there instead of restating here.

    Thanks for the advice! I’ve been referring this site to all my non-loser friends!

    • Tyson

      Stupid me, I forgot to factor in Benson for my RBs, since he will be mine once my trade is processed in a couple of hours.

    • 1) I have Roethlisberger higher by a few spots. Similar matchups, I just think Roeth has been more consistent than Schaub since he got back. This might have something to do with me putting Schaub in timeout for ruining my rep a little bit last week.
      2) Ward is good. I have Bryant pretty high as well. He’ll still get points even if his team blows. And probably Branch next. Just a feeling about him above Holmes. Might have something to do with the miserable Jets performance last week. I think that J Jones from GB would be the best of the pickups that you listed. He will start playing a bigger role in the offense. I have Crayton listed very high this week, but it probably wont be for long with the return of Floyd and V Jackson. Crayton would be a good pickup, but dont consider that a long term investment at all.
      3) I agree that Woodhead has the better matchup. Wells has done nothing but let me down this year. Blount should continue to see the work in TB and perform at a high level.
      4) I’d drop Heap. Start Tamme. Keep Miller around for good matchups. Tamme and Miller will be consistent and Heap tends to have up and down weeks.
      5) Hope you got your DEF advice before it was too late. Again, sorry about the wait. I have the DEF rankings posted, so check them out.

      Thanks for spreading the word. Good luck.


      • Tyson

        Oops, already dropped Miller! Heap’s numbers looked better lately and Miller hasn’t been syncing up with Big Ben the way I had hoped. Not much TE activity in my league, so I think I can pick him up later if I need.

        Bryant has been doing better lately, but do you really think he will be better than Holmes this week, given the match-ups? I thought whoever plays Detroit is normally the automatic starter! I’m watching Branch’s status throughout the week, but thinking that I should definitely start both him and Woodhead if possible because my opponent is starting Brady. (I figure any TDs he throws to my guys will effectively negate his own points.) 😉

      • I am slowly rethinking the matchup for Dallas. GB has a few players coming back from injury. And Det is a good matchup for Holmes, I just wasnt impressed at all by NYJ last week, which is why they are all so low.
        I’m going to stand by my picks, but acknowledge that you have make some great points.
        Go with the gut, man.


      • Tyson

        My WR line-up has suddenly become much clearer, thanks to a trade offer of mine that was actually accepted! (I’m still in shock!) I shipped out Schaub and Branch for Danny Amendola. Before you disown me, keep in mind that my league gives points for returns and a half point for every reception. That makes Amendola the 9th best WR in the league ahead of guys like Boldin, Maclin, Austin, and Andre Johnson. (I know you hate that.) He has averaged over 13 points per game for the season and over 16 the past 4 games.

        So now I’m rolling with Ward, Bryant, and Holmes this week, since Amendola is on a bye. My only other option is to sub Woodhead in for one of the WRs and fill his current RB slot with C. Benson. Would that be wise? I’m hesitant due to his match-up with the Steelers.

      • I agree. I say roll with what you have in place right now. Its definitely a good trade for return yardage league. I do hate that a lot, but I’m glad it worked out for you. Amendola is a beast when it comes to that kind of work.


  7. Justin

    would u start blount, bush (who will be gone if the trade for nicks goes thru), or greene

    d keller or tamme? moaeki is out there too for me to pick up if needed

    im starting jennings, bowe, calvin johnson, colston (he will be gone also if trade for nicks goes thru)

    would u start any of these over them

    garcon, knox or holmes.

    diff league.

    pick 2.. maclin, steve johnson, or mike hart

    starting line up for this league

    QB schaub
    WR hakeem nicks
    WR mike williams (tb)
    RB ray rice
    TE shockey (m lewis is on a bye)
    W/T open
    W/R open

    i have desean jackson if he plays and p thomas if he plays but have a feeling neither is gonna play

    • Blount and Bush are primed to have good weeks. I like Blount more though, just because McFadden should see most of the work for OAK.

      Keller is higher on my rankings this week. If Tamme keeps up this pace though, he will quickly become a top 5 TE.

      Garcon replacing Bowe would be my only change at WR. and of course nicks when you get him.

      League 2) Maclin and S Johnson (Check Harts status, looks doubtful)
      I think Jackson and Thomas will both be out this week. Maclin and Johnson will be decent fill ins. Maclin should have a good week. Johnson is always a gamble.


      • Justin

        desean jackson suppose to play.. so do i sit johnson and play maclin and jackson?

        its hard not to play both of them the way the season has gone..

      • If jackson is back then yeah, i’d throw him in in S Johnson’s place. Kind of odd starting 2 receivers from the same team. Especially with a good matchup, but I think you have to.


      • Justin

        who has a better game this week.. blount or bowe? i can start either of them.. i was thinking blount

      • I dont see spectacular weeks out of either of them. KC should spend most of the day running, and Bowe has a tough matchup against a good pass defense. Blount is facing a tougher run defense, but has been hot. I’m excited to see how he produces against a better defense. I think Blount has a better week than Bowe. KC’s passing game should be quiet.


  8. Robert

    I’m sitting in 7th place at 4-4 OUCH!!. I thought my team was solid last week and was but not enough to win. Need to move into the top 6 this week. Your advice has helped in the past few weeks so I appreciate it. I need help on a decision for 3 WR and 2 RB + flex play.

    WR’s – A. Johnson (ankle?), Percy Harvin (ankle?), D. Branch, S. Johnson, Jabar Gaffney.

    RB’s – F. Jackson, Green-Ellis, L. Blount, M. Bush, C. J. Spiller.

