What I’ve Learned.

Learned a few things this week. The advice column is right below this one for all of you waiting patiently for it.

1) Everything is rediculous. Still. And will be. For a very long time. Oakland has outscored opponents 92-17 in the last 2 weeks. Green Bay and NYJ scored a combined 9 points with almost zero fantasy value to anyone but Mason Crosby. And weekly must-sits likely left your bench with a higher score than your starters. (Thanks a lot, Mike Sims-Walker)

2) NFL Cheerleaders should really adopt a “Every Sunday is Halloween” mentality. Did anyone see the Chargers game? Mhmm. Not to be a jerk here (I fully support competitive cheerleading as a legit sport) but NFL cheerleaders in jackets doesn’t exactly have the same effect. I’m looking at you NFC North.

3) No matter what other Fantasy sites play. Never.. Never start a 5th string receiver. Blair White is 17% owned. Depth Chart: Wayne, Collie, Garcon, Gonzalez, White.

4) Randy Moss might be a genius. On the same note, so is Bill Belichick, as much as I hate to say that. Anyone else think this entire scenario was planned by the Patriots organization to steal a 3rd round pick from Minnesota just to turn around and pick him up off waivers?

5) Tampa Bay needs to be walloped. I’m talking a 50-3 blowout. I’m seriously hoping that Atlanta can deliver. I don’t care if they somehow manage a 10-6 record and magically make the playoffs this year. I just can’t handle Raheem Morris’s egregiously inflated ego for another week. I live near Tampa. I am forced to read about it in the paper every single day. Enough. Michael Turner.. if for some reason you decided to Google your name and scroll to the 63rd page and click on the link to this post and read this.. Please. Please score 5 times against them.

That’s all I’ve got. Just for fun, and to see how many people actually read this. Post your comment about who you think Moss will go to. I’m thinking Seattle or St. Louis. Houston would be fun, but monstrously unlikely. STL is my pick. Post yours. Do it.





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26 responses to “What I’ve Learned.

  1. Phillip

    MOSS to Seattle, although id like him to go to Washington so Mcnabb (or MAYBE grossman) can throw to someone capable of making a catch and a score. damn retards.

    MY QUESTION TO YOU THOUGH IS….if merriman passes his physical do you think the niners will get him? i hope so i’m a niner fan, i know he doesnt play like he used to but it would be fun to do the lights out dance in a merriman jersey in front of some stupid charger fans..


  2. Dron/ Dirt MeGurt

    I’m from MN. I hate Brad Childress. KC may be my pick.

  3. Justin

    i say the rams

  4. bmoney

    How about Cincinnati? Ochocinco, T.O., Moss, along with the arrest records of Pacman, Tank Johnson, Johnathon Joseph, Antwan Odom, Frostee Rucker, Bernard Scott, no problem.

    Does anyone really pay attention to this guy’s full history?

    Commit to Notre Dame, get in brawl, then turned away by Notre Dame, sign with FSU, test positive for Marijuana while already serving jail time for fight, serve another 60 days and get dismissed by FSU, go to Marshall,gets drafted, squirts ref with water bottle in 1999, tested positive for marijuana in 2001, busted for hitting a traffic cop (who was trying to stop him from making an illegal turn)with his car while smoking a joint in 02, left the field before the end of a close game in 04, then, in his last year with the vikings and the 2 years in Oakland, played on losing teams and was a little nicked up, (but only missed a few games), constantly took plays off, and averaged less than 50 yards/game over 3 years combined. Everyone thought he was washed up, but it turns out he just wasn’t trying, because the very next year he went to NE, and had one of the best seasons ever by a WR, with 98 catches for 1500 yards and 23 TD’s. Was accused of beating a woman in 08 (maybe just BS?). This year, did 4 games in NE, said he didn’t feel wanted in NE, said it was his last year there, made fun of Brady’s haircut, called him a gay Justin Bieber, demanded a trade, got sent to Minnesota, did 3 games there, talked about how much he missed NE, pissed off his new coach, mercilessly berated a local business owner who catered a team lunch (without trying the food, repeatedly swore that he wouldn’t feed this sh*t to his dog), refused to apologize to his coach despite the owner’s request, and got WAIVED… Still 8 more weeks of drama available to whoever wants him!

  5. Chris

    moss to oakland

  6. David

    Hey thanks for the advice last week…very very helpfull!!!!
    I’m here for more help again, PPR league: Need two RB, Ronnie Brown, Marshawn Lynch, Fred Jackson, Darren Sproles? Three WR: Megatron, Miles Austin, Davone Bess, Steve Breaston, Mike Williams (TB)?
    Also have a Flex R/W for one of those?
    Thanks again!!!!

  7. ShAd0wS

    Should end up with the rams. Odd chance he somehow makes it to the redskins/titans I’d expect him to end up there though.

  8. Niko

    I really, REALLY, want to see Moss in St. Louis only because I want to see how well Bradford does with legit receivers (also has the Wes Welker effect on Amendola)

  9. Dan

    Seattle needs him most – I just don’t know if they know that. Maybe SD will pick him up w/all their injury troubles, and besides, what’s he good for, 3-4 games? They’ll have Floyd at least back by then.

    Also, pop quiz on a Week 9 conundrum: Steve Smith South up against NO or Wes Welker versus Browntown for a WR3 spot. Thoughts?

  10. Moss to Tennessee.. Who’d have thought. Didnt see that one coming at all.

    Thanks everyone for you input.


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