Weekly Recap – Week 9

3 overtime games. 2 blowouts. Wade is gone. Cincy almost comes back 20. Cleveland runs all over the Pats. Welker gets his Extra Point on. Just another week in the NFL. A buddy of mine says that he started Seyi Ajirotutu. not too shabby.


I ended up with 2 40 point victories, one even more massive blowout against a team that hasnt updated since week 3. and dropped to second place despite putting up the second most points in my league. Definitely screwed by Austin and Woodhead.


Looks like some advice was good. Some not so much. Let me know how your week turned out. And get ready for the Advice time post to come tomorrow.





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22 responses to “Weekly Recap – Week 9

  1. Sox

    I won by over 60 pts in my league, despite making the mistake of starting Garcon against your advice and benching S. Johnson. It’s too bad I’m only 3-5 (we missed week 1), I believe I have the healthiest, most well-developed team in the league to-date. I also have the most points against me in the league.

    I’m going to be switching Fitzpatrick and Brady depending on the matchup. S. Johnson is my new WR1, S. Smith (NYG) WR2, WR3 Garcon/Bess/Gaffney. Hernandez remains my starting TE. RBs are Foster and Charles. Also making the following waiver wire pickups (hopefully): Dropping Meachem, Crayton, Moeaki and picking up Shiancoe, Ronnie Brown, and Nate Burelson.

  2. Ratcliffe2005

    Had myself a bad week. 2 losses, one by 5, one by 20.

    Hernandez finally Produced!! (Started on both teams) Hopefully he continues)

    Team 1: T.O. killed me team. Was up by 11 with PITs D to play for me, and T.O. to play for them… Well we saw how that played out.

    However if I had just played Ward instead of Collie, or Bess instead of Collie, or Hillis instead of Charles Id’ve won and been in 1st place and safely at 7-2.

    4 tied at 6-3, and 2 at 5-4 looking better each week. (one of them has had 900 pts put up against him with the next closest total being 800)


    #1. Moving forward is Maclin a safe bet or with Desean returned will Maclin fall off.

    #2. Hillis + Foster or Charles + Foster down the stretch.
    (I’ve currently offered Hillis for Calvin Johnson. As with Maclin looking dead, and Collie out again, I’m in need of another WR)

    #3. Hernandez or Lewis going ahead

    My Patriots roster, Brady and Hernandez were great, Woodhead was ok for me, and M. Williams (TB) put up a WR2 numbers. Calvin Johnson failed me, and BJGE, Gostkowski, and NE DEF killed me. (Total of 4.7 between them)

    • 1) I think Maclin is still a good play. Vick is playing, so thats a plus. Jackson will take a lot of his looks, but he’ll still put up numbers similar to those in the first few weeks he played with Vick.

      2) I like Hillis because he is a true #1 on his team, but risky as there is really no passing game in Cleveland. Both can have huge breakout games as has been evident in past Weeks, I think Hillis is more consistent though.

      3) Hernandez. Lewis gets the short redzone stuff no doubt. But I do like Hernandez more, especially if they stick to last week’s game plan.

  3. bmoney

    Had ok week, went with McGahee at flex, NO Def, started S Johnson again, got rid of S Smith just in time via trade, passed on Stafford, but alas, lost playing vs the Jacksons, DeSean and Brandon. I’m now 4-5, and next week I take on the RB combo of both Arian Foster @ Jac and Bradshaw v Dal, which REALLY scares the hell out of me. I can’t lose again! However, I picked up TB Def a week early, and here comes Carolina, and they are minus Moore…nice. Maybe Tampa’s D can score as many points as Foster. And still, one more week of old man LT still not getting injured. I was hoping Suh would eat him or something.(bitter Greene owner in deep league) LT must be ‘roiding hard this year. I was counting on his body failing after Rex “The Body” Ryan pounded him repeatedly. I remember laughing at my bottom feeder friends the last couple years because they drafted LT, and now he’s a monster? Ah well, such is the life of a fantasy football GM. If god hates me again this week, me making the playoffs is as likely as Crowder naming two blind people. Anne Frank, who was that?

  4. Raj

    Hey guys,

    I have Jacob Tamme and I’ve been proposed a trade for Jammal Charles. I’m kinda weak at RB2, my running backs are Arian Foster, BenJarvus Green Ellis, and Ryan Mathews. I also have Vernon Davis on My bench. Is this a no brainer and should I accept the trade? I’m just nervous cuz Tamme is doing spectacular and his potential in Manning’s offense seems astronomical.

    • Raj Pillai

      On the other hand I’m thinking of offering another guy vernon davis and ryan mathews for Legarrete Blount. Would that be a better option? Also this is in a PPR league which makes Tamme even more valuable.

    • Kevin

      I picked up Tamme myself after a week with Hernandez to replace Clark. I personally will be riding with him through the season. This after deciding not to make a play for Gates. Injury, Bye and Trade dead line all factored into not trying to trade for Gates.

      As I see it here are the upside and downside for Tamme going forward.


      1) Can run Clark’s routes
      2) Plays for a pass first offense
      3) QB is Peyton Manning (Who probably doesn’t know how to not throw to a TE.
      4) Through 2 games has shown better hands than P. Garcon. (The drops he’s had I believe he’ll work through with some game experience)
      5) Colts philosophy is from 2nd, 3rd and 4th string to step up seamlessly. (Has played out at other positions)

      1) His name is not Dallas Clark
      2) Relatively Unknown

      Some think of him as Clark light but based on what I’ve seen I say he may be better fantasy wise. Let’s face it. D. Clark draws coverage of any Defense as he is seen as the #2/3 Passing option. This appears to be no true of Tamme. Look at his targets this past week, he had 17. With the way Manning opperates the coverage was focused on Wayne and Garcon. This will likely continue especially once Collie is back. I just don’t see Tamme drawing double coverage like Clark did early in the season. All that to say that Tamme will continue to be one of Manning’s goto guys because he have an easier time getting open.