    • Robert

      Also to add to this I picked up Jacob Tamme so I was thinking about using a 2 TE set for one my flex plays. So it would look like this.

      TE – Antonio Gates
      W/T – Jacob Tamme

      Tell me what you think about that option as well.

    • A Johnson should be fine this week and is a must start. Harvins value is back to where it was at the beginning of the season without moss. Branch has potential. Johnson has potential and Gaffney is on bye. Id go with A johnson, Branch and S Johnson.
      RB would be Blount and Bush. I’d throw BJGE in at FLEX.

      I dont expect too much firepower, but the lineup I provided has a lot of upside. You have some decent matchups and each player should put up the yards you need, just keep the fingers crossed for a few TDs out of them.


  9. bmoney

    Does Fitzpatrick have a chance to be decent vs Chicago’s Pass Def? I lost Romo, he’s my only QB, and my only FA options are the likes of Favre/Jackson, Kitna, Campbell, Hasselbeck.

    Also these are my RB/WR (gore on bye). Help me choose 2 rb, 3 wr, 1 flex? I’m leaning “*”

    *WR-S. Johnson
    *WR-S. Smith(car)

    • Kitna is not a terrible fantasy quarterback. You can expect 2 scores and over 300 yards every game just because of the cowboys offense. I have Kitna higher than Fitzpatrick this week, but I’m second guessing myself on that. Its a tough matchup for dallas. Both are risky and neither see a great matchup. But I go with Kitna just because you know they are going to throw the ball 75% of the time.

      I am not a Greene supporter. I agree with all your choices but him. I’m having a hard time telling you to put M Williams in with his very tough matchup against the Giants. A Gonzalez is playing Philly and could see some looks, but you have to think that he is still a 3rd stringer.
      I’d personally make Gonzalez my flex over Greene.


  10. Ramulous

    ok so I have quite a lineup challenge for this if my trades go through. heres what it looks like:

    qb: vick or flacco
    rb: peterson and mccoy
    wr: white and marshall
    def: buffalo
    flex: steve johnson

    if my trades go through i will have thomas jones and calvin johnson

    so the question is, if the trades go through, do i replace the players i get with anyone from my lineup? and who would u start for qb?

  11. Kevin

    I currently have Aaron Hernandez but have the opportunity to swap out for Jacob Tamme.

    Andrew I need a gut feel. Is Tamme the real deal? And would it be worth swapping out Hernandez for him? As I see it the upside on Tamme is that Colts are a pass happy team and Manning is use to throwing to the TE.

    At this point risky swap but could payoff through the rest of the season if I can’t get Gates.

    • Watching the monday night game, i have to say that he is the real thing. Watch that TD pass again. That is exactly the route that Dallas Clark runs. Perfectly. He is legit, and if he were on any other NFL team, he would be starting and we’d be putting him in the top 10 every week. Thats what the gut says. Manning loves his TEs and I think Tamme will take over the role seamlessly.


  12. TD

    Looks like I posted this in the wrong section–so here are my questions again.

    Hey, got some sit/start and waiver questions for ya

    1) Who do you like more of these TEs moving forward: Moeaki/B Watson/J Tamme

    2) With a few receivers out on Byes this week, who would you start: D Bryant/M Williams (TB)

    3) Who to start: Blount/Beanie Wells/R Mathews

    4) In another league I can’t decided between Fitz or M Williams (TB) for the coming week

    5) Lame kicker question: M Bryant or Viniateri?

    Thanks man! Your advice has been great so far!


    • pretty sure I already got to you. I was a little late because i’ve been at work all damn week. Hope it works out. If i didnt answer anything, let me know and i’ll get to you again before sunday.


  13. Ratcliffe2005

    Alright great advice last week though I’m still not understanding why Hernandez is ranked so high (Avid pats fan, I understand the hype after the first couple weeks, but now we see he’s fallen into standard patriot TE mode…) and M. Lewis so low…

    Here’s my dilemma…

    #1 Need to make moves without dropping talent…

    QB: Brady
    WR: C. Johnson
    WR: M. Williams (TB)
    WR: EMPTY!!!!!
    RB: R. Mendenhall
    RB: B. Green-Ellis (????!!!!!)
    TE: A. Hernandez
    K: S. Gostkowski
    DEF: EMPTY!!!

    BN: R. Mathews (dropping have too)
    BN: S. Moss (BYE)
    BN: M. Lewis (BYE)
    BN: R. Torain (BYE)
    BN: K. Moreno (BYE)
    BN: R. Fitzpatrick
    BN: Tennessee (BYE)

    #1?? What moves to make?
    Trades are unresponsive so I’m looking for FA moves.

    Do I need to drop Fitz to pick up another DEF, and Mathews for another WR? If so who should be picked up?

    Wire Feed:

    N. Washington
    D. Woodhead
    J. Gaffney
    M. Williams (SEA)
    L. Murphy
    A. Armstrong
    B. Tate
    D. Heyward-Bey

    Thanks for the help.

    • Ratcliffe2005

      Another possible waiver add.

      I originally drafted Meachem, but let him go a few weeks into the season for Collie.

      However Meachem has been picking up his game, and NO schedule to round out the season is great for Receivers. (DAL, CIN, STL, BAL, ATL, TB) with the better match ups BAL, ATL, TB when the playoffs are decided.

      • He could be a good pickup for you. But he does have lots of offensive competition on the team. I expect him to be behind Colston and Moore, but he can always have a good week. Saints receivers are the hardest to predict.

