Week 9 Sit’em and Sleepers

Alright. Ive decided that Start’em Sit’em columns online are vastly overrated. And every other blog on the internet gives insanely obvious advice. So, I’m going to break the mold. You want to know the real list of players to sit, visit GodHatesLosers. You want major sleepers, GodHatesLosers. No longer will we be forced to live in a world of advice blogs where people recommend 3rd stringers in a sit’em column (of course, dummies.) Never again will you have to see an obvious starter listed as a ‘sleeper’ pick (3 blogs i looked at have Blount listed as a sleeper this week. THREE)

You guys already know the starters. They are the best. They are the #1s on their team. They are the top 20 week in and week out. You dont need me to dumb down a Start’em post with advice you already know. So I’m here to save the internet. I’m here to clean up the muddled crap that other blogs feed you about your teams. Here are my legit Sit’em and Sleeper picks for Week 9. (Note: Some of these sleepers can actually be great starts this week. Some of them are very deep sleepers. I have put stars beside their names. If you are feeling frisky, or are playing a team that you are scheduled to beat by about 50 p0ints, go ahead and try one out. They come with no guarantees, they are just my expected surprise performances)


QB- Matt Stafford and Jay Cutler. Both have hype. Stafford’s is new, Cutler’s is potential. Stafford had a great week last week, but don’t be prepared to ride that wave. He’s got a potential score in him against the Jets, but little else. He’ll have his good games this season sure. Anyone would with C. Johnson to throw to, but he should see your bench this week. Cutler was drafted high by a lot of people. Good system, good coordinator, exciting weapons around him. And week after week, because of his name and the perception that he can do well, he is in the starting lineup for many. Take him out. Bills are allowing less than 200 yards passing per game, and while they are low on sacks and INTs, they should turn it around against CHI this weekend.

WR- Bowe, M Williams (SEA), Garcon: Bowe has a tough matchup and KC will do it on the ground, simple as that. M Williams has shown that he has great starting potential, but that varies heavily by matchup. This week he has the worst matchup in the NFL and is playing with a backup QB. Garcon is riding high from the last few weeks, but Collie should be back to take over the #2 spot. Dont expect last week’s numbers from Garcon, expect numbers like Week 7 and before.

RB- Dallas RBs, Seattle RBs, Cedric Benson: Dallas has become a strictly passing team. Marion Barber could run one in from the 1 yard line, but will only get about 30 yards per game as he has done all year. F Jones isnt much better. Seattle is plagued by a tough matchup and backup QB. I expect nothing out of Lynch or Forsett this week. Benson is playing the 59 rushing yards per game Steelers. He could get set up in the redzone if he’s lucky, but dont expect much as CIN’s only chance of hanging in the game is with TO, Ochocinco and Shipley.

DEF- SEA, DAL, KC, OAK, MIA, ARI, HOU: should to lots of points in these games. Turnovers could happen, but unlikely.



QB- Jon Kitna and Josh Freeman: Kitna will throw. A  ton. Not a great matchup, but they will play from behind and Kitna will put up at least 300 yards passing each week. Expect 3rd and 4th quarter TDs from any of their receivers. Kitna can turn the ball over 5 times a week,  but yardage and TDs will save his fantasy value. Freeman has shown huge improvement all year, and ATL isnt that solid against the pass. He can run it if he has to making him a scoring threat if he decides to take off. With M. Williams to go to and the advent of Benn and Blount, Freeman could make himself a legit weekly option.

WR- James Jones, Steve Breaston, Patrick Crayton: James Jones is going to rise up as the #2 receiver in Green Bay. Against a Cowboy defense that is giving up big yardage through the air recently. Expect some fireworks. Breaston is a new #2 this year and will take pressure off of Fitzgerald, in return, he will be getting single coverage and lots of opportunity to breakout. Crayton has a fantastic matchup and has no Floyd or Gates as competition. Hopefully some of the backups step up for him for support, but Rivers should throw it to him a lot and make him a star.. if only for Week 9

RB- Sproles, McGahee: OK, admittedly, this are big sleepers. Unless your matchup has like 6 byes and is one of those asses that never updates their team, I dont really recommend taking these gambles. That being said.. I’m actually playing Sproles in one league. Sproles had 4 carries for 41 yards last week. Averaging over 10 yards per carry is a good way to get you noticed. On top of that he had 4 catches and a score. With Mathews performing terribly, I expect Sproles role to grow. McGahee is a #2, no doubt. His only chance at starting is a devastating injury to Rice. But he is averaging 12 carries per game in his last three. And has over 60 yards and a score in each of his last 2 games. His role is growing and he should see some added work if BAL gets a big lead.


Thats all. If you want the defensive ranks, go see the Position Ranking post. If youve got questions, comments, concerns, even sleepers of your own, go ahead and make it known in the comments. And, if you know anyone who plays fantasy football, tell them about GodHatesLosers. They will thank you, and maybe buy you gifts because of it.


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