Week 9 Position Rankings

Lets take a look at the position rankings this week. I caught some hate last week for having Austin high and saying that Blair White was overhyped. Not bad overall I guess. Please keep in mind that these are fantasy rankings. Last week I had Kitna pretty high. He threw 4 picks, but also amassed over 350 yards making him a great fantasy play. Dont get caught up with the team’s record or the players weaknesses. Look at your team from a strictly fantasy perspective. The Cowboys are going to lose. A lot. But Kitna is going to pass it all the time and Austin, Bryant and Witten are going to be beasts. I’ve got a few players seemingly high this week, but again, its because I think it will be a statfest for them. Trust your gut. If you smell and upset, go for it.

The players with asterisks are ones you are going to have to look at later this week. They are either nursing injury, or players that will be effected by other injured players. Maclin is high, but value has to drop if D. Jackson plays. Same with the RB issues in Indy. Check on these injured players and their teammates later this week and adjust them as necessary.

Here we go. I’m going to get this done quick because I’ve got about 1000 questions to answer.


Week 9 Quarterback Rankings

  1. Rivers
  2. P Manning
  3. E. Manning
  4. Rodgers
  5. Brees
  6. Roethlisberger
  7. Ryan
  8. Brady
  9. Kitna
  10. Schaub
  11. Flacco
  12. Vick
  13. Fitzpatrick
  14. Sanchez
  15. Cutler
  16. Freeman
  17. Campbell
  18. Stafford
  19. Favre
  20. Henne


Week 9 Running Back Rankings

  1. Turner
  2. Peterson
  3. McFadden
  4. McCoy
  5. Foster
  6. Charles
  7. Forte
  8. Rice
  9. Tomlinson
  10. Mendenhall
  11. Hillis
  12. Bradshaw
  13. Green-Ellis
  14. Blount
  15. B. Jackson
  16. Best
  17. F. Jones
  18. Benson
  19. T. Jones
  20. Woodhead
  21. R. Brown
  22. Lynch
  23. Stewart
  24. Hart*
  25. Mathews
  26. F. Jackson
  27. R. Williams
  28. Barber
  29. Ivory*
  30. Forsett
  31. Jacobs
  32. Greene
  33. Sproles
  34. C Williams*
  35. Snelling
  36. Gerhart
  37. Kuhn
  38. Bush
  39. Hightower
  40. Spiller


Week 9 Wide Receiver Rankings

  1. White
  2. Nicks
  3. Wayne
  4. Jennings
  5. Austin
  6. Boldin
  7. A. Johnson*
  8. Owens
  9. Colston
  10. C. Johnson
  11. M Williams (TB)
  12. Welker
  13. Marshall
  14. Fitzgerald
  15. Maclin*
  16. Wallace
  17. Crayton*
  18. Garcon
  19. Ward
  20. S. Smith (CAR)
  21. S. Johnson
  22. S. Smith (NYG)
  23. Bryant
  24. Harvin
  25. D. Jackson*
  26. J. Jones (GB)
  27. Ochocinco
  28. Holmes
  29. Bowe
  30. Knox
  31. Branch
  32. Breaston
  33. M. Williams (SEA)
  34. Bess
  35. Heyward-Bey
  36. Evans
  37. Manningham
  38. Mason
  39. Moore
  40. Gonzalez
  41. Edwards
  42. K. Walter
  43. Jenkins
  44. Woodhead
  45. Meachem
  46. B. Tate
  47. Massaquoi
  48. Chambers
  49. Cribbs
  50. Shipley


Week 9 Tight End Rankings

  1. Gates
  2. Witten
  3. Gonzalez
  4. Hernandez
  5. Keller
  6. Shockey
  7. H Miller
  8. Moeaki
  9. Tamme
  10. Winslow
  11. Olsen
  12. Shiancoe
  13. Pettigrew
  14. Carlson
  15. Daniels


Week 9 Kicker Rankings

  1. Carpenter
  2. Janikowski
  3. Rackers
  4. Gould
  5. Longwell
  6. Mare
  7. Gostkowski
  8. Crosby
  9. Kaeding
  10. Akers


Week 9 Defense Rankings

  1. Giants
  2. Patriots
  3. Vikings
  4. Saints
  5. Jets
  6. Steelers
  7. Falcons
  8. Lions
  9. Chargers
  10. Packers
  11. Bills
  12. Bears
  13. Chiefs
  14. Colts
  15. Dolphins


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30 responses to “Week 9 Position Rankings

  1. Ratcliffe2005

    Why is someone like Hernandez so high when he consistently under produces in the patriots spread offense. (Isn’t the TE thrown to in the Red Zone)

    • I know. I know. I’m high on Hernandez. I keep him high just because he should work in that offense. I’m hoping that sooner or later he will start clicking in it. Also.. his matchup is pretty favorable. And he is consistently good for 5 catches and 50 yards. Which is more you can say for a lot of TEs this season.