    • I know Hernandez has hype on his side. But you have to admit that it has been a terribly up and down year for TEs so far. Watson is on top one week and doesnt touch the ball the other week. M Lewis is scoring on 1/3 of his catches. NE is going to be a short passing team all year and I know that the TE spot is very valuable for that style of offense. He might not be a top 5 TE any week this year, but he will consistently see catches and yardage. Lewis isnt on the list because its his bye week.

      You probably already know my stand on defense. Only have one on the roster. Its TEN’s bye week so drop them and pick up the best def available (NYG) and when next week comes around, pick the team with the best matchup or get TEN back if they are still available.

      Brady has past his bye week, so you can go ahead and drop Fitz since you’ll probably never start him again. Or drop Mathews for essentially the same reason. I know that your team is basically the NE Pats right now anyways, but I still think that Woodhead is the best WR on that list. Gaffney would be my choice, but its his Bye. Heyward Bey is interesting, but I think that was just a one week blowup. You know that Woodhead will see about 4 catches 40 yds receiving and maybe 50 yds rushing each week, which is more than any other option can promise you. Tate is a gamble, and has the big threat potential, but i think its to risky. Williams would be a great pickup, but he has an awful matchup this week.


  14. David

    Hey thanks for the advice last week…very very helpfull!!!!
    I’m here for more help again, PPR league: Need two RB, Ronnie Brown, Marshawn Lynch, Fred Jackson, Darren Sproles? Three WR: Megatron, Miles Austin, Davone Bess, Steve Breaston, Mike Williams (TB)?
    Also have a Flex R/W for one of those?
    Thanks again!!!!

  15. cgi

    Pick 2:


    • Crayton, Holmes

      Double check status of Floyd, but he should be out again making Crayton a good start. Holmes will hopefully rebound from last week.

      Gonzo is a 3rd stringer, but should still put up OK points. Breaston will see looks since he is healthy and opposite Fitzgerald, but I think Holmes is the better option.


  16. Dron/ Dirt MeGurt

    To make things not complicated any more who to start at each position (with possibly a few insights):
    QB: Ben or Vick
    WR: A Miles, D Jackson, M Williams (TB), D Woodhead, or P Crayton.
    RB: AP, Bradshaw, Hillis, or Blount
    TE: Hernandez, or Heap

    Thanks GHL

    • Dron/ Dirt MeGurt

      Don’t answer yet ill hold off as i read your replies to others.

    • Big Ben
      A Miles ( =Miles Austin?)
      M Williams
      P Crayton

      D Jackson is likely out again this week. Austin will see looks even if his team has no chance of winning. M Williams has proven to be an every week starter. Crayton is going to be the #1 option in SD again with Floyd likely out.
      RB you are safe with any combo you choose to go with. All of them are top 15 performers this week. I have AP #1 and had to pick between Bradshaw and Hillis. Hillis has a slightly better matchup. But i have hillis, bradshaw and blount at #11, 12, and 14 respectively.


      • Dron/ Dirt MeGurt

        So a couple things have changed for me…I’ll give you the new roster and if you’d gimme your picks, that’d be great.
        Pick 3 WR: M Austin, C Johnson, P Crayton, D Jackson, D Woodhead.
        Pick 2 RB: AP, Hillis, Blount
        Pick 1 TE: Hernandez or Tamme.

        New to the roster were C Johnson and Tamme.
        In your opinion was it smart to drop Heap for Tamme, and trade Bradshaw for C Johnson. I thought they were.
        Also I’m sticking with Ben over Vick.

        Thanks GHL

      • I could honestly say that any combo of WR is good too..
        D Jackson looks like he’ll be back this week. Austin should have another good show. C Johnson is always a good play. Mike Williams has become a must start every week. Crayton is a smart option with Gates and Floyd out. I’d avoid Woodhead.

        I’ll stick with the order of my WR rankings in telling you my opinion for your WR spots. That would be Austin, Johnson and Williams.


      • Dron/ Dirt MeGurt

        Also I still have Mike Williams on WR. And no need to pick my RB’s, since you said any combo is good.

  17. ShAd0wS

    I have a couple tough calls with byes this week:
    QB: Brees or Vick
    WR (3): Marshall, Harvin (Inj?), and Knox or Breaston. If Harvin can’t play it gets decided for me since my other 2 receivers are on bye.
    RB (2): AP and BJGE, Blount, M.Lynch, Fred Jackson
    TE: Keller <- not sure if I should try to grab a better tight end with the lack of attention he has been getting.
    D/ST: Vikings, Seahawks. Drop Seahawks to stash Titans?


    • QB- Brees
      WR- Marshall, Knox and Breaston. I think that even if he plays, Harvin is going to not have the performance we’ve seen in the past few games because he is again lacking the deep threat. he is a much better #2 receiver.
      RB- AP and BJGE. He had a good week last week and has a better matchup than Blount. Blount is the big man in TB now, but against the Falcons he could have a tougher matchup.
      TE- Keller has a good matchup this week and should rebound from last week. It might be time to invest in someone else though since he is losing ground fast.
      D- I just posted my position rankings, so check out waivers for anyone with a better matchup than the Vikes.


  18. Ratcliffe2005

    Roster Reads:

    QB: E. Manning
    WR: H. Nicks
    WR: H. Ward
    WR: J. Maclin
    RB: J. Charles
    RB: A. Foster
    TE: Z. Miller
    K: D. Carpenter
    DEF: PIT

    BN: A. Collie
    BN: P. Hillis
    BN: R. Fitzpatrick
    BN: D. Bess
    BN: M. Williams (TB)
    BN: B. Green-Ellis

    Should I try to make a trade happen to get a superstar? Who and where’s the move?