      Just my assessment and thought into why I picked up Tamme and made to decicion not to try to upgrade to Gates.

      • Good call and good breakdown. I agree that Tamme is definitely a top 5 TE for the rest of the season. I just hope that DEFs dont start keying in on him. Even if they do though, I think he can handle himself.


    • Tamme is doing great, but he is worth letting go since you have Davis as your backup. I say go for it. Foster/Charles is a great tandem and you will be better off with it.


  5. Kevin

    Great week for me. I rolled with the Foster/Hillis Combo and well it didn’t take much more beyond that to mop up another win.

    Waiver questions for you.

    Would it be wise to drop R. Williams for Reggie Bush in anticipation of his return with looking towards possibly snagging PT later when it looks like he’ll finally return? My RBs are A. Foster, P. Hills, L. Blount, R. Williams.

    With My WRs looking solid would it be a good play to pick up D. Driver or V. Jackson? Driver hit the waiver this past week and Jackson has been sitting for a while unclaimed. My instinct is to drop D. Bryant for Jackson as an ace in the hole heading towards the playoffs and rest knowing I will have a fresh top reciever heading into December in case injuries crop up. WRs are A. Johnson, D. Jackson, T. Owens, A. Collie, M. Williams (TB) and D. Bryant.

    Defense advise has also been a beast for me. I’ve had a the top D 2 weeks running and a top 5 in the week before that. Gives my players a little space should someone have a dude week like I had with Johnson and Roethlesberger this past week.

    • From this point on Hillis/Foster are your go to pairing for RB. Both have had their byes. So the only reason to get Bush and PT would be for trade value. I say go for it and make the switch, then ship them out ASAP to upgrade elsewhere.

      Your WRs are already stacked, so V Jackson is worth the gamble. Just in case he has a great season.

      Glad the DEF strategy is working for you. Keep it up.

  6. Brian

    TO screwed me big time. I was up 36 points going into Monday night and thought I had it wrapped up. My opponent had TO and that last catch he had put him over 125 yards giving him the bonus points and the win. Now that team is at 5-4 and stuck in the the middle of the pack. The good news is my other team is at 8-1 and looking good even without gates and celek getting me 0 points as a fill in.

    I agree about the denfensive advice being really good on here. The rotating defense strategy has worked out nicely.

  7. Wayne

    Hey! I won one of my leagues, moving from 7th to 4th place. I started out 0-4 and have gone 5-0 since finding this column. You don’t get all the credit though :). My other league I lost by 10 points and i forgot to update my kicker and my defense. I definitely had NO def on the bench, ugh. I also had an extra 60 points on the bench. I am riding Vick, D-jax, and Ahmad Bradshaw all the way to the championships in both leagues. Thanks for all the advice and Fantasy talk.

  8. Justin

    i wont both leagues.. one by 50 and other by 40. making me 7-2 and 5-4 (in 4th in this league.. ones above me are 6-3 and then one is 8-1). i played bowe instead of garcon and that really helped me.. played tamme too u think he going to be this good rest of year?

    • I think Tamme is definitely going to hang in there. Especially with Collie out. You can expect play from Garcon this week and continued play from Tamme for the rest of the season. Congrats on the great week.


  9. Tyson

    Overall, my best point total of the season! Disappointing showings by Woodhead (10.2) and Blount (4.6), especially given the fact that I sat Benson against PIT and he managed to put up 14.4! NYG on D/ST was also a bit of a letdown, but not too bad, I suppose. Otherwise an awesome Sunday with some of the best numbers I’ve seen all season. Tamme came up huge for me! I was worried about Holmes being on my bench with 13.9, but felt redeemed Sunday night with big games from Bryant (17.4) and J. Jones (22.3 – great pickup tip!). Going into Monday night, I was a measly 4 points and change behind my opponent and I still had Roethlisberger and Ward to play vs. his lone player, the Steeler D/ST. I could really feel that my season was turning around and I might make a run at the playoffs after all!

    And then I lost.

    I surged ahead when Ben connected with Ward for the TD, then spent a while clinging to a tenuous lead that dwindled from 6 points to just under 2. Then Ben threw his pick. I wanted to KILL something! Even worse, he didn’t throw a single pass after! My opponent was my (former) best friend who immediately called to gloat and laugh as we watched the rest of the game tick away. I ended up losing by just over 2 points. It was certainly the most dramatic emotional roller coaster I’ve been on since starting fantasy football.

    So I guess God was driving a message home, just in case I didn’t get it last week! My season is officially in the toilet (3-6) now that I’ve completed a SECOND 3-game losing streak, and I am firmly cemented at the bottom of my league (e.g., Jimmy Hoffa). And to think I started 2-0 and once sat atop my division! I’ve toyed with the idea of setting my line-ups in advance for the rest of the season and just walking away, but I’m way too addicted to do that (plus, a glutton for punishment).

    • Highest point total and two 3 point loses doesnt mean you are out of it. 3-6 is doable, depending on the league. Just a bit of bad luck. Keep your chin up. 7 game win streak is not that hard in fantasy. Just dont be afraid to gamble this week if you have to. Dont settle for starting anyone. Do the research and find someone who has upside. Gambles will get you the W.

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