  2. Sorry everyone. I forgot to put B Wells in there. not the best of matchups, so stick him in around 20 where Lynch is.

  3. Wayne

    Hey Guys,
    I need a flex play. i have T.O., Dez Bryant, Lance Moore, McGahee. It is a PPR league. I have colston and maclin as my WR. I am thinking T.O. or Dez, but Moore against CAR should be a good match up too.

  4. Ryan

    How is welker constantly ranked in the top 15 when he has not done anything since week 1? I can’t even trade him in my league.

    • he’s been on a downswing. and i do think that he is a far better receiver with a deep threat present. I’m keeping him high because he usually does well PPR (last two weeks not so much) Tate is starting to fill a deep role as well, and might open up the field a bit to aid Welker. Matchup is a good one too. And Brady is throwing to him. He’s got potential each week, just isnt producing. I still keep him high though.

  5. bmoney

    *********Help! Time-sensitive trade!! Everyone’s been wheeling and dealing this week. I’ve been offered Stafford and Wallace OR possibly (over the phone) Schaub and H Ward for my Blount and S Smith (car). Would you do one, both, or neither?

    I could use a WR upgrade, a QB to tandem with Fitzp after losing romo, and I still have Gore, Turner, Greene, McGahee.

    • Hi there. Hope I made it in time. Schaub and Ward is the better of the two i think. Wallace is pretty close to Ward week in and week out. and Schaub is a better option than stafford. I say go with trade 2.


      • bmoney

        Thanks for the quick response at 3am…If I can’t get trade 2 should I do trade 1? I’m waiting on a response from “Chuck’s Chumps” as we speak. GO “Berman’s ‘Stache!”

      • i’m not sure. it is upgrading your WR, which you need, but I dont know that its upgrading your QB problems much. if trade 2 doesnt go through, try something before you go with trade 1. Try to offer Blount and Smith for just one receiver. Someone higher than Wallace. Someone who will instantly be the best WR on your team.


  6. bmoney

    Also, if I make the move, my flex options are weak with Gore on bye and M Williams hurt/catching passes from Whitehurts vs the NYG, A Gonzalez out too. Roster option:McGahee – Pickup options: G Olsen, M Jenkins, maybe a viking wr if harvin is out? Thanks again

    • yeah. youre going to have to make some sort of pickup. Rice wont play for the Vikes Sunday. Harvin might, but he’ll be slowed down. Bernard Berrian might be a good pickup. James Jones from GB is another sleeper. Jenkins could do alright for you too. McGahee has actually been looking alright for the past few weeks and could turn heads in MIA, but he is a big time sleeper. See if Berrian or Jones is available. If not, its up to you, my friend.


      • bmoney

        Thanks again for all the feedback! I got the trade I wanted AND got him to throw in Snelling as my Turner insurance, thank god.

        I’m in a 12 team highly active league limit 3 moves per week, only 2 semi-idiots involved. I drafted poorly at RB & WR, partly because something came up and I couldn’t make it. I’ve managed to transform my team into a competitive one (despite losing Romo soon after I traded for him)and give credit to this site.

        My drafted team:

        QB: BREES
        RB: GORE
        RB: GREENE
        RB: HARRISON
        RB: C WILLIAMS
        RB: R BUSH
        RB: F JACKSON
        WR: S SMITH (car)
        WR: D. BOWE
        WR: V. JACKSON
        WR: TJ HOUSH
        TE: CARLSON

        RB: GORE
        RB: TURNER
        RB: GREENE
        RB: MCGAHEE
        RB: SNELLING
        WR: H WARD
        WR: COLSTON
        WR: S JOHNSON
        WR: M WILLIAMS (sea)
        WR: L MURPHY
        WR: A GONZALEZ
        TE: Z MILLER

        Not the best, but much improved. Thanks again. I’ll try to send some friends (no one in my league, sorry đŸ™‚ ) your way.