    • I think your team is pretty damn legit. with Miller hurt a bit you might want to try for another TE. Find whoever owns Gates and see what his weaknesses are. If the weakness is at RB offer him Miller and Collie (or Ward). If the weakness is RB offer him Miller and Hillis.

      I dont think you need an upgrade at RB. You could shoot for a better receiver if you give up Hillis and Williams/Collie/Ward for someone along the lines of Owens or Calvin Johnson. A good WR1 or 2.

      You have great bench talent, so dont be afraid to make some good moves, but only for ELITE players.

  19. Ryan

    I need to start 2 out of 4 WRs. 1 Point per reception

    Danny woodhead
    lee evans
    patrick crayton
    mike williams (sea)

  20. bmoney

    What are a couple of WR that you would value slightly more than Blount in a trade right now? (In other words, whose is the worst WR you’d accept straight up in exchange for Blount.) It would help me get an idea what WRs I could shop him for, there are a few guys in my league whose RBs are terrible. I could use a WR upgrade.

    Thanks for telling me to start him last week. I think I probably would have anyway, but it helps to have reinforcement so I don’t over-think things. Got a big win, 4-4, but 3rd in my 12 team league in scoring.

    • bmoney

      Alright, my bro in law really wants to trade with me. I’m at 4-4, he’s at 3-5. What do I offer? (He offered me Schaub, H Ward, F.Jones for Turner, S.Smith, Fitzpatrick and I immediately denied.) He also called me twice…


      He has:

      PLEASE HELP!! I feel an opportunity to sell high on Blount, and he seems desperate, but I don’t want to do anything stupid…or have God Hate Me

      • Its tough. I think that you can use a WR upgrade and of course a QB one. He needs RBs bad.

        Make the offer of Fitzpatrick, Blount and S. Smith for Schaub and Austin/Johnson.
        If he says no.. make is Fitz, Gore, Smith for Schaub, Austin/Johnson, and Welker.

        You are in the drivers seat on this one. I think he would make the first trade. Its a 3 for 2. and you arent losing much. You can plug Austin in at WR and move Gonzalez or Williams to flex. If he is that desperate, I say this is a good trade to make that upgrades you at QB and WR.

    • Congrats on the win. I’m definitely trying to be more of a support guy than one who sets your lineup. So im glad I could back you up on that one.

      Blount is proving to be a great RB, so you could actually go pretty high with him based on his hype.
      Lowest I would go is someone like Steve Smith NYG. Check out my position ranks. I have him at 23 this week, but look to trade for anyone on the list above him, minus those who are just good because of injuries (Crayton, Garcon, etc)


  21. Stephanie

    Thanks for your great advice week. I didn’t give up on Lloyd and he did his thing for me.

    For this week which two back would you start. Rice, Thomas Jones, Jahvid Best or DeAngelo WIlliams.

    I am leaning toward Rice and Thomas Jones because Best is facing the Jets defense and I think they will hammer him.

    Also, in QB position I am starting Schaub and Possibly Matt Moore or Hassleback….Not sure which one to go with out of those two…Schaub is a definite, just need another one…Thanks for any help you can give me!

    • Rice is a good start. T Jones is probably my other pick against OAK. It should be an all out brawl in the running game and i expect him, Charles, and McFadden to produce big numbers. Best has a tough matchup and D Williams is likely out for another week.

      For the second QB, i think both of your other options are pretty poor ones. Moore is against NO (3rd best in pass D) Hasselbeck is facing NYG (2nd best in pass D) I would try my luck on waivers, but I doubt there is much to work with there. I guess go with Moore and cross your fingers.


  22. Jon

    I’m in a 12 team, 3 year keeper league. We are currently in year 1. Tony Romo and Sam Bradford are both on the waiver wire. I could pick up and keep either one of those guys and have them in the 12th round next year and the 11th round in year 3.

    In your opinion are either one of these QBs worth picking up to keep and if so which one?

    (I will definately be keeping Amad Bradshaw as a 7th round pick and Austin Collie in round 11).


    • Romo should bounce right back next year. He was still putting up great numbers before his injury and should do so next season as well. I’d definitely go for him in a keeper league. Bradford is having a great season. But on a worse team. and sophomore slump is often true in the NFL. hard to predict.
      Romo is guaranteed though as a top fantasy QB every season.


  23. Double Dwaynebowe

    wuts up guys just a few questions.

    gonzalez or tamme?

    from hines ward, colston, bess and steve smith who should i start (3) for week 9?

    and lastly is New Orleans a good D for this week?

    • double dwaynebowe all the way!

      Gonzalez this week. Tamme is a great pickup though and is definitely something to think about down the line. See how he does this week before replacing Gonzo.

      Ward Colston and Smith. Either Steve Smith is a good start this week. Steve Smith NYG is probably the better of the 2. Both are higher than Bess in my opinion though.

      NO should be a great D this week. I’m really hoping they get back on track with TOs this year though. Not as impressive as last season.

      Thanks for stopping by. Dont forget to bookmark us and let us know how you do on tuesday in our Weekly Recap post.


  24. MIke

    QB- Kitna or Sanchez? or get Cassel or Freeman?

    RB- Forte, Blount or Bush? or get Hart? Pick 2?

    WR- A.Johnson, Wes Welker, D.Bess? or get Darrius Bay, Brandon Tate or JAMES JONES? Pick 2….
    Can’t depend on welker…:(

    Flex—PICK ONE???

    Def…Jets? or get Bills, Atl, Det?

    THANK YOU>>>>>

    • Kitna sucks. But is still producing great fantasy points. Sanchez has a much better matchup this week though, but looked miserable last week. I’d go Kitna.

      RB- Forte and Blount. Bush could see numbers against a bad Rush D, but I expect most of the work to stay with McFadden. Hart is likely injured this week.

      WR- A Johnson is a must. I really like J Jones as a sleeper. Should do terrible things to the cowboys with Driver out. I say pick him up and start him with confidence.

      Flex- I’d give it to either Bush or Welker. Hard not to play Welker, especially with this matchup. Bush again has a fantastic matchup and could see a breakout game. Toss up.

      DEF- Gotta go with Jets v. Detroit.

      youre welcome


  25. strag

    TE position:

    Aaron Hernandez(vs Cle)
    Todd Heap (vs Miami)

    • Hernandez is a better TE in my opinion. More consistent. Heap can produce, but hes very up and down for me. At least with Hernandez you know that you will get at least 6 points


  26. ezekiel

    Okay, so I have a trade proposal. Here’s my roster:

    QB’s – Fitzpatrick, Campbell (I know. Terrible)
    WR’s – C. Johnson, H. Ward, M. Williams (TB),E. Royal, M. Floyd, V. Jackson
    RB’s – C. Johnson, J. Best, R. Torain, M. Bush
    TE’s – A. Hernandez, J. Tamme
    K – M. Crosby
    DEF – New Orleans
    D – James Anderson

    His Roster:
    QB’s – Brady, M. Ryan
    WR’s – D. Branch, M. Colston, M. Austin, B. Lloyd, Ochocinco
    RB’s – L. Blount, M. Turner, P. Hillis, K. Moreno, R. Bush
    TE’s – Z. Miller
    K – Tynes
    DEF – Pittsburgh
    D – J. Meyo, B. Cushing

    I proposed a joke trade to him to get Ryan, and he countered with:

    Ryan, Turner, and Lloyd for Chris Johnson.

    I definitely don’t need Lloyd, but I am in pretty desperate need of a stable QB. Should i take it? I have a really hard time parting with Johnson, especially now that Titan’s opponents finally will have someone to focus on other than C. Johnson (Moss). Thoughts?

    • You do need the QB help. You arent losing much at RB, and you can always use Lloyd as trade bait for a better RB2 behind Turner. I think this trade is definitely in your favor. Betters your lineup and it also opens up the door for some great trade options.
      CJ’s stock does go up with Moss on the team, but I still think that this is a good play for you. But definitely turn right around and make a Lloyd and Best/Torain trade for another strong RB



    At QB Brady or Eli Manning (This Week & Rest of season)

    Pick 2 @ WR… Welker, Hines Ward or Mike Williams(TB)?

    1 RB… LeGarrete Blount or B. Wells?

    Is Forte a safe play this week, or should I replace him with Blount?

    **I don’t believe B. Wells was ranked in this weeks player rankings**


    • I like Manning. He has good weapons and great matchups. Brady is a good NFL QB, but not much of a Fantasy one this season. He gets the win, but not with big numbers.

      Ward and Williams this week at WR.

      I completely forgot to put B Wells on my list, but I think that Blount is a better play than him this week. I like Forte this week. Good matchup for him and he should play into the passing game as well.


  28. Zach

    I have a trade question. First, here is my roster:

    Aaron Rodgers
    Ben Roethlisberger
    Mike Wallace
    Andre Johnson
    Brandon Lloyd
    Davone Bess
    Jamaal Charles
    Ladanian Tomlinson
    LeGarrette Blount
    BenJarvus Green-Ellis
    Joseph Addai
    Jacob Tamme
    Aaron Hernandez

    Each week we can start:

    Someone is offering Reggie Wayne and Donald Brown for Jamaal Charles. First off, I really don’t like the idea of holding three guys from the same team. I’m really banking on Tamme since i’ve had bad luck with TEs all season. I would never start Wayne, Tamme and Brown at the same time. When Addai comes back, Donald Brown is useless to me. I dont know, I am not good with trades. I usually deny trades and stick with what I have which has worked fine for me every year. I am currently in 2nd (6-2). Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks guys.

    • Zach

      In case you wanted to know his roster, here it is:

      Peyton Manning
      Matt Ryan
      Reggie Wayne
      Percy Harvin
      Mike Sims-Walker
      Jeremy Maclin
      Steve Breaston
      Chris Ivory
      Michael Turner
      Jason Snelling
      Donald Brown
      Tony Moeaki

      • Yeah, his team is pretty much nothing either way. He would have nothing at WR if this trade went through. I say dont bother.

        Instead of giving up charles, try to make the same trade with Tomlinson or Blount instead.
        and make it a straight up trade, you dont need brown.

    • Wayne is definitely an upgrade for your team, but Brown is a throw away. He should actually put up great numbers this week, but after that he is nothing. You have LT and Blount and that should be good enough for you for the rest of the year.

      This trade would make your line up

      Because you have Lloyd already, I dont really think this is necessary. Your team is probably a bit downgraded because of this. You do not need a WR. I would stay how you are.

  29. John K

    Starting Dustin Keller this week because it’s Vernon Davis’ bye week. I’ve been trying to trade Keller in packages to upgrade at receiver or running back but haven’t had any bites or counters. Here are my questions:

    1) Keller and Jennings for Roddy White? He has Carlson…is this fair?
    2) Blount and Keller for Michael Turner?
    Is this fair…?
    3) Keller and Lynch for Thomas Jones?
    Is this fair…?
    4) If no trades go through, should I drop Keller whoes been underproducing and move onto Tamme whoes hot right now (no one’s grabbed him yet strangely)? Or stick to my rotation of Keller and Davis?
    5) Sidney Rice a good stash right now…? Wondering if holding him on my roster is worth it right now…
    6)You told me to go with Sanchez as a week 10 filler for Rodgers…after Stafford’s performance would he be better?