      • of course not from you league. But other fantasy football players are more than welcome. We fully welcome twitter updates and facebook statuses with a big GodHatesLosers in them. Congrats on some great moves, definitely an improvement over your original draft.

  7. dirt

    Woodhead or Garcon?

    • Collie practiced full today, so Garcon is being bumped down to #3 again, a spot where he didnt produce a lot all season. Woodhead isnt the greatest of plays, but he should put up 50 rushing, 50 receiving and a handful of catches for you.


  8. Ratcliffe2005

    Just noticed Z. Miller missing from your TE rankings. Is this on assumption (probably likely) that he won’t be playing this week?

    I’ve just dropped M. Williams (SEA) to pick up Hernandez. (the same one I keep complaining about due to lack of production, mostly because I own him).

    Start Hernandez? (over the Z. Miller)

    • Yeah, dont know how much he’ll play. He’s a great TE, so he could produce if he plays. But Campbell doesnt seem to throw to him a lot and the injury is a concern.

      I’d start Hernandez over Miller this week.


  9. Allan Basso

    Got a trade propostion for one of the leaders of my league.

    Cedric Benson for Hines Ward, straight up.

    I got also Austin, Garcon, Harvin and Knox as WRs.
    And my RBs are Forte, Best, Torain and Blount.

    I could use an upgrade for my RBs and would still have some useful WRs (although Austin is a question mark right now). Plus I could trade one of my other RBs for another receiver.

    And I like the schedule of Benson for weeks 15 and 16 (playoffs) so I’m thinking of accepting the trade.

    Your thoughts?

    • Could be good. Definitely turn around and make a trade using your RBs to get a better receiver though. No need to worry about Austin, he’ll still put up numbers. The Cowboys have become a pretty much exclusive passing team. Garcon has lost a ton of value with the expected return of Collie this week, so be careful with him. Harvin lost value with Moss leaving, but could pick up when Rice is back. Knox is good esp if youre PPR.

      I’d make it, but make a fast trade for a receiver. Probably doubling Harvin and Best/Torain/Blount, could get you someone with decent value.

      Smart move looking at Bensons playoff schedule. Thinking ahead is key at this point in the season.


  10. Allan Basso

    Sorry, got a trade proposal FROM one of the lesaders, not FOR him….:)

  11. Raj Pillai

    Hey guys,

    I hear Austin Collie is returning this week. Should I start him over Pierre Garcon in a PPR league?

    Also do you think Green-Ellis is a better play than Ryan Mathews this week? Thanks!

    • Collie is definitely the favorite over Garcon, as you can see from each week before his injury. He might see a little more rest than usual, but I expect him to return to his normal role as the #2. Check before gameday, but thats how i see it going down.

      GreenEllis has a good matchup and looked great last week. I’d say he is a better play than Mathews.


  12. Paul J

    Flex spot: Wallace or Tolbert? you’re probably going to say Wallace. However, isn’t Wallace riskier? he gets hardly any targets, so his points are reliant on big catches for TD’s (i.e. last week only had 4 pts to Tolbert’s 14). While Tolbert gets vulture TD’s, but atleast he’s consistently scored a TD for past 5 weeks. So I’m thinking it’s either Tolbert for a safer 7 points, or Wallace for a riskier 12-15 points. Tolbert also has he better matchup. Which should I choose and why?

    • I hate, HATE, players like Tolbert when it comes to fantasy. Because you are not predicting how well they will do. You have to predict as to whether or not the Chargers will drive the ball into the 5 yard line without scoring so Tolbert has a chance to come in and clean it up. In the last 4 games Tolbert is averaging 7 carries for 20 yards. I have a very hard time suggesting anyone start a player with those numbers. Could he score.. Yes. But I cant plug them as my recommendation because they will either score you 8 points, or 2 points.
      I cant argue that your reasoning isnt good. So I do not fault you for your logic on that one. What you said make sense. And yes, in his last 4 games, he has 4 scores. Go with your gut.


  13. Paul J

    Andrew, thanks. I can definitely see your point. More I think about it, more I should probably go with Wallace. If I played tolbert, but wallace had a big day, i’d be kicking myself for sure.

  14. John

    Davone bess or Nate washington week 10?
    I think Washington might have a good week with the coming distraction of Moss and the Britt injury, but am still a little unsure.

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