    I have a lot of questions I know, but I really value your answers. I am 6-2 in a 10 person league, first place and this week is my absolute hardest matchup (if I lose I drop to 3rd or 4th based on point totals). Any tips? Here’s our rosters:

    QB – Rodgers
    WR1 – A. Johnson
    WR2 – G. Jennings
    RB1 – R. Mendenhall
    RB2 – L. Blount
    TE – D. Keller
    W/R – R. Mathews
    K – M. Bryant
    DEF – NY Jets
    BN – S. Moss
    BN – M. Floyd
    BN – S. Rice
    BN – M. Lynch
    BN – R. Bironas

    HIS Lineup (ridiculous):
    QB – Tom Brady
    WR1 – Hakeem Nicks
    WR2 – Miles Austin
    RB1 – A. Peterson
    RB2 – A. Foster
    TE – Z. Miller
    W/R – M. Forte
    K – David Akers
    DEF – Pittsburgh Steelers

    • 1) I think its a fair trade. Not really doing anything though since you are trading a WR1 for a WR1. I guess its a bit of an upgrade for you.
      2) Doubt they’d go for this one.
      3) Fairer, I just question if you would start him over Blount and Mendenhall.. If you are going to upgrade at RB, do it big.
      4) If they dont go through, Tamme is a good pickup. Its obvious that youve lost all confidence in Keller, so move on. I say make the move.
      5) I’m a little iffy on Rice right now. Mostly because of Favre. He could be good for your flex spot though if he does perform well.
      6) Still think Sanchez is a better play in week 10. Buffalo is a tough matchup for QBs. Cleveland.. not so much.

      His lineup is pretty nasty.
      Your best bet is to make that drop at TE and get Tamme.
      Next move, search the waivers for someone who can be a better Flex option. Check out my Positional rankings to get some hints. Good sleepers that might be available are James Jones, Donald Brown (pending injury updates), Jonathan Stewart (with D Williams still out)

      good luck with it. Hope it all works out for you. Tough matchups, but dont get too worried about it.. youre in first place for a reason.


      • John K

        Andrew thanks so much man! I appreciate your advice a lot. I figure someone like yourself with knowledge and experience could help sway me when i’m torn on some moves (Keller vs. Tamme–I dropped Keller and grabbed Tamme). It’s my first year playing fantasy so I’m still catching on moving quick dropping and moving on to better options. I just took first place this week and have won 5 in a row, but seriously a lot of it seems to have been luck haha thanks again and I’ll be here regularly you can count on it!

      • good to hear man. 1st place and 5 straight is definitely a way to get you hooks.
        congrats and keep it up. glad i can help.


  30. Ken

    Who would you start (pick 2)?

    RBs (im leaning toward Bradshaw and Hillis):

    Rec (im leaning toward Jennings and Nicks):

    • I’d go Rice and Hillis. SEA is a tough run D, and NYG should get it done through the air against them.

      No arguments at WR. Owens is a great play too, but Jennings and Nicks looks good.

  31. David

    I see your answering in order and you missed me… what happened?

  32. Ken

    Also, im sitting at the top of the pack at 6-2 (1 ahead of the next 3), 696 points (3rd highest to 706 and 774), with the following roster:

    Drew Brees
    Donovan McNabb

    Greg Jennings
    Hakeem Nicks
    Brandon Lloyd
    Terrell Owens

    Ahmad Bradshaw
    Peyton Hillis
    LeGarrette Blount
    Ray Rice
    Reggie Bush

    Todd Heap
    Nick Folk
    Giants Defense

    In your opinion, where do you see a weakness here? Any changes in preparation for the playoffs?

    • I’d have to point at TE as your weakness. Folk could get upgraded too.
      Search waivers for a decent TE first. If theres nothing spectacular, you def have enough bench talent to get yourself a top shelf TE. Witten is primed to have a great second half of the season and you know the other top choices, i’m sure.


  33. Ratcliffe2005

    Thanks for all the help Drew, waiver wire add not that I’ve got the nod to drop Fitzpatrick.

    Any of these players worth the pick-up for a late season lotto ticket.

    Pierre Thomas
    Beanie Wells
    Marion Barber
    Mike Sims-Walker
    Michael Bush
    Reggie Bush

  34. David

    One las question for you….Between Sproles R.Brown and M.Bush, who do you bench?
    Again your advice saved my seasson!!!!thanks

    • Its close. Quite close. I think Sproles will have a good game. But his matchup is less than favorable for someone who is already considered a gamble.

      Bush is playing KC and they can give up a lot of yardage. Most goes to McFadden, but the chances of Bush breaking out are higher than Sproles breaking out.

      I’d go Bush and hope you picked the right dark horse.

  35. David

    I’m being offer Ryan Mathew for Steve Breaston, In wr i have M.Austin, C. Johnson, Mike Williams TB, Davone Bess. In RB have MJD, Sproles, F.Jackson, M. Lynch and R.Brown.
    Shoul I go ahead and do the trade? if yes which 2 rb should i start and for flex to I still leave Bess or change to a rb? ppr league!!

    • Its not a bad trade. I dont really feel that you are doing that much though. Mathews could fill in at Flex for you, but not this week. Tough matchup for him. I’d stick with Bess if this does go through

  36. Fred

    12 teams league (4 WR each)
    They say that Collie will prob. be back this week. i got him on IR list but i have to active him and drop someone.
    Who should i drop ?
    Collie / Garcon / Sims-Walker /
    and who will have the most fantasy points for the rest of the season between those three in order?

    • Garcon will definitely drop if Collie is back. I’d assume that you have some better WRs ahead of Garcon and Sims Walker. I would drop either MSW (cant expect the numbers of last week many times this week. You could also drop a backup RB if there is one that you’ll never use again. We are getting to the point where we dont have to worry much about byes, so no point having someone around that you’ll never use.
      Collie gets the most points the rest of the year. Sims Walker will have a few good weeks left. Expect Garcon to drop quite a bit once Collie gets back.


  37. jayhawk4life59

    so i have never did this before so im kind of leary of starting them, i have garcon, wayne, and tamme and i was thinking of starting all three…is this ok or not ok

    • If they are the best you’ve got.. then go with it.

      word is that collie is going to play this week. so garcon might not be a great start this week. Wayne and Tamme are good plays. but you might want to find someone to go in for collie.


  38. Ratcliffe2005

    Drew got a counter offer on the trade you had suggested. (Miller & Maclin for Gates)

    He offered up Gates & S. Moss for Maclin & A. Collie.

    My gut reaction is to decline.


    • yeah. i’d decline. too much of a drop at WR for you. make a counter offer if you want. I still think your team is good the way it is. Perhaps try the same type of trade to the person who has witten if you want the TE upgrade.


  39. Zach

    Which player do I use this week?

    Le Garrette Blount or Benjarvis Grenn-Ellis?

  40. Mike

    Love the site. Great advice, keep it up. Kinda nervous this week with C. johnson and Moss with byes.
    Qb- Vick or Big Ben?
    Flex- Steve Smith (Car) or Darren Sproles?


  41. Kevin

    Andrew, I have an intersting dilemma. It’s looking more and more like both DeSean Jackson and Austin Collie will start this week. No sit has Collie ranked in and most didn’t figure strongly on Jackson so. With my current roster I am wondering who I should start. Collie would seem to have a very nice matchup with M. Williams (TB) and TO both having very tough matchups. Here is my WR slate to refresh your memory. Which 3 would you start since Collie isn’t in your current ranking assuming he is a go Sunday.

    Andre Johnson
    Desean Jackson
    Terrell Owens
    Austin Collie
    Mike Williams (TB)
    Dez Bryant

    I know, I have a powerful slate of WRs. 😀

    • Kevin

      One other minor question. Who do you like better going through the rest of the season? R. Williams or R. Torain to add a little depth at RB? I guess I’m really asking if you think Torain will lose carries to K. Williams or even Portis. My instinct says that R. Williams may be better through the rest of the year with the emergence of K. Williams at Washington and the eventual return of Portis.

      Thanks again.

      • Torain has been doing well in WAS. I would be worried about him, if he wasnt having an impressive season as a backup. He will likely lose touches to K Williams, and Portis might steal some as well. But Torain has carved a role for himself. R Williams is pretty consistent every week. He’ll get a little less than half the carries for MIA, but Brown does most of the magic.
        I honestly think that with your WR corps, you can trade for someone better than these two.
        Based on matchups and what I think will go down in WAS, I say R. Williams is slightly better to have around. But consider trading.

    • Collie would fall about where Garcon is in my rankings. Jackson would still be below Maclin for me. But higher than where I put him.

      I say still go with A Johnson, TO, and Mike Williams. All have good matchups, and (with exception of A Johnson) you dont have to worry about injuries flaring up and you dont have to worry about anyone getting off to a slow start after having 3-4 weeks off with injury.


  42. Kevin

    Ok thanks for the advise. Follow-up Question. Felix Jones just hit the wire I could make a play for him instead of Torain or Williams. Is that a smart swap? I’m inclined to think not giving as you’ve said the Boys are going to lose a lot which means they will go into pass mode. Not up on Jones as a receiver out of the backfield.

    As far as trades go my best prospect would be to go after Sydney Rice but I’m not sure if that is an upgrade. I don’t want to have to trade Hillis or Blount for him as I feel that it puts me in more or less the same position barring injuries. If I went after Rice which WR should I use as trade bait? I’ll fish around and see who owns other RBs but I know AP is owned by a very strong team that is likely to stand pat.

  43. Christine

    Im good on my team this week but I gotta say I like the smoke signals idea…I’ll see what I can do!

  44. Christine

    ok second guessed myself…damn…pick one please…Dez Bryant or Dwayne Bowe??? Thank you and I’ll see what I can do about learning sign language too

    • Haha. I’m glad you like my spreading the word ideas. Hopefully they work out. I like Bryant over Bowe this week. Cowboys are pass happy and always playing from behind. KC should spend the vast majority of the day rushing as OAK has a tough pass defense.


      • Christine

        And if I had waited and read your sit em and sleepers section I wouldnt have had to ask and confirm what I was doing anyway. BTW I am also starting Sproles this week..Thanks again

  45. Jack

    Thank you for the advice last week. Unfortunately Shuab didnt do as well as I had hoped but nevertheless I still had the win. This week. I have to pick 2 QB’s

    Schaub vs SD, Freeman vs ATL (I know you hate TB) but this is about points right?)
    and Stafford vs NYJ.

    I was going to go with Freeman and Stafford because Shaub has been a dissapointment lately but I’m just unsure.. maybe he’ll kick ass? Your thoughts are much appreciated.


  46. Sox

    I did pretty well last week…learned I should never bench Charles even if he is sharing carries.

    This week, I’m probably starting Brady over Fitz at QB, I think it’s Brady’s time to light it up. For WR’s I’m thinking Garcon, Smith (NYG) and Crayton.

    Other WR3’s could be Steve Johnson or Davone Bess, it depends on how Gates looks for this weekend. What’s your take?

    • This week is probably a good one to opt for Brady. Nice matchup in Cleveland. Fitz isnt so lucky. I expect Gates to be out, they tagged him as doubtful, so make sure to check that as soon as you can. Garcon could be a risky start because its looking like Collie is back. Garcon could start to be phased out as the #2 receiver depending on how good collie looks. Might be ok to stick with him another week, but I’d think about starting Johnson or Bess in his place.


  47. MIt

    Bit of problem and confusion…

    WR- Pick 2..A. Johnson, Davone Bess ,Wes Welker, James Jones? Cn pick up Crayton as well?

    Welker isnt performing well lately..so hesitant..James Jones could do well..bess has been doing well…crayton has pluses as well..

    Then comes the problem with FLEX??? Who? Also, Micheal Bush is on my bench..who has been scoring almost all teh games…


    • Sorry for the late reply.
      I’d throw A Johnson and Jones at WR this week. AJ is always a starter. Jones should have a good week as you can see from anyone who is playing the cowboys. Bush is a decent choice against KC for your flex spot, but I would take the slight risk and make Crayton the starter there. Gates is probably out. Floyd and Naanee are out. So either SD will have to do all their work on the ground (highly unlikely) or Crayton will see a ton of balls thrown his way. I’d start him and cross your fingers that he is ready to perform at a superstar level this week.



    Should I go with Beanie Wells or Donald Brown at RB?

    I also have Woodhead on the bench! (You think he’ll keep up his strong play?) Is he a better option than Wells or Brown?


    • Honestly. All three are pretty damn close in my Weekly rankings. Woodhead has a good matchup and could continue to produce decent stats, especially PPR. Wells is up against MIN, which isnt a great matchup for him. Brown is looking like he’ll be shouldering most of the load in Indy this week. He was by no means fantastic last week, but Philly is giving up about 110 a game and he could do some damage if the Colts even opt to run the ball at all.

      I think Woodhead is actually the safest play here. And he should continue to produce. Brown is risky and super injury prone. Wells hasnt done much at all in the last few weeks other than some lucky scores against defenses much worse than MIN.


  49. Eric

    Lee Evans, Lance Moore, or M Williams (sea).

    Also Fitzpatrick or Stafford? Think I’m going Fitzpatrick. What you think?

  50. Ratcliffe2005

    As your weekly column is up for next week yet (not complaining, as we still have one game left.)

    I’m posting my boredom question about basketball here.

    It’s a 12 team Roto league with standard 9 category format.
    FG%, FT%, 3PT, PTS, REB, AST, STL, BLK, TO

    Roster Spots are also standard,
    PG, SG, G, SF, PF, F, C, C, Utl, Utl

    My draft revolved around attempting to offset Howard’s Roto kill shot, I apparently didn’t do a very good job, and now am attempting to salvage the season.

    PG: Brandon Jennings (Killing my FG% &TO)
    SG: Kevin Martin
    G: Tony Douglas
    SF: Paul Pierce
    PF: Paul Millsap (Weighing down FT%)
    F: JaVale McGee
    C: Pau Gasol
    C: Dwight Howard (Killing the FT% & TO)
    Utl: Samuel Dalembert
    Utl: Andre Miller
    BN: Corey Maggette
    BN: Francisco Garcia
    BN: Anthony Tolliver

    I’m currently scoring

    FG: 9
    FT: 4
    3pt: 5.5
    PTS: 12
    REB: 12
    AST: 12
    ST: 2
    BLK: 10
    TO: 2

    As such I’m currently in first, however I will be slowly declining in ASTs after moving Stuckey and Sessions (My only AST producers stand as Jennings, Miller, and Gasol)

    Garcia and Douglas are recent adds. (Stucky and Sessions)

    • i’m still working out the kinks in my basketball knowledge at least fantasy wise.. but let me offer you the strategy that I have used for the time i’ve been playing. pick 6 catagories. and stack them. if i were you, i’d just ignore steals, FT% and TOs and go with the rest. I feel that using your G as a more pure PG would help balance things a bit more, so shop for a 3PT / AST specialist. Augustin has 11 3s and 39 asts. but at 74% owned, you might have a tough time finding someone of that caliber. Douglas seems to be underachieving in most respects. Daniel Gibson might be a good pickup as well. He is a more well rounded version of Douglas, who you could likely trade for someone stronger than Dalembert, a player i find grossly overrated.

  51. Scotty

    Thanks for the help. My team under-performed this week so that drops my team to 4-5 and in the middle of the pack. The trade deadline for my league is November 12th so what you thought about my team and if I should make a trade attempt to upgrade a spot. I just made a trade to acquire MJD and Derrick Mason by giving up K. Moreno and Bowe.
    10 team league with standard scoring
    My team looks like this…
    QB – Vick
    WR – C. Johnson
    WR – Marshall
    RB – R. Rice
    RB – MJD
    Flex – J. Maclin
    TE – Cooley

    Bench – B. Wells, D. Williams, Flacco, D. Mason, V. Jackson

    Whats your thoughts on this team and should I make an attempt to trade and upgrade any position and if so any recommendations?

    I appreciate all the help this season. As always I will spread the word. Thanks again.

    • Scotty

      Sorry I also have Crabtree on my bench.

    • V Jax comes back in Week 11, so you should be all set at the Flex spot, which is really the only place i’d suggest an upgrade. I think Vick, CJ, Marshall, Rice, MJD, V Jax and Cooley is a solid play. If you want to play around with a TE upgrade you could try to get rid of any of your bench players for someone like Witten, Gonzalez, Gates, even Tamme.


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